Kay: The monarchy is ‘threadbare’ & the Windsors are not ‘an inspiring bunch’

Richard Kay at the Daily Mail is on a tear! His new column made it to the cover of today’s Mail, with the headline: “What IS Going On With the Royals?” The online headline is: “Never in memory have the royals had so many troubles at once. If not yet a crisis for the House of Windsor, it’s getting perilously close…” As you can see, Kay and the rest of royalist class have been shaken to their core by Prince William’s failures and by the missing Princess of Wales. They’ve been in a bad way all week as conspiracies spread like wildfire across social media and they can’t contain the story or the optics. Some highlights from Kay’s piece, in which he also goes on a very strange tangent about Prince Harry.

Unsettled: Bad news, as the proverb has it, comes in threes. A king fighting cancer, a princess stricken by an unknown debilitating illness and a vanished prince with no explanation for his absence have contributed to a febrile and dangerously unsettled atmosphere. Just why William was unable to attend the memorial service for his godfather — a man with whom he enjoyed a uniquely poignant bond — remains unknown. However, the most cursory of glances at the rampant speculation on social media ought to ­persuade even the most unyielding of royal aides that wherever there is a vacuum ­surrounding a public figure, it will be filled.

Uneasy tidings: Every day seems to bring more unwelcome tidings about the welfare of the royals to whom so many millions look for reassurance. The tragic and unexpected death of Princess Michael of Kent’s son-in-law Tom Kingston has only added to this sombre and uneasy undercurrent. Nine months on, the post-­Coronation glow that enveloped the country at the prospect of a new reign under King Charles III has dissipated. And gazing at the remnants of our first family on display at ­Windsor this week it was impossible to escape the conclusion that it has suddenly become a threadbare institution.

The left-behind royals are uninspiring: The other working royals who were visible on duty on Tuesday are even older — the Duke of Gloucester is 79, the increasingly frail Duke of Kent is 88 and his sister, the stylish Princess Alexandra who was taken into St George’s in a wheelchair to attend, is 87. These then — together with Prince Edward and Sophie who were not present at the service — are the public faces of the Royal Family. Through no fault of their own, they are hardly an inspiring bunch. Here surely was the evidence that a slimmed-down monarchy — King Charles’s decades-long dream — is not truly fit for purpose.

Harry’s security case: As for Harry, those claims last week that he had offered to ‘help out’ by picking up some ­royal duties while his father is being treated for cancer look increasingly hollow. The loss of his High Court ­challenge to the Home Secretary over his downgraded security ­status almost certainly means he will not end his self-imposed exile. His claim that he had been treated unfairly in the changes to his police protection was firmly rejected. Under such circumstances courtiers do not believe his vanity would allow him to return to the royal fold.

Are the Windsors in crisis? Aides insist it is not a crisis. Not quite. Or as one long-standing courtier muttered with distinct discomfort yesterday: ‘Not yet.’ Usually in times such as these officials will offer consoling words of reassurance: it was like that in the dark days of the Diana era and when other domestic matters suddenly erupted to become issues of public confidence. The fact that little was being said added to the sense of apprehension that all is not well within the royal house.

Conspiracies abound: The Palace refused to say whether his non-attendance had anything to do with Kate although it added that the princess was recovering well. What they would not be drawn on was what the ‘personal matter’ was that kept him away from Windsor, where, incidentally, he lives. Of course, William has every right not to share private and quite possibly deeply personal concerns with either the media or the public. But the silence has been a gift to conspiracy theorists. Contrast his and Kate’s approach with that of his father’s. Up until this week Charles has effectively shared bulletins about his treatment with photos of his activities.

Does the British public have a right to know? There is a compelling argument that as head of state, the King is not strictly a private person and the public have a right to know about any ailments, as happens in other democracies such as the U.S. and France. Many suggest this should apply equally to the heir to the throne. There is an expectation from the taxpayers, who fund the royals’ privileged lifestyle, of the right to know not just when things are going well with the monarchy but when they are not — as is most certainly the case this week. By saying nothing, they invite speculation.

Never before: All in all we know precious little. We don’t know how ill the King is or what kind of cancer he is being treated for. Nor do we have a clue about Kate’s health apart from an initial statement that she had undergone ‘planned abdominal surgery’. It is against this backdrop that the stability of the Royal Family, which for all the years of the late Queen’s reign we took for granted, suddenly looks to be in jeopardy. Never in modern memory have the royals had so many multiple troubles at the same time.

Camilla looks tired?? Considering her worries about Charles and her nervousness on the public stage, Camilla acquitted herself well this week although she seemed fatigued. She may be a reluctant performer but she has been a fast learner and her unfussy ordinariness has proved her ­biggest asset. She is 77 later this year and the question is how long she can keep it up? No Charles, no Kate, no ­William and no Harry — no wonder Camilla looked tired. What is all the more extraordinary is that the task of keeping the show on the road should fall to the very woman who was once seen as a threat to the monarchy — but is now celebrated as its saviour.

[From The Daily Mail]

Honestly, the only person I’m not worried about is Camilla? She doesn’t look tired, she looks rejuvenated and happier than ever. Her plan worked out perfectly, she got everything she wanted and she’s the last one standing. As for the Harry stuff… Kay is saying that with the royal protection issue, Harry will never come back for more than a quick visit. That’s not about Harry’s “vanity,” it’s a very real issue of his safety, and Charles and the courtiers have made it clear that they do not give a f–k about Harry’s safety or that of his family.

But really, Kay is very mad about Prince William and Kate and all of the Kensington Palace bungling. That’s what it all comes down to, that’s the thing they’re all trying to avoid saying outright: that William needs to get his act together, that they cannot believe a 40-something heir is this childish and incompetent, that they’re tired of covering for him. Oh well!

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  1. Flower says:

    LOL – the consequences of their own actions.

    Own it Windsor’s and Rota – you brought this on yourselves.

    • paintybox says:

      They most certainly did! I’m sorry some people are ill but on the other hand they’ve all been such infuriating turds to Harry & Meghan that I’m rather gleefully feeling all shades of schadenfreude. Oh but they reap what they sow. 😂

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      The Rota keep claiming the Sussexes’ exile is self imposed. I’ve seen Kay in particular mention this twice now.

      Nah. Imma need to clap back on that:

      When he offers half-in, half- out duty so he can support the fam when needed, and at the same time have space to work on his own projects and “not shine too bright”, and yet is shut down and told absolutely not;

      When he has his security ripped abruptly away, putting him and his family in peril abroad;

      When he is refused and shut down again, when offering to cover the expenses of RPO protection out of his own pocket;

      When he is deliberately evicted from his UK home and the reburbishment costs he paid for (which should have been paid by the Crown as it is a Crown property) not reimbursed to him, thereby giving him “no fixed address” in the UK;

      That was not self-exile, that was 100% Charles petulantly exiling his younger, Capable Son, starting when he was the Shadow Regent to Her Late Maj.

      Welcome to the Finding Out portion of your years’ long F*cking Around, Rota and Windsors. Everyone is starting to see you plain. And every time venom for Harry & Meghan drips from your mouths, we know and remember what you all did and who is truly responsible for their absence.

      If the Rota know what’s good, they’ll keep H&M’s names out of their mouths and go find their missing “paragon of white supremacy” princess.

      • Lemons says:

        I really wonder what reality they are living in…Princess Diana died because she did not have proper security and drivers, conspiracy theories aside…Of course he would be incredibly careful about who he is entrusting his life and the lives of his family. No one should have to go through something so tragic and traumatic again.

        And yet here Kay is bellowing about how Harry is to proud to return to royal duties because of the court case…I mean…opposite world.

      • LadyBreenie says:

        @Where’smytiara 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

        Couldn’t give two **** about their slimmed down monarchy. The senior royals, rota rats and tabloids brought it on themselves 😂😂

      • Debbie says:

        Oh, but have some pity for Camilla about her “nervousness on the public stage” because she’s so shy and retiring. Dear God, this woman could not look more smug as she struts around in wrinkled panties.

    • Pinkosaurus says:

      The Rota and courtiers have been telling themselves for years over and over that William will step up when it’s time, he’s a family man now but he’s keen to take up the mantle, he’s going to be the bestest statesman making impacts guy ever when it’s time, just wait. Guess what, William is William and is more disastrously lazy and incapable than we could have even imagined.

      • Smart&Messy says:

        My take is that most of these people, rota and Windsors, have known for a long time about Peg’s inadequacies. But he cooperated enough that they were able to control the narrative, even in the age of social media. That’s not the case now, because Peg has spiraled out of control for some reason. Now the narrative is one step ahead of them and on a global stage. They echo chamber is gone and if they don’t acknowledge it they look stupid (I know). That is the BM’s real problem, not that they are shocked by any of Peg’s issues.

      • Gabbygirl2 says:

        To Smart and Messy, the reason why Wills has spiraled out of control is money. Charles controlled the purse strings when he was POW due to the Cornwall duchy fund. That is why chuckle boy married sowmilla, he had his own money. The same with Bully boy, now that he is POW, he has his own money which is tens of millions annually. Wills ego, which no one can control has increased exponentially and like Chukie new when he married the well milked Cowmilla no one can take the the throne away from him and Wills has the same mindset.

      • Gabbygirl2 says:

        To Mart and Messy, the reason why Wills has spiraled out of control is money. Charles controlled the purse strings when he was POW due to the Cornwall duchy fund. That is why chuckle boy married sowmilla, he had his own money. The same with Bully boy, he has his own money which is tens of millions annually. Wills ego, which no one can control has increased exponentially and like Chukie new when he married the well milked Cowmilla no one can take the the throne away from him and Wills has the same mindset.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I frequently wish I had the same powers as Paige on Charmed, so I could rob in and see what’s really going in with these people.

  2. Tessa says:

    Diana provided the charisma and there were no dark days during her time. And Charles coronation was not the glowing event as described by Richard kay.

    • Chloe says:

      I beg to differ. The days where it became public that Charles and Diana’s marriage wasn’t as happy as portrayed were very dark for the Windsors. And perhaps even darker for Diana. So was the aftermath of her death, from which they barely recovered

      • Tessa says:

        I was talking about the earlier years when Diana helped bring popularity to the family
        Only Charles got jealous and did not appreciate her. Of course the dark days came later. I don’t think the royals really recovered from the years later in the marriage and her death. They repeated the same mistakes with harry and Meghan.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Chloe agreed, that’s clearly what Kay is referring to.

    • Christine says:

      Yeah, Meghan taking a hike in CA was front page news on Salty Isle Chuck’s coronation weekend. The mystique didn’t even last a weekend.

      • Debbie says:

        Don’t forget those LARGE yellow signs stating, “Not My King!” and the eggs thrown at Charles during the “honeymoon phase” of his kingdom/kingship, or whatever the hell they call it. See, even now these people are trying to rewrite the near past, and gaslight everybody. They just can’t help it, poor blossoms.

      • BeanieBean says:

        More gaslighting: what’s that bit about a soon-to-be 77yo Camilla, ‘how long can she keep it up’? Nobody was asking that in print when the late Queen turned 77.

  3. Christine says:

    Dear Idiots:

    It’s a crisis.

    • FancyPants says:

      The fact that they don’t even recognize that it’s a crisis says it all.

      • Christine says:

        It’s so bizarre. KP is sticking its head in the sand while social media runs rampant that the future king is a violent abuser who put his wife in a coma or she tried to commit suicide because of his abuse! And those are the less horrible rumors, because some people legitimately think she’s already dead! There comes a time when you need to speak up, and this feels like the time to me.

    • Harper says:

      Not yet = the crisis is coming. It feels too gruesome for popcorn.

    • Chloe says:

      Is it really though? They look like a complete clown show but i don’t think the royal house of Windsor is in collapse. The monarchy as an institution remains popular for a majority of the brits.

      • sparrow says:

        Agree, Chloe. Are you British? I am. A lot of people (I’d say older people) still like the BRF. Younger generations don’t care – they aren’t interested and are sometimes ignorant of it. My partner wasn’t aware of Kate’s absence, and he has his head stuck in The Times most days. He just flits past any royal stories. Most of my friends simply don’t care. Unlike Diana during my teen years, Meghan, Kate etc have no meaning for my kids; they have to be reminded of who they are; there is so much else celebrity wise to take up their time online. The DM’s never ending stories, and the broadsheet columnists who make a living out of Meghan hate, give a skewed idea of the British relationship with its kings and queens. The monarchy will stay. It’s an institution. The big events – weddings, funerals, coronations – still get an audience of millions. It’s as much part of our lives as the rain; we may not like it at times but we accept it.

      • Becks1 says:

        I know people say William will be the last king but I don’t believe that, just because it seems that it would take a huge amount of effort to remove the monarchy and people honestly don’t have that kind of mental energy overall. The more unpopular the monarchy gets, the more likely they’ll find that energy, but (as an American) my impression is that it will take a lot more than just Kate missing for two months. The Windsors’ popularity seems to go in waves and they are still there, chugging along.

      • Eurydice says:

        It might be a temporary crisis and for those in the RF that exist today. But the institution is like a giant rock in the ocean – eventually, it will wear away, but that will take a long time.

    • Just Jade says:

      I think Harry losing that security case yesterday sent panic to the rats and they realized there is a possibility that they may never see Meghan in that island.

      • Pinkosaurus says:

        Regarding the “vanity” comment, of course he picked the most insulting language, but I think it’s true that Harry is not going to come back when his security is entirely based on the whims of the courtiers. It’s not vanity, it’s a recognition of his own value. That is how Charles is controlling the movements of the Andrew the sweaty nonce and Harry is not going to accept that arrangement for himself and certainly not for his beloved family.

    • ADS says:

      100%. I think with Charles’ cancer, he will soon be out of the picture. William I increasingly suspect has done something – or perhaps several things – from which he cannot recover, and therefore he will have to abdicate and will not be king. I think Camilla knows what’s up and that is why she has been looking so triumphant recently despite the shit show. I think her ultimate plan now is to ensure that Harry is never rehabilitated in the publics mind so that there is no risk of him becoming Prince Regent holding over for George. She wants to secure the regent position for herself and subsequently one of her own until George is of age. All it takes is an act of Parliament.

      Before you tell me to take off my tinfoil hat, please look up the changes that were made to the Counsellors of State. Camilla was added (Kate was mooted but I believe she was not added. And in any event she is highly likely very much incapacitated and not likely to stop being so 🤷🏿‍♀️). And although Harry was not removed, he is not domiciled in the UK and therefore could not be Prince Regent (and probably would not want to be).

      • Becks1 says:

        Camilla being added as a CoS doesn’t mean anything, the spouse of the monarch usually is included as a CoS. After that its the line of succession, which Kate is not in, so of course she is not included.

        Camilla’s line is not going to take over from the Windsors. She may get sandringham or balmoral or something, but her children aren’t getting the crown.

      • Esquire says:

        @Becks: 100%, well said. However, Camilla won’t inherit Sandringham or Balmoral because it’s the only way the monarch’s estate can avoid inheritance tax. I get your drift though. Also, any changes to the line of succession have to be passed in all Commonwealth realms. That takes time and carries significant risk.

      • Nic919 says:

        Philip was only added after Elizabeth was Queen, but Camilla was added before Charles became king. It was after Philip had passed and so they likely anticipated this because of what they knew about the Queens health.

      • Pajala says:

        William won’t have to abdicate~ I believe Charles will skip him. Regent until George turns 18: Beatrice.

    • AmB says:

      @Christine – But be fair, it’s kind of hard to tell from inside that wet paper bag.

  4. equality says:

    Just the usual whining because they want PH back, but without Meghan. Makes it seem that they have asked and gotten a no thanks, I’m booked. I certainly don’t believe that PH with his multiple obligations asked them if he could return.

    • Tessa says:

      Incredibly these writers would want harry to reject his wife and children to be scapegoat for William
      These writers are so deluded

    • Peachy says:

      Same. Never in a million years will he ask to return. Inquiring if he can be of assistance during troubled times is totally different from requesting to return permanently.

    • Dee(2) says:

      They asked him and he said no, and not only did he say no, he said no and then immediately went out afterwards to be charismatic, charming, and to show how service can be done successfully on a global scale. Also it’s disgusting that they try to frame him wanting to return in a safe manner to the country of his birth as him being petulant. They want to be able to abuse him, his wife, and his children and are angry that he won’t allow it

    • Caribbean says:

      The disrespect from ‘commoners’ to Royal Meghan is so obvious and kind of funny (it is never funny, it is abusive and racist), if you look at it upside down. I am always looking at them, how they put the Royal family on this pedestal and talk about them like the royals are their ‘betters’ and yet they cannot seem to get it that – if Meghan adopt the same attitude, she is ‘above’ them.

      • Concern Fae says:

        That is what this whole “minor royals” thing is about. Letting nasty people get their snob on. C&C plus W&K think it embiggens them, but it really just makes the whole enterprise seem ridiculous. Dangerous game to be playing. And foolish.

      • equality says:

        @Concern Fae That makes sense. It is why the derangers were so jubilant at the thought of Kate being QC and Meghan having to curtsey to her.

    • Shawna says:

      They need a new business model. At this point, haven’t the Sussexes been gone longer than Meghan was married in on Salt Island? The rota need to wean themselves off their addiction to printing money from hate.

  5. Jay says:

    But they are still not plainly criticizing him. It’s just a bunch of veiled threats surrounded by unearned praise! Wake me up when the Rota of 2011-2016 come back. Ugh
    By Saturday once William shows up we’ll get a completely opposite article claiming William is the savior!

    • Chloe says:

      And the tone will again be completely flattering once Kate makes her return. I hope people are prepared for that.

      • Becks1 says:

        I agree that the tone will be completely flattering and embiggening again, but instead of saying “once” Kate returns I’m going to say “IF” kate returns. It sort of feels like they’re laying the groundwork for her to make a few appearances a year and thats it. Maybe each appearance will be hailed as the second coming though.

      • Jais says:

        Agree with the “if” bc I’m open to anything at this point. But please no to her appearances being rare so that every single one is like the second coming. It honestly wouldn’t be a bad strategy bc essential that’s what happens with Meghan. She doesn’t appear that often and when she does it’s a big deal. I can see Kate wanting that for herself. Another form of copy keening. That said, I really hope that’s not what happening here. That it’s a game. But would she be forced into not appearing often bc why? Bc they’re actually separated? Then get a divorced or state you’re separated! Idk, simplistically, I feel that two unhappy people should not have to stay together if they don’t want to. There’s so many theories and possibilities that I’m feeling overwhelmed😂

  6. Peachy says:

    Oh to be a fly on the wall when Charlie rips into Billy boy…and I know he will. If anything like this occurs again, I will be incredibly shocked. William has never taken his responsibilities seriously but I feel like the BM articles will be a bit of an eye opener for him. He’s enjoyed their umbrella of protection during and since the departure of H&M and the fact that said umbrella has now slammed closed and is being pointed at him in a menacing manner will be a smack in the face. Or elsewhere. His ego will propel him forward in the future even if a sense of duty does not.

    • Chloe says:

      That umbrella of protection will fully open again soon. And Charles will never never confront his son because he is scared of confrontation. It’s probably the reason why william is the way he is. At most Charles might allow a few shady articles, but if the institution is to survive for the next 50 years they can’t afford an unpopular heir.

      What I think is going on here is that William absence from the memorial service was a complete surprise for the rota and they genuinely don’t know why he bailed out. That is what they don’t like: that they are being kept in the dark.

      • Jay says:

        @chloe we are on the same wavelength this morning.
        They’ll keep protecting him and changing the narrative to suit William and Kate.
        The only way I see this falling apart is if William stops briefing his media buddies or refuses to show up for any more work while Kate is sidelined.
        Without content from the Wales they really will have no jobs.

      • AuntRara says:

        I agree. It’s hard to imagine Charles confronting William because… what can Charles do to him at this point? Really. William has access to his own vast fortune through the Duchy of Cornwall and Charles can’t use money to control him. Charles doesn’t have any way to force him to work, does he? William surely knows that Charles needs him more than he thinks he needs Charles.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      I agree with Chloe. And I’d add that not only will Chuckles not confront Pegs because he’s a scaredy boo boo (and it’s decades too late to try to rein in his heir) but even if he did work up the courage confront him, he has no power over him anymore since Pegs inherited the duchy of Cornwall and all its millions upon millions. The only power Chuckles ever had to hold over Pegs was money (and he didn’t even do that!), but he’s even lost that power now.

  7. Jais says:

    Yeah, Harry’s vanity is not the issue. It’s safety. He’s been clear.

  8. Zen says:

    They keep saying Harry offered to do some royal work. But is that true? Why would Harry do that when he has firmly and happily stepped away? And doesn’t even live there anymore. Could it be more like Harry said when speaking to his Dad (after the cancer diagnosis) “Pa if I can do anything to help you I will” and courtiers and rota rats gleefully twisted that into “he wants to do royal work!”

    • Jas says:

      Yes, we’re told that only KC and Harry were in the room when they met, so all these claims about what Harry said and offered are just hearsay, made up by the press. They want him begging to come back and being rejected by KC over and over. It’s a weird and rather disturbing fantasy they’re spinning.

    • Caribbean says:

      @Zen…I do not even believe that came up. Same pattern they follow ‘Make up a story and then Answer their own Made-up Story’ HARRY WANTS TO COME BACK TO HELP (Make that up) HARRY CANNOT COME BECAUSE HE WAS SNUBBED BY THE ROYAL FAMILY (Answer to the Made-Up Story) .
      They stick to two key narratives here…
      1. Harry alone…they know that even their stupidest readers would not truly buy that Meghan wants to return.
      2. SNUBBED…they want their readers to stick with the idea that Harry keeps wanting to return and he keeps getting SNUBBED.

    • Debbie says:

      @Zen: Sure. It first began as something “sources close to Harry” said, then when other British media people repeat the same talking point, it suddenly becomes words from Harry’s own mouth — as the rota quotes themselves. Never fails.

  9. seaflower says:

    Picks up bowl of popcorn and settles back to watch.

    • Christine says:

      I’m with you. This has been fascinating. I have never been so entertained as when Black Twitter jumped on this and the derangers showed up to yell about disrespecting the Wails, blah, blah, blah. A few of them started with their “sugars” BS, and the take-down was AMAZING.

      People who have never paid attention to any of this are now interested. The epic Twitter thread from 2022 that shows the KopyKeening at its finest was resurrected, and I can’t help it, it’s so satisfying. The further down the rabbit hole they dive, the more entertained I am.

  10. The Duchess says:

    They got what they asked for. Why are they all so salty it’s blown up in their faces? We warned them time and time again.

  11. The Hench says:

    Well – this is a turn up for a usually compliant rota journalist BUT he still doesn’t come out with the real criticism – which isn’t so much where is Kate but WHERE IS WILLIAM??

    Charles is ill. Kate is ill. William – at the very time he should be out tap-dancing for the masses and providing the succession reassurance – has just vamoosed from where he should be (royal duties/memorials for his godfather in his back garden) and popped up where he shouldn’t be (commenting on the Middle East and Gaza). Whilst they are now talking about it they are still not openly calling for him to get off his backside.

    BTW there was a brilliant piece in Private Eye this week along the lines of “Middle East Calls for A Ceasefire in the Royal Family”. LOL.

    • Shawna says:

      This makes me want to connect two stories that were puzzling at the time: when William bleated out that he wouldn’t make plans about “the future” and the more recent “Charles settles succession plans.” Has KC finally decided to settle things without consulting William’s wishes?

    • Liz says:

      Ten out of ten for Private Eye 😂

  12. Carmen says:

    Well, if all else fails, the royals can always send their secret weapon — Aunty Anne — to Montecito to sort Harry out. Right??

  13. ML says:

    This is a crazy way to refer to the deceased: “The tragic and unexpected death of Princess Michael of Kent’s son-in-law Tom Kingston …” Kay used Thomas’ MIL, OfMichael, instead of his WIFE, Gabriella, his FIL or even his close royal buddy, Prince William, to describe who he was!

  14. They have a full blown crisis and it’s only what they deserve. Harry was never going to help out with royal duties even if they restored his security. Chuckles is weak and never dealt with Peg properly and now he has to deal with and judging by what’s going on with Peg Chuckles is doing nothing to rein him in or he can’t because it’s too late. They wanted the spotlight all on them and they now have it and what it shows is a weak king and petulant man child.

  15. moderatelywealthy says:

    Theory time: separation talks were going nowhere and William served Kate with papers. He already consider himself a divorced man, hence his PR game lately, not mentioning Kate, etc
    Kate went for a procedure yes, but is using the time to force William´s hand on the matter of the divorce. William never saw this coming and Charles is refusing to help him. That is why he is so lost. Because Kate is holding her own and Charles can´t be bothered.

    • Tessa says:

      Ultimately if this happens Charles would side against Kate imo

      • moderatelywealthy says:

        I think Charles coff coff CAMILA coff, would look William in the eye and tell him ” I thought you were a better husband and father than me!” and leave the room.

    • Laura says:

      I like this theory…. it explains a lot of the weirdness and unanswered questions.
      Kate completely mia
      No children or Middletons to be seen anywhere
      Charles and Camilla out and about seemingly unworried being transparent with illness.
      Only bare bones with Kate health updates.

      • Lady D says:

        Given Willie’s condition lately, would anyone let him out in public with his kids?
        I wonder if the blonde lawyer recently broke up with him, providing a catalyst for his 6-week meltdown?

    • SussexWatcher says:

      But she really has no power in anything to be able to force his hand. Force it how? She’ll get what he gives her and has no power to demand more. Any secrets she and MaMidds might hold over Pegs, I’ll bet he’s got just as much dirt on them so that would be a mutual destruction if she started spilling his secrets. She’s not as popular as Diana and if the press turns on her to protect Pegs (which it would), she’ll be in for a world of hurt, perception-wise. Even her children “belong” to the crown so she can’t be negotiating for full custody or anything.

      Plus it seems like things were already negotiated when she got shuttled off to the Adelaide separation cottage.

      • moderatelywealthy says:

        I think they negotiated a separation, hence Adelaide, not a divorce, and that she was surprised by it and decided to use her health as a reason not to do anything.

        William is already the one controlling KP- They are not working for her anymore- They called in favors to neutralize Middleton PR and the only choice for Kate is really to stay quiet and let William deal with it.

        ultimately he can do with her what he did to Harry and just issue a joint statement without her signature, son in this sense, yes, there is not that much she can do- other than nothing, which is what she has talent in doing!

  16. Mrs. Smith says:

    Have we seen Omid’s take on all of this?

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      He’s too busy buying popcorn

    • Princessk says:

      Omid obliquely made reference to issues with Kate in the chapter he devoted to her. He said that the Palace have always treated Kate very carefully by not making her do a lot but that there are feelings that she needs to step up and he carefully suggested that this could be a problem. It is very clear that journalists, including Omid have known for a long time that going forward there was going to be a problem surrounding Kate.

  17. Elilyan says:

    I loved an article in yesterday’s Daily Mail that compared the Kents to lazy William. The route is getting bloodthirsty.

  18. Tarte au Citron says:

    Harry wasn’t lying. I hope more people understand that now.

  19. Mads says:

    It’s been interesting to see slightly negative articles and commentary creeping into the narrative; this is the second article where Kay offers a veiled critique. There was a panel discussion on GMB yesterday with Chris Ship (ITV royal editor) and Tessa Dunlop (a historian and royal commentator) and she said the quiet part out loud: “William and Kate have been put on a pedestal by the media and can do no wrong; William can basically do whatever he wants and he knows it” Ship’s attitude was telling and he couldn’t hide his frustration with how KP is handling the situation. Plus, the Kate MIA has broken through into the real world and scrutiny is starting to get dangerous for William and KP.

    • First comment says:

      Perhaps, this is why William during his visit today made sure to mention “Catherine ” by saying that both he and Catherine are very preoccupied by the situation in Gaza. He actually mentioned her a couple of times, according to the Rota… they know they are under scrutiny and they try to change the narrative.

  20. paintybox says:

    He leaves out Meghan’s name but honestly she’s the superstar factor who made Harry into her co-superstar. They never had such an elegant, perfect, heavy-lifting royal, at least since Diana. They still do NOT deserve H & M. Let the Windsors crash and burn, this is all about their own attitudes, choices and behaviors, nothing else. I love reading your takes on it, Kaiser, and I agree about Cowmilla. Lord, she’s THRILLED to be last one standing in a field full of bodies. 😂

  21. Vanessa says:

    This is classic example of carefully what you wished for the Royal family and the British establishment went full in on abusing Meghan everyday. All those newspapers gleeful saying if she and Harry can’t handle the truth they should go to America . That what they did and now that the royal family is literally falling apart Charles has cancer Kate is missing William is clearly lazy and disappears no one knows where to . They wanted Meghan and Harry and their children back so they can abuse them used them as scapegoats and destroyed them mental again . Meanwhile Kate and William can continually to do whatever they want while getting praised for the press .

  22. sparrow says:

    Talk about a volte face! Had M&H stayed I suspect they’d have been dragging W&K behind them, like a brick. I’m so pleased they got out – they are too modern to have been constrained by such a stale institution.

  23. Agnes says:

    Camilla has never looked more Maleficent than in that picture. It gives a real glimpse into her Evil Queen soul. But at least she can stand without swaying, even though she has 35 years on the heir. I personally can’t wait to see Bill meet with Jewish leaders and bring peace to the Middle East while stone drunk. He makes Jared Kushner look dignified. So yes, the Windsors ARE in crisis. And what was Anne thinking, flashing her knobby bare knees at a funeral service?

    • equality says:

      Yeah, I wondered about Anne’s outfit also. Did she run out of stockings last minute and wore the boots to cover most of her legs? They did draw attention to her knobby knees though.

    • Shawna says:

      I noticed the knees too!

      • Agnes says:

        Would it have been so difficult to pull on a pair of dark tights? Very odd choice. She looked very German, the bare knees gave the outfit a certain lederhosen chic, like she was about to go hike up an Alp to do some yodeling. What a weird family.

    • bisynaptic says:

      Was wondering the same thing about Anne. She was wearing, essentially, a miniskirt. Scandalous! 😆 Royal protocol!

  24. Shawna says:

    It’s infuriating that the rota is now reporting their fake story about Harry maybe helping out as an established fact. Do they have a set number of days they wait before publishing outraged interpretations of the fictions they spouted?

  25. Becks1 says:

    Damn, the RRs are really really mad that William missed that service this week. Like REALLY mad. this isn’t as bad as calling him “throne idle” but its getting there. I wonder if they were promised he would be there and promised a quote from him or something, or a solid brief from KP after the service? Obviously they knew he was supposed to attend but they just seem so mad that he skipped out FORTY SIX minutes before the service.

  26. Eurydice says:

    We like to think the press knows everything and is just caping for the RF, but I really think the press is genuinely confused right now. And it’s the natural confusion we’ve all experienced. How in the world can this ancient institution, incredibly wealthy, with vast resources, with every possible protection, with power and influence, that managed a gigantic funeral for Elizabeth and a lavish coronation for Charles – how can they not manage to get William to a memorial service?

    It’s been obvious for years that William is lazy, volatile, uncaring and self-centered. We’ve all assumed he’s ill-suited to be king, but was it really expected that he would totally collapse like this under pressure? I don’t know that the press thought it would ever get this bad.

  27. PC says:

    @Just Jade, I think you are absolutely right. However, they’ll never admit it. Which is more the pity. Perhaps if the BM were better people and told how wrong that decision was Harry might have a better chance at his appeal. But the BM always take the vindictive approach and the quick, easy way to make a buck. They have no redeeming qualities.

  28. Mary Pester says:

    Ah now I see where I’ve gone wrong, you see people I thought that Harry wanting to stop his wife committing suicide was love, but it was vanity!!?
    I thought that Harry wanting to protect his wife from lies being printed about her was love, but it was vanity!
    I thought that Harry trying to stop the racist press articles about Megan (Mr fking kay) was love, but it was vanity
    See folks a good husband, a decent husband, a protective husband isn’t supposed to do any of those things. Good fking grief I hope to god this man isn’t married, can you imagine the life that poor soul would be living.
    Listen to me you little turd, Harry is more of a man than Charlie or Billy idol ever will be, he has courage, love and character by the bucket load and YOU KNOW IT. Most of these articles are afraid to say it, but they watched Harry and meghan in Canada, they saw how loved and welcomed they were, then looked at what they are left with and their regret runs deep. So they can all fk of and cry me a river. The likes of kay caused it, the likes of kay can live with it,

  29. Amy Bee says:

    I’m just loving these “Windsor’s in crisis” stories. At least some in the media have accepted that Harry is not interested in returning to the royal fold.

  30. Lulu says:

    If the monarchy is in crisis, it’s not because it’s threadbare or Charles and Kate medical issues or the Sussexes absence, it’s because William is the heir and seems to be rapidly falling apart (drink, drugs, breakdown, rage???).

  31. Jaded says:

    Honestly Willbur and Kitty will be the downfall of this monarchy. Once the rota and tabloids start turning against you you’re in big trouble. For Kay to call the monarchy threadbare and uninspiring is a huge shift away from the normal fawning, worshipful crap they’ve been writing for ages. But the cracks are now too big to keep a tidal wave of negative press coverage from starting. In one year the wheels have fallen off the royal cart. Chuck has cancer, Kate’s MIA, Willbur is a hot mess who shirks any meaningful work or events, the Midds and kids are missing, Nanny Maria is alleged to have quit, and the tabloids are champing at the bit to reveal what, at least some of them, know about this whole train wreck.

  32. Lulu says:

    Harry’s security was cancelled, and he was evicted from his home, Charles exiled Harry. Not self-imposed exile!!!

  33. QuiteContrary says:

    The rota is definitely tugging on Will’s leash. I hope it snaps.

  34. Rnot says:

    Camilla should be worried. Her institutional protection has cancer. She should be looking at what happened to H&M once their protector started to lose power and influence. If she thought the public hatred she experienced in the 90s was bad… We’ve talked about how the narrative could be swung around to pin the blame for the mistreatment of the Sussexes on Kate. That’s even more true of Camilla. She’ll only be a “working royal” if the next monarch or regent allows her to be. If not, then she’ll need to pay for her own security.

    • TN Democrat says:

      Charles has provided for Camilla (and her children) generously all along. She also would not have married him without guarantees of a massive payout when he dies. She thrives in the background controlling the narrative. She is playing chess and Will-not isn’t even playing checkers. She looks happy because William is a lazy screw-up on the verge of a self-inflicted media firestorm he doesn’t have the capacity to handle. She has effectively destroyed the royals from within with the help of the rota 🐀. If Charles dies before her, she gets the bank without the hassle of dealing with needy, demanding, spoiled Charles or public duties.

  35. samipup says:

    Just noticed: Fergie isn’t in church. That must sting. Wonder if she was allowed to sit /w family at Xmas?

  36. Saucy&Sassy says:

    “What is all the more extraordinary is that the task of keeping the show on the road should fall to the very woman who was once seen as a threat to the monarchy — but is now celebrated as its saviour.”

    Can people in the UK let me know if the Escort is now a “saviour”? This article must be from her, don’t you think?

  37. georgevna says:

    It really makes you realize how well QE2 and her people captained this ship. Things were choreographed, mapped out, and contingencies were planned for so thoroughly that through her long illness and decline, up to her death and BEYOND to all the pageantry around the mourning and funeral, everything ran more or less according to plan, despite all the intra-family disfunction. Was there no plan for Charles being sidelined, even temporarily? Is there no protocol on what kind of messaging needs to accompany a senior family member recovering from surgery or “recovering from surgery”?

    It is one thing to *say* William is prioritizing his wife and children — that could actually be a powerful message, a new kind of leader, a modern man with his priorities straight! But you have to actually message that meaningfully, consistently. You have to show, not just tell. Photos of Wills playing with his kids on the grounds! Showing up at a school event for Charlotte! Something, ANYTHING. The entire point of a royal head of state is that they are public-facing, ffs.

    • Debbie says:

      Well, the thing is that people in private life prioritize their families every day. But they also show up for work too. Simple.

      • Christine says:

        Or, like Harry, they are able to take care of their families and work their asses off in full public view all at the same time!

  38. BeanieBean says:

    This guy wrote about the representation by the Windsors at the memorial service but left out Anne, Zara, Tindall, Andrew, and Sarah. Didn’t fit his narrative of aging royals? I also noticed the dig at Prince Charles’ health communications–i.e., the lack of letting us know exactly what kind of cancer he has.

  39. Phlyfiremama says:

    Abolish the monarchy, and strip them of all of the items of state. They have filched billions through thee years, they will be fine. I’m pretty sure the British people are not waiting around with baited breath to hear false reassurances from THAT lot in particular.