King Charles disclosed his prostate issue so people wouldn’t ‘think the worst’

People Magazine has an incredibly weird “exclusive” about why King Charles chose to disclose his enlarged prostate issue while the Princess of Wales declined to reveal much about her planned abdominal surgery. People Mag devoted an entire article to this one quote from a palace source: “It was sensible to be more open about it, as otherwise, people might have thought the worst.” Derp, why didn’t we think of that. I agree – the head of state or a significant senior royal should disclose medical issues so people won’t spin crazy conspiracies or think the worst. Robert Hardman, Charles’s biographer, is also doing the most to praise the king for talking about his prostate:

Hardman on the king’s announcement coming after KP’s: “When I heard the second announcement, I thought, ‘Is this a repeat?’ I thought it was just extraordinary to have two major royal medical bulletins on the same day within a couple of hours. I think what was equally surprising was that level of detail [in Buckingham Palace’s statement]. I think it says a lot about the new tone, the new style of the monarchy. The king’s release was extremely personal. I’ve never seen words like ‘enlarged prostate’ in a Buckingham Palace report before. But he’s taken a view that if you are a monarch, you lead. And one of the things he can do is lead by example. And in Britain, in the last 24 hours, online searches for ‘prostate cancer,’ ‘prostate enlargement’, the keywords have gone up. I think the latest figures are a thousand percent.”

Charles is doing what celebrities do: “What he’s done is very similar to what a number of celebrities, well-known public figures do when they face something personal – they talk about it to raise levels of awareness. It’s part of what we’ve seen the king’s sons do – both William and Harry. They talk about things like mental health. And a few years ago, no royal would talk about mental health. Now both of them do. So I think what all of this points to is a greater degree of transparency. They’re not obviously going to suddenly let the cameras in and film everything, but it’s definitely a move toward a greater openness with the media and with the public.”

[From Fox News]

As I’ve said before, I agree with all of the praise Charles has gotten for disclosing everything and projecting a sense of calm. The release of information was smart of Charles and his team. But as this goes on, Charles’s disclosures have a side benefit for him: he’s putting the spotlight on the truly odd/squirrelly way in which William and Kate operate as future king and queen.

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  1. ML says:

    I’m sort of on the fence about this. If KC wants to let people know why he’s going in to the hospital, props to him for normalizing prostate surgery. I would understand if he had chosen not to as well. In the States, where I’m from, it’s normal to hear why someone was hospitalized. If a celebrity dies, it’s normal to tell the public the cause of death. I know if the people I vote for are married or not… Where I live, private life is considerably more private. The Dutch’s PM—I have no problem idea if he’s in a relationship or what his orientation is. When celebrities die, they often do not say why. My husband doesn’t think it’s anyone’s business why Kate’s been hospitalized (I admit to being curious), because if she were Dutch, we probably would not know either. I do think whatever she has is serious.

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      This would have blown over quickly if KP hadn’t screwed up the messaging.

      1. They put out a vague statement (which is fine, Kate does not have to disclose her medical issues).

      2. The hypocrisy from Kate wanting privacy during a medical/mental health event vs how Kate and William treated Meghan when Meghan was going through a mental health crisis is stunning.

      3. William greatly compounded things with his ridiculous “I can’t work because my wife can’t work and who will think of the children(‘s school run) and I can’t possibly do any work while my wife is away from home and my kids are in school!” nonsense.

      4. The lack of visitors for Kate. William visited once and yet now he expects people to believe he and his royal convoy of protection officers (which Harry is not allowed even though his appearance at a movie premiere was so powerful he is about to start World War III because of his communist ties to Russia(wtf) and China(seriously, wtf?) have visited 8 days in a row.

      5. Speaking of which, how dare Harry and Meghan go to a movie when his dad and sister in law are on death’s door? Even though Anne, Edward, and Sophie not only have said absolutely nothing to support Kate during this time, they are going on with their regular scheduled events.

      6. King Tampon has allegedly visited Kate but her own actual family and kids haven’t seen her?

      It’s all so ridiculous and the BRF keeps making it worse every day. So yeah. there is going to be a boatload of speculation about Kate and her health. But hey, at least we’re not talking about Andrew anymore…

      • Southern Crone says:

        I agree. This is a think because of the bad press management/ public relations. The news came out in drips – she had surgery, then the update on how long the recovery will be, then oh, wait, it’s going to be even longer. And it’s clear they didn’t do any backgrounding i.e. off the record briefing to the media. So you have the rota going full drama – Liz Jones’ unhinged column. She doesn’t have to disclose everything, they just need a competent statement. Kaiser continues to be right – these jokers can’t manage their way out of wet paper bag.

      • Christine says:

        Every single thing you said.

    • Jais says:

      Honestly, it’s still speculation to think she has something serious. KP’s messaging has been amateur and invited that speculation. KP is definitely secretive so it’s impossible to say what’s happening. Not saying it’s not serious but that we have no idea the degree and whether it’s life or death. I’d like to think that Kate is going to have a healthy recovery whatever it is. All I know is that Charles is pointedly schooling KP and I’d like to think that if it was really serious he wouldn’t be trying earn one-up points. Although it is the Windsors so🤷‍♀️

      • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

        He disclosed so people wouldn’t think the worst. So we should be thinking the worst for kkkhate unfortunately. Everything they did the past was always to protect the crown. So what do they have to hide for Prince William about Kate?

      • Christine says:

        I agree, and they are not doing themselves any favors at KP. By this point in time, had it been a simple surgery that she is about to be sprung from the hospital from (P.S. No whiff of cancer), the Middletons would be out and proud, and the fact that they are not is why this all rolls back on Willnot.

        The Middletons have said nothing. Everything in the media about how they are taking care of George, Charlotte, and Louis is speculative, “it is understood” or “believed”.

        Not one Middleton has made a statement. And this is a family who desperately want to be relevant, all of the time.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      @ML, here in the States we recently learned that the Secretary of Defense, high in the line of succession to the presidency, tried to cover up the fact that he had surgery for prostate cancer. When he had to return to the hospital because of complications, the whole thing blew up in his face. Now, he faces calls to resign and some want him impeached. We may be more open here, especially when it comes to women’s health, but many men are still very resistant to talking about their prostates or even less sensitive men’s health issues. It’s that old John Wayne syndrome; it’s about giving the impression that men are immortal and any sign of illness is considered weakness. We still have a ways to go unfortunately.

      • BQM says:

        My hubby served almost 30 years. He was shocked at Austin. He is one of the people with the nuclear codes. His deputy can fill in for most things but he doesn’t get those. For him to be potentially incapacitated without informing the White House? That’s huge.

  2. FuefinaWG says:

    All I see from this is… the RF does not age well…

    • Jaded says:

      The Queen lived to 96, Prince Phillip to 99. Prostate problems are very common in men over 65. They may look old as dirt but they typically live long lives.

  3. Yes Chuckles has done this the right way and there are no speculations or conspiracy theories about what is happening with him. Peg and Can’t want to be treated like king and queen but only when it is convenient for them. They are doing a crap job of things with whatever problems she is having and now there is speculation. If they can’t even get this right just think how poorly they will do when or if Peg becomes king.

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      At this point, I can only believe there is an entire regiment of staff constantly handing William and Kate (gold, bejeweled) rakes for them to set in front of them every hour so they can step on them and get whacked in the face.

      Nothing else explains how they and their office staff are so damn bad at…everything.

    • Becks1 says:

      His team has handled this well – there’s no speculation about what exactly is wrong with him, and he’s brought awareness to a health issue that some may feel weird talking about. I mentioned this last week, but apparently the NHS website for prostates traffic increased 1000% after his announcement. That’s great!

      Contrast that with the shitshow coming from KP and their rota minions and its really a stunning difference.

  4. Shai says:

    I mean, he did have the right idea. He doesn’t need to give details, but a person in his position benefits from just saying the reason behind a hospital stay. Then that’s basically it, no other articles/stories about it are necessary. All this shows how incompetent KP is because Will & Kate are basically useless.

  5. Chantale says:

    This also puts Bully Boy in his place,. Look people the king is transparent and the might be future king and his boring wife are not. I must admit I despise Bully Boy’s team more than Chucky and his mistress wife.

  6. Amy Bee says:

    He’s the Head of State. He’s obligated to disclose his health issues. All the secrecy around the Queen’s health did her a disserve as the Palace ushered her to her grave.

    • Nic919 says:

      Also he has scheduled events and he can’t just cancel them without explaining them. People would notice.

      The same can’t be said for Kate because she is irrelevant to the running of the government. Despite all the secrecy and twisted information, the one thing this episode has shown is just how extraneous Kate is in terms of any official function. Being away for months won’t grind the country to a halt.

  7. Maremotrice says:

    “..a few years ago, no royal would talk about mental health”.
    I’m sure it was way more than “a few years ago” when Diana talked about eating disorders, or does that not count because she was only a married-in?

  8. Pajala says:

    I have a weird theory about King Charles’ health. A friend who is an astrologer (and very well-regarded by people who respect astrologers) said last year that King Charles’ astrological chart suggested that Chuck may only be king until THIS YEAR: 2024. We know he would not abdicate. I thought god forbid he is the victim of violence (which we would wish on no one). I’m now thinking: what if his surgery were to reveal late-stage cancer? What if he were to succumb to cancer or abdicate because he is too ill to lead? Despite Charles’ fussiness about putting toothpaste on a toothbrush or having a pen holder block his desk, I could see him being arrogant enough to not closely monitor his own health. Wasn’t he cavalier in younger years about his various injuries when being thrown from a horse, etc.? I wonder what Bulliam’s astrological chart says about 2024.

    As for Princess Catherine, I think she’s being treated for bulimia or possibly a pill addiction. All those weird expressions she made at various events struck me as someone not drunk but overanimated on pills. But bulimia, based on her finger injuries and her emaciated frame, makes the most sense to me. And I’m sure she isn’t at that hospital – maybe at the Swiss place where Sarah is recovering?

    • Astroinst says:

      Well Nostradamus did say he who was not “assigned” king would become king. Maybe health takes care of a Charles and health/ego/secrets takes care of William (he has a lot of secrets he’s hiding and are hidden for him.

      In the meantime Harry is operating as a “king” across the world stage thriving while dad and brother are incapacitated. Idk my tinfoil theory.
      I wonder if it’s a spiritual crowning versus an actually physical one.

  9. Mary Pester says:

    Have they all forgotten that Diana talked about her own mental health (depression) and eating disorder, she said they were linked and she has been proved right.
    But, I nearly fell out of my bed because his article admits that Charlie has TWO sons who have both discussed their mental health, but of course only Williams is important to this shower.

  10. Guest says:

    What day did Kate have surgery? The 10 day stay have pass has it not.