Prince William will continue to enter the political fray whenever he feels like it

The British right-wing political operatives have been grooming Prince William for kingship for years now. I have believed for some time that the Tories really put together a long-term plan to groom William into the useful idiot king of their dreams, and he’s simply too stupid to understand that it looks dangerously political for Kensington Palace and Downing Street staffers to have a revolving door. Even Charles, with all of his “political meddling,” never surrounded himself with that many political operatives on either side. In any case, it’s clear that William has gone off-message this week with his statement about the Israel-Palestine conflict/disaster. You can tell that there’s panic all around because the right-wing media is currently struggling to figure out a way to call out William while still being on “his side.”

From what I can see, Downing Street isn’t publicly upset with William but government officials are making it perfectly clear that they did not write William’s statement nor did they officially sign off on it – they were merely “informed” that William was going to dive into one of the most sensitive political situations in the world. Likewise, Buckingham Palace is not helping William – they’re making it clear that they were not informed of any of this and the king did not sign off on it. William’s media allies are coming very close to calling him out and KP has been doing damage control for the past 24 hours. Tom Sykes at the Daily Beast also got “sources close to William” to say that William is committed to making a political ass out of himself in the future too:

Interventions on global issues close to Prince William’s heart, like his dramatic statement calling for an end to the war in Gaza Tuesday, are likely to be an ongoing feature of his tenure as Prince of Wales, with sources saying the prince will continue to speak out on issues that he believes matter.

In a clear suggestion that Tuesday’s statement—which called for an “end to fighting,” even though Israel remains implacably opposed to calls for a ceasefire—was a template for future interventions rather than a one-off, a palace source told The Daily Beast that William would likely make further comments on issues of global importance, saying, “When he feels the need to say something, he will.”

Another royal source said that William would have been less likely to make such an unambiguous statement if he were king, but said that his father King Charles had created a model whereby the heir to the throne could “speak out” on issues that mattered to them.

The Daily Beast has been previously told by friends of the king that even when he was Prince of Wales he would sometimes stop himself while talking about a pet subject such as organic farming, and make a gesture miming his hands being handcuffed in front of him. William, by contrast, threw those handcuffs off today in what has been seen as an attempt to cast himself as a global statesman. One palace source speaking to the Times of London called it by way of a curtain-raiser, pre-publication, as “punchy,” adding it was “a significant intervention by [HRH] on an important topic that is close to his heart.”

[From The Daily Beast]

Yeah, we’ll see if William’s Tory handlers allow him to run around, blatantly forcing his way into the political fray half-cocked. Even Richard Kay at the Daily Mail – one of William’s strongest media allies – wrote a pretty harsh column about this whole debacle. Kay quoted unnamed critics who said sh-t like “We elect government to run the country. He should shut up and look after the children” and “Hamas must be dancing in glee that this dimwit has stuck his oar in and become part of their mouthpiece.” A message is being sent. The Tory press is desperate to force William to STFU, lest the whole scam come crashing down.

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  1. Eurydice says:

    Lol, and here I was worried that William had no focus – he’s focused on being an ass.

    • Agnes says:

      It’s the one thing he’s really good at, so go on, lean into it Bill.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        Not Bulliam ending the monarchy AND the Tory party with the same gaffe! 🤣🤣 lmgdmfao

        He went out to compete with his bro on the global stage, and got his arse handed to him by his own sycophantic supporters. Absolute own goal. Don’t try to compete where you don’t compare, Bulliam!

        And Tories are now crying because he’s making them look bad (or at least, even worse than normal).

        Love this for all of them – bunch of braying j@ck@$$e$

  2. molly says:

    On a more serious note, he seems oblivious to the fact that he is entering very dangerous territory. There are loons on both sides of this. I hope he is smart enough to think about that when he’s planning his next great statesman move. He’s in over his head.

    • ELX says:

      He’ll do so once too often, make too big a mess and be met with a PM with abdication papers.

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      Do you think that Papa Chucky is regretting the choice of sending Ian Patrick over to KP?

      It certainly doesn’t speak well of Patrick’s much-vaunted “diplomatic skill set” if he allows his charge to go full Leeroy Jenkins sans the sanction of the King and Parliament.

      I love how even W’s favourite Tory rota mouthpieces are telling him to stfu and stick to the school runs.

      Every time he tries to one-up Hazza, it blows up in his face, spectacularly and so very publicly. You’d think he’d take up the hint, eventually…that his meemaw’s “never complain, never explain” approach was the correct one.

  3. Brassy Rebel says:

    William does not give a damn about this issue or any issue. He just wants to look like he gives a damn which he thinks will make him seem relevant in a totally irrelevant institution.

  4. Agnes says:

    Keep it up Wee Willie! It’s fun for your detractors to watch you get scolded whilst Harry stays in his lane and actually helps people who need help.

  5. Vanessa says:

    William is being a child he throw a tantrum he see how Harry is praises for his diplomatic relations Harry being seen with high level government people. William wants all that attention to be on him in his minds his heir everyone should want to hear what he has to say and be impressed with his work salad statements . William has once again put his foot in his mouth and instead just letting things go he will have his lackeys spin their usual BS to hype him up .

  6. Peg the global statesman has one power and that’s the power to destroy himself. At this rate the destruction is happening pretty quick if he continues down his version of a political path. I say let him. The sooner he destroys himself the better. He apparently doesn’t believe that he is not really part of the government in that he is not elected but just a figurehead and that’s it he believes he is more and can do and say whatever he wants.

  7. JanetDR says:

    That header photo is giving “Quiet Thoughts on the Toilet” 🤣

    • antipodean says:

      Hahahaha JanetDR, I thought exactly the same thing! The photographers covering Peg’s latest engagements are really not pulling any punches, and are blatantly showing just how little gravitas and impact this blundering buffoon has. That lady shown in profile couldn’t be less interested or impressed by this tool, and I thought her look said “do I really have to waste my morning indulging this useless article”?

  8. Jais says:

    Umm, does the Tory government not have enough ammunition on William to just make him shut up? You cannot tell me they don’t have kompromat on him.

    • Cessily says:

      I hope Peggy doubles down on his “Statesmen” status and comments we all know he doesn’t take criticism well and it would be fun to see the press and parliament go after him.

  9. Lau says:

    The tories groomed him but they’re not even sure they’ll still be in power when he becomes king or if there will even be anything left of the monarchy by then.

    • Sum says:

      It’s becoming everyman for himself.

      Sunak really didn’t need this middle eastern war. It’s just another expense. So now it’s high heat bills, high tariffs, increased visa fees, funding a foreign war, i believe there was a water fee increase. This is just a list of the top of my head. It’s a bad time to cost the English citizens money.

      • Lau says:

        The tories have been like ticks hanging on to power for quite some time now and seem determined to take the entire country down with them. It’s very sad and frustrating to witness.

  10. Mads says:

    This clip on X from the Jeremy Kyle show is very telling:

    • Southern Crone says:

      That is some of the most cogent criticism I have seen of Will in a while. They are right – he has bumbled into political fray because he is keen on scoring point on his brother.

      • Mads says:

        Yes, and it’s the first time I can recall any of the usual suspects commenting that William’s raison d’etre is trying to upstage Harry.

    • Jais says:

      He’s following the fashionable SM trends. He’s trying to out-woke Harry. Narcissistic Instagram talk. Okay, that’s funny. They make sure to say they still like William but he just can’t keep trying to out-woke and compete with his brother.

    • Proud Mary says:

      I actually don’t object to royals having, or expressing political opinions. What bothers me is that, as one of the panelists insinuated, this opinion of William’s is not sincerely held; it’s merely an attempt by him to compete for the spotlight with Harry. These are very heavy political issues that very serious people have failed in their attempt to solve. For him to interject his political stunt into the fray is cynical and it’s disgusting. Moreover, William wants all the glory associated with such statements, but non of the consequences, such as the relentless criticisms that Harry and Meghan, or even Charles, have endured for going against the grain. He needs to remain at the kids table; that’s where highly intellectually incurious people like him belong.

  11. TN Democrat says:

    Charles has a long history of actively pursuing his interests (environmental protection, global warming, organic gardening, holistic meds, fighting modern architecture to name a few). He has been called out for being an activist when the royals are supposed to be neutral constantly. I don’t get the kid gloves across the board with William.

    • Concern Fae says:

      But Charles did it on things like preferring traditional architecture. Or other broadly popular things like the environment. Areas where activism is expected. Going all Leroy Jenkins into an incredibly divisive international powder keg is just showing that he is in no way the sort of person who ought to be king.

      In a just world, Harry would be in the Low Countries, gathering allies and an army.

    • Nic919 says:

      Lots of things are called political but really aren’t, including the environment. Did Charles ever send statements about conflicts like the Iraq war or anything else in foreign policy? I am not sure.

      Meanwhile William is an unelected future head of state spouting off about stuff he has no idea about.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Almost everything is political when it comes down to it. There’s a reason why feminists say that “the personal is political” – because asymmetrical power structures invade even our intimate lives.

  12. The Hench says:

    “When he feels the need to say something, he will.”

    Newsflash Wills – there is NEVER a need for you to say anything.

  13. Mslove says:

    Everybody from government officials to the royal stenographers seems to be tippy toeing around Peg like he’s a ticking bomb about to go off and I’m here for it, lol.

  14. Proud Mary says:

    Interesting that his supporters say it would have been too political for him to speak up against racism targeted at Meghan. I suppose, as future king, you can be very selective about your outrage. Nice work if you can get it.

  15. Harper says:

    So William is just going to call for the end of this and that as part of his POW schtick. That will be endlessly entertaining and I am here for it. I notice he doesn’t plan to pick up his father’s work ethic as POW.

    • JR McGraw says:

      Right? Remember when his wife couldn’t even wear a black dress to the BAFTAs in support of sexual assault victims because that would have been “too political”?

      They pick and choose what they want to get involved in. They cry “too political” as an excuse (as they did for Me Too and the racist harassment of their only biracial family member) but they leap in both feet when they feel like it. I would be so fed up if my taxes supported these do-nothing mediocrities playing at diplomacy and influence

  16. Mary Pester says:

    In other words, he is an arrogant prick who will continue to be an arrogant prick (with teeth) and he doesn’t care what havoc he causes because one, it won’t affect him and two the press are to big a cowards to call him out on it (must protect the contract and gravy train).

  17. Jaded says:

    William, give up. JUST.GIVE.UP. No matter how hard you try you will never have the intelligence, compassion, dedication or truthiness of your brother, no matter what lame-brained statements you make trying to sound global statesman-ish. If anything, your desperation to best Harry is only showing what a jealous fool you are.

  18. Mary Pester says:

    I call for an end to statements from prince William

  19. TeamMontecito says:

    The cos play would be laughable if it didn’t smack of entitlement. Who the f—- cares what daft Billy thinks? Who asked you, Mr. Let Me Throw In a Paltry 3M Quid To Eliminate Homelessness? Hell, I have two qualifications in international relations from Cantab, and you know what? I keep my pie hole shut because Gaza isn’t drinks party fodder. Innocent women and children are dying, and it’s not okay to exploit their human dignity by pretending I can solve the Middle Eastern question over chips and margaritas just to impress my date or conduits at the Daily Fail. This is what burns me about these statesman stunts. They are pathologically self-indulgent and crass. Next, he’ll go on a juice fast, and KP will release a statement calling it a hunger strike.

    • Agnes says:

      Self-immolating monk he ain’t. AS IF we don’t know he had Ian Patrick write that missive, okayed it on WhatsApp in the back of his limo, on the way to his Private Gentleman’s Club du soir. It’s the smarminess of trying to elevate himself at the expense of the suffering that irks me too.

      • TeamMontecito says:

        @Agnes On the nose. Peg Diplomacy is vulgar and stupid. I’m waiting for the anti-woke folk to join the backbenchers and start busting his chops on this nonsense, too.

  20. seaflower says:

    Grabs popcorn.

  21. J.Ferber says:

    William clearly does not know his place. The one he is supposed to fill holds no interest for him, so he’s decided to go rogue and leap up into a place that he has no business being and is probably constitutionally prohibited from. That’s our Willy boy, though. So precocious. Or something. He’s making an utter ass out of himself.

  22. Cassie says:

    How about ceasing the one sided war against your own brother William .
    That might show you have some empathy and care .

    Such a fool is William , such a self centred , pompous , arrogant and jealous fool .
    Pathetic creature .

  23. Amy Bee says:

    My guess the message has been sent to William that he back off making these interventions. He put royal commentators, reporters and many in the right wing press in the position of defending something that they criticised Harry for.

  24. LongThymeLurker says:

    His statement would have had more impact if Kate had been well enough to make some pie charts for him.

  25. JB says:

    Calling for peace while constantly briefing how incandescent with rage you are regarding your brother is not the statesmanlike flex you may think it is, Will.