Did Epstein keep tapes of Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton & Richard Branson? (update: denied)

Update by CB, as received from Virgin Press: In response to the false allegations published on Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 January 2024 and reported in the media, the Virgin Group has confirmed that the claim in question is false, baseless and unfounded.

A Virgin Group spokesperson confirmed:

“We categorically reject all allegations made by Sarah Ransome. In 2016, Ms Ransome retracted her claims and then in 2019 after settling her claims with Epstein and Maxwell, she also admitted to The New Yorker that the “tapes” had been “invented”. The allegations are baseless and unfounded.

“The actions of Jeffrey Epstein were abhorrent and we support the right to justice for the many victims impacted by his abuse.”

In 2016 SR retracted her claims and then in 2019 after settling her claims with Epstein and Maxwell she publicly admitted she had invented the story and through her own admission confirmed that her original claims were baseless. Any suggestion that Sir Richard Branson was involved in a “sex tape” is entirely false and will be treated with utmost seriousness.

For years now, there have been rumors that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell kept extensive blackmail/protection material involving powerful men abusing trafficked girls and women. I’ve always believed that there are tapes somewhere. I’ve always believed that Maxwell and Epstein held enough evidence to bring down many powerful figures in politics, business and law enforcement. Nothing has ever come to light, although there are plenty of rumors that when Epstein was first investigated and charged in 2005, law enforcement gathered a lot of the blackmail material from Epstein’s Florida mansion, and no one knows where that stuff is now. My point is that it’s not like one person – a trafficking victim – said “he has tapes” out of nowhere. There have been stories and rumors about all of this for a long time. Still, the newly unsealed Epstein Files show that one victim did claim that tapes exist of Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton and Richard Branson, but she later said she just made that up.

Sex tapes are alleged to have been taken of Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton and Sir Richard Branson by Jeffrey Epstein, court documents have revealed.

Sarah Ransome, who says she was a victim of Epstein, wrote in emails to a reporter in 2016 outlining claims the Duke of York, the ex-US president and the billionaire businessman were filmed having sex with her unnamed friend on separate occasions by the paedophile US financier.

A firm representing Epstein’s lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, highlighted the allegations to demonstrate Ms Ransome “manifestly lacks credibility”. The claims were included in hundreds of documents that a US judge has ordered to be unsealed as part of a civil claim by Andrew’s accuser Virginia Giuffre against Ghislaine Maxwell, which was filed in 2015 and settled in 2017.

Despite the defamation case being concluded seven years ago, the Miami Herald successfully fought to make the names and documents associated with it public.

Ms Ransome gave a victim impact statement ahead of Epstein’s former girlfriend and long-time associate Maxwell being sentenced for sex trafficking in 2022. A New Yorker article, released in 2019, reported Ms Ransome admitted “she had invented the tapes to draw attention to Epstein’s behaviour, and to make him believe that she had ‘evidence that would come out if he harmed me'”.

On behalf of Sir Richard Branson, a Virgin Group spokeswoman said: “In a New Yorker report published in 2019, Ransome admitted that she had ‘invented’ the tapes. We can confirm that Sarah Ransome’s claims are baseless and unfounded.”

Mr Clinton’s representatives have not commented after being approached by Sky News.

[From Sky News]

As I said, the root of this rumor is not Sarah Ransome just making up some wild story in 2016. Ransome, like Virginia Giuffre, was trying to be heard and trying to get justice. They were all trying to get people to pay attention to their situation, all while Maxwell and Epstein carried on like nothing happened (circa 2016, remember). I believe that tapes exist, or did exist at some point. There’s a reason why Trump’s AG Bill Barr ran to Ghislaine’s jail cell as soon as she was finally picked up and arrested. There’s a reason why Epstein’s 2019 arrest sent a cold chill down a lot of spines – people still believe that blackmail material is out there, somewhere. I absolutely believe that Andrew was dumb and degenerate enough to be caught on tape. But Bill Clinton? Richard Branson? I genuinely hope that neither man was involved in anything like this.

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  1. Genevieve says:

    I have very mixed feelings about Bill Clinton, but one reason I hope he wasn’t involved in anything serious here is because you *know* that the Q side of crazy will lose their minds over it, and start accusing Hillary of all sorts of stuff as well.

    • richie says:

      I think clinton was very much in it. Thats why they are protecting the material so much. If its trump the media might leak out long ago. Plus gates, bill ,andrew all went to that island. But the people forget that none of these men will ever see the punishment.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        If you think the media protects the Clintons, you haven’t been paying attention for the last 30 years.

      • TybeeLucille says:

        Prince Andrew dumb ass has a video be sure. The other prince in the documents? Either Tampon Kang or PeggySue, they always protect the heir and throw the spare out. Pedo prince has ish on Tampon or there would never have been a Christmas walk. It’s certainly not because Tampon is a Christian.

    • Kitten says:

      Maybe they can impeach Bill Clinton.
      But seriously, who effin cares what they think? If it’s not Clinton, it’s his wife, or Hunter Biden or Michelle Obama or *insert any powerful black woman’s name here* or drag queens or what-f*cking-ever. All they have are made-up boogey men and manufactured culture wars. They love to focus on Dems who have no power over their lives because that’s a neat distraction from the party that is hellbent on fascism. Just ignore the loonies.

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      The funny thing is Dems don’t want Clinton to have raped sex trafficked girls/women but we are not willing to protect him. Every Dem I know, myself included, wants *anyone* who participated in the sex trafficking to be punished.

      So if Bill did participate or know about the sex trafficking then lock him up.

      Literally, the only thing Dems care about in this situation is…is there evidence to back up the allegations. If yes, punish them. If no, then shut up and move on.

    • StarWonderful says:

      I wonder when the media will report that Trump was an associate of Epstein.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Clinton said (2019?) that he was never on the Island. Also, he did nothing when the Judge said the papers were going to be released. He didn’t try to stop the release and, in essence, just ignored it. The only thing I’ve heard, so far, is that someone else told someone that Clinton liked them young. I’m not going to hang my hat on what a man said to one of the girls (who are now women).

      What everyone needs to remember is that there were people who were invited various places by Epstein and did NOT know about his trafficking. Defamation is something to always keep in mind. Unless there’s a first-person report, we need to be careful about anyone we talk about.

      • Anon says:

        I do agree that people shouldn’t assume everyone who associated with Epstein was automatically guilty.

        That said, don’t know how old you are, so you may not remember, but Clinton was also associated with Ron Burkle under similarly questionable circumstances. In addition, Clinton looked the entire world in the eye and lied by saying he dis not have sexual relations with “that woman” Monica Lewinsky. It wasn’t just an affair, it was abuse of power with an intern when he was the leader of the free world. He and they continued to deny and smear her until he had to admit it. He may have had a good economic team and gotten the budget in shape, etc. His credibility is highly in question here.

        And that’s without getting into the Paula Joneses, etc. of the world.

        I’m still not saying he did it though.

  2. Sunshineinfiji says:

    I watched Branson openly hit on a news presenter on live TV years ago here in Australia, which was awkward and uncomfortable to watch. Ever since then I always wondered if there was a metoo story about him. And here we are.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      There has long been stories of how “hands-on” a boss Branson is with female employees so I am not surprised at this.

  3. sevenblue says:

    I remember, Virginia also said there was a computer room at one of Epstein’s mansions and he was recording his “guests”. There is no way that guy didn’t get some blackmail materials while serving them trafficked minors as an insurance policy. If that photo of Andrew didn’t exist, no one would believe Virginia and someone who takes photos of a powerful man with his victim would also put some secret cameras on the rooms. Secret service always protects powerful men in the name of national security. They (American intelligence) had a file on Charles’s fav pedo Louis Mountbatten, they didn’t do sh*t to protect children while he was alive.

    • Ponchorella says:

      I remember reading this. I think it was in the Miami Times article, but I’m not positive. Virginia said there was a control room and that the bedrooms all had cameras in them.

      The FBI found tapes, discs, and photos at Epstein’s NYC home in a locked safe, but did not have a warrant to secure them. When they returned with a warrant, they had conveniently disappeared. I believe that Bill Barr (who’s pervert daddy was Epstein’s first employer at an all girls school) was involved in their disappearance.

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      Remember, at least one safe was removed from JE’s island home when Barr was AG and *after* JE supposedly committed suicide— with a broken hyoid bone that comes as a result of manual strangulation. You bet your ass there’s something valuable and incriminating in it.

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      Back in my naive days I asked why the Secret Service didn’t report wrong doing when they saw one of their protectees committing a crime. My dad explained the Secret Service does not protect the public; they protect their protectee *from* the public.

  4. BeyondTheFringe says:

    I know Clinton is extremely smart in theory but he has proven to have had lacking, for want of a better word and to put it extremely mildly, judgment in the past when it comes to this arena.

    All I’m saying is I 💯 think he could have been that stupid. All those powerful men start thinking they are untouchable. And for good reason: most of them disgustingly are.

    • Karla says:

      I always thought that the true intellectual was always Hillary. He was just the front.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        Read the novel, Rodham, sometime, Karla. It’s an alternative history of what might have happened had Hillary never married Bill.

      • sid says:

        People who know have always said Hilary was the smarter of the two. Bill is absolutely very intelligent, but she is even more intelligent. The “issue” was/ is that she didn’t have his slick ways of working people over and getting them to fall for his “charm,” and that hurt her politically, in addition to the cuckoo right wing campaign against her. I was at an event many moons ago and got to see him in action. Dude worked the room like nobody’s business and had folks eating out of his hand. But I was like “okay.” Being Brooklyn-born and raised, let’s just say I know a sleazy hustler when I see one.

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        Bill is smart but Hillary is keenly intelligent. I just wish she had felt able to dump him back in the 90’s. I understand why she stood by him but he has been dead weight around her neck since the bj scandal.

    • Karla says:

      Thanks for the book reference and the insight!

  5. Amy Bee says:

    Where’s the outrage from the British press? They’re supposed to be calling for Richard Branson and Prince Andrew to be stripped of their titles.

  6. TQ says:

    100% believe there were tapes. This is not a stretch. There’s sufficient evidence on this. At least three victims — Giuffre, Araoz, Ransome — have talked about how Epstein’s NYC mansion and the Litte St James property had surveillance cameras in every room. The FBI raids showed them carrying out tapes. A lawyer for nine victims says the FBI has the footage from the raids: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2024/01/07/prince-andrew-epstein-documents-fbi-calls-interview-massage/zgf. I agree with @kaiser’s analysis that the tapes are how Epstein was able to blackmail the powerful.

    • StarWonderful says:

      I wonder whom Epstein was working for by ensnaring and gathering so much Kompromat on prominent people. Were any governments involved?

    • bisynaptic says:

      IIRC, there was also a very convenient fire on one of Epstein’s islands, a while back.

  7. equality says:

    Possibly Maxwell still has things hidden away in a “if something happens to me manner”. That may be why she is still alive.

  8. Melissa says:

    Not usually one of the tinfoil hat brigade, but I think that there’s likely some truth to the speculation that Epstein was funded by a major intelligence agency that was interested in generating blackmail material to leverage against anyone powerful and connected that they could honeytrap. There are so many unknowns about how he acquired his wealth, and Maxwell had a first degree connection to a major intelligence agency via her father.

    But even if you take that possibility out of the equation, it seems like a no-brainer to me that a man who was sick and controlling enough to traffic that many underage girls would also have hidden cameras in every single nook and cranny of his residences to 1) protect himself from being rolled on, 2) use the recordings for personal gratification and/or 3) generate blackmail material and exert his control over his powerful and connected guests, which could also help to explain the mystery of his finances.

    So yeah, 100% believe that everyone who ever visited his residences was being recorded from the moment they arrived.

    • Elle says:

      I mean, at present day, I almost always assume that I am being recorded at certain people’s homes entrances at the very least. We have the ring camera system for our front door. We are only mildly successful so the most interesting thing you’ll see on ours is if we ordered Indian food instead of the usual Italian food. We also have a doggie camera, haha, so we can watch our dog while we are gone for a longer period of time (like both of us gone for 8 hours which rarely happens because I work from home). But I was at a party recently for a friend and her mother came from significant money and currently maintains that money and has grown it. The party was at said mother’s mansion. There were probably hidden cameras in every other room that I doubt were turned on for this event because it was friends but wouldn’t surprise me at all if they were. So I believe these statements because it is too easy to make recordings. Easier now of course than it used to be but the technology did exist and I am sure they were utilized – for whatever reason. As you say, a few persuasive reasons why, and very few reasons why not.

    • Nic919 says:

      Maxwell’s father was either confirmed or strongly suspected to be working with Mossad and his death was always suspicious. So it’s possible.

    • StarWonderful says:

      Well said. I agree.

  9. TIFFANY says:

    I’m of the feeling if there was footage of #42, Epstein never would have saw a jail cell. His death brought more questions than answers.

    I think 42 used the private plane and did some fundraising events and that is about it. Bubba really didn’t need Epstein to get female attention and minors has never been his type. With over 40 years in the public and political eye, that would have come out sooner rather than later.

    • Pearl says:

      He liked them young. Monica L. was a junior intern.

      • TIFFANY says:

        She was 22 at the time that happen.

        Not a minor.

        I know what I wrote.

        The contortions some of yall do for that woman who showed you who she was, to this day, decades later.

      • Robert Phillips says:

        And she pursued him. So of course he accepted.

      • Jaded says:

        Monica went after him like a heat-seeking missile. Remember her comment about “putting on the presidential kneepads” when she got her internship? She also had to be removed from her position at George Stephanopoulos’ office because she was flirting with him so hard. Oh, and she’d had an affair with a married professor at uni and actually tried to befriend his wife, babysit their kids and ask her out for coffee dates. Girl was devious and determined, so all the nonsense about how Clinton groomed her is just that — nonsense.

      • Kitten says:

        Yes she has said that she pursued him and yes, she was an adult but are we really defending a president cheating on his wife with an intern because she was an adult who pursued him? Very effin weird…like, how hard is it to just to be a mature man with self-control and a loyal husband and just say no??? Also, let’s not pretend it wasn’t a two-way street. He made it clear that he was open and willing which is just fucking GROSS. It’s crazy how people lower their bar for their faves smdh.

  10. Basi says:

    British royal family and projection.
    Will there be an article today about Kate (and not Meghan!) being a “yacht girl” and ties to Prince Andrew and Richard Branson?

    • Nic919 says:

      Yes those pictures that resurfaced of Kate seeming to leave an event with Richard Branson in 2006 were an interesting coincidence.

  11. Kitten says:

    I can believe it. I also mostly don’t care beyond my empathy for the victims. I’ve never held Clinton in high regard so this isn’t some big fall from grace. I just hope every sh*tbag associated with Epstein and his crimes goes down.

  12. Becks1 says:

    Of course there are tapes. Maybe not of those specific men, but of course Epstein has tapes. There’s a reason his arrest sent so many into a panic.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I remember around the time of his death (or arrest) there were stories about boxes and boxes of items being removed from both his NY home and this island complex. Someone somewhere has those tapes.

      • Ace says:

        Yep, I think the most interesting question is who has those tapes.

        Maybe Maxwell has them but it’s unable to use them, which would be strange because she had plenty of time to set things up before whe was found and arrested. Or maybe she did set things up and that’s whay she’s still alive. They could be in the hands of another of Epstein’s associates who is keeping them for they need need some favours.

      • NotSoSocialB says:

        A/ some safes were removed from his properties, IIRC, *after* his death and while Barr was AG. Never heard anymore about the biggest catch and kill ever.

    • Dilettante says:

      And there were tapes in his Palm Beach residence from the time of his first arrest I believe. See the book by Julie Brown – Perversion of Justice.

  13. aquarius64 says:

    Tin foil tiara: I think Epstein did get Andrew and others on tape for blackmail and the woman recanted under duress. MI6 must be tearing its hair out because it exposes Andrew as a national security risk. E8 (Duke of Windsor) is proof the Crown can be compromised. The BRF is referring this mess to Andrew’s team. Sorry Windsors, particularly Charles, you own this mess when you let him stay at Royal Lodge, pay for his security and let him and Fergie join the Christmas church stroll.

  14. Libra says:

    Interrogate Andrews security team. They have the answers. Why the wait? I can’t be the only one who knows that he goes nowhere without security. (Being so special and all.)

    • Dot Gingell says:

      The Met Police already claimed his protection officers’ duty logs had been destroyed – how convenient.

  15. Chantal1 says:

    Of course Epstein has tapes. There were news reports of boxes removed from his mansion and the island when he was arrested and no one with common sense thought those were “tax records”. He was too connected across many industries and his billionaire status guaranteed a different level of protection (until he became a total liability, got convicted and “mysteriously” died while in jail).

    Smart criminals don’t keep compromising materials in only one location, and normally not where they live. Epstein had multiple residences in the US and in other countries. C-Rex should use the “power of the Crown” to investigate exactly what else Andrew has lied about re his Epstein related criminal activities that will blow up in their faces instead of trying to use the Crown and the BM to punish and stalk the Sussexes. Im sure the Met, RAVEC and Andrews protection officers will be happy to help their king. Ghislane should definitely be worried as once again, her knowledge about everything Epstein could be perceived as a liability and a danger…

  16. QuiteContrary says:

    To borrow from James Comey, Lordy, I hope there are tapes — I want all of the complicit people to be shown to be the disgusting human beings they are.

  17. JaneS says:

    Epstein must have been blackmailing as his main source of money and power.
    I wonder if any of the big fish will face police?
    I’m sure there is even more we don’t know, that may never come out.

    • Dilettante says:

      I think so too. Les Wexner and Leon Black, for example.

      • Mary Pester says:

        Yes there are /were? Tapes. What I mean is of course there were tapes, that was Epsteins and maxwells mo. Remember who her father was?, but do they still exist because I have a feeling Mr Barr and her brother might have an idea of where they are now. Landfill or a landmine waiting to go of!

  18. Libra says:

    Different take on the whole income issue. He did not blackmail but others did. He was well paid to do information gathering , most likely by a government already named. But he took the same information he was paid to obtain and resold it to various other governments who paid well to find out what government #1 knew about their people. He double dipped and was playing them all. If he was an assisted suicide, it was not one of his customers but one or more of the governments that caught on that they were all paying for the same Intel. What did Ghislaine know?

  19. Michelle says:

    I worked for a successful Fortune 500 CEO for years. He was atypical of many CEO types as he rose from the retail store ranks to his position and spent a great deal of time in the field. He always said that the “air is different in the C-Suites,” implying that the more time spend in the “bubble” the less time you spend in reality.
    I think some of these powerful men just thought the rules didn’t apply to them, they could do whatever they wanted.