QEII gave her permission for Sarah Ferguson to have a royal-style funeral

Here are more photos of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson in Sandringham on Christmas Day. They were both allowed to walk with the royal family to and from the church on Christmas morning. This was the first time Sarah had been included on the Christmas walk in 32 years. She said afterwards that she felt “grateful” to be included. The British papers are full of stories about Fergie’s triumphant comeback after 30-plus years. There are lots of mentions of Prince Harry, because there’s a concerted effort to force the comparison between the Yorks and the Sussexes.

She was part of the Sandringham festivities last year but was kept out of sight. Her elevation to the church-going group was a clear statement that she was back in the fold of the extended family. She is not going to suddenly start taking on royal duties, but her presence in front of the cameras on Christmas Day was something that would have been unthinkable a few years ago, when Prince Philip was alive. He was regarded as her most implacable opponent within the family. A touch ironic then that last year she, Andrew and their daughters had the use of Wood Farm, the home on the estate where Philip spent time after he retired from public life.

“We are enjoying each other’s company and feeling grateful today,” she wrote on Instagram on Christmas Day, beneath an old picture of her with her daughters. “I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Happy Christmas to anyone who celebrates and season’s greetings to all.”

The King, whose broken relationship with his younger son, Harry, and daughter-in-law Meghan, has been further eroded by their insistence on telling their “truth” in unsparing detail, may simply have decided that he has little time for prolonging old feuds.

Andrew is a profound embarrassment to the family, but central to his unusual relationship with his ex-wife is that she is unwaveringly loyal to him. They still live under the same roof and are seemingly devoted to each other. Her most scandalous days occurred before some involved in this year’s Sandringham Christmas were born, or had married into the family. Perhaps the King, with so many other pressing concerns, thought it absurd that the mother of two of his nieces should not be there.

There has been speculation that the Queen has had a role in the warming towards the duchess. After all, Camilla knows a thing or two about rehabilitating a public image.

Compassion almost certainly also played a part in the decision to give Fergie the call-up. Earlier this year, after a routine mammogram, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Afterwards she told a podcast that she had named her “perky” new breast. “I’m just coming to terms with my new best friend Derek, on my left,” she said. “He’s very important because he saved my life.”

The Yorks will be bracing themselves for a fresh development in the Epstein affair in the new year, after a judge in the US ruled that documents in a civil case naming Epstein’s associates will be unsealed.

Any attempt by Andrew to rehabilitate his reputation is likely to be a very long game indeed. But he seems likely to have his ex-wife with him in the enterprise. Could her appearance on Christmas Day indicate the beginnings of a royal strategy, desperate though it might be? She was once persona non grata, but it is not inconceivable that some in the Firm see this mother, grandmother and ex-wife as an antidote to relieve some of the toxicity around the Duke of York.

And perhaps there is a signal too to members of the family in California that reconciliations can be achieved, even if they sometimes take three decades.

[From The Times]

“And perhaps there is a signal too to members of the family in California that reconciliations can be achieved, even if they sometimes take three decades.” The Sussexes left and, despite the British media’s fantasies to the contrary, they are not begging and pleading to come back. Harry does want some form of reconciliation, but it will have to come on his terms. As for Fergie… yeah, I don’t know what’s going on there. It probably was about the Epstein “client list.”

Also: the Ephraim Hardcastle column in the Daily Mail reports that QEII gave her permission for Fergie to be buried at the Royal Windsor estate. QEII “sanctioned a St George’s Chapel Windsor funeral for Fergie followed by internment at the Royal Family burial ground at Frogmore.” This was done because Fergie is the mother of “princesses of the blood royal.” Still, Fergie will not be anywhere near the royal crypt where QEII and Prince Philip are interred.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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  1. The Sussexes told THE truth there I fixed it for whoever wrote the article that’s being discussed. Fergie is a grifter her ex is a pedo. Harry married a biracial woman and he is the outcast in the we are a very racist family. Fergie is a mess.

    • Tessa says:

      The romance between ferg ie and Andrew was imo over years ago. She had no other place to stay. She was in huge debt because of extravagant spending. They obviously were not faithful to each other. If this ferg ie and Andrew spin is to try to distract from the Epstein client list it’s a major fail

  2. Snuffles says:

    Fergie has spent her whole life desperately clinging onto the institution, gratefully accepting whatever crumbs they give her. Incapable of supporting herself. This is what they want from Harry.

    The fact that they are trying to present Fergie as a role model for Harry boggles the mind.

  3. SarahLee says:

    I think having Fergie out was a good strategy. She takes more attention and was the story – not Andrew. She’s been problematic, but for whatever reason, she and Andrew seem more committed than most of the married royals of their generation. I was glad to see her out.

    As for the H&M comments about telling “their truth”, just hush up. I did give a chuckle at the word “unsparingly.” That’s good writing.

    • Tessa says:

      They are not a couple. Ferg ie sold access to Andrew and she introduced Andrew to Epstein. She lives in the same residence because she q squandered her money

      • Zapp Brannigan says:

        I would bet good money that the deal between Andrew and Fergie was she sources the people that will pay for access and Andrew takes a percentage of whatever she earns by selling access. She took the fall for both of them when caught.

  4. Tessa says:

    Diana was an ex and mother of two royal princes yet she was not given a royal funeral. The Windsor are so awful.

    • Josie says:

      Diana was given a near-state funeral. They used the plans for the Queen Mother’s funeral, in fact. The carriage walk, the military participation, the fact that it was in Westminster Abbey — it was very much a royal funeral.

      • Tessa says:

        She is buried at althorp . Ferg ie will be buried in royal grounds. Though I agree with the spencers that under the circumstances of the royal family treating her so badly she was not buried on royal grounds.

      • sevenblue says:

        @Josie, but that wasn’t the original plan right? They did that after the public outcry to the silence from the royals.

      • take it on says:

        @sevenblue, we just don’t know. What you wrote is from The Queen, the film from 2005, which for all we know, is only a dramatisation, and shouldn’t be taken as the fact.

    • Berkeleyfarm says:

      Tessa, she had a standard royal/near state funeral and was buried as a Princess of Wales (*). Her family made the choice to inter her at Althorp. Normally that would have happened in the village church but they were very concerned about hordes of wellwishers invading the village.

      * I made a study of heraldry in my younger years so I gasped when I saw photos of the coffin coming off the plane with a variant of the royal standard on it. I don’t remember now if it was quartered with the Spencer arms. Not a lot of people speak that language any more but it was very clear to those of us who do.

      • BQM says:

        Exactly. Fergie will have a “royal” funeral, if true, in so far as it will take place at St. George’s. She’s not having a procession in London or Windsor with cameras in the church. Diana could’ve been buried at Windsor or Frogmore if the family had desired. They wanted to give her the privacy she didn’t have in life.

    • SarahLee says:

      What? Diana was given a funeral modeled on the plans for the Queen Mother’s funeral. It may have been given grudgingly, but she had a state funeral. I also don’t think Diana wanted to be buried at Windsor.

  5. Brassy Rebel says:

    I have to side eye her naming her new breast Derek. 😏

    • Totorochan says:

      Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But here’s the thing. When people have cancer and other illnesses and injuries, and acquire new or altered body parts, they are allowed to name them if they like, and can name them anything they want.

      People with ostomies are encouraged to name their stomas, for example, to help them to cope psychologically and inject some humour into the situation. No-one I would imagine wants a reconstructed breast instead of the original, no-one wants a stoma or the stump of an amputated limb, but they recognise as Fergie does that it helped save their life. But it can be hard to come to terms with emotionally and people have to find ways to normalise it.

      Of course not everyone with BC would want to name a new breast and might not like “Derek” but at the end of the day it’s another human’s coping mechanism and their choice.

      Fergie is disliked and I don’t defend her horrid actions regarding Epstein and Andrew, but is there really a need to side eye cancer patients or anyone with illness if they do something that others may find hard to understand? They have been through a lot and are allowed a bit of silliness on occasion.

  6. Amy Bee says:

    I mean Sarah grovelled enough. This is what they want Harry and Meghan to do. However I did get the sense that some in the media have come to the realization that Harry and Meghan are not interested in going to the UK for Christmas when Sarah turned up on the walk and they didn’t. I think some in the British press truly believed that Harry and Meghan were going to be in Sandringham on Christmas.

    • Tina says:

      Yah Harry and Meghan are gone gone. Even if Harry ends up meeting with his father at some point I don’t think he’s ever doing this kind of stuff again. He spent the first 36 years of his life performing for his blood family and the British press and he’s done. The big smile on his face (while holding his hanger lol) at the airport post-Coronation said alot. The press and royal fans just don’t get it at all.

  7. Eurydice says:

    So very royal – Sarah has been under their noses and living with Andrew for 30 years, but it’s only by joining a Christmas walk that she comes back from exile.

    • Tessa says:

      Ferg ie was wildly in debt over her over the top spending. After the divorce she became a spokesperson for weight watchers and endorsed other products . She wrote a tell all book which did not sell all that well. Then she lost the money again. It was out of necessity she moved into Andrews mansion. Nothing romantic. I recall she dated a titled Italian aristo but they broke up.

      • Eurydice says:

        A billion years ago, I was “window shopping” on the designer floor at Bergdorf’s right after Fergie had been there. The sales people were complaining that she tried on practically every designer, threw everything in heaps on the dressing room floor and then left without buying anything or even thanking anyone.

    • take it on says:

      I always think that she will be back, even before this Christmas’s big revealing. I just have had this inkling that after both the Queen and Prince Philip died, she would gradually be allowed back into the fold. Prince Philip was always the big block.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        For reasons we will never know, QEII really like Sarah. It was Prince Philip who could not stand to be under the same roof with her.

      • take it on says:

        @BayTampaBay Understandable (though not condoning, in case some social justice warriors here get triggered) that Prince Philip wouldn’t have had it. He was all about macho. And then his son got cucked, publicly. Hard to swallow that.

  8. Emme says:

    Oh Sarah…..PLEASE get clothes that fit. Too tight clothing does not make you look slimmer, it makes you look fatter! Sigh….

  9. equality says:

    Actually what’s a “touch ironic” about Phil being so against Fergie is that he was a big-time cheater also. I guess, you can obtain forgiveness from the new leader of the COE only after decades have passed? That strategy comes straight out of the Bible. (s) I’m not buying KC the compassionate. I hope the story is that Andrew and Fergie have enough info on KC to blackmail their way into keeping RL and having her included in things.

    • Tessa says:

      Andrew is not out of the woods so to speak.

    • MaryContrary says:

      It wasn’t the cheating -it was the photos of the cheating (the guy was sucking her toes at the pool while her kids were there.) If she had kept it on the down low it would have been fine and the way of those aristos. They would have stayed “happily married “ and continued to have affairs.

  10. Libra says:

    Terrible fit on this coat. She simply does not dress well.

  11. aquarius64 says:

    QEII may have wanted Fergie to have a royal funeral; it doesn’t mean KCIII will honor it. Look what happen with the Sussex security. And Charles dragged his feet for Edward to get the Duke of Edinburgh title, a title that will not pass on to his son James. Saying in the royal enclosure means staying on the royal leash.

    • Libra says:

      I’m interested in the conversation that led up to the subject of Fergies funeral. How to address this to a queen who is herself dying. Oh to be a fly on the wall for some of these meetings.

    • BeanieBean says:

      True enough, Chuckie Boy reneges on a lot of things. We’ll see.

    • take it on says:

      Together with Fergie’s cancer new recently, I wonder if this titbit is the royal family’s subtle way’s of saying that she could be the next.

  12. Lala11_7 says:

    The ONLY thing I was cool about regarding Andrew …BEFORE I found out he was a sexual criminal 😡😠🤬…is that he didn’t trip when Fergie did what she did with that Texas billionaire back in the day…it even SEEMED like he was in on it…like he was….PROCURRING…for her🫨…that was the “tea” even back then…But Prince Phillip couldn’t STAND HER A– & he pushed for the divorce…Fergie actually has been VERY successful as a British Royal Wife…she cosigned on ALL her Royal husband’s BS & kept her mouth closed…and I believe that makes her…”beloved” to them so she EARNED her spot in that gross plot…which is why Diana…NEVA wanted to lay there😒

  13. Nerd says:

    “The king …may have decided that he has little time for prolonged fued.” The same king who has refused to stop the attacks on his son, DIL and biracial grandchildren? The same one who took their only home in the UK away from them for no reason other than spite and vindictiveness? The same one who when his son was in a car chase he failed to check on him, his DIL and her mother? The same one who had his ConAnation on his biracial grandsons birthday? The one who refused to attend his biracial granddaughters first birthday in the UK and her Christening in the US? No, not the one who refused to officially give his biracial grandchildren their titles that they instantly received at the real Queen’s death.

  14. Mary Pester says:

    WTAF, my head is spinning and it’s nothing to do with my meds! There is no way in hell that the Queen gave permission for this bloody two faced bitch to be buried with the family.
    She is a grifter of the highest order, and is willing to put up with anything that Andrew or the family throw at her, to hold onto her Royal grift. Her books are all written by “Sarah Duchess of York”, so where was the outcry in the press about that, or is that reserved JUST for Harry and meghan.
    The hypocrisy of this is only matched by the hypocrisy that is shown day after day, by the media and the Palace! Yeah let’s rehabilitate fergies image, just like we did camzilla and the common denominator is they will use Harry and Megan’s names to do it!
    And I’ll never forgive her for being a sell out to the media over Diana. She slated Diana while she was alive, and then played the grieving friend when she died. Make no mistake, this woman is as bigger manipulator as camzilla

    • TybeeLucille says:

      It was said often that the Q had a soft spot for Fergs and they were often seen riding together. All the demons in #thatfamily are scamming grifters.

      Ferg did to Diana what William did recently.

      They all suck. Abolish and return everything, lands, palaces, homes, jewels and give all their money in reparations. Off with their whole heads!

  15. JaneS says:

    Ugh to all of this nonsense.
    Fergie & Andrew live together bc she pi**ed away a fortune, several times.
    And, if they are both under the same roof, it keeps her under control.

    The “house” they share is roughly the size of an apartment building in US. It is not some cozy, little 2bd, 2 br love cottage.

    How about all the royals get a downsized funeral?

    I love the fact that the Spencers brought Diana back to her childhood home.
    Althorp is a gorgeous, historical estate.
    Diana deserved a bigger, even more elaborate funeral and even in death Charles, QE, PP disrespected her.
    Team Diana always. How different Will and Harrys lives would be if she had lived.

  16. BeanieBean says:

    What I want to know is, does this show up in the Court Circular? Does Sarah get points for attending church on Christmas, the way the others do? And how about Andrew, does he?

  17. QuiteContrary says:

    The key to royal acceptance is loyalty to a pedophile.

  18. Jaded says:

    The common denominator between Andrew and Fergie is that they are both crass, boorish buffoons with a penchant for grifting and associating with decidedly loathsome people, one of whom died for his sins. Anyone who would still publicly support and fawn over a sexual predator ex-husband who raped a trafficked teenager and is poorer for it by £12,000,000 is deplorable, and welcoming her as part of the BRF is unforgiveable.

  19. JaneS says:

    If the BRF tries rolling out a big, elaborate funeral for Fergie, I hope the taxpayers raise hell!

    Diana was married to the Heir, the Mother of the future king and spare.
    Beloved by the public from the minute her engagement was announced, the most photographed woman in the world, etc.
    Diana WORKED for years in support of the BRF. She more than carried her weight as a working senior royal. Her funeral was appropriate for her status.
    I still think it was wrong to make W & H walk behind her casket.
    The floral arrangement on the hearse “Mummy” still breaks my heart.

    Fergie has been a problem for the PR/BRF from her early days. Andrew should be in jail.

    This makes me think tho.
    What are the plans for the other family?
    If Charles goes first, I think William will have a very “modest” service for Camilla.
    Once King William is in, if Camilla is still around…..Oh, boy. That’ll be interesting.

    Some poor soul, is probably sitting in planning meeting for stuff like this.

  20. Eowyn says:

    Has this woman looked put together on any one day in her life? Can anyone find a a single photo showing some style or taste? It’s mind-boggling.

    • JR McGraw says:

      She is eternally disheveled and sloppy—just exposing their supposed regality for what it is

  21. QuiteContrary says:

    I’m guessing that Meghan is relieved she doesn’t have to be around Pedrew anymore. Given Meghan’s commitment to the well-being of girls and women, she must be as disgusted as we are by that piece of excrement.

  22. JR McGraw says:

    Literally tried to sell access to Andrew, ON TAPE, for 3/4 million bucks in 2010—and yet she’s back in.

    ‘Demanding a payment of £500,000 to be wired to her HSBC bank account, she told the reporter: ‘That opens up everything you would ever wish for. I can open any door you want, and I will for you. Look after me and he’ll look after you … you’ll get it back tenfold.’

  23. Thena says:

    It’s okay. Fergie can spend eternity with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

  24. Lau says:

    Yeah even if she’s not in the main royal crypt it’s a terrible look and it will only be made worst when Epstein’s client list is released.

  25. Flying fish says:

    Fergie is back because the Windsor’s need a class clown and Fergie is definitely that.

  26. Jack says:

    Get a hair brush, Fergie.