Prince Edward really just needed two weeks off after a four-day trip abroad

It went largely unnoticed, but in the Daily Beast’s latest Royalist column, Tom Sykes wrote: “Courtiers have said they expect the Waleses to be largely out of the public eye until after Easter.” As in, Prince William will probably be absent from royal work for the same amount of time as his wife, who is recovering from abdominal surgery. Kensington Palace has spent the past two weeks steadily extending the timeline for when Kate AND William will be back to work. Which makes it even more important that the other “working royals” are seen out and about in the next four months, and that’s why they’re doing so much to hype Queen Camilla, Princess Anne and the Duchess of Edinburgh’s schedules.

Meanwhile, Prince Edward has basically gotten a two-week block of time off. Last week, Edward completed a four-day trip to South Africa, a trip which was barely covered anywhere, domestically or internationally. As the Telegraph noted, Edward has an event scheduled for February 8th, and Edward is currently “taking a short break from public duties after his trips overseas in January to South Africa and St Helena.” This caused a minor panic because what if another “working royal” is struck down or needs some time off? The slimmed down monarchy is near collapse as it is! But no, Edward just needed two weeks off.

The royal family is relying on just a few members to keep up with duties. Both Kate Middleton and King Charles were discharged from the hospital on Monday following their respective surgeries, and the palace said the Princess of Wales, 42, and the King, 75, would take more time to recuperate privately. Prince William has also cleared his calendar to be by his wife’s side and support their family during this time.

Now, another royal is taking some time out of the public eye. Prince Edward, 59, is taking “a short break from public duties after his trips overseas in January to South Africa and St. Helena,” The Telegraph reported on Tuesday. The Duke of Edinburgh had a busy itinerary during four days away last week, paying an official visit to South Africa, a Commonwealth country, and St. Helena, a British Overseas Territory.

It’s standard for the royals to take a short time off after busy trips. A look at the Royal Diary suggests that Prince Edward is not expected to step out again for another week. On Feb. 8, the Duke of Edinburgh is scheduled to attend a reception at the Institute of Physics and a talent showcase at The Savoy as patron of the Production Guild of Great Britain, according to the calendar of the British royal family’s upcoming engagements.

[From People]

As I said yesterday, that’s always the Royal Math™ – four days of traveling abroad equals two weeks off. A week abroad equals a month off. Edward’s two-weeks off from royal work wouldn’t have even made any headlines if not for the fact that the slimmed-down monarchy is currently limping along in Camilla’s orthopedic wedges. Now, all that being said, something IS up with Edward and Sophie. I have a vibe. Still, I hope Edward is doing okay and this whole thing was about laziness and nothing else.

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  1. Proud Mary says:

    Somebody please help me understand: was there really a need for this announcement to be made? I mean, who pays attention to any of his outings, or tours? The only announcement that would have been useful here, is if the dude is willing to tell us why he looks so emaciated lately. That’s all.

  2. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    Well Edward doesn’t look THAT bad, what with the rumors that something was wrong with his health and all?
    As far as Charles taking some time off, well yeah, dude is 75 years old and any surgery is something but especially at his age it’s rough
    As far as Kate? Since nobody can get their stories straight and back pedal from any information, who knows?

    • JenCF says:

      Edward favors roomily-cut double breasted suits and coats and because of his trim figure, he swims in them. He would look fine (and more modern) in single breasted suits, unlike tubby Andrew or Charles, who has the right build for the double breasted cut.

  3. Brassy Rebel says:

    They’re all basically quiet quitting en masse. But they’ll still take the money.

  4. Pinkosaurus says:

    I appreciate the opportunity to check in on Jonathan the tortoise, who is more dignified and royal than all of them combined. William has got to be in rehab or otherwise out of pocket because this is insane he can’t pop out for a quick drive by event just to put it in the calendar and shut down this coverage.

  5. Eurogirl70 says:

    That is Prince Edward? I thought it was Dobby the house elf from Harry Potter.

  6. Not born yesterday says:

    When Edward was out in South Africa I didn’t see any coverage in any of our local newspapers. There was one tiny snippet on TV but most south Africans don’t watch the news, they read it digitally. The only reason I knew he was out was because of Twitter (sorry, X!)

  7. MaryContrary says:

    I keep thinking about everyone I know who has to travel for work as part of their job, my husband included. They literally go back to work the next day-even when it’s international travel and they worked day and night with various dinner meetings. I am gobsmacked that they think that announcing this is appropriate or will gain these layabouts some kind of sympathy.

  8. Mslove says:

    Busy trips? The royals are waited on hand and foot and Edward got to hang out with a tortoise. He needs to recover from that?

  9. JaneS says:

    It would be fine by me if the entire BRF stopped their clown show “working”.
    Come out for a Xmas group photo, donate to charities using their own money. Done.

  10. JaneS says:

    The 191 year old tortoise is more interesting to me than anyone in the BRF.

  11. Cathy says:

    It’s really exhausting fighting the impulse to shake hands? Edward needed a break.

    But seriously, he had looked ill for some time so maybe HE does need a rest? He’s looking better than he has in these photos, last year he looked ready to clock out?

  12. Eurydice says:

    We don’t hear much about Edward, so I don’t know what his normal “work” schedule looks like – but what if the Feb 8th reception really is the next thing on his calendar and the 2 weeks off is just that he doesn’t have anything else on his schedule?

    • Dutch says:

      That may be the case, but it is curious with three members of the team down, Edward isn’t being asked to pick up some of the slack.

  13. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    All these absences just highlight how useless/workers the royals are. Has Britain been somehow dismissed without them? No. Has government work stopped? No. Is anyone harmed because the royals aren’t at work? No.

    They are unnecessary, and a huge waste of money.

  14. Cessily says:

    I think Sophie and Edward have had an informal separation for years, but I have seen the Ariel photos of the home they were gifted there is plenty of room to lead separate lives under that roof.

  15. Rnot says:

    I don’t have anything against Edward. I enjoyed the story of his meeting the tortoise. As far as I know, he works consistently (for a royal) and hasn’t hurt anyone. His wife has been obnoxious, but he seems to have treated Harry and Meghan decently. He’s lost a lot of weight and looked ill for many months. I don’t think he owes the public an explanation if he’s working around health issues. Edward is funded by Charles so it’s possible he’s just following the new transparency approach by making this announcement, but it seems more like a weak distraction from whatever is happening with William.

    • Beverley says:

      Edward went out of his way to make sure a Black train station employee didn’t venture too close to Elizabeth when he was coaching her on how to buy train tickets. Every opportunity they get, the royals demonstrate how uncomfortable they are around people of color.

      Apparently the royals are never taught how to be gracious and charming to non-whites.

  16. Lau says:

    He’s either sick or this is peak laziness because there is no excusing needing two weeks off when you literally got back from a vacation that you pretend is work.

  17. Debbie says:

    I think I’ll give Edward a break this time because I think he’s recovering from nearly dying of boredom at his own company during his four days abroad. So, there you go, near-death experience folks.

  18. Beech says:

    There’s a “vibe”? What’s the said vibe? Years ago in Vanity Fair the late Christopher Hitchens wrote of Edward that he was known in some circles as “Dockside Doris.” Old news. So what’s the the vibe beyond the vintage tea?

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Beech, I wonder if they’ll get a divorce? I assume that QE2 left the kids and Edward–and probably Sophie some money. I wonder how much the two of them want to work for WanK in future?

  19. Unblinkered says:

    He is noticeably thin, hope he’s OK.

  20. Amy Bee says:

    Only the royals need two weeks off after a work trip.

  21. Jbarnett says:

    lol calling what any of these people do “work,” is offensive to all working people. This whole family is a joke at this point.