Brittany Murphy: November 10, 1977 – December 20, 2009

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There’s been a lot of speculation about how and why Brittany Murphy died at the young age of 32. The coroner has issued a statement that no foul play is suspected and that he hopes to conduct an autopsy as soon as possible. Brittany’s husband of two years, Simon Monjack, is said to have objected to an autopsy. There could be an innocent reason for this, particularly that Brittany and her husband are Jewish. Jewish lawwhich views autopsy as a desecration of the body.

Brittany is also quoted as saying that she had a heart condition since she was a child. She was also very thin recently. TMZ reports that there were prescription drugs found in her home but that no illegal drugs were recovered by authorities.

In the past few weeks we’ve heard stories of Brittany and her husband’s erratic behavior, which many attributed to drug use. Whatever caused her death, it’s no less of a tragedy if it was an accidental drug overdose than if it was a heart condition. We’re sure to find out more in time. The fact remains that a young person has died. It’s just very sad for her family and for the people who loved her.

Here are photos of Brittany throughout the years, along with videos of her singing in Happy Feet and with Paul Oakenfold.

Brittany Murphy on David Letterman in 2006. She talks about her engagement to then-fiance, Joe Macaluso

On her role in Happy Feet.

Brittany Murphy and Paul Oakenfold – “Faster Kill Pussycat”

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  1. Gracie says:

    A beautiful, sweet, delightful, talented woman with so much more to do in her life.

    I loved her dearly in Clueless and will probably watch that today in her honor.
    I have also heard of other great performance she gave here on the site and will look those up as well.

    I wonder if an actor/entertainer feels the warm tribute if you watch their things after they die? To hang onto that beautiful little piece of them?
    I hope so.

    As someone said, 32 is no time to say goodbye. I hope she is at peace.

  2. Christayy says:

    This is such a sin and should not have happened.

    Brittnay was such a beautiful and talented actress.

    Ill always remember her bright, sunny smile and contagious laugh.

    R.I.P Lovely

  3. turtles says:

    She was a joy to watch, and was the kind of woman that, as a woman of the same age group, I felt I kind of knew. She was just so open and warm.
    I loved her in Spun, I don’t know if many people saw that movie but she played the strung out girlfriend of a meth cook, and she made the part absolutely hilarious while heartbreaking at the same time. That was kind of her thing, a mix of laughter and heartache. But this death, this is too much heartache. I hope she is laughing in the hereafter.

  4. KelBear says:

    Her laugh was contagious.

  5. stinabelle says:

    RIP Brittany. Rollin’ with the homies… <33

  6. Pole says:


    Aw, now I’m almost crying 🙁 She was very talented, it’s so sad that she died so young.

  7. Guest says:


  8. MeMyself says:

    Gracie, what a beautiful tribute!

    I am sure any actor wants to feel that anyone is touched by their performances, isn’t that what it is supposed to be all about?

    I am really touched by your kind words.

  9. UrbanRube says:

    “King of the Hill” won’t be the same without her.

  10. bella says:

    I am just so saddened by this news. Brittany seemed so sweet and she really gave herself over to her roles. I remember despising her character for what she did to Shady in 8 Mile, but still seeing the desperation and sadness in her eyes, my heart went out to her.

    I am also deeply saddened to read she wanted to have a child in 2010 and will now never know that joy. I’m sorry, I have tears now. What is it about 2009 that we’ve lost so many celebs we’ve loved?

  11. pebbles says:

    It’s too early in the day for me to be in tears here, but after the Happy Feet video, I’m all misty.
    She always seemed so positive and happy –
    RIP, Brittany.

  12. CadieBelle says:

    Waa waa waa another self indulgent “famous” drug addict dies. Sorry for her family, but come on. There are consequences for people’s actions.

  13. Megan says:

    She is exactly one day older than my sister which just sort of shakes me up a bit extra about this…what an adorable, talented, lovely lady…and such a heartbreaking end to her life. God bless her loved ones.

  14. IceKitty says:

    Such sad news. 2009 has not been good to Celebrities.

    Clueless is such a classic movie and I can’t believe our little Ty is gone.

    Oh yeah.. and @CadieBelle – Shame on you. No matter what the cause of death is in this situation it is still a tragedy all the same. Do you have a black hole where your heart belongs??

    RIP Brittany may you rest in peace.

  15. Leek says:

    She seemed like a very sweet soul. Hopefully she finds peace.

    No parent should outlive their children but the beauty of fame is that her family will be able to see her performing, doing what she loved whenever they want.

    Oh, and people being nasty towards her…have some class. You have the ability to be better than that so try exercising the same thing you judge everyone else for lacking.

  16. Sarah says:

    RIP Brittany. You were way too young to leave this planet.

    I always thought she was a very beautiful and talented actress, far away from drugs, cause she always looked very healthy and had this inner glow I really liked. But looking now at those pics from 08 and 09, I have to say that there might be more to the story that just a natural death. What just happened?

    I really feel for her family and hope her latest appearances doesn’t make the media outlets go nuts on her for weeks trying to solve a “drug mystery”.

  17. Celebitchy says:

    Rude comments on a celebrity’s death are an automatic permanent moderation. Think before you post.

  18. bubbles says:

    so much for the glamorous life in Hollywood. I knew BM personally and she was under constant pressure. pressure to be thinner, to be prettier, to be the better actress, to beat this and that person out of a role, pressure to have a glamorous private/love life, which she sure had her trials and tribulations with. She was very child-like in many ways, and it’s a goddammed shame, that she didn’t have people around her who watched out for her and protected her from the vultures.

  19. Miss Thang says:

    She REALLY looked lovely in Cannes!
    Her silly movies were my guilty pleasure. This is very sad. I hope she can rest in peace and that her family is able to find some peace as well. I know she will be missed by many.

  20. Ana says:

    Wow! I had heard Faster Kill Pussycat but didn’t know she was the voice of Gloria.
    Her voice is amazing! It was so cute watching that video of her singing, that big voice coming out of that bubbly little person.

    She was a truly great and verstile actress. She looks amazing in both of the pictures of her in blue.

    I initally thought drugs, but now I am leaning towards the heart condition as the COD.


  21. Michelle says:

    The header photo you chose of her is absolutely gorgeous. May she rest in peace.

  22. katyusha says:

    Wow, she’s exactly 3 days older than me.
    RIP Brittany 🙁

  23. juiceinla says:

    Loved her Oakenfold song- LOVE! I am very saddened by all of this, and whether it was childhood ailment, natural causes, heart problem caused or exacerbated by anorexia or drugs, its terribly tragic.

  24. Dizzy says:

    She was so talented but didn’t receive the recognition she deserved. Check out “Love and other disasters”

  25. CB Rawks says:

    Cadiebelle just wants attention. Sad and pathetic, but easily ignored.

    That was a lovely tribute to Brittany, thankyou Celebitchy.

  26. Emily says:

    Wow, I’m tearing up at work now. She might have been way too thin a lot of the time, but she had the most beautiful smile. And those eyes… I hope that whereve she is now, she’s happy.

  27. You Go Girl says:

    mother and father met whil working in a psychiatric hospital….symbolic photo shoots with david lachapelle….butterflies, kitten themes…
    all the signs are there, you just need to google n look it all up for yourselves. another hollywood sacrifice.

  28. Kathie says:

    She was so pretty and talented, young and radiant. I believe she is at peace now God bless her and sustain her poor family through this horrible time.

  29. lurker says:

    She was one of those people/celebrities that you couldn’t help but smile at when you seen her picture. Her eyes always had that twinkle in them, so it’s a shame that she was under so much pressure and was so tortured.

    What a great, and in many cases underestimated, talent, and a great loss.

    It seems kind of weird that I feel such sadness, but she always seemed to steal the show in every movie she was in. I loved her in Don’t Say a Word.

  30. ...gone. says:

    @you go girl

    totally feel you. she had an unskilled controller… no wonder he’s freakin’ out.

    anywho, there’s still britney, madonna, gaga…now THAT is good programming!

  31. Typo says:

    Brittany Murphy wasn’t Jewish so that can’t be an excuse for her not to have an autopsy. Her husband is clearly trying to cover something up.

  32. NicoleAM says:

    Very sweet eyes! I don’t know why her movie roles declined, she was a very talented actress.
    (My fave line in Clueless was: “You’re a virgin who can’t drive.”) RIP Brit

  33. Anj says:

    I am heart broken over death of one of my fav actress!

    RIP Angel.