Duchess Meghan smiled in new pap photos & the Mail is crying about it

This is truly one of the biggest scandals of the month: the Duchess of Sussex was pap’d in Montecito on Monday and, in the photos, she’s smiling. The Windsors have been outed as racists in a mistranslated Dutch edition of Endgame and you’re smiling?? The British monarchy is in crisis and they’re openly begging Meghan to save their asses and she’s just wandering around Montecito without a care in the world?? LMAO. The Daily Mail ran the photos as an exclusive (my guess: the pics cost six figures) with this hysterical headline: “Not a care in the world? Meghan Markle is pictured SMILING in first sighting since royals accused of racism were named in Dutch translation of Omid Scobie’s new book.” Hahahahaha.

A smiling Meghan Markle was out and about in California on Monday, seemingly without a care in the world as the furor over the ‘racist royals’ continues back in England. The 42-year-old was spotted in Santa Barbara, a few miles from her Montecito mansion, seemingly oblivious to the firestorm raging in her husband Prince Harry’s home country.

The California-born mother-of-two was dressed down in black leggings and a black long-sleeved t-shirt, with a green baseball cap. Markle wore a pair of $100 New Balance 327 sneakers, and her favorite Krewe sunglasses, which retail for around $400.

It wasn’t clear if she was en route to the gym: her husband has been spotted working out in a Santa Barbara gym, and Markle is known for her love of yoga. As she strolled the beachfront Californian city, 5,000 miles away the royal row sparked by her former ally’s book rumbled on.

[From The Daily Mail]

‘Atta girl. Keep smiling, Meg. I hope she’s having a great holiday season. Does anyone want to talk about her shoes? I still love New Balance, by far the most comfortable sneaker brand. But the problem I’ve always had with New Balance is that the shoes are basically unwearable after a couple of months, mostly because of the poor quality of the shoe’s interior. I moved to Asics for my walks and hikes and one pair can last for a lot longer than New Balance.

Photos courtesy of Instar.

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  1. OnThisDay says:

    Now that put a smile on my face. Carry on, Ms. Meghan!

    • Dear god Meg had the audacity to smile while out and about in California!! What next will she laugh at something funny! These stories are just ridiculous but what else is new. Hope she continues to smile all the while getting ready for a California Christmas 🎄🌴.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Lol, right! Pray tell, she dare not smile or laugh while there is a furor and firestorm raging over the pond! I’m sure she’s breaking some kind of protocol smiling while Kate is not breaking protocol with smiling during a furor and firestorm raging.

        Laughing at it not being clear if she was en route to the gym because she loves yoga. Maybe. Yoga can be done at home and I don’t think that Harry would be mad about it.

        SMILE on Madame Duchess, smile on.

    • SarahLee says:

      I love how the DM puts SMILING in all caps. You can just hear the outrage! How dare she be happy when we have thrown all we’ve got at her to make her miserable and suicidal! How dare Harry step in to stop us!

      • Debbie says:

        I noticed that they put the word “smiling” in all caps too. Now I’m wondering whether they’ll write the same thing if racist Kate is pictured SMILING at any time during this period.

    • Mary Pester says:

      😂😂😂 YEP, the Royal racists have been named (sort of) emergency meetings are being held, the Palace in turmoil (apart from camzilla who’s laughing into her gin), and all the Daily Fail wants to talk about is how much a happy woman paid for her sunglasses and trainers 😂😂😂, gosh what world crass journalism (yes I know)

    • BeanieBean says:

      Is there an award for gossip blog writing? ‘Cause I swear, Kaiser should win all the trophies!

  2. Brit says:

    They really can’t stand the fact that Meghan doesn’t care and has moved on, lol. What the press is also angry about is that they didn’t play along and say something. That would’ve kept this mess going longer. Meghan and Harry are letting the press and palace destroy each other because at this point, the British press and family have become predictable. Nobody cares about British media hysteria anymore and I don’t the press themselves have realized it. They have nothing over Harry and Meghan and they keep trying to find ways to target them and it falls flat every single time.

    • Tina says:

      Ive found it really interesting that much of the world media seems to ignoring this story or just reporting straight facts. Maybe im just optimistic but it feels like in earlier media cycles the International media just repeated whatever nonsense British media was saying. Is this progress? Anyways keep living your life Meghan and ignore Salty island.

      • Brit says:

        @tina I think it’s because the British press have become entirely too predictable. They are always bashing, ripping and maligning this couple to the point that it cancels itself out. Everyone knows the palace and press are in bed together and that the Sussexes were thrown to the wolves. The Queen died, the Andrew fiasco they always ignore. Charles and Camilla aren’t popular and the Wales’ are just blah. Harry and Meghan leaving was starting point of their slow fall into irrelevancy. The only people kissing the royals ring are the British press and even then, that probably won’t last because you can tell they’re tired of that too.

      • Blackapinay says:

        I’m betting these pix are “old” and the Fail has been sitting on them for a time like this.

        But on another note, I was an NB fan, but my feet couldn’t take them anymore 😭. My podiatrist recommended On. LOVE THEM. I LOVE my CloudMonsters🙌🏾 You should check them out. They’re a bit pricey, but worth every penny

      • Becks1 says:

        I do think the world’s media is watching and counting the clicks/views but making different decisions than the British press. POSITIVE coverage of H&M generates views and clicks as well, especially on an international level. the negative stories are getting old. I think Invictus was a big turning point in many ways for that. H&M generated a ton of positive coverage without mentioning the royals once. It shut up a LOT of people who say “well they only get coverage when they talk about the royals.”

        The stories from the British press are just sounding more and more desperate by the day and the world media is noticing that.

      • lanne says:

        The British media really are nothing more than the jealous exes who can’t let go of the partner who dumped them. They are resorted to stalking, name-calling, rumor-spreading, and they still aren’t getting the attention of their former flame. They have been cut off completely.

      • Lorelei says:

        I know this will be an unpopular opinion, but I hope that the photos were actually taken earlier and held until the press could release them for something like this. Because while I’m glad that the Sussexes didn’t give in to all of the media’s shrieking about how they should speak up and “disown Scobie, I feel like this actually looks…not great for Meghan right now. Omid was always kind to her, and now people will use this and claim she’s smiling smugly or some nonsense as “proof” that the Sussexes are in fact cahoots with him and she’s giving a “Mission Accomplished” vibe just days after the whole Endgame debacle. Please don’t pile on! I’m just thinking that if I was one of those people who believe that Scobie and the Sussexes are close friends and that he purposely put the two names in that one draft of his book, these photos would kind of convince me even more that it was true.

      • Jais says:

        Not sure if the pics were taken today or another day. That said, the book has been out for a week. On what day is she allowed to leave her house and not look miserable? Should she wait a week, two weeks, a month? Not trying to pile on but Meghan has the right to exercise and smile on any given day. And for the people who believe that omid is her personal cheerleader, well, they’re probably already reading the tabloids anyways. If this picture of meghan smiling is a deciding factor, then they weren’t likely to ever change their minds about her anyways.

      • sevenblue says:

        @Lorelei, what are you talking about? Meghan doesn’t follow tabloids or their racist, misogynist writers. If there is a need for a legal action, her lawyers would inform her. She is going about her day. You don’t even know what she is smiling about. You know that paps take hundreds of photos? In this article, they just selected the smiling one to create more hate to her way. Also, in Endgame, Omid said that when he was getting death threats and hate from online trolls, Meghan called and checked on him through her press person. Omid said he felt sad because while Meghan was checking on him, noone on that family asked her if she was okay. Now, you are writing a hateful story from a pic that Meghan is a bad person who doesn’t care what happens to a journalist while we know from Omid she cares.

      • Chelsea says:

        There was some initial reporting on this story but after the first day the US press just let it go. If this were 3 years ago we probably would’ve been subjected to multiple days of Jobbo on GMA and Camilla Tomiiney on the Today Show talking abour how ‘sources’ are telling them how the Sussexes are spiraling because its all their fault and this Tory MP said this or that but we are beyond this now. The US press knows that none of these rota rats have sources close to the Sussexes and the US audience doesnt care to be bombarded with story after story about Willy and co being incandescent with rage. ( It also doesn’t help that every time the UK goes into hysteria about how everything is falling apart for the Sussexes and the Sussexes are so devastated by xyz dumb snub they are proven wrong again and again)

  3. Embee says:

    Smile away, Gorgeous. And look at those looooong legs. Poor Wiglet will be opting for limb-lengthening surgery in no time!

  4. Becks1 says:

    Ummm…….wasnt Kate smiling at the royal variety show last week?? Is that not even more scandalous – the one actually accused of being a racist was having a grand ole time without a care in the world??!?!

    this is just cracking me up because….they really do expect Meghan to rush to Charles and Kate’s defense. She’s supposed to be so bothered and upset by what’s happening in the UK that she’s just supposed to walk around with a raincloud over her head, caused by her tears. Sorry, British press, you got enough of her tears. She’s going to smile and be happy – what’s happening over in the UK isn’t on her.

    New Balance are my favorite non-working out sneakers. I think they have styles that are cute while still being somewhat supportive so I can wear them on errands or while volunteering and my feet don’t hurt. But for working out I like Brooks or Mizuno.

    • Brit says:

      That narrative lost hold when they didn’t respond and when the press asked them too. Everyone knows that family didn’t defend the Sussexes from racist abuse and now they want them to say something to help. That didn’t get the backlash they were hoping for. Then that stupid wedding sorry, which again failed because if Meghan didn’t go to the coronation, why would she care about a random wedding? And the titles threat are boring at this point.

    • equality says:

      Kate has been pictured smiling numerous times while Meghan was being attacked. No surprise in this article. The shock would be if there were articles asking why were any of the rest smiling while Clarkson was wanting Meghan paraded naked.

    • ML says:

      “Ummm…….wasnt Kate smiling at the royal variety show last week?? Is that not even more scandalous…”

      Yes, she was, and yes, it is.

      • AC says:

        Someone from Twitter had a photo of K with CP Victoria, and many thought it looked like K had been crying .

  5. Kay D says:

    Smiling!? THE NERVE! Seriously, I…LOVE…THIS!! Keep smiling Meghan! Keep living your best life with your kids and a husband that actually loves you, unlike some other women, (wink)

    • Ann says:

      Why do they have SMILING in all caps? I think they’re screaming, “How dare this woman show her face and smile in sunny California? She’s supposed to be hit with excrement in the UK! Why isn’t she doing her duty?” They’re psychotic.

  6. Nubia says:

    So what is this called exactly !? Delusion or such racist entitlement that they dont see POC as humans. The crap this lady has gone though and was never assisted and yet she is suppose to come and save Kate!!??

    • bettyrose says:

      And we need to get to the bottom of the mystery of where she was going. Was she headed for the gym? Because our sources say she prefers yoga, which is only ever practiced in solitary spaces and never at a gym or studio. Obviously Harry does perfectly normal things like go to the gym, but that’s why this marriage is a total mismatch. That’s why. Because of differing workout routines. Nothing else. Stop making accusations. *insert eyeroll emoji

  7. Amy Bee says:

    It’s not Meghan’s problem that the Royal Family in “crisis”. I love that the DM is upset about this.

    • Brit says:

      Meghan isn’t dancing to their tune and threats and it’s hilarious to watch in real time how they’re reacting. Insults, threats of titles, the flailing and tantrums in articles, trying to drag her into this isn’t working anymore. I’ve always said the press are traumatized because they haven’t had to deal with someone who isn’t scared of them and finds them irrelevant. They don’t Know what to do. That island is in the rear view mirror and they are heartbroken. They were supposed to dump her not the other way around.

    • Eurydice says:

      None of this is her problem – not the RF’s crisis, not the BM’s eagerness to tell what they’ve known for years, not Scobie’s issues with the Dutch translation. In her place, I wouldn’t just be smiling, I’d be doing The Dance of Joy.

      • Christine says:

        Same. They brought every single bit of this down on themselves. All they had to do was be decent to the woman Harry chose to spend the rest of his life with, and they chose the opposite direction. Now they need to learn to live with it. Actions have consequences.

  8. Cessily says:

    They look like fools

    • Thelma says:

      THIS 💯

    • phlyfiremama says:

      Like…how can they be clutching their pearls so tightly: the NERVE of Meghan to smile! This is so over the top, and an utterly STUPID thing to post. Do they have any IDEA how bad this makes THEM look?! Any clue whatsoever?

    • VoominVava says:

      They do! Surely, the people who read these articles must realize by now how insanely immature and ridiculous this stuff is. Right? It makes me wonder how they are raising their kids. It’s like the politicians of today, just bullying everyone else. Is this how they want to teach their kids to treat others??

      PS: I love that her hair is braided. I love a good braid .. and french is even better. This is my hair today actually! With a baseball cap to keep the rain/wet snow off my glasses LOL.

  9. Lemons says:

    I love that this time around, the royal family can’t lock Meghan in their compound and refuse to let her just exist in public.

  10. Nanea says:

    Good for Meghan to be her usual lovely sporty So-Cal self, seemingly unencumbered by the noise coming at her and H from Salt Island.

    Why should she care about the gutter press in the UK screeching and trying to justify their continuing support of the racist, xenophobic, corrupt and unintelligent RF?

    It’s fascinating to see how the racists’ reactions to racism being exposed is to always call the victim of racism a racist – and this goes for trashloids, nobility and upperclas politicians in the UK.

  11. Pinkosaurus says:

    Can we do a pool and guess how many desperate outlets pick up this “reporting” for their own article to get those sweet sweet clicks from having her name in a headline? How about a bingo card with their hot takes? Free space is going to be “Meghan Markle disrespects the memory of the Queen by smiling!”

    • Tessa says:

      Media screeching about titles removed and being ignored by the sussexes Best way to deal with the media.

  12. mommadawna says:


  13. Bad Janet says:

    How dare she SMILE, several days after the publication! Their outrage over her existence is ridiculous.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      The outrage is ridiculous. I’m guessing it’s because she has a beautiful smile and not a rictus grin that requires photoshopping.

  14. Lauren Too says:

    How dare she smile?! Won’t she think about her poor racists in-laws?!

  15. Original penguin says:

    Living her best life with excellent posture

  16. Tessa says:

    This is probably causing frustration for piers and others of his ilk. Her not responding and ignoring them cause them grief.

  17. paintybox says:

    Keep smiling, Meghan! I hope she never speaks about this – if she said one word they’d take it as culpability and permission to dump even more rage on her for the rest of her days. With the abusive jilted ex – DON’T engage. They act exactly like abusive jilted exes. By the way, she has such beautiful posture, doesn’t she???

  18. Seraphina says:

    The more H&M smile, the more they cry. If that isn’t the epitome of toxic hate I don’t know what is.

  19. TurbanMa says:

    Eee! I’m excited to see her hair texture. It’s her hair but I can’t help feeling thrilled she might wear it natural at an appearance.

    • MrsCope says:

      Same! I see that thick braid, and I’m like, “please give me some wild carefree curls!” 💗

    • VonBarron says:

      This! I’m like: wear those curls mama! I’d love to see her wear her curls like Tina Kunakey. Chic chic!!

  20. Eurydice says:

    So, Scobie is now her “former ally”? Interesting.

  21. Brassy Rebel says:

    I’ve never had a problem with NB shoes even after months of wear. I need to wear NB for flat feet. They’re just the best. My only issue is price. I would really like to know where you can get a pair of New Balance for $100 as listed in the article. Never paid less than $150 for NB shoes!

    And how dare she smile while the monarchy melts down?!

    • Haapa says:

      I have wide feet and run around 100 km a week, 6 days a week. New Balance are fantastic and worth every penny! I agree that they are more than $100 for a pair. Hoka are my other go-to brand. I own three pairs of New Balance and three pairs of Hokas. I need so many for various purposes such as racing, speed work, long runs, trail running, running in the rain, etc. Running is my obsession and I could talk running shoes all day. lol

    • Lady D says:

      My bone structure is abnormal in my feet. My feet are so high arched that it doesn’t matter what shoes I wear. I’ve paid between $20 and $300 for shoes that last approximately 4 months before the shoes are bent out of shape with neither the front or the back of the shoe touching the ground anymore.

      • Treehugger says:

        Lady D, see my comment below re: tennis shoes. I also have very high arches (that are falling & need lots of support), plus a host of other issues. Recently got my feet digitally scanned & professionally fitted & after explaining my various issues to the saleswoman, she brought out ASICS Gel Nimbus 25s & Hoka Bondi 8s along with Curex RunPro inserts. I went with the ASICS because they felt slightly more cushioned, but think I’m going back for the Hokas too because they felt a little more supportive & I’d like to be able to switch back & forth to lessen wear & tear on the shoes since they’re so expensive & I need them to last. Hope that helps!

    • booboocita says:

      I’ve pretty much lived in Women’s New Balance 608 crosstrainers since I crossed the half-a-century mark. Amazon has them for $60, down from $80. Go for it!

    • BeanieBean says:

      As a former marathon runner, NBs were my go-to for the longest time, then Nike came out with the Air Pegasus & that was that. They eventually fiddled with it too much & I switched to something else (tried them all–Asics, Brooks, NBs again, Reebok–never Adidas, for some reason), but I recently bought Air Pegasus again & love! I only walk any more, so a shoe will last me forever, but still. Right now I’m loving Allbirds & Sorels, for the warm & insulation.

      • Treehugger says:

        I used to be able to wear anything—oh, youth!—but now have an autoimmune disorder that causes a lot of swelling & pain in my ankles, lower legs, knees & feet after standing/walking too long, plus I have severe lower back issues & am recovering from an L4-S1 discectomy/laminectomy AND I’m recovering from my ankle being broken in 2 places. I also have very high arches that are falling. I’m a hot mess! Forget working out for now; I’m in the PT & just-getting-around phase, & I HAVE to wear the comfiest, most cushioned yet supportive shoe available. I was wearing Brooks Ghost but they’re about 2 years old & worn out.

        I recently went to a chain run store named Fleet Feet & got my feet digitally scanned & professionally fit. SO cool & I highly recommend if you have one near you! Went in for Hokas & left with ASICS Gel Nimbus 25s with a Curex RunPro insert, which the extremely knowledgeable saleswoman custom-trimmed for me. I would’ve never picked ASICS; haven’t worn them since playing volleyball in HS a million years ago. But OMG, it feels like I’m walking on clouds! I can run around doing errands all day with no or very minimal pain & swelling; it’s amazing! I don’t even have to wear my ankle brace if I don’t want to. (I’m supposed to but don’t want to stretch out my new shoes.) Not cheap—inserts alone were $55—but the ASICS were on sale for $120. Hokas Bondi 8 were a very close 2nd & I may still get them so I can switch back & forth to reduce wear & tear, but while they were more supportive they were *slightly* less cushioned. They were also more expensive at $165. Good cushioned socks are also important; I got Balegas & Feetures (also not cheap at $15 each, but I got buy 3 get 1 free).

        Hope that helps someone!

        Re: Meghan, glad to see her happy & out & about living her life!

      • Lady D says:

        Thank you so much, @Treehugger. I took a picture of your comment and I will be looking for both of your recommendations. Again, thank you. My feet cause me insane pain because of a neuropathic disorder killing the nerves in my feet. They will be amputated in a couple of years because they are dying. They said along about the time i turn 65yo, they will have to go. So I won’t be buying very many more pairs, I was 63 in August.

  22. Jais says:

    Okay, I’ve been waiting for these pictures. Whenever there’s a big royal story, they pap make sure to find Meghan. Predictable. Love her smile. That smile says I’m so glad I’m here and not there.

  23. SIde Eye says:

    She’s not just SMILING, she is walking around with perfect posture, in expensive clothes, and going home to a hundred different bathrooms – or is it a thousand? I’ll go with a thousand. No wait ten thousand. Ten thousand bathrooms and I hope she wears her Cartier watches and bracelets and walks in every one of them rescue dogs in tow yelling I win! I win! I win!

    I think Meghan has one of the prettiest most genuine smiles I have ever seen. She just lights up the entire West Coast with that smile.

  24. S808 says:

    Good for her! I hope her, Harry and the kids are enjoying the holiday season!

  25. Babzette says:

    I am here for the gossip and their tabloid relationship! However, we do need some new material. Get on it M&H!! Has anyone noticed how ultra thin/scary skinny celebrities are nowadays? YIKES. Not flattering for women in their 40s.

    • Maxine Branch says:

      Meghan is at her pre royal size. After 3 pregnancies in three years with two safe deliveries, she took her time regaining the size she was previously. I applaud the natural healthy way she lost the baby weight. We grew accustomed to seeing her with this baby weight so the natural evolution of the lost seems drastic to some but with careful dieting, walks, yoga and discipline this is the outcome. Also, she is a petite woman. I think she looks healthy and good.

      • sevenblue says:

        Also, Meghan said, she was advised to put on some weight to get pregnant. I think, Harry mentioned that on Spare. What we remember her from royal times even before her first pregnancy is not her normal weight. She doesn’t have the face of someone who lost significant weight in a short time. She looks healthy for her body proportions.

      • Treehugger says:

        Not concern-trolling—I like what I know about Meghan & think she’s well-spoken, poised & beautiful with good style but I’m no “stan” & scroll past all royal stories/only click on H&M ones to see what Meghan’s wearing—but I agree that she’s looking *extremely* thin. Even thinner than photos from her Suits days.

        I also agree & very much appreciate that she obviously took her time losing her pregnancy weight & seems to have done it in a very healthy way, but to me it looks like she went a bit too far. And the camera *does* add 10-20 lbs, esp pap photos (I spent 20 yrs in LA in the entertainment industry & this is just fact). Yes she’s naturally petite—& she’s more like 5’4”-5’5” max, not 5’6”-5’7” like someone else mentioned (always take professionally stated height for celebs & subtract at least 1-2 inches)—but she’s become *very* thin, like much of the rest of Hollywood. It’s an alarming trend & reminds me of the ‘90s & early-mid aughts, which traumatized me as someone whose weight fluctuates quite a bit. I’m sure she’s okay because she’s still glowing & obviously running around & living her life just fine, but she’s definitely underweight. I just hate the message that sends from celebs.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I think she’s naturally small, some women just are.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      How very weird and off-putting, especially the demand for ‘new material’ and the faux-concern about her weight.

    • Jaded says:

      Watch “Suits”. Before babies she had a healthy but slim build, especially looking at her from a sideways angle. From the front she appears broader. Kate’s the one who’s concerningly thin.

  26. TheWigletOfWails says:

    Meghan told them she’s moved on and is focused on living in the present instead of worrying about old family drama. To quote the palace, “the duchess should not be involved in idle gossip.” Keep on keeping on Meg! 🤭

  27. sparrow says:

    I thought the angle on this was that she’s wearing a bracelet given to her by Charles – interpreted as an olive branch?

    • Amy Bee says:

      She’s wearing her Cartier Love bracelet. However she has worn the one given to by Charles on a few occasions since she left the UK. It doesn’t mean anything when she wears its, except it’s hers and she can wear it anytime she wants.

      • sparrow says:

        Good to know. The DM was making out this had been done on purpose to reach out to Charles!

      • tamsin says:

        What bracelet did Charles give Meghan?

      • Amy Bee says:

        @sparrow: She wore the bracelet that Charles gave her at the Invictus Games last year and on international woman’s day this. It doesn’t mean anything. The DM are just desperate for a response.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Amy Bee and anyone else that might know. At, anytime, has Meghan stated Chuckie gave her a tennis bracelet? Does Meghan have more than one tennis bracelet? Asking because initially, the first reports about the bracelet happened when H&M were at Chuck’s garden party after their wedding. It was, at that time, reported given to Meghan by Harry on their wedding night. Then, in October 2018, when H&M were disembarking from a plane phot from the Oceania tour, Emily Andrews tweeted that Meghan was wearing a tennis bracelet given to her by Chuck. At the same time, the Cambridges were having dinner with the C’s, plotting their smear campaign against Meghan. Oops, W&K, only accidentally mentioned something about the crying story. There are not 2 royal senior racists. Four is the number.

        Prior to being called a tennis bracelet, it was called an ‘eternity bracelet’. The name change happened in the late 80’s and Chris Evert. Chuck’s going to need to provide receipts that he gave Meghan a tennis bracelet. If the Sussex Squad has them (H&M saying so), I will abide. For now, I will believe that Harry or Serena gave Meghan that eterenity/tennis bracelet.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        For years people believed that Harry gave Big Blue to William FOR KATE. Harry cleared that story up in SPARE. He did not have or want THAT ring. Emphasis mine. Harry was pretty clear about the RR’s/BM misreporting. AKA lies. I’m not inclined to believe EA’s reporting.jmo

    • HeatherC says:

      Shrug. My maternal grandmother gifted me a beautiful pair of earrings on my 16th birthday. I detested her (it was mutual but she was all about appearances) but I love the earrings

      • sparrow says:

        Nice! I don’t wear jewellery, but what you say reminds me of a serving dish given to me by an ex’s mother. I frown whenever I put it on the table, because she was half mad and insulting, but then quickly I find a smile, because it’s a great dish and well bugger off her!

  28. Over it says:

    Living well and being happy and content , is the best revenge. Keep smiling meg. Keep smiling.

  29. aquarius64 says:

    Living well is the best revenge. Endgame was a one day story in the US media and no one insinuated that the Sussexes fed Scobie info. The BRF and BM have destroyed themselves.

    • Brit says:

      You can tell the deference towards the family especially outside the UK is not there. The overreaction to everything gave the game away.

  30. Laura D says:

    That smile is the smile of someone who knew “they” would eventually tell on themselves and was glad to be out of the firing line when it happened. 😉

    • Lady Digby says:

      Living your best life in the sunshine is just glorious! The Fail remind me of an embittered ex refusing to accept the relationship has ended and both parties need to move on.

  31. Sunny O says:

    Duchess Meghan is keeping calm and carrying on, with a smile.

    Good for her.

  32. Harper says:

    I only wish Meghan was walking around laughing and touching her stomach. That would have really made the British media’s heads explode.

    I second the Asics love. For years it’s been my everyday shoe just because I can go ten-twelve hours in them and my back doesn’t feel a twinge of discomfort.

  33. swaz says:

    Meg looks great ❤ TEAM SUSSEX 😍

  34. VilleRose says:

    What are they going to yell at her for next, breathing lmao. Slay, Queen Meghan. As Dori would from Finding Nemo would say “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming” but in her case replace that with just keep smiling.

    What’s funny about all of this is that while I’m sure Omid never could have predicted this (or maybe he did, who knows), his book about the monarchy in crisis has inadvertently caused them to be in crisis and I love this for all of them lol. When the House of Windsor becomes just a long distant thought in the rear view mirror, I bet you historians will call Endgame’s publication and the “royal racists” story a watershed moment and a catalyst for the downfall of the BRF.

  35. ChattyCath says:

    I guess they want her a la Clarkson. I did read the DM accidentally last week for another story and the comments made my eyes bleed.

  36. Giddy says:

    How nice of the British media to stalk Meghan. That makes it so much easier for Kate to study and copy her fashion. Has Kate already ordered new wiglets? Can a wig be braided? Meghan looks her glowing, happy best.

  37. Angie says:

    Whenever I see Meghan this song plays in my head ♪ California girls, we’re undeniable
    Fine, fresh, fierce, we got it one lock♪ 🤣🤣🤣 Live your life Princess Meghan!

  38. Teagirl says:

    I wonder how long it will be before we see Kate with her hair in a braid?

  39. paintybox says:

    When are they going to stop reciting the prices of everything she wears? She’s 100% self-supporting, in fact the trashy UK press makes money off of constantly writing stupid lies about her, who are they kidding. 😡

  40. Chelsea says:

    Wait so you’re telling me Meghan ISNT spending ever day crying in one of her 56 bathrooms about not getting invited to a society wedding taking place in a country she hasnt stepped foot in in over a year like the UK press saaid????? :shocked:

    Real talk though: those New Balancce shoes are totally Harry’s influence. He loves New Balance almost as much as he loves Suede shoes

  41. Mesha Nova says:

    Wow. She’s halfway across the world, living her life, and they’re still making her a part of some silly tabloid tit for tat. This is absolutely mental, crazy stalker land. Someone needs to stage an intervention at the the daily fail. Coo coo, coo coo.

  42. Nic919 says:

    I saw the video which is basically Meghan walking to her vehicle with a security person. But I kinda wish she had done cartwheels just to really piss them off.

  43. Saucy&Sassy says:

    I really believe that the set up of the Dutch edition stating names was partially to get some response out of H&M, just like leaking the letter in April. H&M haven’t given them anything, and I think that partially interferes in their goal. Maybe Meghan was supposed to say enough in April so that the bm could print the letter, or maybe when these names were put forth they were supposed to either say it was true or not true–who knows. I do think they were supposed to respond.

    This couldn’t be more clear that Meghan is living her life and not looking back. P!ss Morgan and the other crazy bm must be so angry about that. I love that for her.

  44. Jay says:

    Not just smiling, but SMILING??? That’s obscene. I am shocked. I can’t believe the Fail would dare to publish something so obscene! A woman smiling without first permission, I think I might need a few minutes on my fainting couch.

  45. Mel says:

    For Meghan and Harry this is a “Them” problem, not a “We” problem. No need to get involved. Never explain, never complain it was good enough for her when she was bring dragged every day, it should be good enough for them.

  46. Kristina says:

    Asics are the way to go. I just bought a new pair and my feet never hurt, ever.

    As for my girl smiling, they hate to see a her at peace. Image, her rushing to their defense! No way in the world would she do that! She’s living a good live while they swim in a cesspool of hatred. I can’t wait for that tedious game of jinga to tumble and fall!

  47. AC says:

    Continue to enjoy your life in California Meghan!
    Let them melt down for all the hell they caused to you and your family.

  48. J.ferber says:

    She lows happy and I bothered. Stay away from the smoke, Queen. I know you will.🌹

  49. LadyBreenie says:

    Meghan smiling, I’m here for it every day. 😍

  50. J.ferber says:

    Sorry, She looks happy and unbothered. I really screwed that up!

  51. Her Again says:

    I’m sorry, Meghan looks scary skinny in those pap pics. And considering that the camera adds 10 pounds, I can only imagine how painfully thin she looks in person.

    I’ve followed Meghan since she got w/Harry and I’ve NEVER seen her this thin. She does not look well.

    • SweetPeas says:

      @HerAgain-What are you talking about, Meghan has always been thin. Your talking about the wrong royal. You can’t see Meghan’s bones when she wears her off the shoulder outfits, her skin isn’t dry and her jaws aren’t sunken. The other royal l will not mention l can’t say the same. Stop spreading conspiracies, Meghan’s weight is just fine.

  52. QuiteContrary says:

    The only salt on those sneakers is from the California beach, and I love that for her. She looks happy and beautiful.

  53. SweetPeas says:

    The only jewelry Charles has ever,ever given Meghan was a 5ct tennis bracelet as a wedding gift . She wore it the day of her wedding. The DM is lying again🤷🏻‍♀️.

  54. Luba says:

    Our parking lot Queen