King Charles held his first in-person audience with Rishi Sunak since his cancer diagnosis

King Charles was in Sandringham over the weekend, where he stepped out for church on Sunday. He came back to London on Monday or Tuesday, and on Wednesday, he did his first in-person “audience” with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak since he was diagnosed with cancer. It felt like Charles was avoiding most in-person meetings, but the “weekly audience” couldn’t be done via Zoom, so here we are. In Charles’s case, the prime minister meetings seem to be more like “once a fortnight” or “once a month.” My guess is that Sunak also agreed ahead of time to the videographer and photographers recording the first few minutes of the meeting too. They met at Buckingham Palace.

Britain’s King Charles said during a meeting with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Wednesday he had been reduced to tears by messages of good will following his cancer diagnosis. The palace announced earlier this month that Charles, 75, had been diagnosed with a form of cancer, less than 18 months into his reign.

“I’ve had so many wonderful messages and cards … it’s reduced me to tears most of the time,” Charles said during his weekly audience with Sunak.

“Everyone is behind you,” Sunak responded.

The monarch holds weekly audiences alone with the prime minister, although occasionally cameras have been allowed to capture the start of the meetings. Wednesday’s meeting is the first formal in-person audience Charles has held with Sunak since it was revealed that he was suffering from an unspecified form of cancer. Buckingham Palace has said the king will continue to carry out state business and his official paperwork while he undergoes cancer treatment.

Sunak began the exchange by telling Charles it was wonderful to see him looking so well.

“Well it’s all done by mirrors,” Charles joked.

[From Reuters]

This actually made me a little bit sad. I know Charles is a terrible father and he destroyed his first marriage and all of that, but still… he’s really feeling his mortality these days and I think his cancer treatments have knocked him on his ass. I feel sorry for him.

Now, I do want to talk about the timing of this – Charles ensures that he’s seen doing state business and meeting with Sunak just a day after his heir dove headfirst into an international political situation? In recent days, there has been a lot of commentary about how Charles’s reign will be short and “this is how King William will rule” and… yeah, I think Charles wanted to remind everyone that he’s still here.

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  1. Kokiri says:

    William will have to meet with the PM. This never occurred to me before, that Willy will have to do all this too.
    He so woefully under qualified. It’s staggering.

    • Sunday says:

      You’re 100% right. I truly don’t understand how the firm or anyone even tangentially involved with the monarchy can possibly be delusional enough to think they can Emperors New Clothes their way through Will being an absolute idiot stooge king for a few decades. They might have a chance in hell if they hadn’t viciously chased out their only hopes for distracting from Will’s perpetual stepping on rakes disorder.

    • Vivica says:

      Honestly though, worth ethic aside, William was GROOMED to take over one day, how is he so AWFUL at it? I mean, Harry is a natural, I get it, but how can William be sooooooooooo bad at it when his entire life was about becoming king? Yes, Charles had to wait forever, but he is still somewhat good at it.

      • VoominVava says:

        Charles is surprisingly good at the Royal part, just not the human stuff. I think William was always like this, but Harry and Kate made him look better. I hate to compare them constantly, but without Harry by his side giving him some personality and putting him (and everyone else) at ease, he really is so uninteresting. It’s glaringly obvious especially now with Kate and her hair / fashion not doing double duty to overcompensate for the snooze.

    • Miranda says:

      It’s especially embarrassing when you compare him to his grandmother. When it came to education, Princess Elizabeth was somewhat held back by sexist protocol which, in her youth, dictated that royal girls were to be educated at home. Once she learned that she would be Queen one day, her family at least had the sense to begin supplementing her education by bringing on the very best tutors to instruct her in relevant subjects that would be crucial for a monarch. And as Queen, even into old age, she seemed to have made an effort to stay well-informed.

      William? He faced no obstacles. Attended one of the most prestigious public schools in the country, as well as a top university, and that education was entirely wasted on him. He’s still boorish, incurious, willfully ignorant, and lazy.

  2. Emily says:

    Like Kaiser said, Charles sucks in a lot of human ways but he cares about the monarchy and his duty. That’s always been obvious .

    William is a bad person and will be a bad monarch.

  3. Yep he is still King. I think he looks ok but yes chemo can be a problem for some but not all. Probably is just letting everyone know that he is still here and still king.

    • VoominVava says:

      He looks pretty good but definitely thinner. His suit jacket is pretty baggy. I am starting to wonder if he knew about the cancer already, and had some treatment but it isn’t going to plan so he had to announce the cancer diagnosis. I’m not a conspiracy theorist at all, but it all seems so fishy to me.

      With that said, I do feel for Charles .. no matter how crappy he was to Diana and those boys (and I DESPISE that!), his childhood was tough for a sensitive boy. Thanks to the Crown I really felt for him in some of those boarding school scenes.

  4. Kristen from MA says:

    They should be masked. Why aren’t they masked?

  5. mary mary says:

    As much as he may suck as a family member (partner, son, father, you naaame it) it really does suck that he prepared SO much for this moment, in ways his heir could and would neeeever, and it’s being dampered by fucking cancer. It’s fucking unfair.

  6. Sonja says:

    Charles is not a good man, but I feel for him! Cancer sucks! Charles looks like he’s lost a lot of weight.

  7. bisynaptic says:

    JFC, people, wear masks!