Mail: Some suspect Prince William secretly ‘harbors Leftish sentiments’

It’s remarkable how most people have the impression of Prince Harry being a pretty liberal guy politically, especially given how rarely Harry has revealed his personal politics. Harry doesn’t do or say things just to get attention or to virtue-signal (unlike his brother). If you go back and look at Harry’s public statements on big issues like war, AIDS, veterans, racism and mental health, he manages to actually take a position while still maintaining an apolitical air. Right-wingers are always going to be mad at him (he married a Black American woman, after all) and everyone else just sort of assumes that Harry is just a politically moderate or liberal guy. I was thinking about the differences in approaches between the two brothers because the Mail’s Ephraim Hardcastle column had these little items today:

Prince William is thought to want substantial changes made to the accession process, the coronation and the role of monarchy. He has consulted ‘relevant parties’ and has been advised to wait until after a general election before putting them on a formal footing with, potentially, a new prime minister.

Apropos Prince William, while he usually keeps his political views under wraps some will suspect after his Gaza remarks that he harbours Leftish sentiments.

On the other hand he was suspected of Tory bias by not inviting ex-Labour PMs Tony Blair and Gordon Brown to his 2011 wedding but including ex-Tory premier John Major, pictured above.

He is said to have been angry that Sir Tony had recounted in a 2010 memoir a 1990s conversation in which Wills said he hated the ‘prison walls’ of his destiny. They’re closing in as his hour approaches.

[From The Daily Mail]

This is like the third reference I’ve seen in the British media in the past 24 hours that King Charles is going to, um, not be around for much longer. They’re already laying the groundwork for “it’s King William’s time!” As for William possibly “harbouring Leftish sentiments” – he does not. Even if he did years ago, those sentiments have been groomed out of him by his Tory handlers. It’s been happening for the past decade, and I’ve gotten the impression that William is something of a special project for the British Conservative Party. They played the long game to mold William into their useful idiot. They must be so pissed that he’s going off-script this week.

Also: this item appeared in another Ephraim Hardcastle column a few days ago:

If Prince Harry is genuine and the King is receptive to reconciliation – understandable when Charles is facing unexpected intimations of mortality – will Prince William forgive Harry and Meghan’s antics since leaving the family?

Taught his constitutional duty by the Queen, who would not tolerate the pair’s half-in, half-out model of royalty, ‘William also realises that it may fall to him to stabilise the monarchy if events take a wrong turn,’ says a courtier.

[From The Daily Mail]

Yeah, again – William is too stupid to understand that this whole thing with Harry will be bad for his kingship. William physically abused his brother, smeared his sister-in-law, exiled his niece and nephew and has spent four years raging about them 24-7 to anyone who will listen. William can’t “stabilize the monarchy” because he’s the one who destabilized it.

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  1. AlpineWitch says:

    PettyWilly doesn’t even have ‘leftish stuff’ in his left side, if he could he would choose to call it the right side no. 2.

    • ML says:


    • Princessk says:

      William is definitely does not have left wing tendencies, another difference between him and his brother. People who know William have said that his politics are more to the right and he would be happiest living a quiet upper middle class conservative rural lifestyle.

  2. I think you summed it up correctly with Peg is too stupid. It’s glaring obvious he has no clue. Living in one’s own head raging about your brother leaves you vulnerable.

    • Anima says:

      The wish to invalidate anything William says to defend Harry is just so extreme on this site. He calls for peace and safety for all people and sides and still he’s derided. Go high guys…

      • Jaded says:

        William constantly invalidates himself, CB reports it, we agree with it.

      • SussexWatcher says:

        I must have missed it, Anima – when did he call for peace and safety for Meghan, Archie and Lili Diana? Or Harry for that matter?

      • Jas says:

        @anima I thought this too. His statement was pretty anodyne. A call for people to stop killing other people and a wish for peace. Not an unreasonable position one would think.

      • Bad Janet says:

        It isn’t an unreasonable position at all to say “stop killing,” for most people anyway, but it was also weak, and a pat answer to a complicated situation. He voluntarily waded into those waters without a clue, clearly, of how enormous the impact of ANY statement would be. Throw in the paternalistic tone, and couple that with the history of the BRUTAL treatment of both Palestians and Jewish Zionists from the time of the British Mandate, and YIKES. If this is what his idea of diplomacy is, he is nowhere near ready to handle delicate situations.

        I don’t know why anybody would listen to the Prince (or King) of a country that were such jerks to everyone in the area in the first place, but that’s a topic for another conversation.

  3. Chaine says:

    Oh cmon he issues one fairly innocuous statement acknowledging only so very obliquely that someone is blocking food aid from reaching people who are starving to death and then firing on them when they try to get to the few trucks that do enter, and suddenly he is some kind of woke leftist? That’s literally the bare minimum that we should all be concerned about as freaking human beings on this planet regardless of what side of the political spectrum we’re on.

    • Lulu says:

      Thank you. The Tory-driven press and Tory-driven government who just ABSTAINED yet again from approving a ceasefire at the UN vote are really showing where they stand on the issue by demonizing a fairly innocuous statement from William. I loathe to defend him but what he said is actually the bare minimum that being a human being entails. On this rare occasion, I don’t fault him ‘wading into politics’. Any person with a conscience should do the same.

      • Chaine says:

        Exactly. He’s a complete doofus but here I think he tried to leverage his high profile to help in his own blundering way

    • Proud Mary says:

      Hear! Hear! The right wing has driven politics so far over the cliff that we no longer have issues of right and wrong; everything now is “left v. right”. I also agree, Kaiser, that Harry is not as leftist as the right wing press has tried to make him out to be; and neither is Meghan, even prior to her marriage with Harry. Meghan made one “political” statement on the Larry Wilmor (sp?) show during the 2016 election about the orange nightmare’s obvious sexism. A statement which no one paid any attention to prior to her marriage with Harry, suddenly went viral when Trump made his first visit to the UK as president.

      The problem with William when he speaks up on issues like this, remains always, “right message, wrong person.” You know, like that time when the guy who uses a hellicopter like its a car, attacked Bezos for flying to space. Also, charity always begins at home. In that regard, there’s a giant speck in Williams eye that he needs to clean before he can’t be taken seriously on issues of international concern

    • Laurac says:

      @chaine I 100% agree with the you

  4. equality says:

    Whatever KC’s prognosis, he is still king right now. What makes it Will’s business to change anything?

  5. ML says:

    Hahaha whew, William’s clunky Red Cross statement all of a sudden erases his dyed-in-the-wool conservatism? That was quick! No, William has not shown himself to be a leftist anything. As you were, Tories.

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      Anytime he goes off piste without their sanction they try to blame others. Naw, lads, just like Nigel Farage and BoJo the Clown, this is the monster YOU created, Tories. Own it.

  6. Becks1 says:

    I feel like this has kind of been William’s MO for years now – to just throw out something here and there that could maybe possibly slightly be construed as more leftist – its like he’s trying to remind people “hey! I can be liberal AND be a tory stooge!” But there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s probably as Tory as they come.

    I also feel like we’re seeing more and more comments about how William has to reconcile with Harry for the good of the monarchy. I’m interpreting that as the british tabloid press wanting more access to the Sussexes.

    • Chloe says:

      It’s his pathetic attempt at appealing to a younger crowd and i see this as the latest subject he is trying to attach himself too that is “in” right now (which makes me sick to my stomach).

      Considering the comments he sometimes makes, his attitude towards Meghan and his attitude towards his quarter black nephew and niece, and considering the woman he married, i’d say William is a conservative with a capital C

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        This. William wants to be cool like Harry so bad that he will just say stuff that means nothing to him. This is the guy too lazy to even watch trailers of the movies at the BAFTAs.

    • ShazBot says:

      I don’t take that as William as to reconcile with Harry. I read that as “if Charles goofs up and reconciles with Harry, William will have to fix it as King and re-banish/punish him”.
      These people do not want Meghan, Archie and Lili around, it ruins their white supremacist institution.

  7. Lau says:

    He’s literally the picture perfect Tory / right-winger.

  8. Joey says:

    I thought it was Harry who invited Tories John Major and Nicolas Soanes to his wedding but no left wing politicians.

    From what I can remember William invited both Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg. I mean he’s the heir so he was pretty much forced to invite the heads of all parties at the time to his wedding, but it still seems a bit unfair to use that event as an example of his Tory bias.

    • Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

      It’s my understanding that John Major was included because he was appointed as one of the “financial” guardians for H&W after Diana died. He advised them on various financial matters and apparently they both appreciated him.

    • equality says:

      Why do you think that PH or Meghan were in charge of everyone invited to their wedding? Soames is a close friend of KC and likely scored an invitation for that connection. I doubt W&K got to select everyone invited to their wedding also.

    • Amy Bee says:

      A better example of his Tory bias is that most of his senior staff have worked for Tory politicians or the political party.

    • bettyrose says:

      I don’t understand how left/right wing dynamics in the UK reflect the U.S. Other than similar sentiments on immigration, are the Tories anywhere near as crazy as Republicans? Or are they more similar to traditional fiscal conservatives in the U.S.? And in answering, keep in mind that Alabama is still for now part of the U.S.

      All to say that my grandparents were Republicanish while I was growing up, but they swung a hard left at George W. and never went back. There’s conservative and there’s batshit crazy. Even if Harry had Tory leanings in the UK, no way is the Harry in Meghan’s America conservative by U.S. standards.

  9. Eurydice says:

    I don’t even know why this is a thing. A monarchy is the epitome of conservatism. And maybe one of our British CBers can tell me – does it matter if William has leftish or rightish sentiments?

    • Proud Mary says:

      Thank you! It’s how I feel about the obsession with who said something about Archie’s skin color. To suggest that this or that member of the family is not a racist, tells me nothing about the Crown, or about the individual. To make clearer, trying to prove that a member of a white supremacy institution is not racist, is like arguing that a piece of wood is not a tree.

      Likewise, this is a heriditary monarchy held up as the last bastion of the conservative credo that some people are born more important than others. This is a feature, not a bug. You cannot get rid of it without destroying the system. I pray for that result, soon.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        Exactly! William is inherently conservative because the monarchy is an inherently conservative institution. Day to day political issues are totally irrelevant to William. He has been trained since infancy to defend the most conservative institution in GB. He knows that institution is not in any way relevant in the 21st century so from time to time he tries to sound relevant. And I repeat, William did not write that carefully nuanced statement. The new guy did.

      • Christine says:

        Perfectly said!

      • bettyrose says:

        LMAO! Now I’m picturing Willy struggling through volumes of Ayn Rand, having it lovingly explained to him by an army of tutors.

  10. windyriver says:

    I do think we need to give Edward Young some credit for how things turned out with Harry and Meghan. Remember how he told the queen that really, her schedule was too full for her to meet with Harry and Meghan in early 2020, as she had previously planned, and was in the room listening to her conversation when she canceled the meeting with Harry. In Spare, Harry indicated that he seemed to be managing the final meeting at Sandringham. And it’s Charles who was responsible for getting rid of Geidt and putting Young in place as TQ’s private secretary.

    However, Will was certainly an enthusiastic participant, and all in, regardless of where the main impetus for pushing the Sussexes out came from.

    • jemmy says:

      @windyriver – It was said that KC3 & Andrew did not favour Geidt and worked at getting rid of him. Had he been in place , it is possible that H&M would have stepped back as working royals on more favourable terms ie the half in half out proposal of perhaps serving QEII abroad in the Commonwealth.
      Edward Young is a KC3 stooge just like Jason Knauf/ Christian Jones is to PoW.
      All the machinations of Harry not bing able to see QE II at the last minute was in my opinion orchestrated by Young with the tacit approval of KC3 & PoW. Even though it is said that it was At the time of H&M leaving the RF, QE II was already frail and KC3 was Regent all but in name. I personally believe Edward Young, PoW & KC3 were the main players behind the QEII the Sandringham agreement but had it “sugar coated” to make it seem it was the Queen driving those terms. I mean Edward Young was knighted and promoted by KC3 when he ascended the throne just like William’s henchmen ( Jason Knauf & Christian Jones) . Whenever these men are mentioned, they were all doing and acting in the interests of their principals – KC3 & PoW.
      Also given QE’s fraility, it is possible that she had been fed with lies in so far as Harry & Meghan are concerned . They also actively prevented Harry from seeing the Queen directly as they knew that She probably would have taken a softer tone towards H&M

  11. BlueNailsBetty says:

    Imagine thinking “stop killing” is Leftish.

    William is the future head of the Church of England which is allegedly based on Christianity which is supposed to be based on the teachings of Jesus. Jesus literally said to love thy neighbors.

    But apparently, love thy neighbors and stop killing are just too woke nowadays.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      Sadly, ‘stop killing’ is now left. It shouldn’t be. But as fascism grows and dictators are siding with one another more and more in an attempt to kill democracies, the ideas of justice and compassion has been labeled as liberal.

    • Gabby says:

      Once you have been born and are no longer an embryo, your killing doesn’t mattter.

  12. Plums says:

    Is this accusation of leftism, all evidence to the contrary, all of a sudden happening because he just made a super milquetoast pro-ceasefire statement? It’s the only genuinely admirable he’s done in I don’t even know how long, and it’s getting conservative backlash.

  13. Chantal1 says:

    Uh oh. Someone’s panicking. Who are these “relevant parties” Wily Willy has spoken to about these future changes? Why did they have to tell him to be patient before broadcasting them? I’m surprised he actually listened bc its never stopped him from undermining C-Rex before. Telling him to wait until after an election doesn’t bode well for the current PM either.

    I also think the language re C-Rex is suspiciously morbid. Esp when they were radio silent about the QEII’s health issues. But its opposite day so the BM has to deflect from any talk of Will and his obvious Tory leanings and his missing wife.

  14. Amy Bee says:

    William, like the rest of the royal family is a Tory. His statement about Israel was not left leaning and towed the Government’s line.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      Exactly. Rose Hanbury came to the dinner honoring Donald Trump.

      Aristocrats side with conservatives no matter who they are.

  15. Jais says:

    William made a grand statement about wanting the war to end that still managed to be oblique and vague. He didn’t say ceasefire and it was pretty quickly walked back. He tried to straddle a line and so unsurprisingly he’s being called woke by the tories and not woke enough by the lefties.

  16. Bad Janet says:

    Whatever. I doubt very much he has any care or concern for politics whatsoever; he was born into the wrong profession, unfortunately. His statement essentially said nothing more than “killing is bad”, which the right wing are now taking as an attack against them. Interesting, that.

    I bet he is absolutely floored that such a supposedly neutral statement could ever be spun into him having leftist tendencies because he is too dense to understand both the complexity of the situation, and how much certain people are frothing at the mouth.

  17. Jay says:

    I think this is a rap on the knuckles from the Torys to make sure their stooge goes back to just doing their bidding and not go releasing statements of his own accord. It’s not about the statement itself (which I thought was astoundingly self-centred and simplistic). It’s about making sure the future king remembers who keeps him in power and doesn’t stray from the path set out for him again.

    • Eurydice says:

      But what bidding can he do for them specifically? No matter which party is in office, “sit down and shut up” is the best he could do for them.

      • Kkat says:

        He could give dinner parties with the right people, people from other countries and provide cover for a meeting, ect. that kind of thing. he has access other people might not.

  18. JD says:

    Or maybe he IS a secret leftie who does what he can to bring down the monarchy himself???
    What was that line from Reservoir Dogs- ‘the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to make them think he didn’t exist?’ – something along those lines. Maybe all will be revealed in due course! 😎

    • Rnot says:

      If William turns out to be a secret republican it’ll be the greatest plot twist in all of British history.

  19. Jess says:

    William didn’t exile the Sussexes. He wanted them near so he could monitor them. The Sussexes chose to leave and I feel it was the right one.

    Joachim of Denmark was essentially exiled by his own mother because he wanted a larger role in the monarchy. That’s not what she wanted and he and his wife didn’t want to move abroad. That’s as close to an exile in modern times not the Sussexes.

    • Truth says:

      The environment left them no choice but to leave. Additionally the issue over security is causing a pseudo exile. If Charles wanted them there no issue with security would exist.

  20. Beverley says:


  21. Mary Pester says:

    To me William is the bloke at the beach barbaque with high waisted jeans and a long sleeved shirt, over black shiny lace up shoes. He wants to be part of the fun crowd but has a stick so far up his arse it’s never going to happen. Harry’s Bob Marley and William is liberachi.
    It’s going to be a case of, right I’m king, it doesn’t matter what anyone wants or says, there will be no coronation, because that means working on a day with a y in it. So all you oiks, do your jobs,make me look good. I’m going to be on gardening leave for the next 10 years. Oh and Harry don’t worry about willy asking you back, your brother is evenly balanced, he has a chip on both shoulders, and each has your face on it!

  22. Advisor2U says:

    William made a statement last year October. He took sides, he stood by Isreal: “Isreal has the right to defend itself.”
    The Zionists and Tories were happy and praised him. Then, wat did the peace bringer William DO? NOTHING.
    Right wingers keep their money, the peasants can pay.
    Fast forward: New statement 4+ mouths later: a quasi plea to stop the fighting, because … HE is fed up with the many killed. The Zionists and Tories are angry. That’s too much lefties talk. But his actions? Again NONE.

    Harry and Meghan, through Archewell Foundation, made a statement last year October as well, named, ‘With Heave Hearts’, saying: ” We stand against ALL terrorism and brutallity.” In that statement they also told the world WHAT they are DOING about the situation: “… we are supporting our partners and organizations on the front lines in Israel to provide the urgent aid needed, and to help ALL innocent vitims of this unconsciobable level of human suffering.”
    Meaning – condemn ALL violance on both sides, give our own MONEY to save humans.

    Again, it’s EMPTY (right-wing ánd lefties) WORDS vs REAL ACTION/DIPLOMACY.

  23. Lulu says:

    I think William is a lot like trump, he will say/do what is useful to himself, his inflated ego and sense of entitlement, rather than any strong political beliefs.

  24. Jk says:

    Will seriously needs to borrow Kate’s lipgloss. In all these photos he looks like he has no lips at all. Not sure she would agree to it though.

    • J says:

      Peg can’t even stabilise his left foot, let alone the monarchy (as witnessed in that recent investiture).