Telegraph: Omid Scobie sent copies of ‘Endgame’ to ‘Sussex Squad influencers’

Guess who has two thumbs and got quoted in the Telegraph? This bitch!! MOI! It all started when I was lucky enough to get to read an advanced copy of Omid Scobie’s Endgame with the caveat that I had to sign an NDA. I read the book over the weekend, all while anti-Scobie and anti-Endgame tweets were all over the Twitter timeline. I decided to just tweet out a general, no-spoiler preview in a few tweets while confirming that I signed an NDA. Well, it looks like the Telegraph lurks on my dang Twitter, because on Monday, they published “Omid Scobie sends copies of new royal book Endgame to ‘Sussex Squad’ influencers; Author is using NDAs and non-traditional marketing strategy to promote tome, which is published on Tuesday.” You guys, I’m a Sussex Squad influencer??? From the Telegraph:

Omid Scobie sent advance copies of his new book on the Royal family to favoured social media influencers who were asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement. The author, whose book Endgame is published on Tuesday, is understood to have largely masterminded his own marketing strategy – with publishers required to ensure that every decision is signed off by him personally.

Eschewing traditional practices, he opted to send the 400-page tome to a select group of “Sussex Squad” bloggers who have long proved supportive.

One of them, who identifies herself only as Kaiser, the head writer for a blog called Celebitchy, revealed that she had signed an NDA and read it at the weekend.

She wrote on X, formerly Twitter, that the Windsors came in for a “mauling”.

She tweeted: “One of the big takeaways, for me, is how none of the left-behind Windsors can manage their way out of a paper bag.”

One review said the book sets the record straight on ‘petty slights’, including a row between the Princess of Wales and Duchess of Sussex.

The various social media influencers and bloggers who were sent the book pre-publication will be expected to give it a lucrative push online when it is published on Tuesday.

The US-based arm of Scobie’s publisher, HarperCollins, is understood to have largely left UK colleagues largely in the dark about the pre-publication plan.

The author’s effort to secure favourable coverage began with an interview in the American magazine People, which tends to shy away from controversial or negative subject matter. He then gave an interview to Paris Match, which published extracts of the book in French, and to The Sunday Times.

[From The Telegraph]

From what I know of modern book promotion, many authors cherry-pick who gets advanced copies of their books. I was not the only one, clearly, and while I’m too close to the situation to judge it objectively, I absolutely think it was a smart strategy for Scobie in particular. I love the fact that few in the British media got their hands on advanced copies. Scobie likely learned from what happened with Prince Harry’s Spare, which was “accidentally” released early in Spain, then poorly translated and excerpted all over the British rags. If this was a thought-out strategy by Scobie to release the book to a few “friendly” Sussex-influencers (OMG!), then good for him.

“The various social media influencers and bloggers who were sent the book pre-publication will be expected to give it a lucrative push online when it is published on Tuesday.” CUT ME A CHECK!! I acknowledge that here at Celebitchy, we’re giving free media to the book, but guess what? So are British outlets with their salty commentary.

My tweets from Sunday. I’m still dying laughing that they accurately quoted “none of the left-behind Windsors can manage their way out of a paper bag.”

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  1. Izzy says:

    I have absolutely no doubt that both the royal rags reporters and the palace goons lurk on X and even on here to see what people are saying.

    • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

      I have absolutely no doubt that these morons are totally incapable of running anything and are absolute incompetents. These lazy azz blue bloods twits never had a real job and married women who never worked a day in their lives – ambitioning on the dream of mistressing and running around behind a prince. No pride.

      Im so happy they took kaiser’s comment lol we’re going mainstream lol

    • Dee(2) says:

      You would think then that they would listen to the some of the awesome commentators here and implement some of their plans. I’ve heard better strategic plans than anything those palaces have done in the last 5 years from throwaway comments here on articles about clothes.

      • Mel says:

        This!!! I just bought the book to support Scobie. The amazon reviews people calling him a liar without reading the book are ridiculous.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      If they weren’t lurking on here before, they will be now!

      Great job, Kaiser!


    I love this for you Kaiser! But wishing you safety and strong thumbs to press that block button when the trolls and derangers inevitably come for you. Celebitchy’s influence! You love to see it!

    • Minnieder says:

      So proud of you Kaiser! You represent bitch!!! ❤️

    • Christine says:

      I could not agree more if I tried! Congrats, Kaiser! Yeah, derangers will show up, but there’s nothing any of them can say that will counteract seven years of your diligent (and hilarious) reporting on exactly what Harry and Meghan went through on Salty Isle, although I welcome them to read every single one.

      If they are really dedicated, they might start with the reporting on Will and Kate, pre-Meghan. Your beloved rota was all the way over them in 2015, early 2016. Facts, you love to read them.

  3. OriginalLala says:

    Does this mean that maybe Omid is a secret Celebitch?! I love this

    • Lux says:

      Soooo very tempted to believe that too! Congrats, Sussex-Squad influencer Kaiser! When Omid described everyone “infantilizing” Keen, I knew there was some possibility that he read Celebitchy because that’s basically an idiom here at this point.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Lux I thought the exact same thing when I saw “infantalizing”

      • Steph says:

        I was convinced at the use of “Katie Keen.”

      • VilleRose says:

        He definitely comes here and reads things based on things he’s written but it’s also obvious that many royal correspondents lurk here too. I know we’ve always joked that we give free inspiration to the Daily Mail but with Kaiser getting quoted in The Telegraph, it’s very obvious they come here because they want to know what the Squaddies are thinking. And well, to any royal reporters reading this, we can see through your BS.

      • Lorelei says:

        They’re unwittingly (or maybe purposely?) sending MORE people here to read the truth about W&K 😭 Absolutely hilarious to see the Streisand Effect in action.

      • Christine says:

        I’m going to choose to believe 60% of the “Sussex supporters” cited by Omid are actually Kaiser, because it makes me smile. You have been doing this for SEVEN YEARS, you ARE the Ph.D. in Sussexes, at this point.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      Oh mah gawd.

      As someone who has read this blog – recommended by a friend – for almost two decades – this is amazing.

      Wait. Almost two decades???? I started in …. Carry the one …. Yes. Holy shit. Before I even had a smart phone. I started reading when I had my first job. I was reading Perez Hilton, people, and crazy days and nights. and I hated the meaness of Perez but he posted so much. Complained to a friend who told me about this blog. And it became my absolute main blog ever since.

      I’ve moved across country twice. Had two kids. Lost and gained friends, family and pets. And I’ve been here. Every. Single. Day.

      it’s the first thing I check in the morning. Because I want to laugh when I wake up.

      Wow. Thank you guys for being with me through this wild ride. I wish I could pin point the exact time I started reading but I do knkw it’s been a very very long time.

      Love you guys.

      • samipup says:

        Me too! Also I miss D-List, Gawker and Jezebel. Congratulations for printed wonderful affirmation on your writing!

      • NotSoSocialB says:

        Me, too. Also, CDAN—> 😂 the olden days.

      • Jenn Jameson says:

        I started reading this blog right before THE WEDDING. If I just forget about H&M, I have found so many like minded people. I have learned so much from all of your comments. I truly feel like I am more thoughtful and compassionate after reading the divergent comments on this page. In the beginning, it was eye opening, but now, it’s my truth. Peace, Hope, Joy.

      • Jewbitch says:

        I too, came here via the Perez Hilton Michael K sites. My youngest is 18, and I can remember being up feeding her in the middle of the night, catching up on the gossip.

  4. Ariel says:

    Yeah – you sold the book to me. I made the purchase based on your delight with it. Looking forward to reading it.

    Also, slightly off subject – I no longer do Twitter but if y’all add or move to threads let us know.

    • @BelizeEmpower says:

      Let us know for real cause I got permanently suspended from Twitter over a bogus charge of “bullying” cause I did a takedown of Charles (I’ve read much worse takedowns). Anyway, they’ve put me on “read only” mode, limit how much I can read, yet X wants me to subscribe to read more. Talk about extortion. Puhleez! Not getting a dime out of me.

      • Renae says:

        Same here. Perm suspended and in read only status but Elon/Elroy want me to subscribe?
        I don’t even know what I was suspended for. When I asked they said there had been complaints…..from….(wait for it) ME! (Evidently I complained against myself??).

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      Same – both Kaiser and Celebitchy have accounts on Blue Sky, but aren’t as active as on Tw*tter. And I will say that I find Blue Sky a little annoying as it doesn’t seem to refresh that often, but EM was just getting so damn toxic I couldn’t justify staying over on Tw*tter, even though I still find it to be the best interface (despite having to block lots of “lady friends” with large bosoms and many numbers in their handle)

      • FirstTimeCommenter says:

        Post was annoying also but maybe try Spoutible? Omid has an account there but hasn’t posted much, it’s just a nicer environment.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        FirstTimeCommenter, I’m on Spoutible and it’s a great place to be. Christopher Bouzy developed it and uses Bot Sentinel to make sure there are no Bots and they take care of hate and harassment almost before you get done reporting them. We get more and more Sussex supporters there and I anticipate it will be a lively place. Best SM ever.

      • Mcgee says:

        I’m also on Spoutible. Omid and Kaiser and Celebitchy have accts there. Would be lovely to see more Celebitchies there, which would encourage more posting there (it is so much kinder than twitter)

  5. Jennifer Smith says:

    I’d write more but I’m too busy buying the audiobook!

  6. Lissen says:

    I’m PROUD of you, Kaiser! And of my friends here on this site who speak truth to power.

    • Kc says:

      Don’t forget about us on your way up Kaiser! Lol

      Celebitchy does consistent, well-written stories – well done!!

    • Whyforthelove says:

      Yes very proud of you Kaiser. And hey maybe the tabloids could learn a thing or two about how to write like they didn’t escape from a Barbara Cartland novel by reading the authors and contributors on this site!

  7. OnThisDay says:

    Congrats, Kaiser! I’m sure some rota rats follow as religiously as we do. Your posts from yesterday convinced me to go ahead and order the book.
    Also, I saw someone tweet that The Telegraph is using your tweets to say what they cannot, and I agree.

  8. Becks1 says:

    HAHA I love it!! So they are definitely tracking you on X and reading your posts here.

    *waves hi to all the salty royal reporters*

    Prepare for an influx of trolls today everyone!

    • Becks1 says:

      Just responding to myself to say – I don’t really like that they are categorizing Kaiser/Celebitchy as “sussex squad influencers.” yes, Kaiser is team Sussex, but she has also been writing critically about the royals, especially Kate, for YEARS, well before Meghan came on the scene. Her criticism of the royals is not *just* because of how they treated Meghan.

      • Lorelei says:

        Yeah, agreed. I wonder who else got advance copies?

      • Darkwing Duck says:

        “I wonder who else got advance copies?”

        A great question. It feels like Telegraph (and it would be helpful to me personally – so this is not a demand, it’s just how I feel – if the Sussexes would just add them, and the BBC sad to say, to a clear list of outlets they do not cooperate with. I feel like the uncertainty about authentic access, that now allows the Mail to proudly declare that the spokesperson and friends of the Sussexes *also* talk to them, sort of starts with that incongruity) noticed Kaiser’s tweets but wasn’t allowed to run that as news (thereby legitimising the opinion itself) but only as proof of a plot or conspiracy by Omid Scobie.

        But where is the evidence of even one other ‘Sussex influencer’ getting an embargoed copy of the book? It’s not an outlandish idea to speculate but it does appear to be speculation? Usually if you are claiming that something has happened to a group of people you can find an example of it happening to more than just one? If the point is to get a commercial push then shouldn’t all those others with copies be out there right now, tweeting and blogging about it???

      • NotSoSocialB says:

        I’ve been here since shortly after the blog’s inception, and I agree, Becks1.

      • Truthiness says:

        Becks, hard agree. Kaiser isn’t a Squad influencer but they’re just trying to minimize and then marginalize what she writes.

        Grats to Kaiser, I hope they don’t send monarchist bots to make life at CB difficult.

      • Shawna says:

        Came here to say that as well! Kaiser is also a writer, analyst, and cultural commentator. If the Telegraph’s readers don’t respect influencing as a lucrative new industry, then they are also trying to hide Kaiser’s journalistic cred.

  9. Amy Bee says:

    Why should Omid give the British media copies of the book? They would have still bashed it and him if they had received copies. Thankfully they quoted Kaiser correctly.

  10. s808 says:

    Man, SS really had thrown the entire royal sphere for a loop. They were not expecting M&H(especially M) to have such a fierce base to support and counteract the narratives in-real time. This bothers them cause SS is VOCAL and have made in impact in pushing back against RRs and the BRF. For a while now, it’s been hard for them to puddle lies because the pushback is immediate and receipts are kept. IDK if they’ll take up for Omid but yeah I think this was strategic and I love that RRs are pissed about it.

  11. Jais says:

    The way they specifically quoted your line about the Windsors not being able to manage their way out of a paper bag. You know they really just want to say that themselves.

    • Becks1 says:

      I also love that they included the full sentence, so the bit about “the left behind windsors” was included.

      • Christine says:

        Yeah, that was a choice. I am cracking up at the image of all the Salty rota “reporters” reading things like, “little red flashing hood” today.

    • Whyforthelove says:

      That quote makes me think of a castle being invaded by Rota rats in chaos. Meanwhile, Charles is trapped in the bathroom waiting for someone to put toothpaste on his toothbrush and Camilla is drunk texting her boo Piers Morgan

    • Lorelei says:

      @Jais, the article reads as practically giddy that they can finally publish what they want to say about the RF, as long as they’re quoting someone else!

      • Whyforthelove says:

        Hahahaha yes!!!! Hang out with us Telegraph Reporters you will have quotes for years hahahahah

    • Steph says:

      The fact that they used her own words made me happy I live alone bc I was laughing so hard. Had I been in public people would have thought I was crazy!

    • SarahCS says:

      Strong agree, this whole piece is a thing of beauty. I love how fully they quoted Kaiser.

      Welcome to any new folk joining us here (it’s a fab community, feel free to disagree on things!) and HI to the Torygraph and others lurking for storylines. Omid, if you’re reading good luck with the book, I have my copy downloaded but have been out and about all day so I haven’t started it yet.

  12. Southern Fried says:

    Very cool and your tweets were pitch perfect.

  13. EasternViolet says:

    First, I think its awesome for Kaiser and I am just as giddy about the quote the Telegraph pulled (I wish they would have used Dog-shit father, but maybe that is asking for too much). While I don’t think there is anything inherently bad about being labelled “a sussex-squad influencer” – when royalists use that term its reductive, implying that this group employs bots and just writes pro-sussex clickbait as opposed to a real, third party outside view of how fucked up this institution is…

    • Lorelei says:

      The term “Sussex Squad influencer” is ridiculous. What does that even mean, lol? And Kaiser has been critical of the Sussexes on certain occasions, it’s not as if she believes they walk on water.

      It so obnoxious how EVERY SINGLE headline about this describes him as “Sussex cheerleader Omid Scobie” or “Sussex Mouthpiece Omid Scobie”‘when he’s made it clear for years that he’s not. It’s so irritating.

      • EasternViolet says:

        It really is. Dismisses his and Kaiser’s actual WORK.

      • swaz says:

        This is exactly why they use it, to diminish the content but don’t fall for it. Whenever I see those references I just happily laugh and move on 😍😍😍The British Media just want to be the one doing all the talking 🤣🤣🤣

      • Christine says:

        Yep, it’s all a part of the greater gaslighting.

      • Shawna says:

        Yep, they don’t want to acknowledge Kaiser as a fellow journalist.

  14. anotherlily says:

    It dropped into my Kindle at 1am UK time. I read till 3am. One thing is clear, Omid is well qualified to write about the Windsors. He has been an accredited royal reporter since 2010, included in the ‘press pack’ who accompany royal tours and visits and also invited to some
    private occasions. His ‘sources’ are as good as any other royal reporter.

  15. ThatsNotOkay says:

    This is all very hilarious. Maybe there will be an influx of new readers to the site as well. Mostly with the last name/grouping Windsor though.

    Off topic: Hi, Kate!

  16. Mslove says:

    OMG, Kaiser, you’re famous! I can’t wait to read the book, it’s gonna be good.

  17. Pinkosaurus says:

    I love that pull quote. If you were to pick one to have represent you in the Telegraph, that’s a great one! I hope you frame it!

  18. Lissen says:

    The Telegraph is their “paper of record” or am I misremembering? Kaiser, you’re part of their history now. LOLOLOL

  19. Lala11_7 says:


  20. SussexWatcher says:

    All hail Queen Kaiser! I saw your tweets about this yesterday and was in tears with laughter. It’s what we’ve all known for years, these Celebitchy streets are rife with rat rota and trolls.

    I can’t wait to read your more detailed breakdowns of the book. Pass the popcorn 🍿 It’s gonna be a bumpy ride for the left behind Windsors 😏

  21. sunny says:

    Congrats Kaiser! A perfect quote that sums up the royal family mess. To quote the show Veep, “The level of incompetence in this office is staggering!”

    I do think that the book will be eye opening for those who have not been following the clown show like the readers here. I plan to take it out from the library as soon as possible.

  22. Agnes says:

    That picture of Camilla with the horse ears/devil horns should be her Christmas card. A compilation of all the hilarious shots of Camilla, Baldemort, and Katie Keen would further sink the monarchy, pictures don’t lie.

  23. Angelica Schuyler says:

    Kaiser, I’m not going to lie. I was on the fence about buying the book, but after seeing your tweets, I went ahead and ordered the book right away. I’ll probably end up giving a few copies as Christmas gifts too!

    Don’t let anyone sell you short. You are quite the influencer – and I mean that in the very best way.

    • MichaelaCat says:

      I am going to buy it now too.

      The British media getting annoyed by it decided it for me.

    • MaryContrary says:

      Same-I was going to wait until I could just grab it at my local library, if I even bothered to read it at all. I’m actually heading down to Barnes & Noble once it opens to buy a hard copy. Usually I would just download-but I know my daughter and mom will want to read it, so I can just pass it along.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      I’ll admit I was one that suggested to cancel the pre order after reading the People excerpts here. Looks like People mag did some cherry picking and revisions. I’ll be ordering the book now. Congrats Kaiser! Love the tweet.

  24. L84Tea says:

    Just wanna give a wave to all the RR’s who lurk here daily–hi Rebecca! Hi Victoria! Hi Angela! Hi Camilla! And yes, hi Kate! I believe they all lurk here on the regular.

  25. MichaelaCat says:

    Well done!

    Good for those “newspaper” readers to see a different view for once.

  26. Nanea says:

    Congrats, Kaiser!

    May you live long enough to wreak eternal havoc and see the Monarchy be abolished.

    May your ability to pick just the right, very illustrative photos, see Horsemilla above, never suffer.

    Torygraph is making it sound like they’re jelly of the Sussex Squad Influencers, but at least the Squaddies are influenced to do well, by raising lots of money for charities supported by the Duke and Duchess of Success.

    The deranged Delulus could never.

    • Christine says:

      That’s the part I hope people pick up on. The Sussex supporters aren’t sycophants (or bots, ahem), yelling at everyone on Twitter that “no, she’s not Kate Middleton, she’s HRH..”blah, blah, blah, there is real action to raise money for the organizations Harry and Meghan have highlighted or partnered with, like World Central Kitchen.

      The amount of money that has been raised in support of all four of the Sussexes is staggering, to me. This is just a bunch of people on the internet, completely fed up that two people who were earnestly trying to work to REALLY help people were abused, and are continuing to be abused, daily.

  27. smegmoria says:


  28. Mia says:

    Hopefully the derangers know not to come on this site. Those idiots don’t want the smoke.

    • Jaded says:

      They get chased out of town whenever they try to sneak in some nasty drivel. Long live Celebitchy!

    • Christine says:

      There isn’t enough negative energy in the world to combat seven years of reading Kaiser’s articles. If you can’t see the truth of the British monarchy, you really aren’t trying. At all.

  29. NickG says:

    Kaiser, you’re in the Fail too, baby! I can’t find it this morning but it was definitely there last night- just a cut and paste version of the Telegraph article. Get ready to block, block, block!!

  30. Thelma says:

    All The Telegraph and the Royal Rota are doing is helping to sell Omid’s book and saying out loud what they wish they could say themselves about the morally bankrupt royal family!

  31. Amy T says:

    Well deserved, Kaiser! And to all you super-knowledgeable commenters who have helped educate me about the intricacies of royal life, protocol, and evil shenanigans, you guys should all take a bow, too. Kaiser is an amazing captain, but in a lot of ways, this has been a team effort. Thanks to all of you for making me smarter about this stuff.

    Re: book influencing – it’s a jungle out there, with upwards of three million books published every year. Authors and publishers have to be strategic, and sending review copies in advance of publication to people who can help spread the word is standard practice. Props to Dey Street for recognizing that Kaiser should be on that list.

  32. Mrs. Smith says:

    Daaaammmnn Kaiser!! You have been dubbed an official Sussex Influencer by a globally recognized media outlet!! It is a real feat and accomplishment to break through that mountain of royal coverage to get name-checked by The Telegraph. I also love it that we now know they are reading this blog and gnashing their teeth about being called out as part of the monarchy death rattle.

  33. Concern Fae says:

    LOL. Every book with a competent publicity team sends books out to social media accounts that cover their subject. It’s so funny how normal business procedures becomes toxic corruption when done on in proximity to the Sussexes.


  34. ML says:

    😁🛍️Congratulations Kaiser🛍️‼️ Your tweet definitely caught their attention! I’m amused by the roll-out strategy. The fact HarperCollins bypassed the UK arm and Omid Scobie chose to send various members and f the Sussex Squad copies is *chef’s kiss*. The RR has just been forced to admit that they pay attention to the Sussex Squad and quote them. Hahahaha. Also a congratulations to the unseen members of the Celebitchy blog who monitor for trolls and work behind the scenes! A big round of applause for all of you!

  35. aquarius64 says:

    The BM is mad pro Sussex factions will make sure full chapters and pages will be put put on social media, undermining their reports.

  36. Square2 says:

    Congratulations Kaiser & CB! Getting free PR from the hateful BM was a WIN.

    Sorry to the moderator(s) on CB, you can expect an infuse of Royalists & BRF Bots on this site.

    I could never read Kaiser’s reply tweets reg Meghan (when I was still visited Twitter many moons age) whout feeling upset because there’s really some foul people posted there.

    However it seems there were more Royalist (or Kate fans?) showing up on CB in the past week?

  37. LocaLady says:

    👏 📝 !!!! 🙌 congratulations 🎉

    write on!!!!!!!!!!

    🍵 🍃

  38. MabsAMabbin says:

    Congrats K! A just deserve.

  39. Steph says:

    Lmfao. Congrats!!! @kaiser. It wasn’t supposed to be a shout out but that’s what it ended up being. Hopefully it drives traffic to not only your posts but all of the writers of Celebitchy! Hope it ends up being lucrative for all of you! Maybe it’ll end up as a nice holiday bonus (might be too late for that though). Seriously, I hope this ends up being good for the site.

    That being said that fact that they accurately quoted you is so damn funny. I would love to be a fly in the wall watching the Windsors waking up to being told they couldn’t manage their way of a paper bag. 😂

  40. Nerd says:

    I take issue with the term “Sussex Squad Influencer” because from what I have seen, we aren’t influenced. We have similar opinions about what we expect on certain topic or from certain people. I don’t believe that Kaiser or any other pro Sussex channel is influencing how we see things or what we believe, that’s how the royal family, Royal Rota and royalists are doing things. I know that Omid sent a copy to another person who is a very fair minded and trustworthy person. Her way of analyzing and reporting is top notch and I believe that is why Omid chose the certain people he sent copies to before the actual release date. That is the thing about the Sussexes, Omid and pro Sussex supporters, we just want fair accurate and none biased reporting. No one has to like everything that someone says or does, but at least be fair and honest about what you say or do. Harry and Meghan said that was one of the main reasons for them wanting to leave. The royal family are too comfortable working with people who are entirely unethical and corrupt. I think that is what this book is about. None of this had to be this way but the royal family continues to surround themselves with people who are destroying the already questionable image of the monarchy and bringing light to their irrelevance in this day and age.

    • ArtFossil says:

      Sussex Squad Influencer is just British tabloid speak for someone who looks at both sides and isn’t afraid to speak the truth. It’s a badge of honor!

    • Lorelei says:

      I agree with all of this. It’s not as if everyone on this site is in agreement about everything all the time; there are lots of different opinions. People disagree with Kaiser sometimes, it’s not a hive mind situation. As Becks said above, this site has been covering the royals forever— I think since Kate’s girlfriend days?— so to reduce it to some sort of Sussex Squad specific blog is ridiculous. Even Omid is critical of them numerous times in his new book, ffs!

      Can you share the name of the other person who you know received an advanced copy of the book, now that it’s been released?

  41. Chantale says:

    All the Royal rotas are reading pro Sussexes twitter and blogs to find out what Meghan and Harry are doing. Maybe thinking they would know since they are in the dark. I heard all the
    rotas type with one hand when it come to the Sussexes, especially that liar Tominey.

  42. Renae says:

    Can’t wait to see you at Nerd Prom.
    I know its “White House Correspondents Dinner” but lots of other reporters (and bloggers etc) are there also. If you’re invited, can I be your Plus-1 ?

  43. fani says:

    Congrats Kaiser!!!

    It’s about time.

  44. Mary Pester says:

    Oy, salt island press, the only influence on our opinion is the sht reporting that you do, and the behaviour of the “left behind Royals” that you treat as omnipotent in beings. When in fact they are lazy, good for nothing, grifters that steal from the dead and take money from foreign passport traders! Maybe take of your Windsor coloured glasses and try reporting the truth and FACTS, and maybe, just maybe, people will take you as seriously as we do Harry and Megan. But you won’t because the Windsors are your food stamps

  45. Over it says:

    Congratulations Kaiser. It’s about time. I can’t believe of all the things you have written about those people that this is the one thing that they choose to quote. I mean the names that you come up with for the Windsors and their media clowns are iconic. Here’s hoping that they keep on reading and quoting you and your gems of names and app descriptions of the Windsors. Oh and I hope wank and wiglet are reading your write ups and the commentary 😄

  46. CatJ says:

    I was going to wait until the Library had it, but, I just downloaded it to my kindle. Can’t wait to read it, Congratulations to Kaiser and the site. This will be delicious!

  47. Blithe says:

    Yay!!!! Congrats!!!🎉🍾🎊👏🏽

  48. Sportie says:

    You can tell that the BRF boosters have been given their talking points. Pretty much every negative review that I’ve seen online (book sellers) the word “regurgitated” is used. The strategy seems to be this is just old news repeated and that Omid Scobie needs to go back to school to learn how to write “proper english” (insert eyeroll). Each negative review then immediately gets about the same number of likes. I love that all these haters had to have pre ordered (bought) a book that they immediately reviewed as hating it, it’s terrible, boo hoo H&M and poor innocent BRF. Totally ignoring all the dots that he connected. It’s almost like its coordinated.

    One of the best parts is for those on Amazon and when I click on the reviewers profile for many of them they barely ever review but the couple of things that they have reviewed are Finding Freedom and Spare, of course negative.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Sportie, not all of them are Verified Purchasers–there is a way to see just the VP’s on Amazon. I don’t know why the booksellers don’t just allow VP’s to write reviews. They shouldn’t give a platform for the derangers.

  49. AC says:

    Love this forum ! This is one of the few sites who is actually calling them out with Facts. And questioning their bullsh&@t.
    There’s also a lot of intelligent people on here with great comments- that puts the deranged commenters to shame.
    I’ve always thought they’re always lurking around here for ideas 😀

  50. VilleRose says:

    Congrats Kaiser! That must have been exciting and surreal to see yourself quoted (and such an anti Windsor quote too) in the Telegraph. They are obviously dying to say the exact same thing but have to use someone else to get the message out. This proves the British tabloids do read Celebitchy and pay attention. I’m just wondering who else got an advance copy of Endgame? I don’t really read any other Sussex friendly blogs (follow some people on IG) so I was wondering what other reviews were out there apart from Kaiser’s.

  51. Nlopez says:

    Congrats Kaiser! 🍻 👏🏽 👏🏽👏🏽

  52. Harper says:

    Congrats, Kaiser! You deserve credit and so much more. I only wish CamelToe had written the article just so you could have that baptism by fire of having your work misrepresented by one of the worst of the rota. I imagine more than a few curious Telegraph readers will make their way over here and be stunned by reading a non-Rota filtered account of the past few years.

  53. samipup says:

    Oh Kaiser, one look at that photo and my day is made! You are the BEST picture picker!!!

  54. swaz says:


  55. alisays says:

    Bravo @kaiser so happy that your ever increasing International audience is about to jump. Its a perfect quote and shows the true colors of British Royal sponsored PR machine (Telegraph ) working overtime to make a nonsensical pov.

  56. Jenn says:

    AHA, I SEE. Anti-royalists/monarchists = “Sussex Squad.” They will never stop scapegoating, never stop setting up targets for an easily-digested “us vs them” narrative, to distract the (disappearing) middle class from being fed on.

  57. ales says:

    Kaiser, I believe you are a truth teller and a truth promoter when it comes to the BRF. It is refreshing and informative to be able to contribute and be a small part of all the people who respect the truth and who comment on the reality. So many derangers, the BM, the royal Rota and gossip spreaders masquerading as journalists are given voice, all their stories are one sided and always skewed into praising the BRF no matter how badly behaved they are. Gaslighting to the extreme. Keep up the great work that you do Kaiser, ignore criticism, most of it is never genuine, thank you for allowing integrity to exist where there is none. It is a lot of hard work and time consuming, know that you make a good difference. Thank you .

  58. EndGame says:

    I bought the audio book and my takeaway so far:
    1. I now understand William – he is not a family person, he is a firm’s man- silly things like compassion doesn’t penetrate him . But I don’t think it is because he is cold, I think it’s because firm raised him- the men in grey suit that is. Scobie said “Harry is favorite outside and William is the preferred inside “ in reference to Charles. It all makes sense now. Plus this book is firmly positioning William as the future of the monarchy , the un Charles . yes some mild criticism of William but key phrases are being aligned with him and similar to what has been said about him in the tabloids- to position him as a decisive leader, a true company man. I now understand why it was said Kate was the one who said recollection may vary – when aligned with Scobie’s book – there is a narrative being set. As these criticism are exactly what their target audience want to hear. They are Focus on the service, not afraid to be decisive and swat away the emotional family members- they are focused on being the constant for Britain and the institution. Focus ( cold to regular folks) and duty is what drives them. They are being positioned as Elizabeth and Phillip 2.0. I am surprise now they didn’t have 4 children. The fact that William and Kate disliked Meghan from day 1 is understandable now, I am not agreeing with them. Instead you realize as company man & woman playing the long game , unchallenged for any popularity outside of Harry and knowing how it’s the popular wives who suck up the spotlight , their work all these years were in jeopardy ( true or not, that’s what they believe ) and so instead of statically folded Meghan in to bolster the Firm, they think only of the impact on themselves. This is how a monopoly behave. 😂😂😂

    2. I now have strong empathy for Charles, Scobie cuts him down ( new to me as this is my second Royal focused book, first bring Spare and spare made Charles human, yes humans are flawed but you realised how Harry was so kind to his father. Like I wanted to see Charles doing his headstand in the morning 🤣😂and learn more about the loch story in Scotland…Scobie is cutting but somehow it made my heart reached out to Charles more. Yes , it is seemed he is driven by personal goals but as the leader in waiting for so many many years – do we not expect there will be impact? You wonder how Charles would be , if he was just a mere Duke for example, he is a shrewd businessman and strategic as well as have some natural compassion and sensitivity, yes you can see him freezing out people but I think it’s not
    Black & White as we are lead to believe. It’s a pity we will never see Charles in the full person he is, as King, his personality has been bottled.

    The media however is the RF enemy they do them no good. It’s a strange confluence that the firm men are so in step with the tabloids but i guess they have to tame the uncouth beasts.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      EndGame, you have an interesting perspective. You seem to have compassion for Chuck and Bill. You’re going to be surprised that Bill is not going to be ruler you evidently think he will be. The best thing that Firm could do is start worrying about the Monarchy and the people in the UK (and Commonwealth, but I don’t think they’ll ever do that). Then they need to stop trying to make Bill and Barbie into Harry & Meghan. Harry & Meghan actually work, are intelligent and what they accomplish helps people. They do it with empathy and compassion.

      Oh, the other thing they need to stop is telling us they’re going to win over the US. Guess what? They don’t have a following here–except for the MAGA. Something to think about.

      • ENDGAME says:

        Re: Saucy & Sassy,
        Oh no , I don’t have compassion for William, actually wouldn’t want to be around him, I wouldn’t vote for him, but I am not his target audience.

        However, what Scobie has done is flesh him out, humanize him- he is like Don Draper- on paper Don Draper is not likable but because we saw his full story, we understood him. Same with William, this book makes you go, am no fan but I see why he is the way he is , of course if what Scobie says is true. I don’t agree with his leadership approach, it feels performative and makes him more malleable by the counters which is not good for him – as Scobie says the Firm back his resentment & anger. They have institutionalized him. No judgement from me as I have learned hurt people , hurt people.
        My sensibilities lean towards Harry & especially Meghan as I can identify with many of her experiences during her time , as far back as 2018 I stopped reading any British media as the reporting was so dehumanizing, it shock my core and severely diminished the media to me.
        I don’t see it black and white. He is human though but you can’t miss the hands of KP to make them as their project and so minimize the possibility of a growth mindset.
        Harry leaving was the best thing for Harry and his family, imagine living there under William as a leader with the institution in his ears? He was firmly against Meghan, that he never gave her a chance to be human, that’s not leadership.

        They are focused in their goal and no one is spared collateral damage- not even his father, which is why my compassion for Charles has been triggered as a human, outside these royal things. I wish he & Harry reconcile, not to rejoin the institution but as family members. There are no family bond, not even those in
        The institution.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      @EndGame, it’s been sometime now, I used to defend C & C over some things. Made apologies for doing so, they’re sh*t people. Charles could have easily, over the past 7 years, put something out on their SM accounts showing support for Meghan opposing the vitriol against her by the BM/derangers. He didn’t. If you read SPARE, you’d know he did nothing. And, regarding QE2’s death day, Harry had to tell him not speak about ‘his wife’ that way.

      Sure, Charles may be trapped, he’s also supposed to be king. A king who cannot stand up for his spare & wife who actually made the BRF look good and pushed for turkey vulture face to be called Queen. Ugghh.

  59. CM says:

    GOOD for you Kaiser!!! I honestly haven’t read a lot of royal reporting that “gets it” like you do.
    Even in sussex squad circles – you really have a way of seeing through the BS like no one else.

    Someone now needs to write an expose about all the dirty royal rota reporters too – the whole entire game is gross!

  60. Macky says:

    I believe camillas people found out about this site last year. They actually was getting mad that their version wasn’t being taking as fact. I believe they moved to reddit with occasional jaunts over here.

  61. bisynaptic says:

    Congrats, Kaiser, you’re famous!

  62. JanetDR says:

    Good for you Kaiser! Nice to know that your excellent writing is being noticed!

  63. Beverley says:

    Congrats, Kaiser! Well deserved recognition. Great quote!

    Thanks for the photos. They really make my day, every day.