Demi Moore’s lawyer threatens photographer who claims she was airbrushed

Last month, photographer Anthony Citrano pointed out that Demi Moore’s December W cover was Photoshopped clumsily and that she looked like she was missing a chunk of her left hip. In response, Moore called the allegation “bullsh*t” on Twitter and posted what she claimed was the original, unretouched photo. W Magazine admitted that the photo had been altered but that it was “nothing out of the ordinary.” They later confirmed that “no one at the magazine did any retouching of the image of Demi Moore that was sent to us [by the photographers].” The photographers, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott said there was “absolutely no retouching on her hips, waist or legs.” That might be partially honest – it looks like Demi’s head was just pasted on to a 26 year-old model’s body. In that case, they didn’t retouch Demi’s body, they retouched model Anja Rubik’s body with Demi’s head pasted on it. (See image below.)

Fast forward to a month later, and Demi’s lawyer has sent a threatening letter to Citrano (link leads to PDF file) telling him that he must remove “all the false and defamatory statements about my client and the cover photo as well as any accompanying pictures of the W cover” and issue a “retraction and apology” or “be exposed to substantial liability.” In response, Citrano points out that there are subtle differences between even the photo Moore claims is the original and the resulting W cover. He says he’s not backing down and that it’s ridiculous to go after him for stating the obvious. It’s also pretty ripe that Demi Moore, who regularly Tweets about her personal life, including foreplay with her husband, would try to shut down one guy’s opinion on the Internet. Is her lawyer going to go after all the commenters on her “original” Twitpic who say it’s fake?

On Tuesday night, I received an aggressive and threatening letter from Martin Singer, Demi Moore’s attorney. It is marked “Confidential Legal Notice – Publication or Dissemination is Prohibited”. However, since Mr. Singer and I have no confidentiality agreement, and it provides essential context to the matter at hand, I have decided to publish it.

I’ll start by expressing how bizarre it feels to be immersed in a controversy that should be no controversy at all. The question of whether a celebrity was over-retouched is not one I am particularly proud of spending my mental cycles on.

When I originally pointed out (in a friendly, lighthearted way) a simple retouching blooper, I had no inkling of the total shitstorm that would follow. It gained momentum quickly, and I commented to several media outlets on the matter, always sure to frame it fairly: I have no problem with digital retouching (do it all the time), no problem with Demi Moore (she’s a beautiful woman), think the image is a great shot (kudos, Mert and Marcus) – I simply thought the missing hip-chunk was funny. I thought we could all laugh about it for the day (maybe tack it up on a retoucher’s wall of shame) and move on to the far more important things. We are all human; we all make mistakes (me, more than my fair share.)…

So I knew sitting idly by while my veracity was attacked was not an option, especially in light of the huge reach of Ms. Moore’s words and my sincere belief that I was right. So after sleeping on it, I put my money where my mouth was and offered $5,000 to a charity of her choosing if she proved it really was the original. Unsurprisingly, my offer fell on deaf ears. In the following weeks it quieted down, and I thought (and hoped) it was over – until I received Mr. Singer’s letter.

I spent several days considering how to respond. On one hand, I do not want a fight over something so pointless; but on the other, my personal reputation is under attack.

Mr. Singer: I did not insinuate that your client was untruthful or hypocritical. I did not imply or infer that the photo was manipulated at her behest. I simply said that the photo had very obvious signs of clumsy retouching, most particularly what appeared to me (and thousands of others) to be a missing chunk of hip.

And I absolutely stand by my statements.

I also have a very hard time understanding what is “defamatory” about describing an image as retouched. Digital retouching is an important part of modern publishing and photography workflow. I doubt a single image has graced a major magazine cover in the past decade without being altered in some way. Ms. Moore’s implication that her image went straight from camera to cover is incredible, whether she believes it or not. Simply put, this never happens.

[From ZigZagLens]

If you don’t like getting called out on the Internet, don’t go posting all your personal information online. This woman says she’s never had any plastic surgery whatsoever. Maybe her assertion is like the photographers claiming they didn’t retouch “her hips, waist or legs.” It all depends on what your definition of plastic surgery/retouching is.

Photo below thanks to PopCultureMadness

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  1. Lway says:

    Demi is GORGEOUS – she does not need to be airbrushed

  2. cprincess says:

    Oh my God- of course theyve pasted Demi Moores head on to that models body-the images are exactly the same!
    The thing about Demi Moore is that yes she looks great although there are many 47 year old women who look as good and better than her who dont have the benefit of trainer,chefs and good lighting but why wont she just say yeah Ive had some surgery(anyone seen her boobs lately!)and then everyone would shut up!
    Whatever shes had she looks natural and thats what some of the rest of Hollywood should take note of-are you listening Meg Ryan??

  3. diva says:

    This is such an obvious photoshop since she appears about 25 in the picture. She has no lines on her face or neck, no veins showing on her arms which she normally does. They did a lot more than just photoshop her hips. She is really acting very childish, to threaten to sue the photographer. He has freedom of speech, so I doubt her case would go anywhere.

  4. lisa says:

    Are you kidding me.. Some of the most beautiful women on mag covers are airbrushed, and she is making a stink because the photographer said what anyone with a brain already knew. The pics above are enough for me. Yeah.. Demi might want to stop stressing over one picture and focus on her non existent career. Get off twitter with your husband and get a decent acting job. This is just so superficial. Nobody cares but her. And as long as she keepd whining about it the more it becomes an issue, then people really start looking at her pictures and doing real analysis. I remember some pics in the past showing her knees.. yuk. but something was done to fix them. I don’t care what she says. STFU Demi and go act. You are not a model and nobody really cares anyway.

    oops.. looking at that above picture maybe she is a model :/

  5. GatsbyGal says:

    It’s a total photoshop job. Leave it to Demi to be in complete denial about her aging look.

  6. Susette says:

    Meh. Her lunacy and Twitter are the only things keeping her relevant. Just nod, pat her on the head, and walk away.

  7. Praise St. Angie! says:

    who needs airbrushing when they use a different person’s body?

  8. Bonfire Beach says:

    Dear Demi,
    You’re old, you sag, get over it. You don’t give the public enough credit for having some semblance of intelligence. We KNOW you’ve had work done and the more you deny it the dumber you become.
    And Twitter sucks.

  9. Peach says:

    Hey Demi,
    Listen hon, I know you don’t have a lot going on right now. Inbetween worrying about which 5,000 dollar purse to use tonight and your oxygen facial I can see why ‘photoshop’ might be on your top 10 list of things to concern yourself with.

    But look. Can I be frank? You can be Sally. Sorry. I slay me. Let’s get to it:
    You’ve had work done. We all know it. Anybody who saw Ghost or Indecent Proposal knows it. Because, dear, YOUR FACE IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Not just in a ‘wow she looks refreshed’ sort of way. But in an actual chin-is-gone, nose-is-different, what-happened-to-her-eyes kind of way. And I dont blame you. Your surgeon did a good job. You do look better now than you did in the early 90′s. Why, if I watch Ghost I hardly think you are attractive at all. Rather a very plain looking, but gifted, actress.

    And now you’re hot. And you’ve done no actressin of any substance. Trade off? Meh. Who’s to say. But what I am going to say is yes–we all know. So you can drop the act, puppet. You really can. In fact, we’ll give you LESS of a hard time once you do.

    Photoshop here, nip and tuck there…your image is your currency and I understand if the Demi was dropping. She’d seen better days and you’re looking to rejuvinate your economy. But girl. Girl. Please. We all know. Just drop the act and be content just being hot and screwing the orignal D-Bag of primetime television.
    Congrats on that and all.

  10. Birdie says:

    I want her to admit what procedures she’s done because when I’m 47, I WANT THEM!!! ha ha (but I’m totally serious)

    C’mon Demi, you are a longtime smoker, we know you don’t look like this. You didn’t even look like this when you were 26. There is no doubt you’ve had some work done, now give it up and share the wealth! There are lots of us who wanna look “done” but in a natural, non Melanie Griffith way.

  11. SolitaryAngel says:

    @ Peach: I just fell in love with you! Also, LMAO. Thanks.

    I was just thinking how much her cred has dropped since she got with Asston; the Twittering, the stupid photos, the writing on the arm–please. You are embarrassing yourself and those mature women like myself who wish to age naturally, as well as mature with age rather than regress! You lost my respect when you married that kid and you’ve done nothing since, as Peach so kindly points out. Were you hoping to bolster Asston’s career? Sorry, hon–you only managed to sink yours AND his.

    Freedom of speech ring any bells? Get over yourself; none of us are blind. You insult our intelligence by continuing to insist you’ve had nothing done–and you’re more of a laughingstock every time you deny it.
    Your kids must be horrified, but your detractors are delighted.

  12. Codzilla says:

    The bones protruding out of that model’s hips are revolting.

  13. KatyAlia says:

    CB – it looks as if there’s some copy & paste error in the part from ZigZagLens. The part from the lawyer etc. is missing and some part appears twice.

  14. Leek says:

    Demi Moore and her constant denial of plastic surgery and aging is an insult to women of every age. They should be ashamed that because of their lies they sell every day that 30 year old women are dipping into Botox and treatments so young.

    I guess if you are 47 years old and THAT insecure there really is nothing to feel guilty about.

    I’m all for being with the person you love but I don’t understand what is so empowering about dating men 20 years younger than yourself. I’m still vain enough that I want to be the one in good shape and a little bit younger.

  15. Sigh. says:

    Take ALLLL of that money she’s about to TOTALLY WASTE and get some acting lessons, hon. Cos right now, this is not convincing anyone.

    If she did get PHOTOCHOPPED (not a typo, it stays), so what? Not the first, never the last. If she didn’t, doesn’t deflect from the fact that she’s no longer in demand. If she had an actual CAREER to focus on, she wouldn’t be so distracted by popular opinion.

  16. Celebitchy says:

    @Katyalia – thank you I fixed that error in the quote! I had cut and pasted the same part twice by mistake.

  17. Miss Thang says:

    It looks to me like they cut the middle of that model’s body out and put Demi’s arms, head and legs on it, then retouched the hell out of them.
    She’s only embarassing herself further at this point.
    Citrano is cool for standing his ground!

  18. lucy2 says:

    I have to agree, Miss Thang, all this protesting and legal action is just adding fuel to the fire and embarrassing her.
    It’s clear that other photo was the base for the magazine article and Demi was added in to it. She would have been much better off to question the magazine for doing so (didn’t Kate Winslet do that when she got all photoshopped once?).

  19. Mia says:

    Demi’s lawyers sent a similar letter to ONTD, the livejournal blog about celebrities. Needless to say, it was met with the same derision as Citrano’s letter. Actually, it was met with over 6000+ comments ridiculing and lambasting Demi, her lawyers, her husband, her acting, her children, and a plethora of other things.

    Vain woman should have let things go. People had forgotten about it. Guess that thing called pride bits again.

  20. fizXgirl314 says:

    god damn… this bitch is sounding more pathetic and desperate by the minute… I find it rather demoralizing that a person can become more pathetic as they age… aren’t you supposed to outgrow this insecure BS when you’re a teenager? she really makes me sad for the future of womanhood… you’re already an old hag now GROW THE EFF UP…:/

  21. Green is Good says:

    Sigh: “If she did get PHOTOCHOPPED (not a typo, it stays)”

    Ha ha ha!! That’s going to catch on.

  22. Michelle says:

    I really wish this old hag would shut up.

  23. Jojo says:

    Dear Demi,

    You are a blithering idiot if you think anyone on the planet believes you aren’t photoshopped and haven’t had plastic surgery. Grow up, get over yourself and try telling the truth for once. Your behavior in these matters is appalling.

    Your Ex-Fan

  24. princess pea says:

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

  25. Twinky says:

    I smell desparation – I get the same whiff from Madonna, Nicole Kidman and Meg Ryan. I look at women like Susan Sarandon, Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, even Dame Judi Dench and they look lovely! Wrinkles and all! Not taut, stretched, expressionless, or gristly, just wonderful, naturally sexy women embracing their age in a healthy way.

  26. lisa says:

    YOU know after looking at the picture i have to say Demi is telling the truth..

    They did not photo-shop her body.. They photo shopped the model’s body and stuck Demi’s head on the top..See everyone is telling the truth. NOW because of this STUPID action she just made a non story a story again.

    Dang maybe she is like Ashton. Will do anything to get in the press. what happened to them acting. Ashton’s last few films have been total Flops and I can’t remember the last time Demi actually worked on a film.

    Photo shopped pics should be the least of their worries.

  27. hmmm says:

    Shes psycho – totally obsessed about looking young – has had more plastic surgery than any celeb out there. So totally fake – now this photo – what a joke. It makes me want to hurl.

  28. la chica says:

    i guess she’s going to have to sue us all because i also think she is a delusional psycho liar.

  29. Bete says:

    Demi is a pathetic narcissistic has-been.
    Go and do some charity work instead of using a lawyer to threaten a photographer. Only you look idiotic Demi.
    But no, narcissist celebrities, like Demi invite it all by trying to be what they aren’t via Photoshop – 20 year old starlets.
    I can only imagine what a frightfully vain parent she is to her daughters.

  30. EMV says:

    Weird side by side…she was airbrushed,everyone is…get over it Demi. She looks 20something in that pic give me a freakin break…not airbrushed…please

  31. mags says:

    ok they didn’t put demi’s head onto that body, unless they photoshopped about 15 pounds onto the model’s frame as well. which sounds like a giant waste of time.
    you can see the hip bones protruding from the model on the catwalk and the outfit hangs completely differently.
    also that model’s body is wacked. her hips look enormous compared to her brittle little waist and emaciated face. *shudder*

  32. MaiGirl says:

    Boy, this really proves how important self-esteem is. And no, Demi, narcissism is NOT the same as self-esteem. Seriously, does she think that fighting this stupid battle is endearing her to the public? Is she on crack??? She looks great for a surgically altered older woman, especially since there are so many who have jacked themselves up royally and paid dearly for it. She should just be happy with her looks and her young arguably good looking arguably douchey husband and pack it in.

  33. NicoleAM says:

    If she would’ve just kept her mouth shut, people would have forgotten all about this. She’s coming across as an extremely insecure, desperate pathetic woman. I love her and Nicole Kidman. They could easily just not comment at all, but instead they INSIST they’ve never ever ever had anything done. All well and good, if it wasn’t painfully obvious that they did in fact get something done. That pic wasn’t retouched? Riiiight, and I’m sure they also didn’t spend hours on her hair/make-up, lighting, angles etc etc…I know the US sometimes gets a rep for being dumb, but hey we’re not blind.

  34. SolitaryAngel says:

    @ Twinky: Bravo! You forgot Jamie Lee Curtis–I LOVE her hair, and she is beautiful just the way she is. You know, that must be so galling to someone like Demi who is now stuck getting more and more plastic surgery when she should have left well enough alone. HA

  35. Christian says:

    I must say I want moore writing from PEACH! Excellent!
    Okay, I’ll spill the beans here. I met Demi last year at an event in L.A. I spent about 8 hours looking at her :) and the truth is: Demi DOES look that good. She was absolutely, stunningly, Oh-My-God-Gorgeous! I couldn’t believe it! She stopped smoking, awhile back, atleast in public, however, we were in a private home where other’s were smoking(Kirsten Dunst)and Demi didn’t smoke. She also no longer has her other accessory – Red Bull – in her hand. She had a bottle of water(Aquafina I think – not Smart water) and she has SOOO much energy it’s unbelievable. She talked non-stop for the 8 hours I was with her. The most obvious things I’ve noticed since on The MINT balcony (Hailey, Idaho) at the July 4th, 2001 celebration’s for Independence Day is that she has had all her teeth done. They are either dental implants or veneers but they are most defintely longer teeth, giving her a beautiful, big smile. She also reduced her breasts. The first time the teeth were noticed publicly was in NYC @ The Producers play. Anyway, whatever she’s had done was done by a VERY good surgeon. BTW she has a part-time chef, housekeeper and long time Personal Assistant, Hunter(a guy).

  36. Tara says:

    So does the model whose body they used get paid for this?? Just wondering..

  37. Morten says:

    One thing: The Anja Rubik picture they used must have been from the end of the catwalk or a studio since her hands are on her hips and the loin cloth is at rest. The jewelery on her hands looks real (not photoshop, but who knows) so probably a studio.
    And to those saying that this is really Demi – look at the collar bone. Unless she had serious clavicle surgery that’s not Demi Moore’s. See

  38. Betty says:

    Ummm Demi Moore was very public about the boob job she got for her movie so how can she claim she has never had plastic surgery? Last time I checked, that did qualify.

    yes she looks good but let’s face it, botox!

  39. Dr T says:

    Wow. What a bunch of catty little tarts.

  40. birdseye says:

    Not sure why Demi would *want* to claim that as her body: I could hook coathangers off those clavicles. Girlfriend needs to start mainlining Big Macs.

  41. Rix says:

    Of course this is shopped. This body looks NOTHING like Moore. Moore has a much boxier, more athletic shape. Her waist is nothing like that!

  42. Lisa says:

    Agree with all of the above, but…it’s distracting us from another issue: the fact that this dress is flat-out heinous. Heinous. Rejected from an HBO’s Rome slave-girl outfit heinous. I understand wanting to look thin and pretty, but I do not understand being photoshopped into a dress I wouldn’t put on my most hated high school rival.

  43. Miss Mary Mack says:

    @ Christian

    It is well known she had her teeth done. She has always admitted she didn’t like to smile because she hated her teeth.

    @ Betty

    She always denied having breast implants.

  44. morgan says:

    It just amuses me that people believe these bodies are real and that there is such a big freak out every time some hack job assist shops wrong.

    We’ve known for ages that models and celebs images in mags are altered. It’s nothing new, but alas totally amusing.

  45. I agree with morgan . Altering is nothing new. If it was released unaltered then you can guess what it would look like.