Chris Brown treats random strippers better than Rihanna

Chris Brown Visits BET's "106 & Park"

This little report from Page Six made me sick. Apparently, Chris Brown was at a strip club in New York recently, and he treated all of the girls with respect. One stripper even went on the record with Page Six, saying that Chris was “on his best behavior, especially with regards to how he treats women.” Which is fine. I’m glad Chris didn’t disrespect the strippers or hit them or anything. I just wish he had shown his girlfriend the same respect. Two more points: Chris Brown has an “eye for the Latinas” and Chris isn’t drinking in public anymore, because that would violate his probation. Right.

Chris Brown finally got a break — when he unwittingly found himself at Greenhouse with girls from topless club FlashDancers.

A source said, “When 86 gorgeous girls turned up, Chris Brown, who just happened to be there, looked delighted. And he has an eye for the Latinas.”

Brown, who’s still on probation for beating Rihanna wasn’t drinking, the girls told Page Six. One ecdysiast who calls herself Carmen said, “He was the perfect gentleman and very polite.”

Another girl, Maria, told us: “He was talking to me but checking out all the other girls at the same time. He seemed fun but very flirtatious . . . it was clear he had to be on his best behavior, especially with regards to how he treats women.”

[From Page Six]

Here’s what makes me sick about this – that Chris Brown makes news for not abusing women. And that he’s free to go to strip clubs. Ugh.

In other news, Chris Brown has made most of the year-end lists of whatever. Usually the domestic abuse incident makes it on the list of “Most Shocking Events” or “Most Talked About Events” of the year. Is it weird that I hope 2010 brings us significantly less Chris Brown news? Maybe it’s already happening… Chris is bringing such a collective “meh” from stores and fans that I’ve got my fingers crossed for his career to simply fade out.

Chris Brown Visits BET's "106 & Park"

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  1. diva says:

    His cd isn’t selling, and going to strip clubs and the Rhianna incident ruined his boy next door image that he was making money off of. I would say his career is a wrap. His career wasn’t established enough for him to survive that kind of negative publicity and then his label made a critical mistake by releasing his cd at the same time frame as Rhiannas.

  2. Ophelia says:

    He’s alarmingly unattractive.

  3. GatsbyGal says:

    How is he allowed to go to strip club? And I’m supposed to believe he went to a strip and didn’t drink? Haha, yeah right.

    (ps – he probably had to go to a strip club because no woman will go near him without getting paid for it first)

  4. constant says:

    So he did what a large number of guys do..

    He likes latinas, as a large number of guys do..

    He behaved himself, as a large number of guys do..

    and you’re angry why exactly?

    He did a very shameful thing by hitting Rhianna. However, when you make a mistake, especially a very serious one, you have two choices, correct yourself or continue with mistakes. You can’t keep living with what you did but you must ensure never to repeat it.

    God luck to him.

  5. K-Love says:

    Strip club, probation, abuse which one don’t belong? You’re on probation for abuse and you’re in a strip club. Yea real smart. Oh, Oh, and he was on his best behavior. duh.

  6. Miss Bitch says:

    I have a ringside view of an abusive relationship in my family – the husband is currently serving time for beating his wife, and they are planning to get back together when he gets out, despite the fact that her kids have been removed because there is violence in the house.

    If The cops didn’t find out about the beating, Rhianna would still be with him today. He beat her in the past, and she stayed while probably ignoring the best advice of her friends and family.

    Being in an abusive relationship is like being an alcoholic: only you can say when enough is enough. But it takes two to keep the abuse going. I don’t feel sorry for Chris, who seems to be an all-around asshole, OR Rhianna, who kept her mouth shut about her “ordeal” until she was ready to promote her album.

    It disgusts me that she won that woman of the year award.

  7. CandyKay says:

    I agree with Constant. Chris Brown’s job is to be a decent human being going forward. There’s nothing to be gained by harping on the past.

  8. *Lee* says:

    People are not only upset that he beat his girlfriend, but that he did in the way and level that he did. He didn’t just get irritated and shove or slap her. (Which wouldn’t be okay either) He gave her a savage beat down, including biting.
    What puts it more in our minds are the pictures. There’s such a huge difference between hearing about something and seeing it.

    Aside from that, he acted like it was a huge joke. He smirked about the whole issue, throwing out little references to it that showed he had exactly no remorse, and thought it was funny. When he finally realized how horrified people were by his behavior, he tried to turn around and whine out some flimsy excuses, each different than the last. (IE: 1-That he didn’t remember it 2- That it was a horrible memory that will haunt him 3- That it’s all better now because he wants to apologize…The list goes on). Aside from that, in every instance possible he has shown that he is an immature, small minded, ignorant, semi-literate, coward. He’s uninteresting, aside form this story. You never hear about him in fights with other men, ever.

    If he were truly talented, he would move on past this, and it would go away. He’s not good enough to distract people with any kind of talent.

    By the way, I’m not biased. Rhianna is no rocket scientist herself. Ever hear one of her interviews? She sounds like a 10 year old girl with mild, functioning retardation. Her “talent” is pretty much as exaggerated as his.

  9. K-Love says:

    About leaving things in the past. Mistakes not learned from must be repeated. Surrounding yourself with the wrong things will result in wrong behavior. Chris Brown is on probation. That is not the pass that’s the now. Putting his self in that type of enviornment is not the smartest thing someone (anyone) on probation should do.
    His image would look a whole lot better if he did something to help others. Like visiting the elderly in nursing homes, or giving away toys to little children for Christmas. Not flirting with woman in a strip club. He does need to improve his image, if he’s ever going to get back in the good graces of

  10. Boo says:

    Simple fact: he’s in an environment that turns women into objects. You want to learn how to respect women? Don’t spend time in a place that teaches you that a woman is something you can buy. Because once you buy something, it’s yours, right? To do whatever you want to….


  11. Leek says:

    What a loser. He looks angry even when he smiles.

  12. CandyKay says:

    Lee, I’ve been reading a biography of Cary Grant, who reportedly beat the stuffing out of at least 2 of his 5 wives.

    Was he untalented, just because he was an abusive human being? I would say that he was indeed quite talented, and quite a jerk to the ladies in his life. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

    Grant also had multiple boyfriends, but he doesn’t seem to have been as aggressive with them.

  13. Trey says:

    From Page Six: “Chris Brown finally got a break — when he unwittingly found himself at Greenhouse with girls from topless club FlashDancers.”

    Since when does a guy “unwittingly” find himself in a strip club?? Total balderdash. I hope he finds himself unwittingly in prison.

  14. *Lee* says:

    I wasn’t implying that they are exclusive in any way. If Chris Brown were a perfect boyfriend and gentleman, he would still lack talent. My point was that this has given him more press than he EVER would have received otherwise, he’s just not good enough to rise above it. There are singers, actors, and athletes who have been arrested for worse, and still have thriving careers. Chris Brown was average in every way, and will always be remembered for beating his girlfriend up, because he has nothing else to bring to the table. The proof is in his dying career.

  15. Zzzzzzzzzz says:

    This loser is still in the news? His shambolic handling of the fallout after his vicious assault on Rihanna says it all about this little boy’s maturity level. Whining and whinging at every turn, despite the fact that HE was the abuser! Rihana has left him far behind and how. She must cringe in horror and embarrassment to think she ever let him near her now.

  16. Tess says:

    Puh-leeeze. This guy’s incredibly effeminate looking.

    Perhaps he beat the stuffing out of Rihanna because she’s a woman and he’s got unresolved issues about his own sexuality….

  17. lola says:

    this boy don t learn!!

    what a douche.

  18. ak says:

    why is every body against CB, i think the hommy Dserves a 2nd chance nt only 4rm Rihana bt also 4rm us who loved hiz zikie b4, we all know wat jesus wd say in this situation.chek out jn 8:7- ‘let he who is without sin cast a stone on her’
    we all do mistakes. i think this is wen he nids us most.thanx guys

  19. sara says:

    haha oh my god, i bet this isn’t even true

  20. . says:

    This just shows you that no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. We all know he screwed up, but who hasn’t? Just give the guy a break, at least he’s trying to change.

    Lee. I think he is pretty talented, because if he wasn’t he wouldn’t be famous. Also I don’t think he can “move on past this” if people keep reminding him his mistakes, he needs some support.

  21. *Lee* says:

    He’s talented because he’s famous? I almost fell out of my chair reading this. Being famous in no way proves you are talented, ever heard of Miley Cyrus? Or a million others?

    Making a mistake is burning dinner, or forgetting to call someone back, not putting your girlfriend in the hospital. He doesn’t need support, he needs some jail time and therapy.

  22. . says:

    haha, i did forget about miley cyrus. I see where your comming from. and i do think he needs harsher punishment.

    what he did happens to alot of people. This story has gone far too long. Aren’t there other important things going on?

  23. joyce perry says:

    Please give these children a break. Especially Chris. They are in the learning,growing and experimental stage. Since it has now been discovered that the brain has not fully developed to logical or maturity until one reaches approximately 25 to 26 years of age. Generally speaking, boys appears to develop slower than girls.

    When one is punished within that age range, it should be done in a teaching manner not a destructive one.

    I have a degree in working with children and in my experience, discovered you need to be careful in how the punishment is administered.

    When done correctly, the persons involved turns out to be even better toward human beings than before.

    Punishment with the right enfancies and can and will yeild positive results

  24. Muffy says:

    And how many Strip clubs did Tommy Lee go to? Rihanna is Jesus! *sarcasm*

  25. Um , these haters are just trying 2 find one little bad thing about him . who CARES hes young hes qonna live his life to tha fullest & go 2 tha strip club , like damn if iwas a male would do tha same thing . Just Leave him alone #TeamBreeezy!!!