Jennifer Aniston forgets David Schwimmer in their Super Bowl commercial

Super Bowl LVIII is happening this Sunday and we all know that there are three big components that make up America’s biggest night for sports: the game, the half-time show, and the commercials. When it comes to Super Bowl commercials, it’s like there’s a whole other competition going on to determine which crazy over-priced ad is the best one of the night. Over the years, Super Bowl commercials have gotten more outrageous, nostalgic, and celebrity-friendly. Not even beloved mascots are safe anymore! In fact, a 30-second commercial slot is a whopping $7 million this year!

One of the most-hyped commercials this year involves former Friends co-stars Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer, David and Victoria Beckham, this year’s half-time performer Usher, and rapper Jelly Roll. The minute-long commercial, which you can check out below, is for Uber Eats. The premise is that in order to remember all of the great services Uber Eats provides, you have to forget something else in order to create room in your brain.

Uber Eats’ 2024 Super Bowl commercial is a star-studded 60 second event!

The big game spot features Jennifer Aniston reuniting with Friends co-star David Schwimmer, David and Victoria Beckham, Jelly Roll, and Usher.

The commercial is all about being forgetful, and these stars all seem to be forgetting quite a bit. Jennifer totally forgets who David is, Victoria can’t remember the name of the Spice Girls, Jelly Roll thinks his face tattoos are fake, and Usher can’t remember he is performing in the halftime show.

“Jen! Hey!” David says in the commercial while going in for a hug. Jennifer stops him from hugging her and says, “Have we met?”

David responds, “Well, we worked together for ten years.”

“Ten years? You were great,” Jennifer says, before David responds, “You still don’t know, do you?”

Jennifer walks away and says, “Like I’d forget ten years of my life,” clearly still not really remembering. David then says, “I hate this town.”

[From JustJared]

Honestly, I thought this was pretty cute! I think it’s fun when celebrities commit to a silly joke and poke fun at themselves. Watching the silly Aniston/Schwimmer interaction put a smile on my face. I also laughed at the Beckham scene where they’re trying to remember the name of the Spice Girls. It reminded me that I really need to get on watching their Netflix documentary. I go through phases of interest in Super Bowl commercials, but I do enjoy the nostalgic ones, like the Google Assist commercial with Joe Pesci from a few years ago that spoofed the Home Alone one that Macaulay Culkin did for the 2018 holiday season. The Betty White Snickers one also holds a special place in my heart. This year, there will be commercials starring Ben Affleck, Chris Pratt, Jenna Ortega, Christopher Walken, Quinta Brunson, Aubrey Plaza, Lionel Messi, and more. You can watch the ones that have already been released here.

Note by Celebitchy: Due to the amount of time it takes and the lack of interest I’m not doing a comprehensive Super Bowl commercials post this year! Thanks for understanding!

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  1. Becks1 says:

    I thought this was cute! I liked the Beckham part. I ended up liking their documentary a lot more than I thought I would when I started. I got a little teary eyed at his retirement, lol. It’s obviously meant to put him in a certain light but its still really interesting.

    I love SB commercials but I hate how everything is released ahead of time, I like the anticipation. I could just not watch but I crack like an egg.

  2. equality says:

    I guess I have a bad attitude, but Uber Eats would impress me more if they said they were going to give consumers a break or pay drivers better or donate to a good cause with all that money. I can ony imagine how much they had to pay all the actors and then there is the price of placing the ad during the super bowl also. It’s ridiculous.

  3. Cimorene says:

    Eh. I can’t get too excited about already astronomically overpaid celebrities being paid even more money to promote athletes who are also paid too much money… I’ll see myself out.

    • equality says:

      Agree. Commented similar above.

    • Josephine says:

      It’s also just stale. I’m not sure who the Ubereats client is but I feel like using these celebs suggests that the demographic skews older people who just wish things were the way they used to be . . . .

      • LooneyTunes says:

        It’s the clientele that has the money to buy restaurant food with a surcharge for having it brought to you. So, yeah, people who have some money right now (the gen x’ers, who are earning the most right now due to their age).

      • BeanieBean says:

        It’s also kinda weird because florists have always delivered! I did that in one of my early just out of high school jobs. Yeah, Uber Eats, you’re genius! SMH

  4. Kate says:

    I find it so strange that they pay all that money for a Super Bowl slot and then…show the commercials all week before anyway. I guess the point is the eyeballs the day of but I feel like the commercials used to be more of a fun surprise and now they might be more creative than usual but aren’t anything that special because we’ve already seen them a dozen times.

  5. Chicken says:

    I wish they’d worked a break in there somehow.

  6. Pomski says:

    You’d be surprised by how many meat & potatoes football fans don’t watch the ads before the game. You’d be even more surprised by how people who watch a lot of tv pay close attention to commercials.

  7. Bumblebee says:

    I don’t watch the super bowl, but I do watch the half time show, the commercials, and of course!, the puppy bowl. All after game day. This commercial is clever.

  8. DaveW says:

    The Ben Affleck/DD one has been previewed all over the place here (I live in New England); cute but last years was better IMO as it leaned more into his love of the Dunk. It was also fun to see the interviews later with the people in the commercial he waited on…

    Agree it’s not as fun seeing them ahead of time. There was always that anticipation and FOMO when the did the first run during the game and everyone talking about it the next day (I’m old enough to remember seeing the Orwellian Mac commercial during the game).

  9. mellie says:

    I love the whole SB experience…always have, but I hate this showing of the commercials early business. Oh well, I guess if I have to go to the bathroom during the commercials, I won’t miss anything.

  10. BeanieBean says:

    I missed the 2018 commercials for some reason. That one with Joe Pesci was sweet, I swear he teared up. Love Joe Pesci.

  11. lucy2 says:

    It’s cute, but the money spent on these things is ridiculous.

  12. Sasha says:

    Ohhhh I liked this a lot! Can’t help it. The David & Victoria bit was genuinely funny!

  13. Polly says:

    Her face.

  14. ShoppeGirlMN says:

    I’m just here for the commercials and half-time show. My favorite commercial is Taco Bell featuring the nursing home break out, foam party and “We are Young” background music!