Jonny Lee Miller is a volunteer firefighter in Long Island, he was already out on a call

One of the things I’ve always loved the most about Jonny Lee Miller is that he’s never had a bad word to say about his first wife, Angelina Jolie. Jonny and Angelina remained close friends after their divorce, and in 2021, I was obsessed with the idea that they could get back together. They went out to dinner in Beverly Hills! She visited his apartment in New York! She moved to New York last year! Come on! Unfortunately for my reunion fantasy, Jonny is currently in London, working on a play in the West End. The play is A Mirror and the first run was well-received. In any case, JLM recently chatted with the Guardian about the play, the 1990s, Trainspotting and the fact that he’s become a volunteer firefighter in Long Island!! OMG.

The best and worst parts of returning to the UK for a play: “Well, I get to see people I haven’t seen, which is a gift. But at the same time you can’t watch football on television on a Saturday, when they play the games, which is just a constant source of bemusement and makes me furious. So that’s a problem.”

Qualifying as a volunteer firefighter: “Yeah, just when I was leaving last summer to come to the Almeida, I did get to go on my first fire. The siren goes off, our pagers go off, and I ran out of my house, and I could smell the smoke in the air, so it was very close. And the pager tells us that we have a residential structure fire, which is serious. So it was nerve-racking and you just don’t want to make a mistake. But we actually managed to get this fire put out before it took two houses, and nobody got hurt. So it was the perfect call-out really.

Trainspotting is a treasured memory: “Of course. I owe so much to that experience. Especially the older you get, the more you look back and think: “Wow, how lucky to have been involved in something like that.” Whatever else happens, you can always be proud of that.

He’s always felt like he didn’t fully capitalize on Trainspotting’s success: “Yeah, but it’s not something that bothers me. It’s just life. Everything worked out great, really. I was secretly ambitious, but I didn’t really know how to execute that or take advantage of certain opportunities. But it’s all good, because I’m here in a freezing-cold church rehearsing a play!

His own experience as a ‘90s guy: “I can’t remember! Look, just absolute joy is what pops into my head. You’re in a successful movie, so you get to hang out with Oasis and stuff like that, and I just loved all that sh-t. We were young and having fun, so no harm done really. It’s the time when you’ve just left home and you’re figuring out how to negotiate your career path, people and relationships. But I’m glad it’s all over though!

Being in high profile relationships before social media: “Yep. I can’t really imagine… And I don’t know how people navigate that when they’re doing the kind of sh-t I was doing.

Playing John Major in The Crown: “One hundred per cent changed my perspective. I was raised in a very, very socialist household, but the more I read about Sir John, the more I liked him. He’s one of the most misunderstood politicians ever: he was very magnetic and had a great sense of humour. That’s actually how Peter Morgan [the creator of The Crown] described him to me. He said: “He’s George f–king Clooney!” Oh right, what am I doing here then?

His plans for his future: “I don’t live extravagantly and I’d like to be able to make enough money acting so that I can be a firefighter and a parent as much as possible. My child is everything to me. And I don’t need to work for the sake of it, so the less work I do, the more I can put into it. My dream is to not be on everyone’s screens too much, but to make it good when I am.

[From The Guardian]

Gah, I might have to do an Elementary rewatch after the Australian Open – I need to watch JLM in action again. Anyway, I adore him and I think it’s cool that he has great memories of the ‘90s but he has no regrets about where he is now. He seems at peace. I began following him on Instagram at some point and he’s really into martial arts (but not in a creepy way) and he just seems to live quietly in New York with his son and at least one dog and cat? His volunteer-firefighter stuff is amazing too. Please, he and Angelina would be perfect together now, after all of this time. Sob.

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  1. Lurker25 says:

    I miss his hair!!! I know, I’m shallow.

    He’s a super intense, cerebral/inward guy who also likes maximum physical effort/challenges, who lived a lot and now just wants a quiet life with his child.

    So basically, male Angelina Jolie.

    I’m firmly on the get-back-together train, too. Choo Choo!!!!!!

    • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

      Im gonna say that I should know better but i wish he had hairplugs because im on this blogsite. But in real life, a hard working, loyal man, who has good values and takes care of his family is what I go for, hair or not.

  2. Glamarazzi says:

    Wait – they can’t watch the football live on tv in the UK? Whaaaaatttt??

    He seems really grounded and has good perspective on his life and career, it’s nice to read about someone who isn’t a raging egomaniac for a change!

    • Ameerah M says:

      Right?! How is that not an option in 2024?!

    • Cecil says:

      I think he might mean football in the British senses of the word, and I also think he might mean he can’t watch it because he’s doing matinees on Saturday afternoons, not because the UK doesn’t air it!

      • Glamarazzi says:

        Oh ok, that’s different! Yes I assumed he meant British football, but why he couldn’t watch it on tv was my question. If he’s working during those hours, whose fault is that? 😉

      • Ameerah M says:

        That makes a bit more sense lol!

      • Jessica says:

        There’s actually a TV blackout on all football/soccer games from 2:45 to 5:15 PM on Saturdays in the UK, supposedly because of fears that if Premier League and other top European league games were televised during that time it would hurt attendance at lower leagues (which play almost all of their matches on Saturdays at 3 PM)

      • Lissen says:

        @Jessica: excellent and concise summation of Article 48. 🙂

        @Ameerah M: That’s the same question posed by Rob McElhenney & Ryan Reynolds in “Welcome to Wrexham” docuseries. lol

  3. Ameerah M says:

    This may sound mean – but the lack of hair bothers me. I’m sorry. What can I say. It’s really cool that he does volunteer firefighting!

  4. tamsin says:

    I loved Elementary and I thought the concept of a female Watson was brilliant. Both Miller and Liu were excellent, although the writing was very uneven.

  5. Kitten says:

    “I was raised in a very, very socialist household”

    Man, everything about this guy is so humble and refreshing. Alas, my firefighter fantasy died when I met my medic husband lol—so many terrible stories. But that’s probably less about the profession itself and more about the frat-like atmosphere in firehouses and the like.

    • Deering24 says:

      Really? Can you spill a tale or two? First I’ve heard of firefighters not being all that…a shame….

  6. Bettyrose says:

    I didn’t realize he primarily lived in the US. Firefighters are 🔥. Saw a crowd of them in uniform performing some kinda ceremony (new truck?) the other day. OMG.

  7. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    Gawd I miss Elementary 😢😢. I still haven’t found a show that I like as much as I like that show.

  8. Concern Fae says:

    Good on him for being a volunteer firefighter. It’s becoming a real issue in rural New York. Part of the reason for the low property taxes is that they have volunteer fire departments. But lots of wealthy people are buying up houses, taking advantage of the low taxes, but not doing their share of the firefighting. Locals are already getting squeezed out by the higher property prices. Having to raise taxes substantially to hire professional firefighters will make the problem even worse.

    Just rewatched Byzantium. Saoirse Ronan and Gemma Arterton are so good, but Jonny Lee Miller’s villain is not to be missed.

    Byzantium got lost in the post-Twilight glut of vampire movies, but it had been in development hell for a long time and is directed by Neil Jordan who also made the similarly female centered The Company of Wolves. Byzantium takes place in the present and flashbacks to Regency England during the Napoleonic Wars. It is based on a play that borrows from the Celtic vampiric creature mythologies, rather than the usual Slavic ones.

    Realizing that I really don’t follow JLM gossip wise, but that he is an actor whose work I really do like and admire.

  9. Constance says:

    I rewatch Byron every year of so…he is great in that role

  10. Newt says:

    I have had a crush on JLM for ages! He was so good as Sherlock in Elementary. I loved him and Lucy Liu together. I’d die (in the best way possible) if he showed up as the fireman to my emergency.

  11. TIFFANY says:

    I did not know he and Michelle are no longer together. They were together for awhile, even before marriage. I thought they would go the distance.

  12. BQM says:

    I still ship him and Angie. I hope he’s at least her safe booty call. He’d never rat her out. I think she once said divorcing him was her biggest regret. But they were just too young.

    • Bettyrose says:

      They were too young, and I suspect she’s done with marriage now. But it’s hard to imagine that with them being good friends there isn’t still some heat there.