E! News host Keltie Knight lost a 4 carat diamond on the carpet at the Globes

The Beverly Hilton was host not only to the Golden Globes Sunday night, but also to a jewelry mystery. I know it’s usually a “jewelry heist” or “murder mystery,” but the story is that a diamond — four carats! — is missing from a ring and it likely just fell out of its setting. Still, I think Rian Johnson could take these basics and fashion the next Knives Out movie out of it, if he so chose. The victim: Keltie Knight, E! News chief correspondent. The facts: Keltie posted an Instagram video during the day on Sunday while she was glamming up for the Globes in which you can clearly see the diamond. A later video confirms the diamond is still in place when she is on the E! News platform on the red carpet. The disappearance occurred while walking from the platform to the photo line, which Keltie says was a short distance. Once she realized the diamond was missing, Keltie got down on hands and knees scouring the red carpet, and E! News even did her a solid and put a story out in real time:

Calling all stars, calling all stars!

E! News’ Keltie Knight is dressed to the nines for the 2024 Golden Globes, but as she set up shop on the red carpet outside the Beverly Hilton, she realized the highlight of a very important accessory had gone missing.

“Hi everyone, Golden Globes emergency,” the host said in a quick video she posted to Instagram, holding up her hand boasting a ring with no center stone. “If you’re a celebrity and you see a four-carat diamond on the red carpet, please return it to Keltie Knight at E!, ‘cause it’s gone. And, um…it’s real.”

So that may have been why she was on her phone for a bit…

While the carpet is soon going to be aglitter with countless carats before the ceremony begins at 5 p.m. PT, here’s hoping the missing diamond turns up ASAP.

You can see by the time she was posing for photos on the carpet in her bejeweled pink gown by Khaled & Marwan Couture (long sleeves, smart, it’s L.A.-caliber freezing outside) that the diamond had gone missing.

And she didn’t specify whether it was her engagement ring from husband of 10 years Chris Knight that was down a crown jewel amid her earrings, etc. by Le Vian, but she was wearing the ring on that finger on her left hand, alongside her wedding band.

Naturally, like the pro that she is, Knight didn’t miss a beat as the stars started lining up for interviews, though we wouldn’t have begrudged her a mini-meltdown.

[From E! News]

As of this writing, the diamond has still not been recovered. Cue Benoit Blanc! We have had confirmation, though, that it was not her engagement ring. Well, not exactly. Keltie told People Mag that the ring was an anniversary upgrade to mark 10 years with her husband Chris Knight. She also told the magazine that at this point she thinks the diamond is either embedded in the red carpet, stuck to the bottom of someone’s shoe, or, she jokingly offered, caught in J.Lo’s rose cape. Good for her for keeping up a sense of humor while losing tens of thousands of dollars worth of personal jewelry. Not to rub salt in the (four carat) wound, but that setting was completely inadequate for a diamond ring, let alone one that size! It had no prongs! A four carat stone needs at least six prongs, minimum. If I teach you nothing else, let it be that.

Keltie, we wish you a swift reunion with your diamond… to be immediately followed by a trip to the jeweler’s to have it re-set!!

Update by Celebitchy: Please see the comment below by StartupSpouse for more on diamond settings. She says it’s not true that the stone needs six prongs and that it was loose due to the thin bezel.

Photos credit: Jennifer Bloc/Future Image/Cover Images, Getty and via Instagram

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  1. manda says:

    In case anyone is wondering…. no, she’s not married to Peter Brady, but a different Chris Knight.

    What a nightmare! I think some insurance policies cover losses like this

  2. StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

    Omg i hope she has insurance… id be crying

  3. Abby says:

    Ahh! I’m so sad it was her personal piece of jewelry. I would have lost it and had a hard time carrying on in that situation. I hope they find it!

    Side note, whenever I see anything about this lady, I’m always wondering “Is that Keltie from the Bachelor?” I used to watch the bachelor religiously around the 2007-2011 era, particularly the season with Brad Womack. Keltie is such a unique name, and I loved that contestant on his season. I just looked her up, and yep, it’s the same woman! She has made a really good career for herself since then! That’s so awesome.

  4. Isa says:

    I think that’s a bezel setting and they’re supposed to be the most secure.

    • My husband is a jeweler and I run the International Gem Society. A couple of things here:

      That is a bezel setting and they are very durable EXCEPT when the bezel is way too thin like it is here. This happens when people demand that their big diamond ring looks “dainty.” If you have a big stone, you need a lot of metal otherwise you are going to lose your stone.

      Money may not be an issue here and it may be insured, but generally speaking prices for lab-created diamonds (which ARE real diamonds and are indistinguishable without expensive equipment) are crashing (and, consequently, causing chaos in the industry). She can probably get a 4 carat replacement in lab for under $10k.

      @Kaiser, I’m a huge fan but it’s not true that you need a minimum of 6 prongs with a 4 carat stone 🙂

      • StartupSpouse says:

        Whoops it’s @Kismet not Kaiser. Sorry!

      • Isa says:

        Very true. The metal around the band seemed so thin and that’s why I wasn’t 100% positive about it being a bezel setting. I expected to see an empty bezel have more of a ridge around it to keep the stone in place, but I am far from an expert so it’s good to hear from someone who knows their stuff!

  5. Andrea says:

    Sure thing it was real. A real lab grown diamond ….

    • Startup Spouse says:

      Lab diamonds are real diamonds! The chemical properties are identical. The physical appearance is identical. The only difference is that it’s grown in a lab instead of the ground. Your local jeweler cannot distinguish between the two.

      The diamond industry has a vested interest in convincing people they are different but for consumer purposes like setting in an engagement ring they aren’t.

      • DeluxeDuckling says:

        But is it true that cutters aren’t as careful with lab stones? I feel like when I see a natural round brilliant, it’s more likely to have an excellent cut, whereas CZ round brilliants seem to be worse cut, even to the naked eye.
        I suspect I’m simply shopping in the wrong place. What would recommend for well cut CZ?

      • Startup Spouse says:


        Not in my experience. I have a lab grown diamond and it’s stunning.

        It’s also important to clarify that lab grown diamonds are not CZs. A cubic zirconia is a totally different stone that is used as a simulant for a diamond (or a substitute).The chemical properties are different. A lab grown diamond is chemically and physically a diamond.

        Also be careful looking at how cuts are described. Every retailer has its own cut grading system, which is (intentionally) confusing. They also have “custom” cuts to make it even more confusing.

        I don’t know if I’m allowed to make retailer recommendations here? All of the big online jewelry retailers sell lab diamonds. Figure out what your budget is and then optimize for color and clarity.

    • Bad Janet says:

      I’m certified in jewelry sales from another job. Lab grown diamonds ARE real diamonds. They are not MINED diamonds. Even though they’re grown under controlled conditions, each is still unique. All those factors that determine a diamond’s value – cut, color, clarity, carat – don’t just appear because the diamond happens to be lab grown.

      Personally, I am glad to see it. Diamonds are beautiful, but the industry is horrific. I would never buy one knowing what I know now. I don’t even buy lab grown diamonds. Moissanite is a 9.5 on the Mohs scale, they sparkle like nobody’s business, and only people who know jewelry can tell the difference between good moissanite and a diamond. I upgraded my .5 princess cut engagement ring to a 2 carat emerald cut moissanite ring for $300, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Even better, I know nobody died for it because I know where the stone was made.

      • Isa says:

        @deluxe – a CZ is not the same thing as a lab diamond. Lab diamonds are the same as a diamond, but CZ and moissanite are different stones with different properties. Idk where to get CZ stones, but the moissanite and lab diamond subs on Reddit are very helpful.

  6. Delphine says:

    I feel very confident that it was insured and that is why she was able to maintain her sense of humor.

    • Bad Janet says:

      Sometimes you have to keep a sense of humor so you don’t lose your mind. Our brains are super protective and switch into defense modes without us even choosing them.

      She still had a job to do, anyway. No sense getting fired AND losing a four carat diamond in the same evening. I would hope her employer would understand, but this industry is brutal.

  7. JanetDR says:

    We had a big party on our deck to celebrate our daughter’s wedding post covid- well the first covid. (It was a destination wedding at the end of 2019 so had to wait for a couple of years).
    At one point she looked down and realized that her diamond had fallen out. It’s a very large deck which is semi suspended over a small creek and everyone was eating or dancing.
    One of her friends found it within minutes. Thank goodness. So many places that it could have gone!