Tiger on his yacht with buddies; Elin gets police escort out of town

2009 Australian Masters - Day 3
Tiger Woods is now on his yacht with his good buddies. While People Magazine reported yesterday that Tiger’s ironically-named vessel, Privacy, had set sail to the Bahamas on Saturday, Radar Online has photos that show that it was still moored as of yesterday morning. Maybe they just went for a jaunt in the ocean with their hookers and Ambien. You just know there were several paid professionals on board.

Fox news has a breakdown of the guys that could be enjoying the carefree seas with Tiger. They include his employee and BFF, Bryon Bell, who just got married and probably isn’t on board, and his agent. As reported yesterday, Tiger surrounded himself with yes-men. Some of them are likely to be riding out the scandal with him. Other are likely to bail if the money ever gets tight.

Tiger’s wife, Elin, was escorted via a motorcade of police officers on motorcycles yesterday. It’s thought that she was headed to the airport to take her children back to Sweden for the holiday. This news was reported by paparazzi agency X17 and hasn’t been confirmed yet by other sources.

We don’t know yet if Elin plans to divorce tiger and if she’ll challenge her prenup. There are stories out of the UK that she’s going for half of his fortune and full custody of the children, but those are just as likely to be made up. The Chicago Sun Times reports that Elin’s “strong-willed mother, former Swedish government minister Barbro Holmberg, is telling her to stick it out.” She did hire a celebrity divorce attorney, though, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’s going for the jugular. The woman put up with a lot of humiliation and infidelity while her husband traded on his family guy image to rake in huge ad contracts. If it wasn’t for her he wouldn’t have earned so much money and she’s entitled to her fair share.

Activity At Tiger Woods' Boat Fuels Speculations

Activity At Tiger Woods' Boat Fuels Speculations

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  1. Bete says:

    I doubt that anyone’s mother, even if it was the Queen of England, would tell their daughter to continue with a marriage after 10 confirmed skanks or ex porno stars fessed up. More like Tiger’s PR team planting stories in the media.
    I wouldn’t want to be Elin right now. Imagine how many STD tests she’d have to take just for peace of mind. Not only that, but with two porn actresses in the mix, imagine how many showers Elin took. Everyone is aware of the absurd gross acts that porn actresses undergo in films.

  2. Caprice says:

    How exactly did Elin help him make his money and what makes you think she’s entitled to it?

  3. Enonymous says:

    Tiger Woods is feeling as bad for his multiple cheating as Chris Brown does about smashing Rihanna’s face. And we all know how bad Chris Brown feels about it.

  4. Newyorking says:

    Caprice, legally she is entitled to half his fortune -she is his wife. Just because she did not earn his money, she stayed home and took care of their kids, and he got endorsements because of hi family image of which she was a big part. So ya she is entitled to at least half.

  5. Birdie says:

    Their marriage is over. She’s leaving the country with her kids and he’s on a boat with his frat brothers and some hos. They’re not spending the holidays together and their intensive counseling looks to be over. It’s just a matter of time before one of them files for divorce, unless they plan on being estranged forever.

  6. bella says:

    Tiger would not have had his wholesome “family image” to use to his marketing advantage without his family, which he wouldn’t have had without Elin and their children. Whom he used to his marketing advantage while boffing every VIP “Hostess” (read: slut/whore) he came into contact with.

    ‘Nuff said.

  7. Ana says:

    I think Tiger is a cheating scumbag, but I don’t think being married help him with endorsements. I think he got those on his own merit.

    Elin would be entitled to half whatever he earned (during the marriage not before), except she seems to have signed a prenup. Unless there is some sort of cheating clause that negates the whole thing, unless Tiger’s attorneys really screwed up, she’s not likely to get anything other than what she agreed to at the outset.

  8. diva says:

    Tiger and his “people” are really mishandling this pr disaster. Going off on a yacht cruise with his buddies in the midst of “trying to save his marriage” doesn’t even make any sense or make him look like he even cares. He looks like a jerk who probably could careless that he got caught and is just figuring out a better way to womanize going forward. He hardly appears like a family man sad that he is not going to be with his wife and infants for Christmas. I think he is probably hiring the best divorce lawyer he can also, and then will get right back to partying and he will stay in the tabloids.

  9. n says:

    yup — he’s mishandling this PR disaster and any company that acts like his actions are just a blip in his career, and stand by their man Tiger — they are mishandling his PR disaster. He treated his wife and ALL these women like objects. HE acted like they were just for his pleasure. That’s just shy of being a full-on misogynist — a man who hates women should not be high on anyone’s PR list..

  10. Leek says:

    She deserves half just for the reason that he cheated while she was pregnant. If I had to get AIDS tests for my kids I would try for 80%!

  11. ogechi says:

    operation save Tiger’s marriage.

  12. Codzilla says:

    diva: I couldn’t agree more. Taking off on a yacht with some buddies rather than spending time with his kids over the holidays is not only detrimental to his public image, it’s morally repugnant. What a jackass.

  13. UrbanRube says:

    Damn straight, N. And Leek has a critical point, too.

  14. RobN says:

    Doesn’t matter what she gets; she’ll have primary custody of the kids and the child support in a case like this will make the spousal support look like chump change.

  15. wow says:

    A freaking motorcade to exit town? Get real. She didn’t use one to take her kids out for lunch a week ago. Actually seemed to enjoy being followed.

    Now I’m officially sick of her too.

  16. sunseeker says:

    His wife might be the one who said she was taking the children to Sweden without him, as much as I think he is a scumbag, we don’t know what Elin and Tiger have arrange for Xmas. We are all presuming here, we do not know the ins and outs of this situation apart from the fact that Tiger has cheated.

  17. Newyorking says:

    I would try to get 80% as well and destroy the a$$ if he did this to me. Forget the half entitlement to the fortunte – the fact that the guy is such a BIG FAT DOUCHE alone is a factor to squeeze as much out as possible. I cannot even imagine the hurt and pain from the act of his going out with buddies while all this is happening. I mean, does the guy even care about the kids? If there is karma, the guy will never be able to play golf like he used to and will lose even Nike’s endorsement. Ugh he makes me sick.

  18. Lizbeth says:

    First of all, Tiger = cheating scumbag/worthless piece of sh*t

    BUT — she is NOT entitled to half.

    He was an established sports legend with endorsements before she came along. He spent the time and gave up his childhood to become one of the greatest golfers ever. She had no part in that.

    And as for the laughable idea that she was home “raising the children” — how do you picture this? Do you see her clipping coupons while she waits for the laundry to dry? Maybe making a chicken pot pie? Picking up the children’s toys? Trust — that woman may have stayed home but she was not “making the home” as you and I see it. Her number one job was to stay hot, tan and blonde.

    So that does not, in my mind, earn her billions of dollars. Yea, he shouldn’t have cheated and he deserves whatever fallout he gets but he was the one who put in all the hours on the golf course. She should get what she agreed to at the outset (prenup) and that’s it.

  19. GracieXDoes says:

    I’d hazard to guess Elin told him to get the heck out until she leaves. He’s prolly lickin’ his wounds on the boat with the only peeps who can stand to be around him right now.

    That said…A freakin’ motorcade? Get over yourself, Elin. Seems to me YOU were the one chasing after vehicles with a golf club, NOT Tiger.

  20. Sudini says:

    @Newyorking – I totally agree with both your posts. Well said. Tiger needs to reap the full effects of all the negativity he’s sown and just dissappear into obscurity.

    All of my good thoughts are being directed toward Elin, her future without this piece of dirt, and her children’s future.

  21. OXA says:

    I heard on the news that the paparazzi themselves called the cops so they could get photos. Elin had no idea of what was going on when the cops showed up and she sent them away as she was not going anywhere.

  22. boo says:

    At least we all know the correçt pronunciation of Elin’s name now.

  23. Sumodo says:

    This is so ugly and skeevey. Tiger Woods is an unrepentant pig who is rolling in his own filthy money. The wife is left alone to have paps prank the local police about a motorcade. This is not a couple who are patching things up over Christmas. And, Rachel U-can-tell is a whore.

  24. andrea says:

    hello, lawyer here. am not specialized in fam law, but believe prenups can be challenged on grounds like “he asked me to sign it the day before the wedding”, i.e., duress, that the wife didnt know the full extent of the assets – also you can pretty much put whatever you want in a prenup – you can say “we will go out to dinner three nights per week” and that becomes a contractual obligation. if there’s an infidelity clause, tiger is screwed. courts can also decide that a prenup is “unconscionable”. plenty of sympathy for elin – a court could find a way to set her up – and no question she’ll get full custody if she wants it – i think elin, from a legal viewpoint, will basically get whatever she wants. also, if tiger tried to limit her settlement, that further damages his public image – and endorsements. also, any company that continues to support him does not get how abusive his behavior is and how sick he is and i think they should be boycotted

  25. Kelley says:

    I just want to know if the “HGH helped his game. It helped a lot of baseball players with their timing.

  26. Victoria says:

    Elin beat him with a golf club – she is tough.

    Are we to believe she knew nothing? Come on! Texting got her mad? Tiger probably told her he was inviting his girlfriend over for Christmas.

    He’s got a billion dollars and she was a nanny- an au pair girl. He held all the cards.

    Tiger is young enough to not care. He can win at golf and no one can take that away from him – scandal or no scandal.

    Elin is waiting it out. There will be more dirt, a sex tape, more hookers, and more waitresses.

  27. Goddess711 says:

    Another site says that Tiger’s on a different boat, this one’s a decoy and he’s been holing up with Rachel the Ho’bag since she landed in the area.
    Elin deserves more than half. I hope her lawyer slices off Tiger’s gonads and hands them back on a platter with a hefty bill on it. GO ELIN!

  28. Kathie says:

    Wow Elin taking the high road is really working for her and Tiger holed up on a boat with his buds is a sketchy looking situation HELLO! It doesn’t take a PR genius to figure out his team mismanaged this in the worst way! Gotta say though I can’t figure out why a professional team wouldn’t do a better job than this.

  29. Gypsy says:

    Quote – If it wasn’t for her he wouldn’t have earned so much money and she’s entitled to her fair share. – Quote
    That’s the stuuupidest statement I have ever heard, what did she do, play the back nine for him? Tiger went out there every day, all alone and beat the best players in the game – Where was this help?????

  30. Gypsy says:

    I betcha there will be no divorce and that Tiger will be in Sweden on Christmas day to spend it with his wife and children.

    Tiger will keep his marriage and then in a few months return to Golf, earning even more money and boosting TV ratings beyond belief. I like that Tiger told the nosy media to F***-off

  31. Kevin says:

    Yep, your definitely not a family lawyer Andrea.

  32. hmm says:

    andrea, no, she doesn’t get whatever she wants unless he decides that he wants to do it. From a legal standpoint, she signed a contract that apparently nets her between 50 and 100 million dollars not including child support, and that is in no way unconscionable. If the courts invalidated every contract because one of the parties proved to not be a good husband or a good person, then that would undercut the essence of contract law. He may not be a good husband but the idea that she is entitled to half of the fortune that HE has amassed and worked for during the last 12 or 15 years is beyond silly. If the prenup was invalidated she would only be entitled to half of what he earned during their marriage, and that’s it.

  33. Kelley says:

    If she wants to get even with him she needs to pick me a 62 year old redneck. That would be sure to piss him off.

  34. Bigdog says:

    Well, somehow the other women get a bye. I think they all knew he was married, yet put themselves in a position that no sane man (with means) would turn down. I’m not condoning what Tiger did, but it took two. I see very few comments complaining about women who knowingly get there freak on with someone else’s husband and they knew it. So much for sisterhood…..