President Biden pardoned turkeys Liberty & Bell on his 81st birthday

Unpopular opinion? I believe that for the sillier parts of the job, President Joe Biden should be allowed to conduct business wearing his famous aviator sunglasses. There’s absolutely no reason why President Biden couldn’t wear aviators while pardoning this year’s White House turkeys. Following the grand tradition – one of the silliest of the White House traditions – they made ol’ Joe Biden pardon two turkeys on his 81st birthday on Monday. This year’s turkeys are named Liberty and Bell. Which is very cute. Following their presidential pardons, Liberty and Bell will return to Minnesota, their birthplace. These turkeys are only five months old?? They’ve got their whole pardoned lives ahead of them.

Hailing from Willmar, Minnesota, Liberty, weighing 42.5 pounds, and Bell, a svelte 42.1 pounds, escaped the “fowl” fate of ending up on anyone’s Thanksgiving dinner plate this year because of the pardon.

After a morning at D.C.’s Willard InterContinental Hotel, the turkeys received their pardon during a lighthearted ceremony. Biden, who celebrated his 81st birthday on Monday, joked that this year marks the 76th anniversary of the event — but he didn’t attend the first one.

“I was too young to make it up,” he said with a laugh. Acknowledging his birthday, Biden joked “it’s hard turning 60!”

The president commented that while Liberty and Bell hail from Minnesota, their namesake is the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

“They have a new appreciation for the phrase, ‘Let freedom ring,'” Biden said to the crowd.

“I hereby pardon Liberty and Bell,” Biden bellowed, adding, “Congratulations, birds!”

Liberty and Bell were hatched as part of the presidential flock in July — and were prepped for their turn in the spotlight with some hype-up music so the noise and festivities didn’t ruffle their feathers, said National Turkey Federation President Steve Lykken at a news conference Sunday.

“I can confirm they are in fact Swifties, and they do enjoy some Prince,” Lykken said.

The two traveled in style from Minnesota, driven in their own personal vehicle to D.C. ahead of Monday’s event.

After their pardon, it’s all gravy for Liberty and Bell. The two will return to the University of Minnesota and the College of Food, Ag and National Resource Sciences to rest their feathers and live out the rest of their post-pardon lives.

[From ABC News]

At National Turkey Federation President Steve Lykken’s press conference (OMG) he also said that various turkeys were tested to see how they would react to loud noises, music, shouting, clapping and Liberty and Bell were the most chill. They test the turkeys because no one wants a cracked-out turkey going batsh-t in the middle of a cheeseball presidential turkey pardon. Now, that being said, the photos from the turkey pardon are amazing. It looks like President Biden is the one going batsh-t. PS… Biden’s birthday cake photo was also BONKERS.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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16 Responses to “President Biden pardoned turkeys Liberty & Bell on his 81st birthday”

  1. Brassy Rebel says:

    Here in Minnesota we have lots of turkeys. Liberty and Bell will fit right in! 🦃😉

  2. girl_ninja says:

    It’s such a silly tradition but it is a bit of fun. Please don’t be discouraged by the hatred, misogyny, hatred and ageism leveled at this administration. This upcoming election is THE most important election in generations and we have to fight for our democracy and our very lives.

    If you have time look up Project 2025.

    • Flowerlake says:

      I was hoping for this comment and I was glad to see it was the second one!

      Wish you gals and guys in the USA all the best, because even from abroad we can see how much in danger democracy and women’s freedom is from the Republicans. Even talking about getting rid of ‘no fault’ divorce at this point. That would have been ridiculous even 5 years ago, but that’s how they operate.
      They will keep taking steps further and further until women have fewer rights than they had in the 19th century if you don’t stop them. And that is just women. We know women aren’t the only ones they will go after.

      When moving from Democracy to dicatatorships, they don’t show their full goal, but take slow steps into that direction until they show what they really want.

  3. Bumblebee says:

    About 10ish years ago we visited Mt. Vernon. The turkeys Obama had pardoned were living their best retirement there.

  4. Koro says:

    I hate this tradition. What a mockery of mercy. Why not go to a real prison and pardon actual people??

    • Dara says:

      The Biden administration has pardoned or granted clemency to a list as long as my arm. People who had their lives ruined by unfair sentences or dodgy prosecutions. And you actually want them to parade these people in front of the press for a photo op? Does that really sound like a good idea to you?

      • girl_ninja says:

        It seems as though all people care about are photo ops and having PJB dance for the cameras. It’s gross.

  5. Twin Falls says:

    “You could say, even, it’s harder than getting a ticket to the ‘Renaissance’ tour, or for Britney’s tour,” Biden said. “She’s down in ― it’s kind of warm in Brazil, right now.”

    Maybe his staff writers should stick to domestic and foreign policy statements and not pop culture references.

  6. Ellery says:

    Hard to find Biden cute while he enables war crimes against civilian populations. Biden is sending billions and billions of US tax dollars to a government openly calling for genocide, using white phosphorus on civilians, bombing schools, apartment buildings, ambulances, people fleeing, and hospitals. A government that is starving a trapped population and cut off water. 80% of Democrats and 60% of the general population support a ceasefire for humanitarian aid. Hard to argue our leaders represent us when they ignore our pleas for a ceasefire. I’m just as scared for republicans taking over as the next person. But…I also know it will be morally impossible to vote for a man murdering babies that look exactly like mine.

    • Twin Falls says:

      The attacks on hospitals is unconscionable.

      This highlights the huge problem with running a Presidential campaign on well our guy isn’t as bad as your guy.

      • Ellery says:

        I agree. Wish we had more options. Choosing between the lesser of two evils doesn’t feel like a real choice. And Biden doesn’t seem to be working very hard for our votes. I used to love him and was thrilled when he won. But we have got to do better than two ancient old men.

      • AnneL says:

        Terrorists (because that what Hamas are) using a hospital or the tunnels beneath it for their operations is unconscionable too. It’s on tape now. Doctors knew it. They saw hostages being brought there and were probably too scared of retribution against their families to do/say anything.

        Free Palestine…..from Hamas.

      • Ellery says:

        Even with that argument about Hamas, which is up for debate, doesn’t justify using white phosphorus on civilian populations. Israel has the most sophisticated, advanced military intelligence in the world. Israel bombing all of Gaza to catch a few terrorists is like is bombing an entire city to catch a school shooter. There are more human ways. Israeli leaders have openly called for genocide.

    • shanaynay says:

      THIS. I am disgusted with this administration. Doing what previous administrations have done in the name of “democracy.” Free Palestine.

  7. Loras says:

    Niki Haley 2024!

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