Nicole Kidman nearly busts out of her dress at ‘Nine’ premiere


Last night was the New York premiere of Nine, and the entire cast (minus Sophia Loren) turned out to support the film. There was some good fashion, some bad fashion, and there was Daniel Day-Lewis is damn fedora. After the Madonna and Lourdes appearance, the biggest fashion statement of the night was probably Nicole Kidman.

Nicole decided to forgo the dust ruffle and opted for a rather gorgeous black strapless knee-length dress. I love, love, love the dress, but I have two complaints: first, Nicole should has gotten a better fit on the bust, because it’s cut so tight, her breasts are nearly being sliced in half. Second point: powder much?

As far as the other cast members went, there was really no one that special. Daniel wore his fedora and trench coat, Fergie and Marion Cotillard wore pretty white dresses, Dame Judi looked regal and lovely, and Penelope continues to bore the hell out of me. Kate Hudson did bring her mom to the premiere, and they both looked like they had been drinking.


Also, last night the Nine cast appeared on Larry King Live, and only three interesting things happened. One, Daniel Day-Lewis still rocks my loins. Two, Judi Dench said her 12-year-old grandson is “in love” with Fergie. And three, when Larry asked Kate Hudson about Alex Rodriguez, she said he was doing fine, and smiled, not denying or admitting that the two had broken up. Fascinating!

Nicole Kidman and the cast of ‘Nine’ on the red carpet for the New York premiere on December 15, 2009. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Pole says:

    She’s back to red though. About time.

  2. Green is Good says:

    The only thing keeping Nicole’s dress up is prayer.

  3. ligeia says:

    looks like the dress is a bit too small for her

  4. Embee says:

    I cannot wait to see this movie! What an amazing cast.

    I’m biased and blinded by my girl-crush, but I think Nicole is perfection. Also: Fergie looks wonderful and Dame Judi Dench is fabulousness personified. I love that Kate brought her Mom–good choice! DDL….sigh…

  5. Popcorny says:

    I give Nicole two years before she’s a dead ringer for Walter Matthaeus’s wife.
    Nicole has long since been out of touch with reality and every year it shows more. She’s over processed and completely creepy.
    Goldie Hawn looks amazing.

  6. Linda says:

    Daniel’s just playing himself, the way he was in the 80’s — or was it the 70’s?

  7. Jillian says:

    She looks great. Daniel Day Lewis is looking awfully dapper.

  8. lucy2 says:

    The dress is beautiful, but it does look too small and uncomfortable at the top. I’ve always thought Nicole was beautiful but was doing too much to herself, I’m glad to see she’s going back to a more natural look.
    LOVE Penelope’s gown. She’s always bugged me for some reason, but she does dress exceptionally well.
    Don’t care for Kate’s (kind of boxy) or Fergie’s look.

  9. Toe says:

    she looks nice in the dress

  10. crash2GO2 says:

    Poor Nicole – LOL at the mess of powder on her face. I wonder who did that to her? Probably Kate after 5 dirty martinis.

  11. Jojo says:

    I love Goldie Hawn!

  12. Dorothy says:

    fergie looked like crap on Larry King last night! everyone else looked great!!!!

  13. Sumodo says:

    Nicole has a white smear under her right eye. It’s time she stopped bleaching her skin, it’s become so thin.

  14. Anastasia says:

    Yikes, she needs someone to blend that concealer and powder in better!

    I love Goldie Hawn, but why does she always insist on such goofy facial expressions?

  15. crash2GO2 says:

    Sumodo, it’s powder! Look at her nose, and she’s even got some on her lip! Too funny.

    Anastasia, regarding Goldie, I think it’s her face. 😉

  16. bros says:

    nicole looks like the night of the living dead.

  17. Eileen Yover says:

    I’ve always thought Nicole was gorgeous, but she’s starting to look like a wax figure. And I’m not a fan of the dress-it looks like something I saw at my sister’s 1987 prom.
    Everyone looks great though!
    I wonder what happened to Kate’s cool boho style? She’s starting to dress like a Dynasty character?

  18. LolaBella says:

    Penelope’s red dress is beautiful and fits her perfectly; she’s a gorgeous woman.

  19. Jag says:

    Nicole looks like she’s had a boob job and the dresses she’s wearing lately, although gorgeous, seem to be fitted for a smaller bust.

  20. amanda says:

    With the exception of the strange loose powder under her eye, Nicole looks the BEST she has looked in awhile. She looks really healthy, the hair color is beautiful on her (thank god no more platinum blond), her face doesn’t look puffy and pulled, and the eyebrows aren’t super arched. GORGEOUS. I actually think the dress is nice on her execpt maybe it pushes one boob up higher than the other?

  21. Oh My says:

    @ Dorothy – I caught about 2 min of LKL and you’re right, Fergie looked bad but I also thought Kidman looked really weird. Did you notice that Kate Hudson said yes when King asked her if she and A Rod were still together?

  22. Squirrel says:

    Does Chanel really not do powder in the right colour for Nicole – must she resort to chalk?

    As for Penelope – that is how to dress! Stunning!

  23. Tess says:

    Kidman looks perfectly beautiful….but I think she’s be more appealing if she’d reveal a flaw. Perfection is offputting. Real beauties always have some flaw that adds to their uniqueness.

    DDL, who I’m a great fan of, struck me as so wispy…I thought his personality would be, somehow, more substantial.

  24. Lee says:

    I agree that Nicole is looking better. Her lips don’t look as painful as they have in the past. The dress looks a bit uncomfortable though, as does the too-tight hair. I love Fergie’s belt. So pretty (the belt, not Fergie). And Penelope is just a lavish kind of woman.

  25. diva says:

    The hemline of the dress that Nicole has on makes me think it is from last years collection, since you don’t see that style in any current collections. Penelope looks like she’s lost weight and the dress looks fabulous on her.

  26. snowball says:

    Nicole looks lovely, if she’s over powdered or not. I wonder if she’s just got a full closet of things she hasn’t worn yet that she’s running through, because the last couple she’s worn (the red one at that music award thingie) have been super tight in the bust. She has to take into account that little extra you get when you’ve had a baby. Otherwise, I don’t see it as being too tight anywhere else.

    Fergie looks meh. I wish she’d do something with her hair; she needs new color, a new place to part it and maybe it’s time to have her three head turned into a forehead.

    Penelope looks amazing; either she’s lost a lot of weight in a week or she’s finally picking clothes that flatter her.

    DDL – he’s so weird.

  27. anna says:

    Awww.. I love this picture of Nicole.

    I remember reading her saying that she was a nerd at heart.. this pic makes me believe that the nerd still lives in her.

    love it.

  28. ~M says:

    For once a celebrity who’s powder under their nose is not columbian…Quite a novelty really.

    For me more interestingly was Nic and Penelope holding hands…

  29. DrM says:

    Who hasn’t gone out powdery on occasion (if you use it?) The reason btw you use so much powder in those situations is to combat shine caused by camera flash… my friend is a photographer in Vancouver and she says its de rigeur Nic looks fab, the fit of the dress is fine…Goldie Hawn and Kate look the least well dressed of the bunch actually

  30. Maritza says:

    Looks as if Kate and Goldie were laughing about Nicole’s powdery face/

  31. Prissa says:

    OMG the Fergie comments are hilarious:
    @ Lee – So pretty (the belt, not Fergie).
    @ snowball – maybe it’s time to have her three head turned into a forehead.

    Too funny (and true).

    Good to see Goldie. Love her (Kate not so much).

  32. Ally says:

    I’ve been wondering how Rob Marshall was gonna pull this off without Bob Fosse’s coattails to ride on. Then saw a new trailer yesterday and realized he’s basically doing a mash-up of Fellini’s “8
    1/2” and Fosse’s “All That Jazz”.

    Marshall does a good job of movie musicals — quite an achievement in the 21st C, but he should acknowledge Fosse’s HUGE style and choreography influence/contribution/source material to his cinematic oeuvre — otherwise it’s not taking inspiration, it’s rip off.

    If you’re gonna see “Nine”, rent or buy “All That Jazz”. It’s a wonderful movie, Fosse’s cinematic autobiography as a choreographer/director/womanizer at the peak/end of his career. Roy Scheider is a fox in it, and aside from a couple of 80s cheesy dance numbers (including one that Paula Abdul copied for one of her videos when she was a successful singer), it holds up wonderfully well and is very moving.

    I guess Marshall will be doing a musical version of Fosse’s “Lenny” for his next movie… with Zac Efron in the Dustin Hoffman role perhaps…

  33. j. ferber says:

    Yes, Nicole Kidman had a little extra powder on her face. It could happen to anyone. I think she looked amazing in the dress. Also, what some find “boring” in Penelope, I find “impeccable.” Both women looked totally, totally gorgeous.

  34. loca says:

    CB – you guys are SO MEAN to Nicole! She’s not THAT bad…there is SO much worse out there!!!

  35. CB Rawks says:

    Me likey the icing sugar. Mmm christmas cookies.

  36. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I think the red dress is beautiful, no complaints here.

    I didn’t pay too much attention to the powder until I looked at the picture on the homepage. Not the end of the world, but I chuckled at that one. She’s been looking nicer lately though, I think. Less ‘pained’, if I may?

  37. Emily says:

    Looking good: Penelope, Fergie, Judi and Daniel.

    Looking not so good: Nicole and Kate.

    Looking amazing: Goldie. I <3 her.

  38. la chica says:

    you know you have no real friends when a bunch of people see you looking ghastly in public and not one of them says a word. poor lonely Nicole. she’s still fighting down youth with everything she’s got. lol.

  39. ViktoryGin says:

    Honestly, Nicole doesn’t have much up top to be in any imminent danger of a wardrobe malfunction. The question is, what the hell is up with the highlighter under her eyes?

  40. raincoaster says:

    I ran into Goldie once at the grocery store. She always looks a little like that, but she’s cool. She’s one of those people who always seem to be having a giddy/fabulous time, even sitting at the coffee counter at the grocery store.

  41. ogechi says:

    OMG Nicole is a sweetheart. Always looking cute and classy.

  42. i just like picture of Nicole…

  43. danielle says:

    Wish you’d included a pic of Marion, I thought she and Fergie looked the best for the night.