Jonny Lee Miller felt ‘fury’ when Angelina Jolie told him about Harvey Weinstein

Jonny Lee Miller is currently in London, doing a West End play called A Mirror. The play has gotten great reviews and everyone’s like “wow, Jonny should do more stage work.” It’s also a little bit funny to see JLM do so much promotion for this play, much more than he did for The Crown (where he played John Major). Jonny’s latest interview in the Independent is actually the first time he’s addressed Angelina Jolie’s comments that she told Jonny about Harvey Weinstein assaulting her back in the 1990s. Jolie has said, in a couple of interviews, that after Weinstein assaulted her, she told Jonny and some other industry people to stay away from Weinstein.. In 2021, Jolie told the Guardian: “It was beyond a pass, it was something I had to escape. I stayed away and warned people about him. I remember telling Jonny, my first husband, who was great about it, to spread the word to other guys – don’t let girls go alone with him. I was asked to do The Aviator, but I said no because he was involved. I never associated or worked with him again. It was hard for me when Brad did.” Jonny finally spoke about it and he’s also speaking about his twelfth year of sobriety. Some highlights:

He was a nightmare in his 20s: “I was a nightmare! I got sent on all these meetings and auditions, and I was just not good at any of it. God, I had a very embarrassing audition for Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet. I didn’t get that I was supposed to be, like, prepared about Shakespeare…. It still makes me cringe. It’s just the way it went down. But here we are. F*** it! It’s whatever, man.”

He flailed around while his friends (Jude Law, Ewan McGregor) became movie stars: “I was young and foolish. I suppose I had a certain amount of arrogance, where I was like… ‘This is bulls***!’ So I ran away from my life and hid in LA for a couple of years, not taking advantage of career opportunities. But that’s just how life is sometimes. I wasn’t really smart about stuff.”

On Angelina Jolie telling him about Harvey Weinstein: “My memory is a bit hazy, but I remember feeling fury. I actually wanted to be more proactive about it, but it was 100 per cent her decision and you have to swallow your male bulls***. I was gonna hire someone to f***ing…” He trails off. “But I didn’t. I had some connections.” I laugh, nervously. Miller does not. And Jolie told him not to? “Yeah. Because it would mean it becomes about you, right? And you wanting to prove how much you care – ‘No one’s going to f***ing do that to my people.’ But what you need to do is listen to your partner. Amazingly, that was the one thing I was able to get right. You know, I was raised by women. I have three sisters. And [Jolie] is a very smart lady. She knows what’s best for her.”

Living with Jude Law in the early days. He says he was the messier of the two – he remembers Law being an early “nester”, someone stylish and resourceful, while he was more scatterbrained. When Miller got Hackers and the pair moved to nicer digs in Primrose Hill, it was Law who carefully boxed up all of his belongings for him while he was overseas filming.

He’s never felt particularly creative. “I’m imaginative, but I’m not creative. My sisters are creative. They can draw and paint. But I don’t, and can’t, and don’t have a desire to. Acting is more observational, I suppose. You’re fulfilling someone else’s vision, so you’re just a small part of it.”

Coparenting his 15-year-old son Buster with his ex Michele Hicks. “Again, it comes back to swallowing your pride. You’ve got to remember who the most important person in any given situation is.” He’s relieved that his son appears to have absolutely no interest in acting. “I think that might be quite healthy. I feel like wanting to express yourself when you’re little might be to do with things not being great at home. You’re wanting to be heard. And mine and Michele’s whole f***ing vibe is that he’s heard.”

He’s more than 12 years sober: During a podcast appearance in December, he said he had spent much of the aftermath of Trainspotting in a haze: he was addicted to heroin for several years, before replacing it with alcohol and cocaine. In 2012, he got sober. “I’d never talked about it for a number of reasons, partly out of worry about getting insured for work. But f*** that, you know? You never know who needs to hear a positive story.” He tells me he’s reluctant to go into too much detail about his struggles today, having already “spilled his guts” on the aforementioned podcast. “But getting sober was the best thing I’ve ever done. Oddly, Elementary came along when I’d been sober for about six months. And honestly it was a gift.”

[From The Independent]

Before his promotion for this play, I honestly didn’t know that he had spent years addicted to heroin, cocaine and alcohol, nor did I realize that he had started talking about his sobriety in recent months. It adds another layer to his performance and work in Elementary, which is (IMO) one of the best television shows about addiction and recovery, all of it beautifully and movingly acted by JLM. As for what he says about Jolie and Weinstein… from what Jolie has said, she really appreciated the fact that Jonny listened to her and believed her. I wonder if she knew that Jonny had a moment where he was going to organize a hit on Weinstein. And the way he still talks about Angie, never a bad word, full of praise – sob, they need to get back together.

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  1. KS says:

    Honestly that’s such a great response that it breaks my heart a little. That he had all these feelings and emotions but realized that it wasn’t about him and he needed to do what she wanted and what was best for her.

  2. SamuelWhiskers says:

    He does quite a bit of theatre. He was in a wonderful British play called Ink a few years ago.

    • Lurker25 says:

      He was in a Frankenstein’s monster play with Cumberbatch some years ago where they switched roles (
      Frankenstein and the monster) every other night. Never saw it but I remember reading rave reviews.

      • North of Boston says:

        They were both fantastic in that, in both of the roles. They both won Olivier and Evening Standard Best Actor awards for it.

        He’s absolutely got stage chops. (I only saw the National Theatre Live theater broadcasts, but would have loved to see it live).

      • Kirsten says:

        Yeah, both and he and Benedict Cumberbatch were great in that. It was a cool production.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Yes, I was lucky enough to see INK when it was on Broadway. I’ve always liked him as an actor, and I thought his interpretation of Sherlock in Elementary was brilliant.

      • Allyn says:

        People think I’m crazy when I say this, but I am convinced that in twenty, twenty-five years, actors are going to take on Sherlock Holmes and cite Miller as one of their influences, the way Jeremy Brett and Basil Rathbone have been cited. Partly, it’s the sheer quantity of material. But mainly, I think it’s because of the different facets of the character he had to play.

        This story puts a whole different spin on “The One That Got Away” — in that episode, we learn how Sherlock saved Kitty, and if the dates of JLM’s sobriety are correct, Sherlock may well have saved JLM, too.

  3. AlpineWitch says:

    I had never read an entire interview of his until today. Wow, he comes across great in this one. And hat off for listening to his partner (Angie) on that issue… ugh, not exactly what Brad did (with Gwyneth Paltrow at the time, right?).

    I need to remind myself to check Elementary!!

    • Kel says:

      I really don’t believe this Brad and Gwyneth story…

      I wonder if Brad Pitt knew that Jonny defended Angie. The fact is he continued working with Harvey and that says more than anything else.

  4. Button says:

    Brad Pitt has no morals never did then & never does now , yet his fanbase still worship the ground he walks on due to his looks not morals as a man to protect his women …

  5. Lise says:

    I’ve been a fan of Jonny Lee Miller for years. He was the perfect Mr. Knightley in the 2009 Emma with Romola Garai as titular character. His version of Lord Byron was so much fun.

    I always loved Jonny and Angelina together. They still seem to be relatively close. I totally ship them – whether friendship or otherwise.

    On a more serious note, his respect for women and their agency is too rarely seen in this world. I appreciate that he was able to get the better of himself and his anger and to recognize that what Angie needed in that moment was paramount. That takes a great deal in terms of strength of character.

    • Duch says:

      Loved him as Mr K! He’s so reflective. Also love Elementary. My daughter got me into it after first couple seasons, and it maintained my interest for all the following years. He and Liu are great together. Highly recommend especially if you’re a JLM fan

    • Shawna says:

      I loved him in Mansfield Park!

  6. Inge says:

    Wow him being a recovering drug addict is the basis of his meeting with Joan Watson(the also excellent Lucy Liu) and a big part of Elementary. This adds an extra layer to his performance

  7. Lady Esther says:

    I thought he was amazing as John Major in The Crown and wondered “who’s that guy, where have I heard that name before?” I’ve clearly been living under a rock!

    In this interview he comes across as a real mensch…I am loving that he not only realises there are times when it’s not about him and it’s time to listen, but that he says it out loud. That’s a rare quality in a man. A+

    • WaterDragon says:

      Totally agree. He was amazing as John Major in The Crown and stole every scene without even trying.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I remember the buzz around him in that role – it was mostly around ‘Wow he made John Major hot’. As a Brit that not only made the laugh but creeped me right out as the real John Major has MINUS ZERO sex appeal.

  8. Digital Unicorn says:

    Have always loved his work – he is such an underrated actor and I congratulate him on his sobriety. That whole group he ran with (Law, McGregor etc..) all at one point had issues and am glad he’s still working and getting the kind of opportunities that he wants.

  9. Little Red says:

    Sounds like a good person. I saw John Noble, who played Morland Holmes the father, and he described JLM as an intense young man playing an intense character. This interview proves that out.

    Also, I just caught two episodes of “Elementary” this weekend and the show completely holds up.

  10. HillaryIsAlwaysRight says:

    Such a good man. Maybe it’s because I’m Italian and from New York, but I would want my man to have the exact same reaction! Although not actually go through with it… just because, prison, you know? He’s also such a handsome man. I do wish he had done something to preserve his hair. No shame in Rogaine.

  11. Kel says:

    I read everything with a smile!! It’s so good to see men talking openly about their battles and victories.
    I’m happy for his sobriety!!

    It’s good to know that he supported and protected Angelina, anyone who does that wins a lot of points with me.

  12. Eleonor says:

    He comes across as a very insightful and cool guy.
    Of all Angie ex is the best by far.
    He talks about her with respect but never goes into gossip details.
    And kudos for keeping up with the sobriety.

  13. ohwell says:

    I need to listen to the podcast. I am surprised he was addicted to heroin!!

    • Barbie1 says:

      Total surprise. It amazes me that anyone can become sober and stay that way after years of abusing those particular substances. Thank god he was able to.

    • Ivy says:

      I highly recommend it!! Very long but it’s a different side of him. He pretty much goes over his his whole life up into now.

  14. Leah says:

    I’ve always enjoyed him both as a person and an actor and Elementary is hands down the best version of Sherlock and Watson. And part of that is absolutely their (his!) depiction of addiction and sobriety. Such a great show and a really important point.

  15. Laura says:

    Glaring differences between him and Brad. Brad knew about the abuse and knew about countless other women and still went and worked with Weinstein. Tells you everything we already knew about him.

  16. BQM says:

    I still ship them. The photos are from when he, and his then wife,showed up to support her directorial debut. They’re still close which is lovely. I think she was photographed at his apartment (or vice versa) a few years ago. I totally think they do a fwb situation as they’re both single and can trust the other. I believe she once said divorcing him was her biggest mistake/regret. But they were just too young.

    • Ivy says:

      After listening to the podcast I do too! You can tell there will always be love there and he admires her greatly. He actually said their break up wasn’t over anything in particular and they were just young as well. I really would not be surprised if they reunited in the future now that they and their kids older.

  17. Marfer says:

    I think they do get back together…
    They’re beautiful together.

  18. Spike says:

    Jonny is a fantastic person

    And of course Brad would work with Weinstein after he assaulted Angelina. Jennifer Aniston got it right – he’s missing the empathy chip.