Selena Gomez in Oscar de la Renta at the Emmys: fabulous or falls flat?

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Selena Gomez went to the Emmys with her boyfriend Benny Blanco last night, which the E! hosts were buzzing about. I’m happy for her, I just find her a little tiring, you know? She looked gorgeous in this Oscar de la Renta gown, made from 450,000 sequins! The design is somewhat off to me, like the tendril things look like fingers or hands, but she still rocked it. The center stone of her necklace is 35 carats alone! Sometimes I see the jewelry these celebrities wear and I think about Ocean’s 8. I hope they have good security!

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Her makeup and hair are so pretty.

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Nominee Natasha Lyonne was in Schiaparelli again, she also wore that designer to the Critics Choice Awards, and I liked that white spikey dress much better. This silver gown with starburst breast plates was weird, but that’s Natasha. Natasha did the candy conveyor belt skit from I Love Lucy with Tracee Ellis Ross, but only Tracee dressed up for that! It was fun, but it happened toward the end of the night and it looked like the attendees just wanted to go home. I appreciated all the classic TV reunions and homages last night. That was much more entertaining than the boring jokes we usually get.

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Tracee Ellis Ross wore a white Sportmax breastplate and skirt, making her look like a statue. This is different and kind of cool-looking and Tracee pulls it off, like she usually does.

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Nominee Rhea Seehorn was in green paisley sequin Naeem Khan. I liked this better on camera than I do in photos. It’s a little overdone but she looks lovely. I would swear Rhea has an Emmy, but she’s been nominated three times and doesn’t have one yet.

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  1. Snaggletooth says:

    Does anyone else feel like everyone is pushing the envelope in one way or another, whether color, cut, styling, whatever. I’ve seen very few pale pageant/mermaid gowns thank goodness.

    I think Selena’s dress would look better with a slicked-back, center-part bun.

    But ultimately I’m happy about all the risk taking. Yes please!!

  2. Ameerah M says:

    Selena’s red carpet style continues to veer between tragic (that heinous Armani) to boring (this dress). Love Tracee’s look. I think Natasha got one of the lesser Schiaparelli dresses. Rhea’s dress is pretty but basic.

  3. Nikomikaelx says:

    Not naming any names (cause dont wanna be rude), but i really do not understand why so many celebs (and many “normies” now too) insist on getting veneers, 90% time they look like they dont fit your mouth.

    • Chaine says:

      Not naming any names either, but the veneers she got actually make her look older! They are so white and uniform that they remind me of dentures.

  4. Courtney says:

    Rhee Seehorn was robbed last night. The scene where Kim breaks down on the bus on BCS was just outstanding. I love Jennifer Coolidge, but she’s already been rewarded for White Lotus whereas Rhee Seehorn has gone home empty handed yet again for BCS. Also – I like her dress a lot, but I’m sucker for pretty much any green gown.

    • Marigold says:

      1000% agree. Voters failed her last night. I like White Lotus and find it entertaining but Coolidge’s acting (and the material given to her) has nothing on Rhea’s and her body of work on BCS.

  5. Krista says:

    I dislike Selena’s personality so much it’s hard for me to see this and be objective.

  6. Amy says:

    Ok guys, I’m just gonna say it. Selena’s shape wear/liner under the dress is the wrong color and it ruins the look for me.

  7. JenCF says:

    I am usually an OdLR fan and love this style of dress, but this one doesn’t really look good on Selena. That bodice design is for a smaller bust-it doesn’t look like she’s being properly supported. Overall, it looks flimsy to my eyes. I think the pattern should be at a slightly smaller scale and denser.

  8. Yup, Me says:

    Tracee’s dress was gorgeous from the back. She posted a video to her IG where her camera person was like “I like seeing you come but I love to watch you go.” Or something and Tracee played back. It was great because it was so true. Tracee’s butt is like “DAMN!” in that dress.

  9. Beech says:

    Is Selena Gomez any good in the series? I thought she was a singer, how did she get cast?

  10. phlyfiremama says:

    I think this is one of Selena’s best ever looks. I also love Natasha’s.