Amy Robach & TJ Holmes: We’re still together after airing our relationship problems

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As you all know, I like to call out the ridiculousness that Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes bring to their podcast, “Amy & T.J.” It’s clearly their way of trying to stay relevant and in the headlines, but some of the things that they’ve revealed on it have been cause of major side-eye or eye rolls. Basically, their audio medium really ends up putting our eyes to work. The gossip fun kinda took a non-fun turn, though, when the couple shared that they were in the middle of doing Dry January. They confessed that they drank a lot in 2023. T.J. estimated 18 drinks a day and Amy’s count was at least 30 drinks per week. It didn’t take long for “sources” at their former Good Morning America gig to spill that their cups were overflowing well before they were living that unemployment life. Honestly, knowing they began drinking well before lunchtime kinda explained everything else.

Things took yet another turn (in which direction, I don’t know) during this week’s podcast, when the pair were emotionally tense and shared that they were having some issues in their relationship. I guess “people” were worried and spread the word to anyone who wasn’t listening that there were problems. But, don’t worry, y’all. Don’t believe these unfounded rumors. Despite the drama that they gave us themselves, T.J. and Amy are okay! They even took to Instagram to film a video reassuring us.

“We just wanted to check in and let you know that, despite what you’ve been hearing, we are still together,” Holmes, 46, said in the clip as he walked arm-in-arm with Robach, 50, on the streets of New York City. We’re hearing from a lot of you all on our latest episode of the podcast. It was something we really struggled and debated about whether or not we should even put out there — but at this point I’m glad we did.”

“Yeah, I am too,” Robach agreed, explaining that, “our larger goal in putting out our latest episode was to show that, yes we like to show pictures of us smiling like everyone else and laughing on social media, but if we want to be real and we want to be transparent we wanted to show all the sides of us and I would say most relationships. So we hope that all you get something out of it and we hope you keep coming back.”

Robach added in the caption, “We’re still together 🙂 If you’ve already listened to today’s episode on Amy and T.J., you’ll understand! If you haven’t, click the link in my bio to hear for yourself and let us know how you handle communication and conflict in your relationships!”

In the latest episode of their podcast, Robach and Holmes got into a heated discussion over their communication issues as she confronted him for being “moody” and not opening up to her when he has what he admitted are his “really bad days.”

“I’d love for you to do is to confide in me, to lean on me, to share with me so that we’re a part of the solution together,” noted Robach of the couple, who revealed that the issue has led to many arguments between them.

Going on to admit that his partner “won’t like” his answer about why he doesn’t let her in on his bad days, Holmes explained, “Because when things get that kind of bad and I’m that kind of focused or that kind of quiet, the last thing in that moment I want to do is to tell you what I need. That is how I feel, and that is the truth. Not that I think it’s your responsibility. Well, you should just know.”

The pair also spoke about the “pressure” of losing the careers that were “unfairly taken” from them when their romance was made public, with Robach becoming tearful as she told Holmes, “love is a choice I believe, and I have chosen to love you.”

Earlier in the podcast, Holmes had revealed that their latest episode was filmed as a “surprise” to Robach and iHeart Radio producers as they admitted they weren’t in a good place at the time before recording.

“We weren’t expecting to record one today,” he explained. “It’s going to be a surprise to our iHeart team that even we have this podcast and it’s even a surprise to Robach who is sitting here next to me, not in studio. We are in our living room right now.”

“We ain’t right. You and I aren’t okay right now,” Holmes continued. “I said, ‘You know what? Let’s set up and do a podcast.’ ”

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This is all pretty heavy and sounds like they both need individual therapy first and foremost. I suspect that T.J. being “moody” and having “really bad days” is most likely a detox side effect from suddenly stopping the habit of basically drinking all day long. If they’re still doing Dry January – or even if they’ve drastically cut back – they’re not getting their daylong dopamine hits and nonstop sugar fix. I really hope he’s doing this under a doctor’s supervision.

That said, I have (obviously) been keeping an eye on any Amy and T.J. gossip that comes across my screen, and I had not heard anything about them being on the rocks. I mean, I generally always assume that they’re perpetually on the rocks whether they realize it or not, but I must have been washing my hair or something when that round of minor headlines came out. Or maybe they didn’t come out and the Insta post is doing that work for them. Honestly, after the Dry January pod, I wondered if they would have a chill couple of eps or if they’d feel the need to up the ante. I guess now we have our answer. Lordy, their datin’ exes Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig must be counting their blessings so hard right now.

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20 Responses to “Amy Robach & TJ Holmes: We’re still together after airing our relationship problems”

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  1. Amy Bee says:

    They’re just so exhausting. Hopefully they will both get new news gigs soon because this podcast is not it.

  2. Nanea says:

    “We’re still together”

    Right, *still*.

    While I don’t want anything bad to happen to people, those two are tempting fate. And right now I don’t see them going the distance, not even with a lot of therapy.

  3. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    They both sound exhausting to be with, especially TJ. Neither sounds particularly healthy, mentally or emotionally, so being/staying together will be extra hard and stressful. As Kaiser said, therapy and lots of it, is definitely needed.

  4. MrsCope says:

    Nobody reacted to their “I gave up a lot for love/what does that mean?” Fight episode. I saw one headline and was not interested in reading about the sad trainwreck that is this relationship. So they decided to “reassure” people that they’re ok, to get some more attention. They really are a sad pair. I hope the exes are curled up on the couch wearing warm socks, snuggling and enjoying coffee while “I think I like this little life” plays in their heads.

  5. Mamalama says:

    She always sounds clingy. He always sounds like an immature asshole. (“We weren’t in a good place, so I thought “let’s set up for a surprise podcast!”) . Neither can read a room. Let’s throw in Dry January for a couple of functioning alcoholics – what could go wrong?!

  6. Caitlin says:

    This has to be tough for her daughters. How can she possibly have a good relationship with them?

  7. NikkiK says:

    I will be shocked if they end up staying together. I think they’ll be done by summer. TJ is moody because he’s experiencing regret, lol. He seems to really like the seedy aspect of having an affair; it’s probably not so fun anymore since he’s not cheating.

    • nutella toast says:

      This. Being secretive, sneaking around, almost getting caught, planned rendezvous, can have an addictive “rush” to it – they’ve already put it out there that they over do things in other areas – she might want to “do the work”, but that’s a LOT of heavy emotional lifting relatively early in a relationship, and he is probably doing the podcast because it’s the work he can get right now. He has to stay on the radar somehow. It sounds exhausting and I’m not even the one “doing the work”. Whew.

  8. Lizzie Bathory says:

    Simultaneous mid-life crises are not love, my dudes.

  9. nisa says:

    My two cents: they both mistake drama and tension for passion, as if living with a constant knot in your stomach is love, and I do think the fact that their exes are happily dating each other is driving them crazy. People like this need to feel like they “won” (see Ariana G). The exes moving on so quickly does not fit that narrative. I’m entertained while it lasts, which won’t be long.

  10. Visa Diva says:

    They need therapy, not a podcast

  11. Sue says:

    Omg so much information we didn’t ask for, don’t need, don’t care about, and will forget. Bring on the breakup already.

  12. Mslove says:

    The only thing I got from this is TJ is mad because Amy wanted to talk and he wanted to sulk. Gawd, that is so fascinating. Just kidding.

  13. Roo says:

    I don’t understand what they hope to accomplish with this podcast. If they are looking for jobs – I’m assuming they need jobs because that severance won’t last forever – the airing of such heavy family laundry doesn’t help get them on either a clean/bubbly morning show or serious evening show. They should be interviewing politicians and doctors and policy makers to show they still have their skills, not talking about being moody for days.

    What am I missing?

    • Claire says:

      The only thing that I can guess is that they must be delusional and TJ at least is probably also a narcissist. I don’t know why they think this podcast is a good idea. The whole point of the podcast seems to be just them talking about their toxic relationship and their substance abuse issues? Definitely not going to help them ever find a real job.

    • FYI says:


      They aren’t being smart about this at all. The career and sex decisions have both been driven by narcissism. NO ONE CARES about your relationship, especially since it started with cheating. So that is not an appropriate subject for a podcast. How many episodes did you think to get from that? Instead, do what you (allegedly) do professionally — talk about the news, interview people, chase stories. Be interesting!

  14. MaryContrary says:

    They are a mess individually and a steaming hot mess together. No one is concerned that the two of you are together or not except the two of you. Talk about delusional. It’s not even the blatant cheating-it’s the cringe oversharing and the admissions that you’re both alcoholics and emotionally stunted. And who is advising them that airing all of this is a good idea for two journalists-that it’s going to be an uphill climb to get hired somewhere after their inevitable breakup.

  15. AmyB says:

    Everything I know about these two insufferable, exhausting people has been against my will 🤣

  16. Lau says:

    Together they are like a huge red flag.