Ayo Edebiri trashed Jennifer Lopez’s ‘scam’ music career in a 2020 podcast interview

There have been very few growing pains to Ayo Edebiri’s gradual-yet-sudden rise in fame. Ayo has been working for years, trying to get a break as a comedian and actress, and then over the past two years or so, everything has come together perfectly for her. She’s now an Emmy and Golden Globe winner, she’s got a million different projects and jobs and she was invited to host Saturday Night Live this past weekend. It was truly a dream come true for Ayo. Not only was she the host, but Jennifer Lopez was the musical guest. A perfect combo, right? Especially given that J.Lo has hosted before (and done well). Well, someone chose the day before Ayo’s debut on SNL to remind everyone that Ayo completely trashed J.Lo in a podcast interview from what sounds like early 2020. Here’s the clip:

The podcast interview was on Scam Goddess, hosted by Laci Mosley. They’re talking about Jennifer Lopez’s musical career as one of the biggest scams, and Ayo is extremely rude about J.Lo. Yes, it’s true that J.Lo is autotuned like crazy most of the time and it’s also true that Ashanti’s vocals are all over J.Lo’s first album, On the Six. But I don’t know… to trash J.Lo’s whole career as a scam is deeply unfair. It also looked like some knives are out for Ayo.

As for the SNL episode, no one has said that Ayo and Jen had any kind of confrontation or anything. I would imagine that Ayo would have privately apologized, and then she clearly asked for a few lines in one skit to be rewritten:

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  1. Mimi says:

    It was to be expected, honestly. No one has that meteoric rise to fame without some skeletons coming out of the closet. And to be fair, JLo works hard, but her singing talent is middling, at best. She’s gotten better, but even the 2 songs she chose for SNL (I would think to refute some of the “she can’t sing” commentary) weren’t good. Her performance was fire, though. She can still dance.

  2. Yup, Me says:

    I like JLo for a lot of reasons – as a producer, business woman, actress etc. J Lo is a performer, not a singer. Period. She cannot sing. She’s worked hard at her career to be successful and has improved her vocal skills, but she can’t sing. AND there is plenty of information available about how her music career blossomed at the expense of Black female artists whose songs were stolen for JLo’s first album (primarily Ashanti but also Mariah Carey). There is a reason Mariah Carey doesn’t know her.

    Look back at the episode of Oprah where JLo hinted at her upcoming divorce from Chris the dancer. Oprah’s face while JLo was “singing” was HILARIOUS.

  3. Beach Dreams says:

    Eh, she didn’t lie. Especially with how Tommy Mottola involved himself out of spite towards Mariah (the dirty moves that he and JLo pulled with I’m Real vs Mariah’s Loverboy, for one).

    • Concern Fae says:

      Yeah. I had a customer who worked at Sony at the time. He loathed Mariah, but also didn’t like how JLo was being used to push Mariah out of the pop hip hop lane she had been very successful in. He worked in artist management, mainly the rock men, but he did work with the women when needed.

  4. StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

    I think Jlo is beautiful, she a super performer, a great dancer, I love to see her in romcoms. But she is not a good singer and please dont make her write any songs. She is a great entertainer but OMG when her music gets personal …I heard a few seconds of a song from her last album, and seriously those words are elementary school level. Singing “I’m still in love with you” a gazillion times with a girly voice and adding BOY in the end is so cringe and tacky. Was hat “BOY” for Ben LOL My guess is that she wrote it to make it personal, but seriously, I’m embarrassed.

  5. Mia4s says:

    As some have noted about the show though, usually JLo would be up for a sketch, especially with the host, and this time she…wasn’t. Maybe coincidence, maybe not. Which is fine, she’s under no obligation to make nice. I don’t think much more needs to be made of it though. Lopez has a level of fame/success few ever do or will whatever your opinion of her talent, she would be punching down at someone not at her equivalent fame level. That’s not a knock on Ayo, that’s just reality, JLo breaths rarified air. It’s been addressed, time to move on.

    Not a great show overall. And having Ayo in a sketch with and thanking Nikki Haley? Vomit. Really SNL? Really?

  6. Gem says:

    Ayo Edebiri was extremely rude in that podcast. Everyone knows JLo got favored by label in her early career but Ashanti is a stick to beat her with that no longer even makes sense. Because these people that constantly hate on her haven’t done a fraction of that to support Ashanti on her numerous albums post that era. JLo is a performer and she is better than lot of the young ones put there till date. Is she a strong vocalist? no! But she works damn hard, is a very good actress, hustles like its nobody’s business. And I actually kind of saw how much people disrespected her over this fiasco and it was appalling. She was very, very professional in how she handled it though. Also shit talking JLo to then help Lorne push Nikki Haley down everyone’s throat and thanking her, what is this? It just felt wrong.

    • VoominVava says:

      I agree! It’s internalized misogyny. Unconscious bias? Whatever label you put on it, women have been programmed to resent each other for working hard. Sure, J Lo isn’t a ‘singer’, but she wasn’t just talking about her singing in that clip, she pretty much dismissed her whole career and that was wrong imo. J Lo is very talented.. I think she is a great actress and performer. But sadly, J Lo is used to it. I guess the positive is that it won’t phase her as she is a consummate professional.

      • Ameerah M says:

        Ummm…no. Please look into WHY Ayo said what she said. Women are allowed to criticize other women. That’s not internalized misogyny. And that’s also NOT what unconscious bias is

      • Aries48 says:

        @Ameerah M – Thank you!

      • honeychild says:

        Ayo can have her opinion on her singing but calling a 30-year career a scam was a bit much for podcast ki-ki’s imo. However, I am not going to hold a 4-year-old interview as judgement of who she is as a person today anymore than I am gonna judge JLo on a 1998 interview in 2024. Growth happens over the years. If the behavior is repeated that’s when you revisit the past. Also, the people who Jennifer supposedly dragged in the article are friendly with her and went to work with her. She and Cameron Diaz did a movie together and have a joint Ellen interview. Madonna originally asked JLo to be a part of the Britney, Christina kiss moment at the MTV awards, JLO had to cancel because of a movie commitment. Scroll Salma Hayek’s IG you will find 1 or 2 photos with JLo. If the people she was asked about in that interview are over it, if they ever felt any kind of way, that should lead the way for healing for everyone, imo.

    • Matilda says:

      I laughed when I found out about these comments as JLo talked crap about every successful actress when she first started becoming famous from Goop to Madonna, so the way I see it is this is Karma plus she is right. JLo is more an entertainer than great singer.

      • Carol says:

        My thoughts exactly! You can still find that article online, and JLo trashing her peers as if she were some sort of acting expert still makes me shake my head.

  7. Stef says:

    She’s not wrong – JLo can’t sing and her musical career is a bit of a scam.

    She’s a wonderful actress and decent dancer, but singing was never her thing. She even autotunes her live performances.

    It’s nice to see Ayo speaks her mind and says what a lot of people have been thinking…

    • Roan Inish says:

      Did anyone ever read Crazy Days and Nights (CDAN)? He would post blind items and later out whoever in the Blind Items Revealed. In one of the Reveal posts he had a long story about an agent or attorney found a singer and asked her to record various songs that they put out as sung by JLo. I have no idea if this true but I have never heard any news of her suing over this. 🤷‍♀️

  8. Flamingo says:

    I look at Jennifer Lopez the same way I look at Madonna. They have average voices but were born with unstoppable ambition and work hard at their craft.

    She doesn’t have to have the best voice. But she will entertain the hell out of you at a concert. So, you get your money’s worth in the end. Even if the backup track is doing most of the work.

    She’s the ultimate pop star, it’s fun music for the moment.

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s a good way of looking at it. I’ve knocked JLo’s music career plenty, but she does work hard and I guess if people are entertained, great.
      The only issue is not crediting anyone who did sing on a track and was credited as JLo instead.

    • VoominVava says:

      This is well said! I feel like that about Taylor Swift as well. She has a fairly good studio voice and she’s worked hard on it, you can tell from her earlier songs. But it’s the actual music, songwriting, etc. that makes her what she is. Madonna, J Lo, even Gaga are about the determination, production and performance.

    • Marietta2381 says:

      Uh, no. Just no. There is no comparison from Madonna to JLo. AT ALL. Madonna has had MANY number 1 hits over the years. She is an ICON. Yes her singing is eh, but she literally has every award to prove that she is amazing in so many categories. Hell, According to Billboard, ” Madonna is the first and only recording artist to have 50 #1 hits on any single Billboard chart”

      Sorry, JLo doesn’t even come close to me. In fact, she only has 4! So, please, let’s not compare the two.

  9. Angelica+Schuyler says:

    JLo is an entertainer. I respect her hustle. She’s a great dancer, and a great actress. Singing is not her forte. Ayo didn’t lie about that. But she does put on a great show. Long live auto tune! JLo knows the truth about her level of vocal skill and just whose vocals they used on those early tracks. That’s why she can’t really say too much about it. The best she can do is ignore it and continue doing what she does.

  10. Visa Diva says:

    I think of JLo like an old school entertainer, where she does a little bit of everything but does a couple of things very well. That’s not a knock on JLo at all, just recognizing that she’s a great entertainer, but singing isn’t her top strength.

  11. Elon's Sink says:

    She’s sorta right. I’m old enough to remember when Amerie allegedly leaked her hit “1 Thing” because studio execs were going to give her song to JLo.

  12. QuiteContrary says:

    I like JLo, too, and respect her as an artist and businesswoman. But Ayo spoke the truth about JLo’s inability to really sing, and JLo’s SNL performance confirmed it.

    Also, I love the Scam Goddess.

  13. Slush says:

    It may be unfair to trash her *entire* career, but facts are facts when it comes to her music career.

  14. JP says:

    Calling J. Lo a mediocre singer is generous. I was in high school when the whole “Latin Invasion” thing was happening in pop music and her career was taking off. It was always kind of perplexing that her music was apparently so popular. Definitely felt like one of those things that my rec tech buddies used to complain about, where Clear Channel was deciding who was popular and who wasn’t.

  15. Grant says:

    My God, I’m so tired of this “Jennifer Lopez can’t sing” narrative and I’m not even a J.Lo stan. Yes, she has thin, reedy vocals (although I think her vocal skills increased dramatically through the years, particularly after her marriage to Marc Anthony). But do you know who else couldn’t sing? Jimi Hendrix. Also, Bob Dylan–he has absolutely dreadful live vocals, something I was reminded of watching the new Netflix documentary that explored the making of “We Are the World” from back in the 80s. But no one dares try to invalidate either of these men’s careers despite their truly heinous vocal stylings; they’re both unequivocal legends.

    Meanwhile J.Lo can dance her @$$ off and slay a Super Bowl halftime show or perform her heart out in sold-out Vegas residency and is still dogged by this bullshite undermining her career decades later.

    IDK, just screams “misogyny” to me.

    • tealily says:

      This is a weak comparison. Those men aren’t/weren’t great singers, but they had great musical talent. Dylan is a master songwriter, not singer. It’s kind of a well known saying that Bob Dylan’s versions of his songs are never the best versions. Hendrix’s songs were barely about the vocals and all about the guitar, his real talent. Misogyny motivates a lot of hatred toward female musicians, but this is a really apple and oranges comparison. Jennifer Lopez’s gift isn’t creating music. She’s a great dancer though, and a pretty good actor.

      • Grant says:

        Not a weak comparison at all. You’re putting much more of a premium on songwriting ability than on performance, athleticism, and the ability to put on a show and that’s a YOU thing, but it’s certainly not definitive.

        Again, name a male artist with a bad voice that gets knocked for his vocals the way Jennifer Lopez does twenty years into her career.

      • tealily says:

        I’m putting emphasis on creating music. This is what musicians do. They create music. Fred Astaire is the first example that comes to mind. He was the male lead in a ton of musicals. Sang a lot of songs. He wasn’t much of a singer. He’s remembered as a dancer, because that’s what he was first and foremost. It’s okay, it’s just a different talent.

    • JP says:

      The examples you cite are amazing musicians / songwriters. This is a cringey comparison.

      • Grant says:

        And J.Lo is an amazing dancer/performer/entertainer. But inexplicably Dylan and Hendrix get passes for being dreadful singers because they can also write songs? Ok, J.Lo should get a pass because she’s also an incredible dancer/performer/entertainer. In addition to being songwriters/guitarists, they’re also SINGERS. You not grasping the difference is what’s cringey.

      • JP says:

        You sound like you’ve watched too many episodes of American Idol.

      • Becks1 says:

        But no one thinks Bob Dylan or Jimi Hendrix are/were great singers, that’s where the comparison is falling flat. Ayo talked about how JLo isn’t a great singer, and she’s right. If she had said the same thing about bob dylan she also would have been right (although I love his version of Like a Rolling Stone, that’s my favorite one.)

        JLo’s strength is as an entertainer, not a singer or songwriter, the same way Bob Dylan’s strength is as a songwriter, Jimi’s was as a guitarist, etc.

    • Slush says:

      Im in agreement with JP and tealily – Comparing JLo to Dylan and Hendrix misses the mark.

      I think a better comparison for JLo is Madonna or Britney. Incredible performers but not the strongest singers. By the way, I dont think anyone would care if JLo werent a great singer (see again Madonna and Britney) – it’s the shadiness that occurred at the beginning of her career that raises eyebrows.

      • JP says:

        I would consider Britney and Madonna to be better singers, honestly. They’re not powerhouses, but they have more musicality and style in their vocals.

        I suspect Britney actually does have a more powerful, belting voice than she lets on.

      • Grant says:

        @Slush — That’s nice. I’m not. My point still stands. They’re saying that because Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix *checks notes* write their own music or, in Jimi’s case, plays the guitar, they get a pass for being singers with bad voices. Jennifer Lopez may not write her own music but she can dance and entertain with the best of the best, so why shouldn’t she get a similar pass?


      • Grant says:

        Edited to add — Madonna and Britney are a poor comparison because they’re just more examples of misogyny in action, particularly in Madonna’s case. Besides the fact that Madonna herself is a pretty interesting songwriter, she’s still dogged for her vocals despite her immense creative output independent from her singing ability.

        I think that Britney was, at one time, considered one of the pre-eminent performers of her generation but I don’t necessarily anymore. I would put Beyonce, Michael Jackson, and — yes — even Jennifer Lopez in a separately category entirely.

      • Slush says:

        Grant -I understand if you dont like Hendrix and Dylan – those are totally valid opinions to have. But they are literal legends in their field for a reason, even if you dont like them. I say the same thing to Brads and Chads who say Beyonce isnt talented – just because you dont like, or dont understand someones music doesnt mean it’s bad or theyre untalented.

        Comparing Madonna and Britney to Jlo is at a bare minimum comparing people in the same musical genre and/or performance style.

        I think maybe you’re being disagreed with here because you seem a little out of your depth when it comes to other genres – which is ok! You dont have to understand why Hendrix and Dylan are important music figures. I would just maybe stick to what you know when making these comparisons, or admit when it falls flat.

      • Anonymous says:


        Totally agree with everything you said. Plus, even if the majority of the population thinks JLow can’t sing, well, it certainly hasn’t held her back.

    • Stef says:

      You’re comparing amazing musical talents who write their own music, weak comparison.

      Comparing her vocal abilities to Rebecca Black is more accurate.

      There is nothing misogynistic about calling out someone who can’t sing and relies on autotune and other women’s vocals to create her music.

      • Grant says:

        Who cares if they write their own music? They’re SINGERS first. That’s great that they can write a song or play a guitar. Jennifer Lopez is an incredible performer. She should get a similar pass the way these other two do. But she won’t, because she’s a woman, and women are expected to be able to write their own music, sing five octaves, perform a concert with 25 songs, all while standing on her head at the same time.

        It’s silly and also strange that y’all aren’t grasping the disparity.

      • tealily says:

        @Grant see you’ve accidentally hit on it here. They *aren’t* singers first, they are musicians first. J Lo is neither.

      • JP says:

        @tealily That’s precisely it. I’m a musician, most of my friends are also musicians, I’m listening to new music and going to concerts constantly. I see a ton of singers who aren’t “great” singers if you’re looking at it from a purely technical standpoint. But, a lot of those singers have such musicality and interpretation of what they’re performing that it doesn’t matter. But, J. Lo doesn’t have any of those things. She has a nice vocal tone, but nothing else.

        Also, though I’ve been defending Bob Dylan here, I cannot stand his vocals. He’s a great musician and songwriter, but his vocal affectations grate on me like nothing else.

        I do think there is an overall expectation for women to be more technically proficient singers than men in the pop culture world. It has been changing over the years, thankfully, but I think there’s this expectation that men are writing their own stuff, whereas women have their stuff written for them, so they have be amazing compared to a man’s mediocre to not get ragged on. That perception has changed, and as tired as I am of hearing about Taylor Swift lately, it’s women like her that have helped change it.

      • Stef says:

        The big difference here is that musicians like Bob Dylan do not purport to be anything but who and what they are – true musicians. Dylan’s sing-talks, that’s his style and he’s never tried to lie about it.

        JLo, on the other hand, has passed off other singers vocals as her own while pretending to be a real singer. The lies make a big difference here.

        JLo can’t sing. Accept it.

      • Slush says:

        tealily – and there it is. IMO Grant isnt wrong for not liking/respecting Dylan or Hendrix, what music someone responds to it subjective.

        We’re just pointing out that shes comparing apples and oranges here. Grant is saying “an apple is a better orange than an orange because it’s’ red!” and we’re saying “girl, it’s not even the same fruit. Oranges aren’t meant to be red”

    • honeychild says:

      I agree. Misogyny plays a role with this, but I think the complaints on her singing hide other issues people really have with her honestly. Her singing has improved over the years. You mentioned her singing improved when she was with Marc well I know she mentioned in an interview after her breakup with Ben and the whole Gigli deal she was very depressed and heard what people thought of her not being good enough so she worked hard to improve. There are others in the pop world who don’t have strong voices who are icons as well. Britney and Madonna to name two. Sia and Sza’s backing vocals can be found on Rihanna’s records, no one says a word. I think people know this, I just think other things at play here for the STRONG feelings.

  16. dido says:

    Ehhh I’m with Ayo on this. Ayo is right! Also, to call it “knives out” is a bit much. It’s 58 seconds on a podcast that’s much longer. Podcasts are meant to be fun and casual. Plus the fact it’s a pod called Scam Goddess is why she calls it a “scam.” I don’t see Ayo as extremely rude at all. She was a podcast guest having fun. Nothing she needs to apologize for.

    • Lurker25 says:

      I think the “knives out” comment was too mean that someone is trying to knife AYO. And I agree.

      Something about this yeeeaaars old podcast, snipped exactly at the point where Ayo trashes JLo, leaked riiiiigght before they appear on SNL together…

      …It’s giving Hasan Minaj/New Yorker take down that cost Minaj the Daily Show hosting gig.

      Ayo seemingly came out nowhere… Some stand up then a Hulu show and now she’s effortlessly almost halfway to EGOT. All those jobs she’s lined up? I agree that someone wants to either knock her out of contention for something or just wants to take her down out of spite.

  17. Ameerah M says:

    Sorry but she’s right. And if you know the ins and outs of HOW J.Lo got her recording contract and how she lied about singing on songs when in actuality it was ASHANTI singing. Yeah…Ayo was absolutely correct. And it’s one of the reasons why J.Lo has ZERO credibility in the music industry. She got her music career essentially because she was dating Diddy at the time and he had the clout and connections. Her music career is/was a scam. Literally no lie was detected in what Ayo said.

  18. tealily says:

    I mean, it the non invalid take of someone who never thought she would one day be peers with the person she’s talking about. I’m not mad.

  19. Chantal1 says:

    I liked J-Lo until I heard about the messiness surrounding her meteoric rise after being a backup dancer on the hit TV show In Living Colour. Ashanti’s vocals weren’t only all over J-Lo’s first album. They were on her remixes and Ashanti also wrote some of her songs. J-Lo was dating Diddy early in her career and his remixes of her songs cemented her success on the hip hop charts. He also bullied new artists and their producers. According to Chante Moore, she was bullied out of Love Don’t Cost A Thing which became J-Lo’s biggest hit and Chante had to discard her version. Diddy demanded that Amerie’s song The One Thing be given to J-Lo. The song featured more of the hard hitting Washington DC go-go sound Amerie had made mainstream R&B from her first album. Another ex of that DC sound is Crazy in Love by Beyonce. Amerie leaked her song and it became her biggest hit. Amerie and Chante both have beautiful voices and imo should have had more success. Amerie left the music industry shortly after and has a book club YouTube channel.

    I became a fan of her as an actress after the Selena movie. She shouldn’t have asked to sing Selena’s songs in the movie though. Selena’s family was right to be upset at that ridiculous request.

    • Ameerah M says:

      All of this. Diddy bullied a LOT of people for her and flat out stole songs for her. And let’s not even get into the vocals and not crediting people for singing FOR her.

    • honeychild says:

      Ashanti’s vocals were not on On the 6. That was more of a latin dance album with hits like Let’s Get Loud, Waiting for Tonight, etc. Ashanti wrote the Ain’t it Funny Remix and I’m Real which was on JLos second album. Her backing vocals were left on the tracks but not the lead vocals. She was properly credited and compensated and recently talked about how she still gets paid off those records. There are photos of her happily at JLos birthday party a few years ago. They are cool. There’s an NPR interview with Chante Moore where she says Puffy heard her version of If You Had My Love when she was in the studio and said he wanted it. Chante’s people didnt want to give it up because it was suppose to be her second single off her album after Chante’s Got A Man. So Puffy had Rodney Jerkins, who wrote Chante’s version, write another version for JLO. JLo didn’t engineer that Puffy did. Chante blames Rodney Jerkins for that especially.

  20. Christina says:

    Yes, Jennifer López works hard. I love some of her dance music, but it is because she is trying to sing in her range, is autotuned, and the styling and dancing are phenomenal in her videos.

    Hubby and I watched SNL. It wasn’t the best show. I was disappointed because I found Dakota Johnson’s episode funnier, and I love Ayo.

    We could not sit through JLo’s second song. We barely made it through the first song, even with Red Man and Latto there to pump up the talent side, and it was because of her voice. Madonna sings stuff in her range and is campy, so it works in live performance. JLo pushes out of her range because she is trying to compete in R&B. As much of a creep that Timberlake is, his performances were entertaining and compelling, because he can blow. JLo cannot.

    Team Ayo on this one.

  21. honeychild says:

    I don’t think that leak was to hurt Ayo at all. Did it make her uncomfortable? I am sure. But ultimately she was collateral damage in someone’s effort to be messy and create drama and of course, take a shot at JLo. It’s funny how old internet lies spread and become “factual” misinformation. Ashanti wrote two songs for JLo – Aint It Funny (Remix) and I’m Real which were on JLos second album titled J.LO. Ashanti’s backing vocals were left on the tracks, which is not unusual. Rihanna’s songwriters are all over hers, like Sia & Sza for instance. JLo’s first album On the 6 is latin dance flavored and included big records like Let’s Get Loud, Waiting for Tonight, If You Had My Love and Feeling So Good. Ashanti was interviewed by Ebro during covid and discussed how she wrote those two records and is still eating off them. She was properly credited and compensated for them, neither the records or her backing vocals were stolen. Christina Milian is on record saying she chose not to use the song Play as her own first single and JLo picked it up and recorded it for on On the 6. She loves JLo by the way and just praised her SNL performance in a story. The Mariah Carey beef is more about her ex-husband Tommy Mottola’s shenanigans with their impending divorce and clearing beats. Look, whatever anyone thinks of her voice, JLo has the ability to pick bops. Some better singers don’t have her ear for a hit. And she has managed to have them throughout the decades. I think some of the hate/dislike for her comes out of her proximity to blackness — from both black and white people, in different ways, honestly. And, not really knowing where to place her as a Bronx-raised Puerto Rican, because who held that spot before her in pop music? Would she still get criticized for vocals, yes, but hell Madonna’s gotten a pass for years. And I like Madge. But I will say, I have seen JLo interviews where she admits to basically not being a great vocalist and she has worked hard to improve over the years. And she has. She sings live alot. Unfortunately, the impression is stuck for many of her detractors and she isn’t gonna sway them in 2024. But she has plenty of fans who support her globally. She’ll be fine.

  22. Elizabeth says:

    They say what goes around comes around. I’m old enough to remember when JLo did an interview where she trashed a lot of actresses, including Gwyneth Paltrow.

    • honeychild says:

      I don’t agree that she trashed them but because of experience with that when she was younger, maybe that’s why she showed Ayo grace. Also, I hear Ayo trashed Lady Gaga and other celebs in that podcast ep.

      • Ameerah M says:

        I read that interview in real time when it came out. She absolutely trashed them. And there was absolutely no reason for their names to have been in her mouth in the first place. She was being a jealous mean girl. And it’s one of the reasons (along with her poor attitude) why her career trajectory changed – because no one wanted to cast her in more serious roles. It’s why she didn’t get nominated for Hustlers. Hollywood doesn’t forget. As for who else Ayo may have trashed. Maybe, maybe not. Unless someone has actually heard the entire thing that’s just conjecture.

      • Anonymous says:


        JLo trashed TF out of them. You cannot be serious when you say she didn’t. She did, and BIG TIME

      • honeychild says:

        I read the article. IMO it was not trashing that I recall. Saying that she wished Cameron Diaz did more with her opportunity at that point in her (Cam’s) career wasn’t something that needed to be said publicly and, because print interviews don’t allow context. At the end of the day, clearly Cameron didn’t mind because they get along. Look I don’t mind Ayo, she has the right to her opinion, but calling someone’s entire 30-year career a scam is much more hurtful than saying someone can’t sing. But regardless, like I said, maybe JLo was gracious because she’s been there.

      • honeychild says:

        Okay, do ya’ll really think JLo would’ve lasted for 30 years in this business if people in the industry hater her? Would she be considered a global icon if she was hated? In an industry where the talent is replaced with ease with younger, newer, cheaper models — that are plentiful? Also, Hustlers was nominated left and right. And that year she won several awards including one from the Palm Springs International Film Festival, the LA Film Critics and the Hollywood Critics Association. She was nominated for a SAG which is the actors wing of the industry, a Golden Globe and a NAACP Image Award. That’s not the industry hating you. Also, she just had the most viewed movie on Netflix last year. And the second most viewed on Prime. She has deals with both Prime and Netflix. Alot of actors would like to be hated by the industry like that.

      • Marietta2381 says:

        @honeychild – I get it you’re a fan. Here’s the thing, JLo may have been nominated for a GG, SAG, & NAACP IA BUT she didn’t win… and she should have been nominated for a hellova lot more if her performance was so “great”. She was not nominated for a BAFTA or an Academy Award. The thing about films/music, etc. they are subjective, just because you like something, doesn’t mean everyone else does. I personally thought JLo was playing a version of herself in Hustlers and thought it lacked. But that’s my take. And yes, the industry does not like her. They have never accepted her because of the way she started her career. She stepped on a lot of people and Hollywood doesn’t forget. I mean c’mon, she literally just received another Razzie for the Mother, which Netflix makes awful movies and honestly I can’t remember the last movie I enjoyed from Netflix lol.

    • Ladiabla says:

      Yes, she absolutely trashed them, and no, she cannot sing.

  23. Originaluna says:

    I always find it hilarious and sad, at the same time, how people will bring something that was done on her first album, where and when she had ZERO control on what happened, and claim she stole from Ashanti or Christina Milian.
    Lots, and I mean LOTS of famous people sing or sang background vocals or full verses in famous songs, got paid for it, and moved on!
    If JLo did that in all her albums, that would be a different story. To me, that is the weakest argument ever.
    Not all singers need to be great singers / have great voices. Many good current and past examples have been cited here, but I’ll add John Mayer, for example- yes, terrible reputation, average voice, and an extraordinary musician. I think JLo is an artist because she studies to get better at it, and in the end, that’s what matters, right? If we want something, and we work hard to become it and get better at it, why can we not reap those benefits? She has her audience.
    Oh, I’ll add an even better example. Taylor S. That girl’s voice can be in tune, but it’s not a great singer’s voice, and she can’t dance to save her life, and yet she has 4 AOTY grammys for whatever reason.

    I think a lot of people just conflate their overall dislike of JLo and all she represents, with her talent or merit. Two things can coexist. You may not like her. She deserves her current status because she puts in the work.

  24. Eowyn says:

    Ayo didn’t lie, she cool with me. JLo cannot sing.

    • Spike says:

      Oh my. NBC and Lorne Michaels must have been totally oblivious to this. Not. This info created interest in watching the show.

      Talk about JLo’s fake music career has been floated for decades. There was speculation that someone else recorded her first albums. Great job calling it out Ayo.

  25. Tamara Wiley says:

    Ayo is also a comedian AND has a beautiful singing voice. J-Lo can dance, and I’ll watch “Enough” whenever it’s on..but no lies were told.