Levin: Duchess Meghan could be dropped by WME because of ‘Endgame’

I despise the fact that Angela Levin is regarded as any kind of “royal expert” or someone who speaks with any kind of credibility or insider knowledge. While Queen Camilla apparently considers Levin an ally – enough for Levin to write a somewhat authorized biography of her – make no mistake, Levin is a complete joke and an utter lunatic. Speaking of, Levin recently made some truly bonkers comments about Omid Scobie’s Endgame and how it would affect the Duchess of Sussex’s work with her WME representation. Truly, one of the most delusional stories I’ve ever read.

Meghan Markle might soon be dropped by her talent agency as the furor over Omid Scobie’s new book continues to unfold, a royal expert has warned. The Duchess of Sussex signed with William Morris Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel and his team in April and has recently teased several “exciting” projects she’s got in the works.

But it seems as though her return to Tinseltown might be short-lived after all, as royal expert Angela Levin claims that WME is “horrified” about what repercussions Scobie’s book could have for the Sussexes’ rebrand.

“They said they were ‘horrified’, that can’t just be about the two names that were mentioned, it must be about their client, Meghan,” Levin told GB News. “It seems to me that they will think very carefully what they do next. I have never heard such a well-known agency be clear about how they feel.”

Levin claimed that reigniting the royal race row could have damaging effects on Markle’s Hollywood plans.

“Meghan needs to be very careful. A lot of people have dropped her. The agency has told her to ‘stop moaning,’ because people are ‘getting fed up’ with it,” Levin continued. “If they now feel they have an even harder job to do in order to get her famous, it’s going to be difficult. It is going to be very difficult to get the glamour she wants.”

Levin added that Markle “is someone who needs to be adored all the time by the public.”

[From The NY Post]

“They said they were ‘horrified’” – who is THEY? The voices in her head? Is Angela Levin claiming that WME’s executives told HER and not the trade papers that they were very upset that Omid Scobie wrote a book about the Windsors? That WME insiders told Angela Levin – and not Deadline or the Hollywood Reporter – that Meghan could be dropped over Scobie’s book? I get why no one even bothers to fact check Levin’s delusional rants at this point, but I honestly wish more people would call her out. Her comments are being picked up and presented as factual by other American and British outlets. (Also: Meghan hasn’t uttered one word in public since September, so I would recommend that Angela Levin is the one who needs to “stop moaning.”)

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  1. Tessa says:

    Derangers are obsessed with w m e. Meghan did not write endgame.

    • Lawrenceville says:

      I don’t know why I burst out laughing at the title. Levin is deranged and wishful thinking.

      • B says:

        Yes @Lawrenceville! I can’t stop laughing at this woman’s claims. WME is upset with Meghan because she was mentioned in a book? LMAO the crown jewel of WME is mentioned everywhere constantly because Meghan is the moment.

      • caitlinsmom says:

        Wishful drinking, maybe? Every rants she writes seems to be a delusional, alcohol fueled rant. Considering she’s a Camilla ally, that would fit, since I suspect Cam’s more than half in the bag at all times.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Come on all, we must think of poor Ari and how many hours he’s going to have to put in to get Meghan famous and with the glamour she wants. He’s racking his brain right now on the different strategies he needs to employ to get her name out there and finding Meghan some glamour. /s

    • swaz says:

      I truly believe that they go to bed at night thinking about Meghan 🤣🤣🤣

    • Lisa says:

      How much do the so called royals pay this hag for her ridiculous BS?

    • Missskitttin says:

      Princess Meghan didn’t write it, she hasn’t commented about it, no comment in months! These “royal experts” need to seek professional help

      • DouchesofCambridge says:

        I hope Angela Levin gets pinged everythime here name is being typed on the web, so she can see how we think she’s such a MORON. her reporting sounds just as moronic. Anyway, seems like they’re trying to adopt a strategy where they keep reporting on how people are upset on the reveal of the truth of KATE MIDDLETON being a RACIST instead of focusing on how KATE MIDDLETON IS A RACIST

  2. Nice try Levin. You also said they had no friends in Hollywood but pictures proved you wrong. Now this? You wish. Saying it doesn’t make it true especially in your case you old hag because you are a proven liar. Climb back under your rock.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Angela Levin has NO idea how Hollywood works let alone the USA as a whole.

      • Slush says:

        This. It’s a give away that she is totally making this is up the attempt to convince us that an American company is “horrified” by anything involving the BRF. They seem or horrified. They literally do not care. Not everyone is in the same cult you’re in Angela!

      • Over it says:

        Angela is like that deranged family member that you never want anyone to know exist. She just says random horse sh-it because she lives for the attention. Would someone please get This lunatic a straitjacket ASAP

      • HuffnPuff says:

        Exactly. Talent management loves this stuff. Plus not that many Americans care about all of the Royal drama so it’s not making waves over here so it’s a non-issue. I can’t see them being horrified by any of it.

    • ales says:

      Has anyone noticed how ugly most of the royal experts and insiders look. They look down on and spread hate about their targets and are richly rewarded in the UK. Making a living lying about people must have an impact eventually, but not in the UK. Remember the two brits who were caught out in the USA for lying about a royal interview they had never seen and were fired from every contract that they had. One wanted to sue, but USA said her lies were not excusable. They are both royal experts in the UK. To be a royal expert in the UK, it appears that the main qualifications appear to be able to lie and keep lying even when you are caught out.

      • jemmy says:

        Angela Levin wrote an article in 2017 ( see link below) describing her difficult childhood & how mean her mother was to her.

        Which makes her lies and whole diatribe regarding Meghan rather surprising she seems to exhibit the same traits she has described her mother as having.

        One would have thought that having lived through such a horrific childhood, she would show some empathy in dealing with authoritative figures using their influence to gas.light those in a position of vulnerability . I guess she is so desperate for the clicks that she hasn’t taken out time to realise that given her age, she is actually closer to where she came from re the number line of life. She is such a joke and an embarrassment to her profession.


      • Deering24 says:

        Levin is more like her mother than she thinks–or believes. She’s doing the same stuff to Meghan her mother did to her. I suspect she takes out her viciousness on acceptable targets–then feels self-righteous because she’s “not as bad as her mother.” (And it sounds like her mother didn’t want kids in the first place–and would have been perfectly happy being the life of the party.) Weirdly enough, Levin’s mom and Kate’s mom seem cut from the same controlling cloth, to some degree. Both see/saw their kids as reflections of themselves, not as individuals.

    • 1060tlm says:

      This is such untter nonsense! What WME would be horrified about is that a member or several members of the Royal Family are racists! And that they were racist against an unborn innocent child. Americans could care less about that toxic family. WME would never drop Meghan because of something someone else wrote in a book. Meghan didn’t write Engame! Angela toilet Latrine is constantly and forever writing out of her ass! Pathetic idiot!

  3. Blogstoday says:

    Ohh! it’s really concerning.

    • Campbell says:

      Seems like genuflecting to the BRF is all she’s got and Scobie’s book says access is only available to the ones that write constant articles supporting the message the BRF wants out there. And we’ve seen that hating Harry and Meghan is the message they want to send. Isn’t Levin older than Charles and even Camilla? They say the older generation is the ones supportive of the monarchy no matter what.

  4. equality says:

    If WME repped Kate they would likely drop her for racism allegations. Why would they drop Meghan?

    • Grace Yancy says:

      Consider the source!
      There’s a rubber room and straight jacket in hell waiting on her as we speak!😅🤣😂

    • bettyrose says:

      Because talent agents hate when their clients get publicity. Next time she makes a high profile public appearance at a charity or something, that will be the last straw.

  5. Jensies says:

    Lawlllll this is nuts.

    “ They said they were ‘horrified’, that can’t just be about the two names that were mentioned, it must be about their client, Meghan”

    #1 if they even did say they were horrified, it’s quite a leap to assume they’re horrified BY meghan and not FOR meghan, for having to deal with all these racist a-holes that aren’t even ashamed enough to hide it.
    #2 why would they even be upset by more things linking her to the royal family? We know from Spotify that she’s left money on the table by NOT talking about them. I’m sure WME, who want to make money on her after all, would not mind at all that she’s linked often to them. People want to know her thoughts and every mag she’s on notices an increase in circulation. It’s her that is choosing not to cash in on that.
    #3 she’s already famous, they don’t need to make her famous.

    I think British media have this idea that because they revere the crown, Americans do too, and they’re very wrong about that.

    • Christine says:

      Agreed. Meghan is a woman who gets pap’d in workout gear, with every single bit of what she is wearing disseminated on multiple continents.

      She’s a dream client for WME, and that’s before she opens her mouth and lets her public speaking prowess out.

      • Jensies says:

        Exactly this. As the “revenge dress” hullabaloo nonsense shows, with her being compared in her California errand attire to Kate, they are still paying rapt attention to her.

        She’s intelligent, well-spoken and -informed, professional, knows what she wants, and very very well-known already. I’m sure they love her.

      • SarahCS says:

        Ok can we make ‘revenge leggings’ a thing, it’s for when you absolutely DNGAF anymore and and happily living your life.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      Does Levin or a bunch of these other roto rats write about anything other than the monarchy? Because that is the only reason I see them writing these delusional articles. Because they are slowly realizing their money train is leaving. So they are trying to save the monarchy. So they can keep their jobs.

      • Jensies says:

        What do you mean??? They hate her and she’s terrible and they also never think about her and she’s unimportant, which is why they write about her every breath and tuck her into every story, no matter how far a reach.

      • Just somebody says:

        But this site spreads it out! Like it’s not Royal focused and clearly no one here is obsessed w any of the drama brought by the Royal fam!

    • Rapunzel says:

      What’s funny is she basically states that the racism allegations are not enought to be horrified about. It’s got to be something else about Meghan.
      Very telling.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Is that what she was saying? I couldn’t really figure out what she meant. Clarity in communication is not her strength.

    • bettyrose says:

      What British media and the BRF seem to get so so wrong about Americans is that we love celebrities. And we consider the BRF celebrities. If BRF profiles and scandals move magazines at U.S. grocery stores, it’s about water cooler talk at the office/front porch gossip with the neighbors, not any real fondness for the BRF. It’s actually pretty simple to understand if you know us at all.

      • Christine says:

        They also don’t understand that a whole lot of us are only paying attention to them because of Harry and Meghan, and how they tried to destroy Meghan. It’s hate watching, at this point, because they are utterly horrible, while fleecing the taxpayers. I’m just glad I’m not British. I would be apoplectic.

  6. Maxine Branch says:

    No one of worth talks to Angela Levine. All she hears are the voices in her head. She is just an old woman who has pitched her tent with that monster Camilla and will use her dying breaths to try to berate Meghan. As if a Hollywood Super Agency gives a rats ass about what is happening with that dying monarchy. She best be careful they do not come after her for besmirching their name.

    • jemmy says:

      @Maxine – perhaps a little insight into Angela Levin’s childhood may explain why she comes across as bitter and twisted & bigoted


      Also I feel the whole motive behind of trying to sabotage the publication of Endgame by purporting to publicly reveal the names of KC and Kate as the racist culprits so as to
      1) generate some drama , pressure on Meghan & Harry & get them into publicly renouncing the racism claims in the book ( which they didnt)
      2) If they fall the bait, ( ie come out with some declaration to publicly renounce that the RF is not racist ) this would get the RF / W&K off the hook whilst at the same time paint Meghan, Harry & Omid as liars & further humiliate them while the RF remains unaccountable for their vile behaviour.
      3) The RF and the press would then use this as proof against Harry’s assertions / statement that he has made regarding the leaking case he has brought against the BM / Willnot’s office

  7. Lurker25 says:

    I’m not a doctor but I would hazard a guess that Levin has very early onset dementia.

    I knew a lady who would go on these angry rants based on completely imaginary things… It’s so similar to this.

    Also the hair – the lady I knew, I didn’t even know she wore a wig at first, but her wigs were more and more askew as she deteriorated. There are times when it looks like Levin’s are on backwards.

    • Nick G says:

      Oh wow lurker you could be right. Every time I read something she’s written I have to scratch my head wondering if she’s just really stupid or really crazy; I can’t decide but dementia would be a more grounded explanation for behavior and language that seem so out there. Some of us have had terrible mothers and we still don’t viciously attack individuals in this way. So maybe at her stage of life early dementia is causing massive transference issues. See Angela this is where therapy would have been a GOOD thing

    • bisynaptic says:

      Good catch.

    • Christine says:

      Why are we looking to find an excuse for this woman? Sincerely, why??

      Absolutely no one on Salty Isle has tried to understand anything about Meghan, but this bitch is getting a pass?


  8. L4Frimaire says:

    More craziness from Levin. Have any of these so-called royal experts and lunatics actually read this book? It’s almost like they’re afraid to actually read it. In Scobie’s interviews in the UK, the people interviewing him were not prepared and hadn’t read the book. If Levin is spewing this nonsense, either she has no idea what the book is actually about or shes just being her usual troll self. The people who defend the monarchy are raging idiots eho do them no favors.

  9. MsIam says:

    Angela Levin is crazy. And the NY Post of all outlets knows that what she is saying is a lie and crazy. They run enough entertainment stories to know this is not even close to the truth. The only way clients get dropped is for criminal accusations or allegations of serious misconduct, i.e. being racist (Charles, Kate, the others). The idea that they would drop Meghan over a book she did not write with allegations she made public almost three years ago is ridiculous.

    • Eurydice says:

      It’s a twisty thing. The Post isn’t saying that this story is true, only that Levin said it. Of course, the implication is that a royal expert would know what she’s talking about, but debunking her would mean doing some work and it would take away from the anti-Meghan narrative.

    • GuestWho says:

      But the Post (trash that it is) is owned by Murdoch – so any chance to take a shot at M or H is just fine by them. They really don’t put a lot of thought into editorial integrity.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Right! Every once in a while, the NYP/Page 6 will share an absolutely bonkers incredulous “royal expert” story that is so farfetched, that only those with only 1 or 2 brain cells would believe. I’m guessing AL got her news from a deranger. Like one that has a friend who has a cousin that works at Netflix and they said Netflix was not going to show Heart of Invictus. I remember AL repeating that nonsense.

  10. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    I’m thinking that a doctoral candidate could write a complete theses on the psychosis of the British “royal experts”, their unhinged writings and their obsession with all things Meghan. If someone ever does this, I hope that it’s published!

  11. EasternViolet says:

    This woman is vile. Angela Levin is imagining WME is horrified. If there is horrification, is that someone else has the receipts about how truly awful the Windors are. ‘It seems to me that they will think very clearly about what they do next.”. Yes. WME is. because they teased other projects in the works. “Alot of people have dropped her”. WHO? The Spotify deal? That’s just one project. not ALOT. Maybe if she counts all the people who work at spotify, but of course, they all didn’t make that once decision. The agency said “stop moaning” Did they? Where? Show us that one Angie. People are getting fed up? Of course white supremacists are. That’s the point. WME have to work harder to get Meghan famous? Uh.. SHE IS. And in large part by the unhinged British tabloids. “Its going to be difficult to get the glamour she wants”. Honey, the woman has it already. I hope WME makes Angie’s life miserable. I am sure they can pull strings in the background that she can’t even begin to see coming.

  12. Molly says:

    “…in order to get her famous”? Angie, honey…that ship sailed.

    • GuestWho says:

      I came here to say the same thing! LOL for days.

    • Becks1 says:


      WME signed Meghan for many reasons, but I’m sure one of them is that she is one of the most famous women in the world ALREADY. WME doesn’t need to “get her famous,” they just need to market her projects and do whatever the hell else it is that they do, lol. Its hard to imagine how she could be any MORE famous, ESPECIALLY for the british press. Meghan steps outside and they are all atwitter for weeks.

    • Jais says:

      Lol that shipped has sailed far far away😂😂😂

      • zinjazin says:

        She is in different media all over the world every single day, even when she just sits at home and not even stepping outside!
        How could she be more famous it is hard to imagine.
        Her and Harrys wedding was televised around the whole world with millions of viewers.
        Not famous? What are they on about.

    • Meghan says:

      Guys, it’s me, I’m the Meghan that WME is going to have to work so hard in order to make famous. God knows they have an uphill battle with that task, I wish them all the luck in the world.

      I startled my poor child with how hard I laughed at “in order to make her famous.” At this point, Meghan Markle will never NOT be famous. She and Harry and their family are just living their lives doing what they want and we still cannot go a single day without a new story about him. That’s fame, yall.

  13. Dee(2) says:

    The thing that cracks me up the most about these type of stories, is that we’re just supposed to believe that these people have all these connections in every single industry. I can understand how even with the most tenuous relationship they can call themselves royal experts, but how does that give them contacts in the entertainment industry on another continent? And I’m sure if Harry and Meghan all of a sudden became oil barons, they’d have all the contacts at Shell, or BP too. They’re liars, and they just make stuff up and it’s really bizarre to me that newspapers act like someone working in the Queen’s press office in 1980 also somehow has contacts at a talent agency in LA in 2023. How?!!!

    • Deering24 says:

      Heh. The BM is definitely working that “fake it till you make it–or will never have it” angle. 😂

  14. Localady says:

    As if. They wish.

    Hollywood is gonna be taking a pass on solid gold?

    Laughable 😂

  15. Mary Pester says:

    Yep, jealousy sure looks good on you Ms LEVIN. She knows NOTHING, and is the female version of Morgan, if the math didn’t not add up, I would think that Samantha is their daughter!! Time to go back to the nursing home Angela, because just like your utube rants, your GB news spite fests, and your vile ramblings, NO ONE CARES OR BELIEVES YOU.

  16. Amy Bee says:

    Angela Levin is a deranger so she made up those claims. She’s crazy.

  17. QuiteContrary says:

    Levin is a lunatic. It’s bizarre that her fever dreams get published.

  18. Beverley says:

    I have to chortle when I read these things. 😂🤣😂🤣😆 Hilarious to think that an American talent agency is sooo upset about a book dragging the damn Left-Behinds.

    British media, government, tabloid-loving public and rota rats, listen up: we Americans aren’t shedding any tears for the “royal” family, we aren’t horrified by Endgame, we aren’t boot lickers, or sycophants looking for royal favor. Get it through your heads that we just don’t give a fu*k about the Windsors.

    I mean, even the MAGAs know that abject, open racism is problematic and they tend to use dog whistles. But the defensive British media is coming across that yes, their royals are racist and that’s a wonderful thing.

  19. Snuffles says:


    This is Hollywood. Meghan could burn effigies of the whole family in Time Square while wearing an American flag bikini and they would LOVE it.

    As long as she’s bringing in the numbers and the money. They couldn’t give a flying fuck about reverence towards the monarchy.

    • Jan says:

      You can tell this hag don’t know anything about the USA, where money is King, not like the U.K. where chucky is wearing a Crown too big for his head, and have to pose with black people to combat accusations of racism.

  20. Jen says:

    I don’t think WME’s goal is to “get her famous” but go on, I suppose.

    Levin is the worst.

  21. MikeB says:

    Does anyone ever ask where Levin gets her laughable quotes? They told Meghan to stop moaning, who are they? and who told her that? is she suggesting that someone called her and told her that? Also lots of people are dropping Meghan, really, who exactly has dropped Meghan? what is missing from Levin’s fantasies are hard cold facts that can be verified.

    • zinjazin says:

      “Moaning” strikes me as more of british english so I tried to look it up and it says in a dictionary:
      ‘moan n UK, informal (act of complaining) ‘

      It seems odd that an american agency would express themselves like that to begin with imo..much less how did Levin get to know about it lol..

  22. Izzy says:

    I get that WME and Ari Emanuel don’t want to give this lunatic any air, but honestly this time, they SHOULD hit back and debunk this crap. HARD. As in, “no one here ever thought that, much less said it, and Levin needs to keep our names out of her lying mouth.”

    • Snuffles says:

      Levin is of no importance in the grand scheme of things. She has no reach and no power in the circles WME would care about. She’s a mere gnat.

    • AC says:

      I think it would be great if WME discredits that statement and put Levin in her place ( just like the hockey player who called out the BM for harassing him and his mom trying to get any info of M whom he only had a photo with years ago).
      Imo, The NY post has been an extension of the British tabloids(I had thought their editor in chief came from DM).

  23. Anna says:

    They want to see her publicly humiliated, best Cercei Lannister walk of shame style. They woud be in ecstasy.

    I feel so much for Meghan, she is doing her thing and keeping calm but it must be soul crushing to know that people hate you so much simply because you exist.

    When will they stop?

    • Snuffles says:

      I think while she was in the system she did care and let it break her down, but now that she’s left and rebuilt her life she doesn’t take it to heart anymore.

    • James says:

      It’s effectively what Jeremy Clarkson demanded in his now widely panned article.
      I hope this never becomes a reality.
      Please do not vote for Trump he has it in for her too.

  24. Snuffles says:

    This is the underlying sentiment I’m getting from all of these freak outs in the past year.

    The reverence, awe and respect for the monarchy died with the Queen. What they are realizing, terrified to admit and desperately trying to hold onto or demand is the same treatment the Queen got. They thought it would automatically pass over and it hasn’t.

    Even with the Queen’s many flaws, she EARNED that respect. She worked hard, kept busy criss crossing the country, visited the Commonwealth countries, didn’t embarrass England on the world stage with her shenanigans and kept her marriage (and whatever messiness there was), behind closed doors.

    Since the Queen has died we’ve had Harry & Meghan Netflix series, Harry’s Spare, Omid’s Endgame, coordinated republican protests that are just getting bigger and bigger and people hurling eggs and insults at the King and Queen. And their popularity is steadily dropping according to polls. In addition to how people view their usefulness.

    But instead of reevaluating and changing, their response is to gaslight the public and strong arm the dissidents into retracting, backing off or apologizing for not revering the monarchy. And it’s left them utterly distraught that they can control the narrative on all fronts. To the point they are living in their delusions of the good old days.

    • trixie says:

      They are emotionally moronic. In this day and age, they really think punishment and revenge and retaliation is a good look for them, especially towards someone who’s been very open about his mental health struggles and his work on dealing with terrible trauma. William thinks leaking it to Tom Sykes that he hates his brother and will never reconcile with him and there will be hell to pay when he’s king — it’s 2023, you bald idiot. You think that’s winning you support other than among the old angry white “spare the rod, spoil the child” crowd?

  25. Moi says:

    just imagine Levin slurring her speech under the influence of alcohol as she speaks these delusions… that’s how seriously you should take her

  26. Mel says:

    Wow. This is bonkers. Does she not understand that Americans generally do not give a flying f*** about the Royals and that the agency doesn’t need the royals to survive. It’s hilarious that she’s trying to make them more important than they are. Finally, why exactly should Meghan be punished for what Omid Scobie wrote? He is not her friend or ghost writer, sit down with this. She needs to go after him but while Meghan won’t respond to her, he’d probably drag her for filth so she won’t risk it.

    • ecsmom says:

      I am constantly in SHOCK at how much the BM really thinks we share the same reverence for the monarchy. I honestly had no idea how little they understand us – not even close.
      I envision the BM questioning an American…

      BM: Did you hear WME might drop Meghan?
      Am: Really why?
      BM: She accused the King and POW as the racists that questioned the color of Archie’s skin (they can get away with that leading question because most of us wouldn’t even know whether the accusation was directly from them or not)
      AM: WOW they really said that? That is really racist?
      BM: No the King and POW can not confirm or deny the allegations
      AM: They seem pretty racists and she took a lot of shit when she was over there. Why would WME care?
      BM: because she embarrassed the King
      AM: So?

      • Mel says:

        Baldemort and ButtonsnBows were booed in Boston, they were publicly fired by the Jamaican PM on TV. Folk out here throwing eggs at Chuckles the Klown and Queen Jumpoff. More and more people are questioning why they’re spending tax dollars to support a family of lazy, racist billionaires. Their poll numbers are going down. Crazypants time would be better spend writing articles that will make these fools look good but she keeps putting out crap where she has to drag Meghan and Harry into because talking about Meghan and Harry sells. Pathetic.

  27. Kelly says:

    It’s like watching pudding talk. Vanilla pudding, of course.

  28. trixie says:

    This is the same evil hag who reported they were splitting up and Meghan was demanding full custody and a gazillion dollars. Man I wish H&M or WME would sue this drunken bitter battle ax.

  29. tamsin says:

    It’s a waste of time to contradict a lunatic and give her credence. Just let her sh’t in the wind and eventually it will come back to her.

  30. Tashiro says:

    I think she’s written this to see if WME will issue a statement. I’m sure she knows Jack S**t.

  31. slippers4life says:

    Ari Emmanuel: “there I was, with all the free time I have in the world, reading Endgame cover to cover. I put the book down and thought, ‘I am horrified!! Why oh WHY did I sign Meghan Markle??? She doesn’t sell papers. She talked to Oprah 3 years ago and then Omid Scobie wrote a book that accidentally named the royal racists in the Netherlands and then Piers Morgan revealed them??????? Oh no!!!!! This will not STAND!!! I MUST get it out into the world that I am Horrified….but how??? I’m only the petty CEO of WME. I need someone miserable. Someone can really speak to the people….HARK!!! This is a job for, Angela Levin!!!!!

  32. Nerd says:

    She is just as deranged as the derangers she follows on social media. She thinks that a book written by someone else that exposes the racism and abuse you and your children experienced at the hands of family will cause them to have a problem with you and not the racist abusers? That makes as much sense as their articles saying that their neighbors see them differently for the same reason. Harry revealed far more in his own memoir and no one who matters had issues with working with him afterwards. WME and the rest of us already knew that Meghan and her children experienced racism while in the UK, and since leaving the UK. A book by someone else revealing the names of at least two of them doesn’t look bad on Meghan, but the racists asshats.

  33. blunt talker says:

    This shitstain snake keeps Meghan in her mouth everyday-the hate oozing from her pores is full of venom and human waste-Meghan has said nothing about the royal creatures since late last year-so what she is talking about shows stupidness-Hollywood believes in money making not royal ass licking like she does everyday-I guess she has to talk about the Sussexes to pay her bills every week.

  34. bisynaptic says:

    Angela Levin is delusional, if she believes what she’s saying—and what she’s saying is industrial- grade projection. What does it say about monarchy, that it attracts such a cast of characters?

  35. Krista says:

    Angela Kevin is a million years old – like she knows the first thing about Hollywood PR. Dhe still thinks movies are black and white.