Prince William is going to blunder into the Israel-Palestine issue again

In 2018, Prince William visited Israel and Gaza and met with Prime Minister Netanyahu and other local leaders. During the five-day trip, William’s staff briefed the British press that William “pledged to make Middle East peace his lifelong project.” He promptly forgot about it and did absolutely f–k all. Then, last fall, he and Kate issued a carefully-worded statement following the October 7th Hamas terrorist attack. And since then… nothing. No visits to synagogues or mosques, no follow-up statements of concern. Don’t get me wrong, this is one of the most sensitive political hot potatoes ever, and I completely understand why Downing Street would tell a bald, insensitive, charisma-vacuum to simply shut up and not blunder into this situation whatsoever. William couldn’t even attend the BAFTAs and chat with actors without his ghastly gaffes making international news. So… it’s interesting that Kensington Palace thinks that William is capable of threading this particular needle right now.

The Prince of Wales will recognise the scale of “human suffering” caused by the war in Gaza in his first public comments on the conflict since it began last October. Prince William, 41, expressed “profound concern” about the ongoing violence in the Middle East ahead of an engagement on Tuesday, in which he will meet aid workers involved with the humanitarian effort in the enclave.

The Prince will be briefed on the latest developments in Gaza and how charities are supporting those on the ground. He has been “closely following” the Gaza conflict since the Hamas terror attacks in Israel on Oct 7, the Telegraph understands.

He will join a synagogue discussion with young campaigners against hatred next week, in the wake of a sharp rise in anti-Semitism caused by the conflict. The Prince is keen to use his platform to highlight the plight of millions of innocent civilians on both sides. The two engagements will be among the first he has conducted since returning from looking after his wife as she recovered from abdominal surgery, and their three children.

A Kensington Palace spokesperson said: “The Prince and Princess were profoundly concerned by events that unfolded in late 2023 and continue to hold all the victims, their family and friends in their hearts and minds. Their Royal Highnesses continue to share in the hope of a better future for all those affected.”

[From The Telegraph]

All of the British papers got the same statement and the same briefing, likely from William’s brand-new private secretary Ian Patrick. Patrick comes from the diplomatic world, and it looked like Patrick was basically assigned to William to help tutor this dumbass on How To Be A Soft Power Diplomat 101. Except William hates to read, he surrounds himself with incompetent staffers who fail to prepare him for events and he cannot be trusted in these kinds of sensitive situations. Weirdly, this whole “visiting a synagogue and speaking with anti-hate campaigners” is exactly the kind of thing King Charles would have done and has done a million times. Say what you will about Charles, but he’s always been very good in inclusive multi-faith conversations. His heir, not so much. Oh, William just issued this statement ahead of his events today:

“I remain deeply concerned about the terrible human cost of the conflict in the Middle East since the Hamas terrorist attack on 7 October,” he said. “I, like so many others, want to see an end to the fighting as soon as possible. There is a desperate need for increased humanitarian support to Gaza. It’s critical that aid gets in and the hostages are released. Sometimes it is only when faced with the sheer scale of human suffering that the importance of permanent peace is brought home. Even in the darkest hour, we must not succumb to the counsel of despair.”

[From Sky News]

This is 100% the new guy, right? Worse yet, I absolutely believe that William is doing this last-minute, without guidance and approval from Downing Street or the Foreign Office. It will be interesting to see what happens.

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  1. Zut Alors says:

    What exactly does this statement add to the discourse?

    • Cel2495 says:

      Nothing , he never adds anything.

      I thought he was working on something to resolve the conflict forever as he said 🤦🏽. Oh , he def should stay afraid from issuing statements for now.

    • Lulu says:

      Trying to bury his gross gaffe at the Baftas

    • Smart&Messy says:

      It gives ammo to the Fail to vomit words about him being a (hunky, single) statesman who says things about important stuff.

      • Agnes says:

        PW: What’s on the agenda today, New Secretary?
        IP: Visit some people sleeping in viaducts and tell them about your Utopia for the Homeless in Cornwall, which they’ll never live in.
        PW: Oh, I’d rather be Statesmanlike and say some garble about the MiddleEast. Go fix me a drink.

      • Jais says:

        Meanwhile camilla is visiting a charity for medical detection dogs. Should have gone with the cute dogs, William.

    • Chelsea says:

      I dont like William but i think anyone saying something about the need for aid in Gaza is a helpful thing (though even more helpful would be him using his foundation or his own incredible wealth to provide financial support to the humanitarians working on the ground). That said while I understand that Whitehall would have a fit if royals said anything more pointed than this byt statements like this that don’t call out Israel’s role in blocking entry points for aid and killing humanitarians are very frustrating (and yes i was also frustrated with H&M’s similarly restrained statement but at least they used their foundation to support humanitarian groups like World Central Kitchen that are doing work on the ground)

      • Queen Meghan's Hand says:

        Agreed. No statement like should exclude an urgent ask to Israel to let humanitarian aid in.

        I’m also kind of appalled that Prince William’s 2nd public statement about the Gaza genocide is to the left of the Sussexes They have released no statement about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. If Peg was intelligent, he would ask the British media to lean into this framing but alas he is lazy and dumb.

      • HalfDutchy says:

        By the way, although the world completely ignores this — Egypt also shares a border with Gaza, and blockades it the same way Israel does, to prevent Hamas from smuggling arms and weapons. The world is purposefully silent about this and gives Egypt a pass.

      • atorontogal says:

        @HalfDutchy – thank you for mentioning this.

  2. Harper says:

    The statement reeks of his typical impatience: “Stop the fighting now or I’ll get so bored hearing about this.”

    • Dear People of the situation happening in Gaza. I am Prince William of Pegging. I want you to know that in my country I have solved homelessness by building some 24 sketchy homes with some money that’s not mine and I will collect rent on them. I have done this in a very short period of time so now I have the time to get peace to your area. I demand you stop fighting and hostages are returned. Your welcome. My fee is included in this miracle that I have granted you.

    • Nutella toast says:

      I, I, I, I, I…it’s not about you William.

  3. Jais says:

    Well, he’s back at work. This work seems sudden, not planned or especially thought out. It’s like he’s picking hot topics to attach his name to. This man really sees himself as too good for bread and butter events. I do not see this going well.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      It seems like there are plenty of issues which are far less hot button he could be doing. I wonder if this is the influence of the new private secretary who comes from a political-diplomatic background. Buckle up!

      • Jais says:

        Does he want attention? Bc he’s already getting backlash. He’s avoided so many events in which he might be protested and yet he’s just walking into this one. I’m honestly baffled.

    • Laura D says:

      @Jais – Agreed. Far more experienced diplomats and ambassadors have got their fingers burnt trying to find a solution to the conflict. People who know what they’re doing and have a greater grasp of the intricacies of the problem can’t find a compromise which will satisfy both sides. A future heir who has spent his life yelling at people because he will be a king really isn’t what’s needed right now. If the guy can’t even read the brief for a fluffy award ceremony how on earth is he going to understand how to approach a conflict which has cost so many lives for so many years. Someone ought to remind him that cutting ribbons and smiling to photographers is what he was born to do (and lets be fair all he’s capable of doing). He should leave international relations to the “grown-ups.”

      • Jais says:

        Yeah, I’m genuinely baffled why he’s diving into this. Does the government want him to focus on this as some sort of a distraction or is he really so egotistical to think that the world needs him on this topic?

    • Snaggletooth says:

      But…is he back at work? They aren’t clarifying anything. And is he doing normal engagements or not?

  4. Brassy Rebel says:

    Oh no! Unless the new guy accompanies him at these events and holds his hand literally throughout, we’re about to have a diplomatic incident. The last thing the Mideast needs.

  5. Sarah says:

    I had the same reaction… how is he going to interact with people about bigotry and trama when he can’t even chit-chat with actors. I hope he’s not allowed to go off script.

    The Guardian actually had a whole column about him being adorably awkwardly relatable at the BAFTAs. Um nope.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      So joking about a movie with a sexual assault theme is now adorably, awkwardly relatable? Sometimes the Guardian is as bad as the Daily Mail.

      • Laura D says:

        @Brassy Rebel – agreed. I saw the piece and wondered what on earth the woman was going on about. Rather than lambast him for having not watched the film, she seemed to be making excuses for him. Rebecca English could have written the article.

      • Helen says:

        The piece on the Guardian was mocking William, not making excuses for him. The writing was so funny I was laughing out loud reading it.

        A few highlights from Zoe Williams’ opinion piece, writing about social anxiety and prince William: “now the terror is in our eyes, that’s not going to help, and now we’ve forgotten our name, all we can remember is that we had one job, for which we’ve been preparing all our lives, which is to be able to talk and smile, if not simultaneously, at least in quick succession? OK, that’s two jobs.” and “Prince William is off the scale, seeking comfort in rictus grin formations that most evolved humans don’t know how to activate any more, having last used them trying to make peace with a cheetah.” (the Guardian, 19 Feb 2024)

        It’s hilarious, she’s basically comparing William’s facial expression to a scared grimace of a chimpanzee.

    • Jais says:

      Yeah that was bad. Being awkward can be relatable. But telling a woman it looked like she had fun making a sex movie shouldn’t be relatable unless you’re a sleazy pervy creep.

  6. Snaggletooth says:

    Bro. Just shut up and GO TO A FOOD PANTRY. JFC. This parade of star-fucking and global-statesman-dress-up, when he absolutely insists his wife is too ill for him to work, is insane.

    • BeanieBean says:

      And no explanation for that, either. We’re just supposed to ignore that he said he’s not going to do a dang thing while Kate is out of commission.

      • Proud Mary says:

        If there was any actual journalism being practiced on that island, someone would ask the bare minimum questions, such as: Sir, you recently said you would be absent from work until your wife recovers? Has she? Is that why you’re back to work? And does this mean we’ll be seeing Kate soon?

  7. Oh goodies the sexy global statesmen will now address a so very tricky subject. This should be interesting since he doesn’t read briefs or listen to what he is being told. Does he really think that anyone who is already doing stuff to help the situation needs Mr Gaffes are us? Just who does he really think he is? He can’t even get whatever is going on with Can’t right but this he can? Sit down Peg.

  8. lanne says:

    well, well, well. Look who’s trying to start “working” now? I guess Harry and Meghan really lit a fire under his ass in a way that nothing else would. And where is Kate, by the way?

  9. Julie says:

    this will achieve F all, nothing but grandstanding
    But both the Tories and the Labour have been pathetic in this regard.
    So even if this is nothing but posturing, im glad he is meeting with the humanitarian workers from Gaza. This conflict has gone on for far too long, too many have died, without any end in sight. A ceasefire must be reached, and pressure must be applied on both Israel and Hamas and as our ally and a democratic country ( vs a terrorist organisation) , i would expect far MORE pressure should be on Israel to de-escalate this conflict.
    i suspect Wil here is having to toe a difficult line with showing support for Gaza without being seen an interfering with the Number 10. Not that he’s the right person for it, but at this point with 28.000 dead, anyone and everyone should be getting involved

  10. Teagirl says:

    So it says “…since returning from looking after his wife as she recovered from abdominal surgery…”
    So he has returned and he’s not going back? Use of the past tense “recovered” so Kate is OK now?

  11. EasternViolet says:

    This reeks of the imaginary competition William thinks he is having with his brother. Therefore, it makes his messaging sound completely out of the blue and insincere. This is also his new guy creating a global statesman out of a potato. Mashed.

  12. blue says:

    In what world does anyone, except his own aspirations & imagination, consider Willy a statesman?
    What does “succumb to the counsel of despair” even mean?
    Britain is largely responsible for the partition boundaries of Palestine after WWII which planted the seeds for the conflict of the last 75 years. Sending the befuddled PoW to mouth platitudes is indicative of the no- longer-warranted sense of superiority of the Brit gov’t.

  13. Chantal1 says:

    TWO visits a few WEEKS apart! Willy Nilly continues to approach his job all willy nilly. Seriously, why bother? Oh right, cleanup on aisle 5 after the BAFTA fiasco…

    Such minimal effort for positive PR, yet counts as work. Can’t wait for His Royal Hindquarters to make more international news with more insensitive and probably racist gaffes. Meanwhile, just more listening with a concerned and constipated face for the obligatory photo ops, and more sycophantic articles, with a few weeks to recuperate in between the visits. Re: recuperating, where’s Kate?

  14. MichaelaCat says:

    Good luck with that.

    People can hardly post about any subject nowadays before someone goes: “What about…!!?”

    Have seen several times that people who do any charity efforts for anything that is not related to this conflict, get angry criticism for not doing something for this instead.

    Ironically, often by people who never do anything more than trying to shame others on the internet.

    And they want this “genius” to wade into that?

  15. Becks1 says:

    Yeah, this is 100% the new guy – “Even in the darkest hour, we must not succumb to the counsel of despair.”

    Can you imagine William coming up with that line himself?? no way in hell.

    this is a humanitarian crisis with a very real political aspect, as we all know. William is really close to saying the wrong thing and causing a huge issue.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      William can’t even talk to actors at the BAFTA’s without giving offense. And the conflict in the Mideast is his next project? The new guy is showing us already he’s not very bright.

    • Eurydice says:

      Lol, we posted at the same time. It’s absurd. In 40 years, that line has never once entered William’s head. I wonder what they’re thinking in the Foreign Office.

      • Becks1 says:

        The whole statement is absurd! I just saw it on social media again and I thought, who, WHO, out there in the world has been like, “you know what we need? a statement from the prince of wales about the Israel/Gaza conflict that basically says nothing.”

    • Cessily says:

      I’m waiting patiently because eventually he will do irreparable damage then maybe parliament and the public will take action.

    • Nic919 says:

      The statement today is only from him and not something joint, as compared to the October statement being issued by both of them. Sloppiness or something more?

    • BeanieBean says:

      Isn’t ‘darkest hour’ from one of Churchill’s speeches during WWII? I think the new guy read Churchill in school. As for Billy Boy, all he can come up with is smiles & well wishes.

      • Eurydice says:

        Churchill was my first thought when reading this. It was in his “finest hour” speech, although the “darkest hour” was referring to the collapse of France. Still, it evokes the rally – we will fight them on the beaches…we will defend our island…etc.etc.

        It’s nonsensical, really, to echo wartime Churchill in a statement about humanitarian assistance for Gaza. The new guy is bringing a fresh set of platitudes to KP

  16. Eurydice says:

    “Even in the darkest hour, we must not succumb to the counsel of despair.”

    Seriously? Next, he’ll be thundering, “Never give up, never surrender!!”

  17. Lady Esther says:

    That’s a lot of use of the word “I” in that statement….it’s all about him, per usual…

    and what does “counsel of despair” mean, other than the name of my next heavy metal album?

    • Eurydice says:

      It means admitting defeat – throwing in the towel. I don’t know if Winston Churchill ever used this idiom, but it sounds like the new guy is trying to make William sound like he’s a statesman rallying the country.

    • Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

      Omg!! “Counsel of Despair” would be an excellent name for a heavy metal album or even a great band name!!

  18. Lulu says:

    William very clearly said he would not step up to support Charles during cancer treatment, but just days after his own gross gaffe he is going to ditch the school runs.

    • Chrissy says:

      It seems that he was rapped across the knuckles because of his typically bone-headed comment at the BAFTAs. His wading into the Gaza mess is just him pretending that he’s a global statesman and doing damage control. So instead of just contacting humanitarian agencies and writing them a big cheque to help provide some aide, his flunky came up with some Churchillesque drivel to get his name in the paper. Meanwhile, he doesn’t have to leave the comfort of his chair since, to him, his job is done!

  19. Mslove says:

    I see Peg has invited himself to the Middle East. Statesman Peg will tell us that conflict is bad and then fly home to pick the kids up from school. I wonder where Keen is. She’s supposed to be the peacemaker in the family. I’m sure the Middle East could use her help.

  20. Jk says:

    Ayayayayayay. Boy oh boy oh boy.
    Camilla’s got her bucket of 🍿 ready and waiting gleefully.

  21. Blithe says:

    Perhaps William could get together with Jared Kushner and, together they could solve… /s Nah.

    • ML says:

      My mind also instantly went to Jared Kushner—maybe KP acquired his dossiers for PW?
      In all seriousness, the royals are supposed to stay far, far away from actual politics, especially anything as delicate as this. PW is a boorish idiot. Yes, he’s supposed to be skilled at soft diplomacy, but that is NOT the diplomacy of foreign affairs. Is this Rishi and the Tories needing someone not so smart to throw under a bus?

      • Renae says:

        Seems they don’t need to ‘throw him under a bus’. Peg just crawls under it all by himself.
        Where is Kkkate?

    • Queen Meghan's Hand says:

      The Prince of Wales and Javanka meeting is coming though…

  22. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    Let me get this straight, 2 45-minute visits over the course of 2 weeks is going to make a difference for this horrific humanitarian crisis? I would bet cold, hard cash that if the Sussex’s trip to Canada last week and the wonderful interactions they had with the First Nations leaders, hadn’t happened we wouldn’t be seeing this from William, he’d still be “caring” for his wife during her “recovery”.

    • Eurydice says:

      He’s such a megalomaniac. He can’t just have a couple of meetings to educate himself; he has to be The Global Avenger.

  23. MrsH says:

    So keen! He announced he will make just TWO visits and those two visits will be done in the span of a few weeks. So keen….for PR.

  24. Lady Digby says:

    I’ve got everything I need
    I’m the urban spaceman, baby; I can fly
    I’m a supersonic guy…

    Does anybody else remember I ‘m the Urban spaceman baby sung by the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band? Every time Willy calls himself a Global Statesman, I think of this ditty.

  25. Murphy says:

    Ian, you have to throw softballs to this guy. Softballs.
    He’ll still eff it up but you need to at least try to avoid the real issues with him.

  26. Mary Pester says:

    GO HARRY, all those people heaping praise on you for being the kind, considerate, knowledgeable, and genuinely careing human being you are, has certainly put a firework up the ass of the man who wishes he was you 😂😂😂.
    Now my cbitchy lovelies can you remind me of everything William has promised to do within 5 years, got a little chat lined up with the Cornish Times, a friendly reporter I know from 2 years ago when I launched a campaign to keep some local post offices open, now I might be to poorly to travel far enough to cause a stink at one of his vanity appearances (what could they do to me lol) but I can shame the little bsd in print!!

    • BeanieBean says:

      Hmm, it was ‘abolish homelessness’ for starters; I think ‘end racism’ in sport was another (but just sport!). It’s hard, because he never says anything concrete!

      Anyhoo, good luck with the interview! Please send us a link to the finished article!

    • Jais says:

      I’ve lost count😂. Racism in sports and sports only. Homelessness. Peace in the Middle East. Promises to do all the school runs and nothing more?

    • Eurydice says:

      There’s cleaning the air and the oceans and healing the planet by 2030, conservation and ending poaching in Africa, mental health, and something about bullying? Oh, and Ukraine – brownies for Ukraine!

  27. Naomi says:

    Yet another statement beginning with “I.” The man is incapable of not centering himself EVER. Isn’t it like PR 101 to not center yourself in such statements, especially regarding global conflict and human rights? It’s not just PW’s egotism that gets me, it’s also the incompetence at KP office that allows PW’s egotism to show through so clearly.

  28. aquarius64 says:

    William botched the BAFTAs and now government is going to trust him on the Middle East? Something is so wrong with Kate otherwise the government wouldn’t go along with this farce.

  29. Ponydog says:

    Deflection from questions about Kate?

  30. ChattyCath says:

    I wonder. Is the new guy going to abolish the Jazz hands? I see them powering up in one of the pictures.

  31. Ohwell says:

    This is clearly his new aid talking. Will is just a puppet, an empty vessel.

    However, anything that brings attention to the genocide in Palestine is important.

  32. BeanieBean says:

    Yeah, it’s the new guy. There’s no ‘hugely’ or ‘massive’ or ‘Catherine and I’ in it. Can we talk about their stupid centered text rather than left margin justified? Their announcements look like wedding announcements or menus rather than serious communications. I just noticed it with the ‘I’m not working while my wife is ill’ announcement (centered) vs. the King’s cancer communique (left justified). The latter seemed more serious & professional.

  33. Moondust says:

    How many articles are there every week about William being incandescent with rage or about how much he hates his brother? What is he going to talk about with young campaigners against hatred? What could go wrong? Everything? Will he offer the odd smile like he did when the war started in Ukraine. He did such a wonderful job that time again. Tragic.

  34. Grant says:

    “Bald, insensitive, charisma-vacuum…” How do we get Kaiser a Pulitzer based on the genius that is this line alone???

  35. Amy Bee says:

    There’s no fighting in Gaza, just civilians getting bombed, shot and starved to death. Why isn’t he visiting the Palestine Solidarity Campaign or a Palestinian community group?

  36. Jaded says:

    Bulliam must be reading from the Jared Kushner book of “How I Solved the Middle East Crisis and Made $2 Billion Dollars at the Same Time!”

  37. Katherine says:

    His fancy words are nice..but is he going to commit $$$ for humanitarian aid ?

  38. Lulu says:

    Charles meeting with the PM this week. “Sir, um, your son…”, “Oh yes, well we all hate Harry, and we are keeping him will away”, “Um, actually the other one, is he well? We are getting requests from the diplomatic corps that he have appearances and speeches approved.” *crickets*”

  39. Amy Bee says:

    Derangers are saying that William is calling for a ceasefire. Where did he say that? He said he wanted the fighting to stop which is different from calling for Israel to end the bombardment.

  40. Athena says:

    What does he mean by he’s waiting for Kate to be settled? Is that a U.K. term for get better? In the U.S. we would say that the person is getting better, feeling stronger everyday, coming along, making progress, stuff like that, not settled, so it’s rather confusing.

    • Blithe says:

      That’s an interesting observation @Athena. I would also use “settled” for a long term situation. Like: The kids are getting settled into their new schools, or We finally got Dad settled in at the nursing home. To my American ears, using “settled” to describe recovering from a successful surgery does sound odd.

      • Bettyrose says:

        The semantics are fascinating. Unless it has a different connotation in Britain, “settled” would suggest a long term arrangement not a recovery period.

      • Becks1 says:

        I would use settled in the context of a surgery for a very brief time – “we don’t want visitors the first day, we want to make sure she’s settled in” – meaning, set up in bed or on the couch or wherever, comfortable, recovered from the trip home (sometimes after a surgery a 30 minute ride can just exhaust you), and ready to see people.

        I wouldn’t use it to describe a long term period.

  41. Bettyrose says:

    How are respected, qualified government officials horrified by this? There’s no place for soft diplomacy amidst an ongoing and extremely complex humanitarian crisis (that Britain itself had a huge role in laying the historic groundwork for)? Stay in your lane BRF. A million Gaza refugees isn’t a ribbon cutting ceremony.

  42. seaflower says:

    No Catherine and I – just me, me, me. Single Dad diplomat strikes again. Separation is in the books.

  43. Lauren says:

    For those who enjoy a bit of royal history, when the UN first appointed a mediator on the conflict between Israel and Palastine in the late 1940s they selected Count Folke Bernadotte, the 1st cousin 2x of Sweden’s current king.
    Folke was assassinated by an Israeli terrorist organization while on UN business in Jerusalem, before he could submit his proposed solution. At the time of his death Folke was the nephew of the King of Sweden.
    Crown Princess Victoria chose his wife’s name for her first daughter, future queen Estelle.