Princess Kate got a standing ovation in spite/because of being named as ‘racist royal’

Please, I love this. About 24 hours after Piers Morgan “named” the Princess of Wales as one of the two “royal racists” in the Dutch edition of Endgame, Kate and Prince William attended the Royal Variety show. They apparently got a standing ovation, which is what usually happens to whichever royal attends this annual fundraiser – everyone stands up and claps, regardless if it’s Sophie, Edward, Harry, Will, Kate, Meghan, whomever. But Tom Sykes at the Daily Beast frames it like, “look, everybody gave Kate a standing ovation for being racist!” They truly think this framing is a good look, to tie the racism thing with the standing ovation. “Over here, everyone is racist, we’re proud of it, we love Racist Kate!!”

The royals are not complaining—or explaining. Kate Middleton was given a standing ovation as she arrived at a keynote royal event Thursday evening, just 24 hours after she was dramatically named as one of the “royal racists” who raised “concerns’ over “how dark” Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s children’s skin would be.

The show of support came as King Charles, who was named as the other person who asked questions about the children’s likely skin tone, took to the stage Friday morning to deliver a keynote speech at the COP28 climate conference in Dubai. Aides insisted he was “utterly focused” on the summit.

There are also reports in the U.K. papers dismissing, once again, any suggestion that Charles might seek to strip Harry and Meghan of their titles. “That is just something that would not be considered,” sources told the Daily Mail’s Rebecca English.

It all adds up to a sense that the royals intend to tough out the crisis, which was triggered after a Dutch translation of Omid Scobie’s new book, Endgame, named Kate and Charles as the individuals referred to by Meghan in her interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, In that interview she said there were “concerns and conversations about how dark [Archie’s] skin might be when he’s born.”

Royal sources told The Daily Beast the family would not be commenting on the allegations, despite a growing clamor for them to make a statement. Sources suggest the palace will brush off demands for a statement along the lines of that issued by the queen after the Oprah interview, in which she famously said, “Some recollections may vary.”

They are likely to argue that the publication of the names in a now-pulped foreign language book, and allegedly included by accident, is a very different matter from Meghan and Harry themselves making allegations of racial bias in the Oprah interview: “It’s just another book” is a line that has already emerged as a palace response in some reports.

[From The Daily Beast]

I mean… as far as royal strategies go, “ignoring it and hoping it goes away” is the one they usually choose and it’s rarely worked out for them. That being said, the Windsors barely have to do any heavy lifting here – the British media is so outraged on the Windsors’ behalf, and there’s a frenzy of ass-covering and double-dealing happening before our eyes. Before this is all done, every British royal reporter will admit that they knew the identities of every racist royal and they’ve known exactly what was said to Meghan, and in the same breath, they’ll blame Meghan for all of it and make it clear that they still love their Racist Kate.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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  1. Amy Bee says:

    The Royal Family stating that “recollections may vary” was always a bad move and it looks even worst now. Their inaction is what’s going to destroy them in the end.

  2. So if she got a standing ovation for being a racist what would that say about the people in the audience who gave it to her? Way to sell it Tom🤦🏻‍♀️.

  3. Inge says:

    That really is the bare minimum of holding hands on William’s side.

    And it’s not a standing ovation if you are clapping along.

    Anyway was it the Bafta’s where W&K entered in complete silence? That was embarrassing….

    • Erin says:

      I am actually really surprised to see him touching her at all given the coldness that has been between them at joint events for months and months now and because I also thought that he might be behind the name leaking and throwing her under the bus.

      Her hair is driving me nuts though it’s so bad.

      • equality says:

        If he’s the one throwing her under the bus and wants to deny and claim it’s Cam, then he would be extra nice to keep up the innocent pretense.

    • Nic919 says:

      Photos show it is more of kate grabbing on to a few of his fingers for a few seconds. They can’t even pretend to do real hand holding at this point.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Inge, it looks from the picture above that he’s got hold of her wrist and not her hand. I understand he let go when they got to the end of the stairs.

  4. Libra says:

    They were applauding for their honored guests, Victoria and Daniel.

    • sparrow says:

      Thank you. Someone, Vic?, said this too. I was so enraged by Kate at this event that I rushed off a post on another page about the applause and how she must have loved it etc And then it was pointed at that of course there would have been applause! Sometimes I trip over myself in here. I’ve got to stop trying to work and celebitch at the same time.

      • Lauren says:

        I was so annoyed about how Victoria and Daniel were treated. It’s clear that Will and Kate have no idea how to host, especially not other royals. The only photo’s I’ve seen of will and kate even interacting with victoria and daniel is when they are saying goodbye.

  5. Flower says:

    It’s Danny Baker all over again.

    The UK is steadfast in it’s commitment to embracing and comforting racists whilst villainising and alienating their victims.

  6. Pinkosaurus says:

    I’m hoping someone in the audience is quoted stating that they were not clapping for Angry Bill and Racist Kate.

  7. LULULUBrown says:

    They were not I repeat not giving Kate a Standing Ovation. They were clapping for the Royal guest. These people lie so easily. Why the hell would Kate be clapping for herself? Well, don’t answer that because her dumbass would clap for herself. I promise that was for the Special guest, the other welfare-visiting royals.

  8. Mslove says:

    Clapping for the Royal Racist is definitely not a good look. Ms Early years should’ve been concerned with the health of the mother, but she chose to be a cold-hearted racist instead. She’s a terrible role model. Just shameful.

  9. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    Meghan didn’t want the names of the “royal racists” released because she thought that it would be “very damaging” for them but, instead the “royal racist” is being given a standing ovation?! This is such a bad look for the family and Britain as a whole, “look, we applaud racism!” Can anyone explain to me how anyone on that side of the Atlantic thinks this is a good idea, please explain it as if I was a 3 year old, because my 59 year old brain is struggling to comprehend.

  10. Em says:

    They do this every year regardless of the royal guests. She didn’t get any standing ovation.

    Also I wonder how designers feel when they see Kate making changes to their original designs

  11. s808i says:

    It’s completely unsurprising that’s it’s being framed like this.

  12. Lady Digby says:

    If I’d been there I would not have clapped. Applauding royalty for just turning up just sums up the empty show of monarchy demanding unearnt deference because it is British tradition?? We applaud them for doing nothing???

    • Lorelei says:

      I was thinking, they didn’t NEED to applaud, even if that’s the tradition, if they wanted to send a message to W&K.

      But that would have been rude to others, especially the visiting members of the Swedish RF. It might be more interesting to gauge how Kate is received at smaller events/engagements going forward.

  13. VilleRose says:

    I just find it hilarious because yesterday there was the post about Kate and William getting booed at the Celtics game in Boston and Omid revisited the disastrous 2022 Caribbean tour where there were a bunch of protests. Also the infamous moment when the Jamaican Prime Minister telling them to their face that Jamaica would be removing the monarch of England as their head of state. This is an event where clapping is expected (it’s a theater where performances happen for goodness sake), Kate did not get her own personal standing ovation.

  14. Lau says:

    Well coming from the country where the government published a whole *ss report to say that institutionalized racism is not a thing it’s pretty safe to say that Kate is a beloved symbol. There must have been idiots in this crowd who believed her to be the victim in this situation.

  15. Zappy says:

    Why William hold kate’s wrist like that? Its so strange. He didnt even hold her hand like normal couple do
    This is the first time I paid attention to their pic and wow ..

    • antipodean says:

      I noticed that too Zappy. He has her wrist between his thumb and forefinger, as if he wants as minimal contact as possible, while still appearing to the cameras to be making “loving” contact. It is so deliberate and creepy, I almost feel sorry for Kate. It made me snort, it looked like he would have preferred to have a pair of “Kate touching” tongs to hand, so he could be even further removed from her. They really are a very strange couple. It would break my heart if my husband avoided contact with me in a similar fashion.

    • Jais says:

      It also made big blue stand out. Think they, or one of them, didn’t want to cover up the ring. It must be seen lol

  16. Becks1 says:

    They always clap, right? This isn’t anything specific to Kate but if it was….why act like its a good thing? “yes she’s racist and that’s why we love her!!!!”

    • SarahCS says:

      Have you ever not seen them take a story and spin it in favour of the royals? If everyone had stood there in silence it would have been ‘a somber tribute to the steadfastness of the royals in the face of the constant horrific attacks on them’.

      People here tend to follow traditions, if tradition has it that you stand and applaud when people turn up in the royal box that’s what you do. I assume there’s either an announcement (“please all rise…”) or someone stands and starts the clapping and everyone else follows suit with a fair few looking around them and wondering why they’re doing it.

      Definitely not a ‘standing ovation’.

  17. Anonymous says:

    There is a clip that has been circulating at twitter where William and Kate are talking to a bunch of old women while ignoring their guests. The nerve! In fact they even walked in before Victoria and Daniel. Kate I believe always competes with her guests. First the South Korean day event and now this.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      They are so damn rude. But so are most of the Windsors. Zero home training.

      • Kat says:

        I watched the clip and my God they where rude, they completely ignored Victoria and her husband who where all smiles, even inside the duo very obviously ignored them and Kate turned on her heels whilst not saying a word to William or the Swedish royal couple , my God their hands and faces dropped as soon as they where inside !!!

    • Lauren says:

      I am so glad someone else noticed because I am actually so annoyed at the way William and Kate treated Victoria and Daniel especially during the whole entrance. Behavior like this is definitely going to result in fewer invitations for William and Kate

  18. Beverley says:

    Why am I surprised? Brits cheering for racism? Doubling down on being proud bigots? A standing ovation?!! I mean, these are the very people buying that tabloid mess.

    Yeah, that tracks.

  19. February pisces says:

    The more I think about Kate the angrier I’m getting. It makes so much sense that it was kate, given her jealousy for Meghan and harry obsession. Kate complained about the baby’s skin colour because she didn’t want to baby to exist. It would mean Meghan being in Harry’s life forever and Kate tried everything possible to stop that.

    So voicing her ‘concern’ about Archie’s skin colour to those courtiers, was her way of asking then to ‘do something about this baby’, to stop them from being born.

    I may be wrong, but if this is the case then Kate is truly inhumane and evil.

    • Flower says:

      Kate cast aspersions about Archie because he was the first biracial Windsor, who could potentially be a working Royal one day and she knew that would mean her children would be overshadowed.

      The sad thing is, if she had bothered to build a relationship with H&M, she would have realised that as parents they likely felt anxious about how their children would be treated by a horribly racist UK press and some old guard Royals.

      This is what makes the ‘concerns’ all the more concerning, that they were coming from someone of their generation who should know better and should have welcomed Meghan to the family.

      • February pisces says:

        It’s worth noting that Kate also leaked the lie that Meghan made her cry. This was when Meghan was pregnant and suffering from suicidal thoughts, instigated by this lie.

        Kate participated in this lie and didn’t give AF in the consequences of her lies were fatal.

  20. aquarius64 says:

    So Kate got a standing ovation huh? This was a captive audience and there were foreign royals as their guests so booing Kate at Royal Variety would be embarrassing to the Crown. We all know how Kate and William would have been treated outside the UK. See the Carribean and Boston tours, pre Endgame.

  21. Mary Pester says:

    No they were not clapping the Royal racist, they were doing what they always do at the Royal variety, they are told “please be upstanding for..” and they do, and then, like sheep, they follow the master of ceremony in clapping. That’s it. But thanks For the confirmation that SHE is ONE OF the Royal racists as there are a lot of them! And as for those pictures, William looks asif he’s being contaminated by touching her, then we have the picture where they are both supposed to be singing the same song, but the shape of their mouths say otherwise, and can you see the sheer hatred on keens face, as she watched Billy talking to that older woman. Well as for billy, the prick with teeth is getting a paunch to go with his solar panel hair and his jacket is at least one size to small!

  22. emmlo says:

    It’s funny because I think if the Windsors actually did stfu and ignore their bad press it would blow over faster – the inertia of the status quo is very strong. But Charles & Camilla, WanK, are constitutionally incapable of shutting up. They have to brief against Harry and Meghan, and against the other palace, or they will expire. They keep making it worse and it’s hilarious to watch.

  23. Her Again says:

    Those face lift scars are healing very slowly….I guess Kate’s dermatologist doesn’t know the magic that are oxygen treatments…….

  24. tamsin says:

    The standing ovation is for whoever is representing the royal family, so it is standard.

  25. Macky says:

    The 4th picture where William is speaking to the 2 lady’s, Kate looks sad. I think in this moment she realizes that William is trying to evolve and she can’t join in. She was fine when he was hiding in the castle. Now HE wants donation money. He has to go outside to get it. He has to connect with people. She can’t do that. She has to be the female star.

  26. J.Ferber says:

    Her popularity will increase. Willie just played himself.

    • Flower says:

      I think it will increase amongst a particular set of people with that ideology.

      But I also thinks she’s skewered for the younger generation. When you consider how long the Queen, her mother and Philip lived, I am guessing that Charles will be around for another 15-30 years so Kate being identified as a racist is actually problematic for her.

      Also Kate’s pet project is early years and as we’ve seen in recent years she has a preoccupation with being photographed around brown babies, so it will be interesting to see how parents of minority children react if they are made aware of any visits by Kate.

      At the moment the UK media is obsessed with villainising Scobie, but once the dust settles it will become canon that Kate is a racist. That’s a terrible place to occupy.

  27. AC says:

    However the majority of the Tik Tok generation in SM think of Kate as a Karen lolZ… not a good look for the supposedly future QofE.

  28. Saucy&Sassy says:

    I will say that the bm is consistent. This is so bad that it’s almost funny. This might play differently in the UK, but the rest of the world is wondering why anyone would give a racist a standing ovation. I’m starting to think that the UK media want to end the monarchy. If you look at what they tell the world, what other conclusion can you reach?

    I have a feeling in the not too distant future, WanK are going to find out that they will not get much notice from the other European royals. They will only be insulted so many times.

  29. KeKe Swan says:

    That dress is giving Carole Burnett spoofing Scarlett O’Hara with a curtain rod laid across her shoulders. IJS.

  30. AC says:

    According to BMs latest article, K is intimidated by confident Americans like M. Well M (and many Americans) are not doormats like K.