Jeffrey Epstein told Johanna Sjoberg that Bill Clinton ‘likes them young’

Bill Clinton associated with Jeffrey Epstein years ago, basically in Clinton’s first years post-presidency. Clinton liked to catch rides on Epstein’s private plane. No one knows how far the association went, and the newly released “Epstein files” don’t have a confirmation of anything beyond “Clinton caught a lot of flights on the Lolita Express.” The Epstein files do include some new info though, including Johanna Sjoberg saying, in a deposition, that Epstein told her that Clinton “liked them young.”

Jeffrey Epstein claimed Bill Clinton “liked them young”, an alleged victim of the late financier told lawyers. Deposition documents released today detail how Johanna Sjoberg was asked if she knew Bill Clinton was a friend of Epstein.

Ms Sjoberg said: “I knew he had dealings with Bill Clinton. I did not know they were friends until I read the Vanity Fair article about them going to Africa together.”

And when asked if Epstein had ever talked about Clinton, Ms Sjoberg said: “He said one time that Clinton likes them young, referring to girls.”

Ghislaine Maxwell said she was “sure” Bill Clinton had eaten a meal on Epstein’s plane. The convicted sex offender asked about her relationship with former US president and his then close aide Doug Band during a 2016 deposition.

Maxwell said: “just so we are clear, the allegations that Clinton had a mean on Jeffrey’s island is 100 per cent false.”

Asked whether he had had a meal on Epstein’s plane, she said: “I’m sure he had a meal on Jeffrey’s plane”, but she said she did not know how many times he had flown on it. Maxwell was also asked about her relationship with Mr Band. Asked how she knew him she said: “He used to or still works for Bill Clinton.”

She added: “I was friends with Doug but you are suggesting something more so I want to be clear what you are actually asking me.”

Maxwell also said she could not remember where she stayed on a trip with Mr Clinton. She said: “I recollect the trip but if you’re asking me where we stayed , you can see it’s a very fast paced trip.”

[From The Telegraph]

With the politicians, the Epstein files haven’t been a smoking gun? We knew Clinton and Epstein were associated with each other, but Clinton has had twenty years to cover his tracks pretty thoroughly, and none of the Jane Does have said that they were trafficked to Clinton or that they witnessed him in any criminal acts. Donald Trump’s name has only come up a few times in the first phase of the document dump – Epstein was talking openly about hanging out with Trump in Atlantic City, at one of the casinos. Hopefully there will be more about Trump in the next phases of the document release.

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  1. Cecil says:

    I hope more comes out about Bill Clinton too. I don’t care about political parties; I just want every man who abused these girls held accountable, and that includes Clinton, Trump, Andrew and everyone else.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, thank you.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        If he abused any girls, it absolutely should come out. So far, there’s nothing about that. As for Epstein saying Clinton “Likes ’em young”, consider the source. He could just be referring to Monica Lewinsky who was young but of age when that mess happened. Or Epstein was just embiggening himself. Epstein liked to embiggen himself. I don’t think he was offering his plane to Clinton to deliver AIDS drugs to Africa because he was such a humanitarian.

      • Eurydice says:

        @Brassy Rebel – Epstein isn’t the first to have said that about Clinton. I hate to say this about a president from my own party, but Clinton has a documented past of bad behavior toward women and of hanging around with and collecting money from unsavory dudes – e.g. Ron Burkle and his many trips on “Air F*ck One.” I think people tried to cover up as much as they could for the sake of Hillary and her presidential runs, but he was still an albatross around her neck. That doesn’t mean he abused any underaged girls, but he certainly had the prevailing attitude of powerful men toward less powerful women.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        I ain’t defending him, Eurydice. I also think Doug Band, mentioned in the deposition, was a horrible influence. Apparently, Chelsea Clinton did too. When she took over the Foundation, the first thing she did was get rid of Doug Band. Miraculously, no more Ron Burkles!

        I always laugh when people accuse Hillary of staying with Bill for the sake of her political career. As you say, he was nothing but an albatross. She would have been better off dumping the guy. 🤷

    • Concern Fae says:

      If there was wrongdoing beyond plane rides and hanging out on Bill Clinton’s part, I can’t imagine it wouldn’t have come out during the 2016 election. He’s beyond disgusting, and more may come out, but my take is that he freeloaded off Epstein, but seems to have avoided activities that left him open to blackmail.

    • Bingo says:

      Yes. This. This kind of scourge won’t go away until we realize men and women from both sides of the political divide are capable of it and hold them accountable. Bill should be held accountable.

      There is no concrete proof other than this hearsay that Bill dealt with minors but the women involved don’t have to be minors for it to still be trafficking.

  2. ThatsNotOkay says:

    They should all go to prison or be sued to oblivion, afaic. No matter their political affiliation. Katie whomever, whom Trump paid off and silenced, needs to resurface too, for the good of the country.

  3. Dee(2) says:

    I think it’s less about covering tracks and more that someone saying that someone else told them that someone else said something isn’t much to go on. Given what’s known about Epstein it definitely falls into questioning his judgement and who he associates with, but legally this is hearsay of hearsay. What’s to stop him from saying I never said that, the intermediary is long dead. If someone says something more specific like the numerous people naming being forced to have sex with Andrew or Dershowitz then we’d have something.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      Supposedly Epstein like to secretly videotape the men he set up with young girls. I’m hoping those are still floating around and will come out soon also. Like you said these journals aren’t worth much in an actual court. But video would destroy them.

  4. aquarius64 says:

    Clinton’s legacy is stained with another tardry association. There is a picture of Ghislaine Maxwell attending Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. Gigi had an aisle seat watching Bill walking Chelsea down the aisle.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      We all knew and know Bill is a sleezeball. But he isn’t running for president now. Or for any other office either. That’s what we need to focus on.

  5. JaneS says:

    Vile, disgusting, criminals.
    Name everyone. Everyone.

  6. MoxyLady007 says:

    Every single one needs to be outed. I don’t care what political affiliation etc. If you raped women or children, abused trafficked humans – the world needs to know the predators lurking among them.

  7. Nikomikaelx says:

    So many politicians (No matter the party, gender, or country even) are like this, and the quicker people realize it the better.

  8. girl_ninja says:

    Whoever was there need to be exposed. Take em all down. Notice Jimmy Kimmel’s name isn’t in those documents. Aasshole Rodgers should be bitch slapped by Jimmy’s attorneys.

  9. TQ says:

    No question in my mind Clinton was having sex with victims Epstein and Maxwell were sending his way. While none of the victims who have come forward to date have explicitly stated they were trafficked to Clinton, no way Clinton was around all those women and didn’t partake given his many, many examples of sexual relations with/abuse of women in position of less power than him (Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, etc). He wouldn’t think twice about it, in my mind. I think the same with Trump — no one has named him, but he’s a known rapist (E. Jean Carroll, et al), and brags about sexually assaulting women (‘grab them by the p*ssy’), so of course he would partake. Now former New Mexico Gov and diplomat Bill Richardson was named by Giuffre as someone she was trafficked to, and mind bogglingly a bigger deal was not made of that. Richardson was a power player running with Clinton et al. These are all birds of a feather — politicians acting with impunity. They all need to be held to account.

    • pottymouth pup says:

      Trump has been accused of assault of a 13-year-old girl along with Epstein; she dropped her lawsuit due to threats

      • TQ says:

        Well spotted @pottymouth pup. I hadn’t seen this lawsuit against Trump and Epstein for rape. I just read Jane Doe’s Declaration from the case (trigger warning: and it’s horrific. Obviously they scared her into withdrawing the case. Despicable. But this is the way the powerful get away with this crap.

      • JEB says:

        Thanks for dropping the links above! I wrote a diatribe about Trump and because of his stolen SCOTUS picks and living in a red state I am now a woman who is a second class citizen stripped of bodily autonomy. Suffice to say I want to see nothing less than Trump bankrupt and rotting in a prison cell suffering like his many victims, dying a slow painful death. If he wins this election I’m not sure what my rage will propel me to do.

    • Bad Janet says:

      I question it. I’m under no delusions that Clinton is a wonderful person, but even psychopaths have limits, even if it’s only because they’re afraid of getting caught (which the smarter ones usually are; it’s usually the dumb and arrogant ones who get caught, like Trump). We know he is sleazy. It doesn’t mean that he would participate in sex trafficking, especially with minors.

      If it’s true, I hope it comes out. But that is a huge accusation to lob on a hunch and conjecture from another sleazebag who could have just been talking about what we ALL knew.

  10. JaneS says:

    To me, I don’t give one hot damn which party these wealthy men in power belong to, R or D.
    The vile abusers used their money, their power to victimize under age children.
    Under age children. Keep saying that until it sinks in.

    Dirty politics, bribes, cover ups, corruption etc. have lost the power to shock bc so common place.

    Name Everyone.

  11. tamsin says:

    All the women involved in the Clinton scandals were not young or underage. He is a slimy for sure, but I’m not sure is crimes are the same type as Andrew’s. Besides his sliminess, it seems that Clinton is also a well-known mooch.

    • TQ says:

      I disagree. Lewinsky was young, and definitely in a lower position of power, as was Paula Jones, just to name two examples. These women did not have equal agency in those dynamics with Clinton. Preying on people in lower power positions is abusive. That’s the arrogance of the powerful — feel they can take whatever they want without consequences.

      • Ameerah M says:

        She wasn’t a minor though. I know people love to infantilize Lewinsky but she was in fact an adult during their affair.

      • Libra says:

        And to add, he didn’t chase her; she went after him.

      • Jaded says:

        Lewinsky went after Clinton like a moth to a flame. When she got her internship at the WH she said to friends (I’m paraphrasing) — “Well I guess it’s time to put on the presidential kneepads!” She also had to be reassigned from her position with George Stephanopoulos because she kept flirting so outrageously with him. Paula Jones was a married woman, not an underage innocent. She also posed twice semi-nude for Penthouse magazine citing she had 2 kids to support after winning an $850,000 settlement from Clinton. There’s a big grey area there. BTW, she’s a MAGA and endorses Trump. That being said, I’m by no means supporting Clinton, he’s a well known philanderer and creep.

    • girl_ninja says:

      @Ameerah Exactly. People love to act like Monica was some teen girl who was persued by the big bad wolf. That was never the case. Was she immature and unserious yes. Was there a power disadvantage there? Absolutely. Bill Clinton is gross.

    • EPLFan says:

      Clinton’s lawyers have already released a statement along the lines of “he’s going to show up but wasn’t on the island or the ranch, so go ahead and release it all.” That’s a pretty bold statement from a lawyer and if you’d done something like Andrew has, probably wouldn’t have been made.

      And I did not know about the Richardson stuff until this morning but I almost worked on one of his campaigns when I was young and am now thankful I did not.

  12. Barnabus says:

    A list of names is just that, a list. Without evidence or testimonials there won’t be any charges. Even with evidence those involved can settle out of court. Other than public outrage, this information won’t yield much. Think about it, can Andrew or Clinton really be canceled? We know nothing will happen to the other guy.

  13. Gabby says:

    I don’t think this Clinton news is a surprise to anyone. This guy’s priority has always been finding his next piece of ass (can I say that here?) I want the evidence that brings down Bill Gates, because he’s dirtier than anyone thinks he is.

  14. Bumblebee says:

    ‘He likes them young’? Depends what your definition of young is. Doesn’t matter, all these men are abusers, different types, but abusers, and that’s what they will be remembered for. Clinton’s name is forever stained by what he did. And he hates that. For him, and people like him who want to be in history books, that is the worst punishment.

  15. Jaded says:

    No matter what good works Clinton has done over the years, he will forever be tainted by association with Epstein. Even if he just ogled the girls that Epstein and Maxwell trafficked, or was merely a voyeur, he HAD to have been aware that he’d willingly stepped into the cesspool of perversion by his association with such filth. He may never have touched one of those poor young women but for that he doesn’t get a cookie.

  16. bettyrose says:

    Can we all just universally agree to not vote for anyone on Epstein’s list? I can’t undo my two votes for Bill Clinton, but he was actually a really good president, if an awful person. The thing about Trump is that his rapist, pedophile tendencies ooze into everything he touches. He’s a monstrous human in every way.

    • ML says:

      BettyRose, Your comment about not voting for any politicians on that list is brilliant! We can’t take back our votes for Clinton (who is at best a sleaze), but in 2024 there are 2 front runners: Biden and Trump. Epstein and Trump have been photographed together, hung out in both NY and Florida together, and Trump has been accused of rape and abuse and likes to grab women by the p—-y. Joe Biden is not on Epstein’s list.

  17. JaneS says:

    #1. Why did Epstein have the custom painted portrait of Bill Clinton wearing an off the shoulder blue dress and red heels hanging in his NY Penthouse?
    Clinton has a long history of cheating, chasing women. He was def aware of Epsteins reputation, IMO.
    #2. I do not believe Epstein took himself out. I firmly believe Epstein was silenced.
    #3. Bill Gates is the big fish on the list, IMO. How often, witnesses, details of Bill Gates and Epstein involvements on that Island.
    #4. Prince Andrew, subpoenas from the FBI. Sweat him by top FBI agents, do not let him slime his way out.
    Every.single.person involved with under age victims must be brought to trial.
    Imagine if the guilty are actually facing prison charges. Break it open and charge them all.
    This could AND should be the case that brings down the hammer internationally.