Elin Nordegren Woods consulting with high-powered celeb divorce attorney

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The Tiger Woods-Elin Nordegren divorce is on like Donkey Kong – and the disgraced golfer’s long-suffering wife has taken off the kid gloves. As Celebitchy mentioned earlier, Elin is looking for a tough divorce attorney- and now we have word on who that might be. According to People, Elin has consulted with Hollywood heavy-hitter Sorrell Trope. If that name sounds familiar to you, it’s because Trope represented Britney Spears during her divorce from Kevin Federline. Granted, I think Britney got screwed in that settlement – but let’s remember that this was during the crazy, head-shaving, blowing-off-court era Britney. I don’t know if any lawyer on the planet could have managed her at that point. Trope has also represented Nicholas Cage and Nicole Kidman.

Before taking her two children with her to her native Sweden for the holidays – without husband (and father of the kids) Tiger Woods – Elin Nordegren reportedly is consulting with veteran Hollywood divorce attorney Sorrell Trope.

Having practiced since 1949 and representing everyone from the much-married screen legend Cary Grant, as well as Nicole Kidman, Nicolas Cage, Hugh Grant and Britney Spears, Trope has built a reputation as a hard-nosed negotiator, reports New York’s Daily News.

Speaking to the newspaper, Manhattan divorce lawyer Robert Wallack called Trope, 82, “the dean of the California matrimonial bar,” while Beverly Hills-based family law arbitrator Alexandra Leichter said, “He’s in a class of maybe 12 or 15 lawyers that handles very high-asset, high-income divorces with contentious custody cases.”

Trope did not return calls seeking comment on his alleged involvement in the Woods-Nordegren marriage, which has come under the scrutiny since it was revealed (and later confirmed by Woods himself) that the world’s No. 1 golfer has committed a series of sexual transgressions.

Photos circulated this week, showing Nordegren, 29, pumping gas into her vehicle near the couple’s home in Windermere, Fla., last Saturday, also captured the Swedish-born former nanny and mother of two (Sam, 2, and Charlie, 10 months), not wearing her wedding ring – fueling speculation of where the marriage was headed, though a source told PEOPLE the absence of the band “meant nothing.”

[From People]

It really does appear as though Elin has empowered herself and started calling the shots. I like to think that the recent visit from her mom gave her the support and empowerment she needed to start making some decisions about her next move. Elin probably realized that if indeed a divorce is going to happen, Tiger can easily outspend her with his millions, so she needs to go for the jugular early. I’m envisioning that Tiger will likely have an O.J.-esque “Dream Team” of legal counsel trying to protect his assets and maybe even fight for custody of the kids. Elin is smart to align herself with a lawyer who is familiar with high-profile, potentially ugly cases.

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  1. ligeia says:

    i imagine tiger would try and pay her off in attempts to salvage what remains of his nice guy image. you never know though.

  2. bite me says:

    hmm that o.j. reference irks me

  3. Kaye says:

    I hope Elin doesn’t get screwed over because Tiger can afford a zillion high-priced lawyers.

  4. dude says:

    I can not get over her beauty! I think she is flawless…clearly tiger doesnt think so but man she is pretty

  5. Birdie says:

    I hope Tiger has to pay her legal bills. It’s the only way the divorce could be fair.

  6. snowball says:

    @bite me – why? It was O.J.’s team of lawyers, all at the top of their fields, that coined the phrase, “dream team.” It doesn’t mean anything past that.

    Now I don’t want AARP coming down on me and I know you can’t generalize about a person based solely on age..but my grandma was wearing diapers at 82.

  7. YT says:

    Maybe someone on Tiger’s team will come up with giving Elin what she truly deserves and let it be a quick, quiet divorce. Less fees for the lawyers that way, but it would be better for his reputation than a contentious divorce.

  8. lastwordlinda says:

    My feeling is that she will get a fair settlement without too much acrimony between the two of them except that which will be invented by the tabloids. If he wants his endorsements back and if he wants to return to being the world’s most popular golfer, he will play this one the right way, even if it is only for some long-term personal gain. I still don’t think he is capable of having genuine feelings for anyone but himself although one would hope he has some real love for his poor children.

  9. Firestarter says:

    I have a feeling that Elin will not get too much resistance from Tiger on many of her divorce demands. I think she knows some things about Tiger that he may not want the rest of the worl to know. Plus, he already looks terrible to the public for his actions, I don’t think he wants to add to his already tarnished image by viciously fighting Elin over money etc. She will probably make out very well in her divorce settlement. Prenup be damned, she has the upper hand now.

  10. Green is Good says:

    lastwordlinda, I agree. Tiger wouldn’t be doing his reputation (or his Karma)any good by screwing over his wife and mother of his kids in divorce court.

    He’s already screwed her over enough with all his whores.

  11. Goddess711 says:

    I hope he wants out badly enough (to be with Hooker #1) that he gives her whatever she wants. I hope her 82 year old lawyer doesn’t forget that Elin’s life has been endangered as well as the kids’ lives – who knows what he may have had or has now disease-wise (other than Hooker #1 who just won’t go away).

  12. WTF?!? says:

    I see her getting nowhere close to 1/2 his worth. They do have a prenup, and Woods knew he was a cheater when they got married (his dad’s death did *not* send him into a sexual spiral, sorry, people), so chances are his infidelity is not a term of the pre-existing agreement.

    However, lucky for Elin, he did make a large chunk of his advertising dough while they were married, so above and beyond the prenup, she could be entitled to 1/2 his marital earnings.

    He’s a dolt. He may be a good golfer, but he is the scum of the earth and I hope his career and image never recover.

  13. lizzy says:

    “I can not get over her beauty! I think she is flawless…clearly tiger doesnt think so but man she is pretty” -

    @dude ..Its like they say, show me a beautiful woman and I’ll show you a man thats tired of effing her.

  14. Raven says:

    How do you know she knew he was a cheater when he married her? For one thing, it was his first marriage and he had no history of serious relationships so there was no one to “cheat” on. I think she went into this planning to stay married and thought he loved her. She seems to have taken her part of the relationship very seriously, so I suspect she’ll do quite well. She may not get half, but she may get a substantial amount and then fight for support and a trust for the kids, which would make sense considering his irresponsibility.

    I was one who thought he had developed bad judgment after the death of his father. Considering his actions before his father’s death, I hope there will be a biography of Tiger out soon with the real scoop on exactly how he was raised. I’d love to know the messages he got from his dad. I’d also love to know where his mother is in all this.

  15. WTF?!? says:

    Is that was addressed to me, Raven, I suggest you do a quick proper-and-pronoun review of my posting.

  16. Catherine says:

    I hope he has enough sense to provide handsomely for the mother of his children. I mean,he wouldn’t want to lose that nice guy image, right?

  17. CandyKay says:

    Tiger may have one major bargaining chip to hold over Elin: if she did indeed beat him with a golf club, she could be subject to a mandatory domestic violence charge under Florida law. I’m not saying she would be convicted, but even being charged could interfere with her custody case.

    There’s no reason Tiger couldn’t make a reputational comeback. Kobe Bryant has, and in that case there was an assault charge, which in my book is much worse than Tiger and his sleazy ladies.

    Maybe he’ll just golf and not do endorsements. How much money does any one man need?

  18. Feebee says:

    @ Snowball, I don’t think bite me’s oj thing meant his lawyers. I looked twice at that because Tiger cheated on his wife, he hasn’t killed her (enough with the disease talk, it’s all what if).

    @ Raven, there’s been a few reports that Tiger was a “player” (not golf) before he met Elin and she knew but like so many women, was assured that that behaviour was a bachelor thing and the guys are serious about marriage and family.

    Looks like he had her convinced for a number of years.

  19. Cinderella says:

    The best thing Tiger could do for himself is make this divorce quick and easy. Then go back into hiding for awhile.

    I’m starting to wonder how he’ll fare after all. I think he’s in way deeper than Kobe. Kobe’s victim settled in civil court instead of testifying, so everything wrapped up quickly. Tiger, on the other hand, has so many women coming out of the woodwork, he could be tied up in court forever.

  20. Babalon says:

    @ MSat, the OJ reference is offensive to me as well. Just my two cents.

  21. westender says:

    Lets assume that Elin was aware of Tiger’s cheating, what would make her go over the edge and according to reports scratch his face and go after him with a golf club? If she was okay with his cheating and happy with being Mrs Tiger Woods and all the benefits that go with it, why mess things up? Something major happened and with all the women coming forward he did not seem to be very discreet. So why would he want to still work on his marriage, when it is clear he does not respect the vows he made to his wife. Tiger will make sure Elin gets everything she wants without a fuss, he wants to regain his “good guy image” and also prevent any more damaging information from being made public.

  22. PJ says:


  23. Sam says:

    In my opinion, I just don’t see the beauty of this woman. Hundreds of prettier girls out there in the USA and the Continent.

    Pack up, take your kids to Sweden and leave Tiger with the money he made before he married you, Elin. Let’s see if you have any morals – if you take him for all he is worth, then you are just another gold-digger too! Just a married one.

  24. Birdie says:

    Oh come on Sam, Elin is gorgeous and has a smoking figure. She’s natural and looks incredible even without any make up. I hate to say it, but if you don’t think she’s pretty then your “type” probably looks more like the mistress brigade.

  25. Kim says:

    They are residents of Florida and there was a prenup she’ll be lucky if she gets 50 million. I don’t believe she hit him with a golf club according to neighbors he had a few stratches and busted lip, I think she slapped him though.

  26. DD says:

    Hi sam, the extent of his infidelity was damaging to her, not only emotionally but physically as well. Think of the possible diseases she was exposed to. Why should she not stand to gain financially for what he did to her?
    That doesn’t make her a gold digger, that makes her smart. Make him suffer, at least somewhat, by taking some of the only thing that matters to him in his pockets.

  27. WTF?!? says:

    Kim, I believe she filed for divorce in CA where they also have a home. The rules are very different there. She’ll end up with a lot more than 50 million, PLUS child support and alimony.

  28. K-Love says:

    Ok, Tiger and Elin are getting a divorce we supect. They both will have more money then they will spend in a lift time. Tiger will either kill his self, or make a comeback and really be the best golfer the world have ever known. What does not kill you makes you stronger. My only question and please help me with this one. Why did Elin already have a golf club before she knew Tiger had been in the accident.
    And how did she know Tiger had been in an accident, the location of the house and the location of the accident was too far away for her to see Tiger had been in an accident, but she already had the golf club to bust out the windows. Again why did she already have the golf club. Just a question. Can anybody answer that for me. Just like having all the pieces.

  29. Oh My says:

    @ westender:

    “Lets assume that Elin was aware of Tiger’s cheating, what would make her go over the edge and according to reports scratch his face and go after him with a golf club? If she was okay with his cheating and happy with being Mrs Tiger Woods and all the benefits that go with it, why mess things up?”

    Many a woman looks the other way to maintain the luxury lifestyle provided the husband is discreet. The rumors and the hos coming out of the woodwork so proud to tell everyone what a skank they are in order to get money from Woods and become a “celebrity” in their own right made this an unbearable public humiliation.

    His team was able to keep earlier affairs under wraps but Rachel Uchitel had cultivated quite the public reputation as someone who liked the married celebrities; she was already blabbing about David Boreanaz and the tabs were zoning in on her and Tiger so Elin knew the poo was going to hit the fan in a big and public way. I’m guessing that’s what changed.

    @ WTF – California is a community property state but the existence of a pre-nup trumps community property laws.

  30. Michelle says:

    Elin, you go girl !!!!!!!!!

  31. Blythe Lawal says:

    Can I just say what a reduction to seek out somebody who truly is aware of what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know the way to carry a problem to mild and make it important. Extra people need to read this and perceive this facet of the story. I cant believe youre no more common since you definitely have the gift.