Halle Berry: Angelina Jolie & I have ‘been talking a lot about divorces & exes. We bonded’

Fun fact: Angelina Jolie was married to Billy Bob Thornton when he filmed Monster’s Ball with Halle Berry, and Halle would go on to win the Best Actress Oscar for the role. While Halle is nearly a decade older than Angelina, they “came up” around the same time and they have mutual friends and acquaintances within the industry. They’ve posed together at events and all of that. But apparently it’s not until now that Halle and Angelina are really talking and bonding about how much they have in common. But it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses – according to Halle, they butted heads as soon as they met for an upcoming film which will have them costarring.

Oscar-winning actor Halle Berry had a strike of inspiration on the flight to Saudi Arabia, where she gave a career-spanning conversation at the third edition of the Red Sea Film Festival. The flight, she said, led her to figure out what she wants to direct next: “It’s a love story at its core but it deals with the supernatural, time travel and the future.”

This will mark Berry’s sophomore feature after 2020’s MMA drama “Bruised.” When asked about her first directing experience, the actor was frank, labelling the entire process “hell.” “Because I was a woman, and a Black woman, the treatment I received and the things I had to put up with were unconscionable,” she said. “If I were a white man or even a Black man, it would have been easier. It’s amazing I even made it and a miracle Netflix bought it.”

Alongside taking the first steps toward her next directing project, Berry is currently in preparation for “Maude v Maude,” a project she described as a mixture of “Mr & Mrs Smith” and “Mission: Impossible” with a comedic twist. Berry is set to co-star and co-produce the film with Angelina Jolie. Despite looking forward to battling Jolie “physically and intellectually,” Berry said the two got off to a “rocky start.”

“We had a rocky start and I think that is going to serve us well in our screen time together,” said Berry, adding she is “thrilled to work with another woman and craft a story with our sensibility and from our point of view. She is formidable.”

When prodded about the reasons behind the complicated first steps in their relationship, Berry said people were going to have to wait to hear that story, but it’s a “good one.” The actor reinforced her belief that the initial conflicts between her and Jolie will help cement their friendship and that the two eventually bonded over many things they share in common: “We’ve been talking a lot about divorces and exes. We bonded, let’s say that.”

[From Variety]

I totally forgot that Jolie signed onto Maude v. Maude – that happened in the spring and there was a bidding war over the project, with Jolie and Berry already attached. This whole thing gives me vibes of Salma Hayek – yet another woman who came up around the same time as Angelina, but it took decades for them to really meet, work together and become friends. Now Salma is one of Angelina’s biggest cheerleaders, and they really love each other. I hope it’s the same with Halle – I hope that we’re in a new era, where all of these ‘90s actresses are coming together and becoming friends. What if Angelina and Gwyneth start hanging out? It probably wouldn’t happen, Gwyneth still says nice stuff about Brad Pitt. Angelina should hang out with Winona again though. Oh God what if Angelina and Sandra Bullock become friends??? I’ve wanted Angelina and Charlize to be friends for a while too, I genuinely think they would love each other.

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  1. Sierra says:

    I love this and I am really looking forward to this movie. It also has a woman of colour director from New Zealand.

    I want Sandra & Gwyneth to stay away from Angie. Angie in my opinion is way nicer person than them.

    I like Charlize but she needs to dump the racist Chelsea Handler before hanging out with Angie.

    • Kiwifruitlover says:

      Agreed. Angie is way nicer than most of them and sure hope Halle will become one of her closest friends like Salma. The only thing I don’t like about Halle is she seems to share too much which is the opposite of Angie.

    • Whaaaaat says:

      Just curious why she should stay away from Sandra…. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything negative about her… what I miss??

  2. kel says:

    Salma, Halle and Cate seem to like Angelina, that’s great!!

    Angelina seems to still feel pain and sadness, and these women are intelligent women, like Angelina, and can somehow advise her.

  3. Nubia says:

    Halle was a big deal from the very early 90s,they definitely didnt come up together.

    • Addie says:

      Yes, I was going to say the same thing. I knew about Halle Berry in the early 90s when she was in movies like Jungle Fever, Strictly Business and Boomerang. I did not know about Angelina until the end of the 90s when she became famous after being in Gia and Girl, Interrupted. That said, Hackers came out in the mid-90s, but Angelina did not become a household name until the late 90s.

    • ReginaGeorge says:

      Yep. Halle was THEEEE “IT” girl way before Angie really hit her stride. A Different World, Strictly Business, Knots Landing, Boomerang, Jungle Fever, CB4, etc. And those were all just between ’91 and ’93. She really blew up after that.

  4. Adorable says:

    I Actually think they butted heads before the Movie.Maybe it has to do with the men in their lives,cause around the time that Angie was divorcing BBT he & Halle had rumores to be close.Also Angie has been friends with Olivia Martinez(Halles ex) so maybe that why..My nose ass wants them to spill the Tea.

    • bettyrose says:

      The fact that they’ve been in each other’s orbits for SO long and now are more mature, accomplished, chill women probably gives them a lot to bond over and laugh about. I wouldn’t say no if they wanted to spill it, though. A podcast where they celebrate their friendship with some major tea?

    • Jaded says:

      BBT left Angelina and sued for divorce, not vice versa. Also, Olivier Martinez was with Kylie Minogue while filming Taking Lives with AJ in 2004 and strongly refutes rumours that he and AJ had anything other than a good friendship.

  5. Raven says:

    I don’t see Goop hanging around Halle and Salma without thinking she better than them.

    Also, let’s remember the last time Goop was in close proximity of black people ( Jay Z and beyonce) In a friendly manner, she thought it was ok to say the N word to show how cool she was.

  6. Green Desert says:

    I am STOKED for this movie! Halle is also good at teasing this story about she and Angelina butting heads – I want the tea!!

  7. Freya says:

    Sandra Bullock and Gwyneth Paltrow are Jennifer Aniston’s BFFs. Paltrow still praises abuser Brad Pitt. I want them away from Angelina.
    Charlize Theron already praised Angelina when she saw her wearing leather clothes in a scene from Mr & Mrs Smith.
    I also think that the difficult start between Angelina and Halle is because they both have strong personalities and different opinions.

  8. Marlopes says:

    I just want Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron together.

  9. Chantale says:

    As Angelina grew older maybe she mellowed somewhat toward women. Winona Ryder said she was not warm when they were filming their movie together. She does not seem to have too many women friends or men for that matter. Maybe these friends are in the shadow. I am sorry, I know a lot people love her but never gave me a good vibe. It has nitjing to do with Aniston, who I really do not like.

    • Caribbean says:

      Angelina explained this: she could not be warm to Winona and then shout in her face. ALL the real stories I have ever seen (with names and quotes) tell the story of a woman (Angie) that has always been warm, sweet and a little vulnerable.

    • Raven says:

      There has never been anyone she has worked with who had anything but positive things to say about her.

      Her close friend group seem to be with people outside of HW or other Celebrities that are not part of the Hollywood scene.