Ornament and wrapping paper storage boxes, a travel hairdryer and night cream

Ornament Storage Wrapping Paper Storage

From CB: The holidays went way too fast! If you’re like me and haven’t taken your Christmas tree down yet (you’re supposed to have until January 6 but I’m giving myself until the 15th, no pressure), you may want to get an ornament storage box. I bought a similar model from this same brand, Zober, two years ago and it’s a game changer! I used to keep my ornaments wrapped in tissue paper in a plastic bin but this makes them so much easier to protect, find and store. This Christmas ornament storage box has over 9,300 ratings, 4.5 stars and an A on Fakespot. It’s under $31 for the large version and if you’re in the US you can get it with two day Prime delivery! I also highly recommend this wrapping paper storage box. I got this two years ago and it was a real upgrade from keeping my wrapping paper in large gift bags. Here are some sales and some more things Rosie and I are looking at on Amazon!

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A travel hairdryer you’ll want to use every day

From CB: I have the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium hair dryer and I love it. It’s $90 right now and is well worth the price. You can get the travel version on sale for under $30! This listing has 4.4 stars, over 6,400 ratings and a B on Fakespot. People say it’s small and lightweight but has a lot of power. “Small but mighty hairdryer! Perfect for travel or if you just want a hairdryer to not take up so much space. Works very well!” “I have the full size baby pro dryer and needed something smaller for travel. This dryer is a great compact size I don’t feel like I’m skimping on quality. It’s pretty quiet and very powerful. I would definitely recommend this dryer.” (The BaBylissPro Ceramic XTreme is also on sale for under $60.)

Soft comfortable leggings you’ll want in several colors

From CB: I wear leggings to bed, to walk the dog and to work out in and I go through at least two a day. They’re comfortable and you don’t feel like you’re wearing pajamas if you need to run an errand. These high waist leggings with pockets by The Gym People are the number one bestselling leggings on Amazon. They come in 21 different colors and prints and in sizes x-small to 3x. These have over 66,000 ratings, 4.4 stars and the same score on ReviewMeta. Women say they’re comfortable, warm, flattering and hold up over time. “These leggings are one of the best that I’ve ever purchased. They are very comfortable and provide good support around the waist. They have great stitching and design. They also are nothing like the cheaply made leggings that feel like plastic- these are soft!” “Super comfortable leggings! They are pretty thick but not hot. I wanted the sort of silky fabric of the Wunder Under/Luxtreme fabric leggings from lulul*mon but they’re more like the Luon fabric. Good value for the money, especially compared to brands like lulul*mon and fablet*cs.”

50% off clear plastic drawer organizers that will help you sort all the things

From CB: I’m planning to get more organized in the new year. These clear plastic drawer organizers by WowBox are 50% off and are under $18 for a 25 piece set of four different sizes. (They also come tinted in black, blue and purple which are not on sale.) They should really help get your bathroom, kitchen and office clutter under control. These have almost 6,000 ratings, 4.5 stars and the same score on ReviewMeta. People say they’re great for organizing drawers and helping tame chaos. “They helped me utilize every inch of these shallow drawers I got for under my desk. Everything looks super cute and organized. I had to play Tetris and swap the pieces around quite a bit, but I finally ended up with some layouts that worked for me.” “These have so many multiple uses. I was able to organize drawers, art supplies, makeup, etc. What I love about them is unlike a one-piece multiple-compartment drawer organizer, should something spill, you do not have to take everything out to clean it, you just clean the one compartment.”

An oil cleanser that gently removes makeup and leaves your pores clean too

From CB: This under $18 oil cleanser by Anua is among the bestselling personal care products on Amazon. It’s mild, hypoallergenic and is said to clean skin while helping clear your pores. It has over 2,200 ratings, 4.4 stars and a B on Fakespot. People say that it cleans thoroughly without irritation and many notice a reduction in blackheads too. “I tried it as soon as I got it and I was shocked with how effective it was. With one use I saw immediate results! My nose looked clear for the first time, it was so smooth I couldn’t believe it. It’s gentle and makes my face feel so soft and moisturized. Also, it is AMAZING at removing make up.” “I decided to try this oil out over a few others I use on a whim. I’m so glad I did. I’ve only used it a few nights and I swear my pores aren’t clogged and ALL my make has come off. I’ve used oils and balms that are highly rated and raved about and I’m always left with eye make up and clogged pores. My skin literally hasn’t looked this good in so long.”

A sauna jacket for sweatier, more satisfying workouts

From Rosie: I tend to do more inside workouts in the wintertime. When I do, I wear this sauna suit, which helps me get my sweat on quicker and feel less bloated. Sauna suits are not for everyone, though, so if you have any health issues, please check with your doctor first, and as with any workout, make sure you’re properly hydrated! This suit has a 4.5 star rating, more than 1,400 reviews, and an A on Fakespot. Users comment on how sweaty it makes them. “I love wearing this whilst riding the Peloton and it makes you sweat during your workout.” “I workout about 5 times a week… I would barely sweat, once I started using this I am drenched in sweat! I feel less bloated after working out!” Here’s what else CB and I are looking at on Amazon this week.

A digital smart scale that measures your body metrics

From Rosie: I bought this scale six years ago when I was looking for one that broke down your body metrics and still really like it. It has a companion app that’s easy to set up and use. You can also have multiple users. There are six different design options, ranging from $23 to $30, including a solar-powered one. You can also bundle it with a digital measuring tape. This scale has a 4.7 star rating, more than 307,700 reviews, and a B on Fakespot. Reviewers also appreciate how useful and easy-to-use this scale is. “I like the ability to track your body metrics and weight over time using the app (the line graphs in particular).” “Over [my] lifetime I’ve had plenty of different scales that claim to do different things but this scale offers more useful health information about yourself at this price point then any other comparison.” “I am impressed with the quality and it’s pretty accurate I’d say. The app is pretty useful and nice to track trends on everything as well.”

A hydrating night cream for softer, smoother skin

From Rosie: CeraVe’s Skin Renewing Night Cream is formulated with hyaluronic acid, peptides, and ceramides to help retain your skin’s moisture. It is fragrance free and non-greasy. At just $15, it’s a good price too. This cream has a 4.6 star rating, more than 41,400 reviews, and an A on Fakespot. People love how it makes their face feel overnight. “This CeraVe cream is a winner when it comes to moisturizing and hydrating your skin. It also has working benefits in it like peptide complex , niacinamide and ceramides. These all work for your skin. It is very hydrating, so I use it mainly at night.” “My skin looks healthy after about 3 weeks of use. Wrinkles are less pronounced and fewer.” “This night cream is so nice! It makes my skin feel amazing and definitely keeps my face feeling clean and fresh all night long. When I wake up in the morning I can tell it’s worked it’s magic because my skin still feels so soft.”

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  1. Digital Unicorn says:

    Cerave is good brand and I use their body lotions so might give the night cream a try if its available in the UK.

    • Kitten says:

      Been using their night cream for about a month now and it absolutely lives up to Cerave’s reputation. It’s a small container but you only need a tiny amount. Really good stuff.

      • Charlotte says:

        Just turned 60 here and can totally vouch for the night cream. Because I live in Montana, where we have like 15% humidity on average — I use it as a day cream too. It does wonders for the stupid upper lip wrinkles I’m mad about because I never smoked, and feels good, without feeling gloppy, or plasticky, or fake.

  2. stormyshay says:

    I have that cleansing oil and it works really well. I have dry skin and it does not strip my skin. I have become obsessed with K-beauty and this brand has a really nice toner as well. What many people think is blackheads is actually sebaceous filaments. The blog 50 Shades of Snail has a post about how to reduce these using cleansing oil such as this one and a clay mask.

  3. Immaculate Misconception says:

    I started using the CeraVe night cream a couple weeks ago and I love it. It makes my skin feel so hydrated when I wake up. Warning: the first time I used it, I put a similar amount in my hand to what I used with my previous moisturizer and it was way too much. A little bit goes a very long way with this cream so I know that tiny jar is going to last me a few months. Definitely worth the $15.

  4. Concern Fae says:

    Looking for drawer organizers. One thing I’ve discovered is that it’s important for these things to be dishwasher safe. I need to another round of decluttering first. Buying containers first is always a mistake.

  5. Eden75 says:

    I am bummed about the leggings. According to the chart, to fit my a$$, I need a 3XL, to fit my waist, I need a M and the XS length would work. Sigh…….Oh well.