Queen Camilla will take this week off, she won’t be seen until March 11th

Queen Camilla was pretty busy last week. She was the most senior royal and de facto hostess for King Constantine’s memorial service in Windsor last Tuesday. She hosted a reception at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday. On Thursday, she was once again at Buckingham Palace, this time hosting a semi-private meeting with Olena Zelenska, the first lady of Ukraine. Sure, “working three days in a week” is not some huge deal for most people, but Camilla is basically the only royal who has been consistently doing events since mid-January. Everyone else (except Anne) has been MIA, on vacation or mysteriously disappearing for weeks at a time. All of which to say, Camilla’s orthopedic wedges have been worked down to the nub and she’s taking the next week off. No one will see her until Commonwealth Day (March 11).

The Queen will take a break from official duties after leading the monarchy in public since the King’s cancer diagnosis was revealed on February 5. Camilla, 76, has no engagements in her diary this week, and it is understood that she will spend a few days of private downtime with the King and her own family. She will resume engagements on March 11, when she will represent Charles and lead the royal family for the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey.

Camilla has undertaken 13 official engagements since Charles’s cancer diagnosis was announced last month, ploughing on with her own diary and attending events solo where she was due to have been with her husband.

A royal source said: “Although she was not expecting to find herself in the position of leading the family, the Queen is absolutely prepared to do whatever needs to be done for the institution. She has been buoyed by the public’s reaction. She has found reserves of energy that even she didn’t think she had, and the estimation of her by those inside the palace has soared as she has put her shoulder to the wheel.”

Another source close to the Queen said: “Her Majesty is robust, positive and determined to keep going while the King is off public duties. The King is proud and pleased to see the show is being kept on the road by the Queen and the wider family.”

During the Queen’s short break this week, the Prince of Wales, the Princess Royal and the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh will all undertake public engagements. The Princess of Wales, who has not been seen in public since Christmas Day, is continuing to recover at home in Windsor after abdominal surgery in January, and is expected to resume public duties after Easter.

[From The Times]

You might assume, given the quotes provided to the Times, that Camilla is going to spend the next week sitting in her coziest recliner at Ray Mill with a Stanley Cup full of gin. You would be wrong! After spending a few days at Ray Mill, Camilla is jetting off “overseas” today, according to the Daily Mail. She’s “jetting off on a private flight” and no one is saying where? Given the quotes given to the Times – “Her Majesty is robust, positive and determined to keep going” – you should assume the opposite, meaning Camilla is exhausted AND most of the people in the palace are unhappy that she’s jetting off.

I keep thinking about how Sophie and Edward quietly went on a ski holiday with friends, traveling by private jet and enjoying themselves in St. Moritz, the playground for the rich. Sophie and Ed skipped Constantine’s memorial service too, and honestly, the Edinburghs haven’t really been pulling their weight this year at all. Maybe Camilla was like “well, I deserve to have a week off too!”

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  1. Tessa says:

    Camilla does not lead the family. That’s Charles and then his elder son and heir rarely shows up.

    • Caribbean says:

      Plus, Meghan and Harry do not have any big (announced) event planned so the Royals do not have to show up.

      • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

        they like to show when meg and harry publicly work. But Camilla isnt fit to work, forget ruling. Her ambition was to be a jobless wife, and then a jobless wife and mistress Tampon. I doubt she is happy working like a “workhorse” 15 days in 2 months. She wants a workfree life filled with booze

  2. WiththeAmerican says:

    And Anne is in Dubai. The royals are all on strike.

  3. seaflower says:


  4. Bless her, she must have gotten over her fear of flying.

    • Shawna says:


    • Josephine says:

      exactly, travel is so very hard for the old dear.

      and the english keep backing this lazy, entitled family of grifters, pedos, adulterers and racists.

      • SamuelWhiskers says:

        We honestly don’t – the vast majority of Brits take zero interest in royals, except maybe as gossip fodder. But unfortunately our whole entire political and legal system is built around them, the only way to get rid of the monarchy would be to build an complete brand new political system and brand new way of passing laws entirely from scratch. And it’s not like it’s up to us, there’s no referendum or vote.

        People aren’t going to be protesting in the street because a family most people regard as essentially purely ornamental are being lazy. The concept of royals not working hard enough is quite American – we know the stuff they do isn’t “work” and we don’t care, because they’re purely decorative figureheads. The British public doesn’t expect or want them to work, any more than you expect a corporate mascot or First Dog to work.

      • C says:

        I think the British pretend to be more apathetic about the royals than they are.
        I can say that when I lived there (studying 16th century royal history no less), yeah, the opinion was always “oh we don’t care about them, that’s mostly for Americans”, but at any suggestions of getting rid of them the apologist arguments would come pouring out (tourism, what they do for the country, etc).

    • Emme says:

      Got over her “fear of flying” (snort) and exhausted after doing 13 work activities over 2 months.
      That’s NOT even 2 work activities a WEEK. Plus, it’s not like she’s had to do all the shopping, cooking, arranging that us plebs would have to do if we organised a reception. She has staff to do all that, plus a car and chauffeur to take her from place to place. So what EXACTLY has exhausted her?

      • Blithe says:

        To be charitable, supporting someone throughout a health crisis really can be emotionally draining, and I’d imagine that being in the public eye would magnify that. Do we know for sure that Camilla’s break is for fun? Maybe it’s for some type of rehab.

      • Sobiewski says:

        I agree. This chick is doing nothing but showing up and smiling and making small talk and she is doing one event on the days she does it. Wtf is exhausting about that ? The real work is being done by staff. So yeah, she gets zero sympathy from me. I don’t even consider that a real job to be honest. Show me a job where she is using her brain, brawn or intellect and I will conjure up genuine sympathy lickety split, otherwise, you got me sitting over here playing the world’s smallest violin for camilla the sidechick.

  5. Geegee says:

    What kind of loving devoted wife takes of and leaves her cancer striken husband to struggle through treatments alone? This women is ice cold.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      I get your point but let’s not be unreasonable. Queen Cowmilla does not have to be holding her husband’s hand all day, he’s not that sick yet (I hope he beats his cancer.) I am giving her some credit for being the only royal trying to do some work in the whole family.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        Is it unreasonable to be surprised a wife would jet off overseas while their spouse is undergoing chemo? If a man did this, we would criticize him for it.

        Taking an afternoon to relax is one thing. Jetting off overseas is quite another. And it’s not like she’s even caretaking for him, he has staff for that.

    • LoryD75 says:

      Charles always loves Camilla more. Of course she can take time for herself, but leaving the country? We don’t in really know how serious Charles’s illness is. Not serious enough for Camilla to go on a trip? Serious enough for Charles to call his son and for Harry to visit his father.

    • Emme says:

      @Geegee, 💯 agree. She’s supposed to love Charles so much she gave up her “freedom” and husband for him, is supposed to be his “rock” who soothes him when he’s troubled etc etc etc
      But is buggering off to have a holiday whilst he undergoes cancer treatment. Give me a ******* break. Cold as the iceberg that sank Titanic, and just as dangerous.

    • Caribbean says:

      I don’t give a hoot if Camilla is being cold or not…why I am even looking? Because the Sussexes were being ‘called out’ for going about their independent lives …because Charles and Kate are ‘sick.’ Literally saying Meghan should not smile in a car because Charles and Kate.
      But it is ok for all the taxpayer funded Royals to go on vacation and take a break, away from there, while Charles and Kate are ‘sick’ and now there is a death in the family…

    • StarWonderful says:

      I agree, Geegee. It is cold to go on vacation when your spouse is fighting for his life.

  6. EllenOlenska says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if Sophie and Ed have pieced together that William may take everything from them once he is “ in” and are having fun while they can? Or were they all (Anne included) so status conscious they didn’t want Camilla leading them in to any events? Or did they all blow out of town expecting crappy William news to pop and went “ Sucks to be you slimmed down monarchy gang” and left Camilla and Andy to deal with the fallout?

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      It looks like they are all taking off maybe to leave William to finally do some work…

      or, maybe they’ve always taken this many vacations and we are only noticing it because Charles is sick.

      • BeanieBean says:

        That’s what I’m thinking. Eddie & Sophie seem pretty comfortable on the slopes, they no doubt do this regularly. I think the press is deliberately sending a message right now, letting us know who’s ‘working’ and who’s playing while KC & Katie-kins are out of the picture.

    • Snuffles says:

      I do wonder what plans William would have for the rest of the family if/when he ascends the throne. I’m assuming he would immediately kick Camilla and her family to the curb. He try everything he can to punish Harry and Meghan even further. But I’m not sure about the rest. He seems to like the Tindalls but that seems to be it as far as I can tell. I think the rest don’t fuck with him.

  7. Brassy Rebel says:

    She’s decided she’s earned her extra bag of oats.

    • Call_Me_AL says:

      Brilliant. Thank you for making me laugh this morning. Can’t stop smiling thinking about this comment.

  8. Lady Digby says:

    Tut, tut, on strike, on holiday after 13 engagements and the heir who should already be stepping up has any intention let alone resolve to fill in for the king . No dear don’t let the Fail bully you into fulfilling your destiny any time soon. This clownshow are just proofing how well we can manage without them.

  9. sevenblue says:

    lol. Imagine going to the vacation and leaving your husband with cancer behind. Love story for ages!

    • Miranda says:

      This! For a moment, I had genuine sympathy for her, because my father-in-law battled prostate cancer (thankfully in remission now) and I saw how hellish it was for my MIL. I was thinking, “God, it’s brutal enough for any wife to watch her husband go through that. It has to be even more difficult when she’s obliged to show up and try to be cheerful and engaging (however ineptly, in Camilla’s case) with the public. She deserves a break.” Then I got to the part about her jetting off alone and it was right back to, “what a heartless bitch!” 😂😂

    • JanetDR says:

      @Sevenblue Right?!
      I almost feel sorry for Charles.

    • BeanieBean says:

      That is cold. Particularly at the beginning of cancer treatment, when there’s all this worry & you don’t know how things are going to go & everything gets harder and harder. Granted, a lot depends upon the person with cancer & what they want. Some people want to live their lives as normally as possible, which may include the spouse going away on a work assignment, although I cannot for the life of me envision a relationship in which one person says to the other, ‘yeah, sure, don’t mind me & my cancer, go off to the beach for a week & enjoy yourself’. I mean, zowie!

      • sid says:

        Exactly Beanie. Leaving your spouse behind for a vacay when they only just started cancer treatment just seems cold, especially when you’ve tried to sell people on your bs about being soulmates who were kept apart and finally were able to come together.

    • Princessk says:

      Camilla and Charles have separate lives and come together occasionally for royal functions. They do not have a conventional husband and wife relationship. They don’t have a home together.

  10. equality says:

    So Charles must be doing okay since she surely wouldn’t risk being out of town when he died. How bad would that be for her PR wise? Or is this her version of mushroom picking?

  11. Reesey3 says:

    Initially when I heard this, I assumed it was connected to Charles and his health, but now I am not so sure. Is Camilla getting the heck out of Dodge before something really BIG comes out this week? Did Camilla throw a match and is leaving to avoid any blowback that may be headed her way? It certainly feels like something is bubbling up to the surface and that the levee is about to to break.

    • Charley says:

      I agree! The Fail headline says William is going to “step up” in her absence.
      I think they are just giving William the chance to completely mess up all by himself.
      Definitely think something big is coming this week- the Sunday papers are suspiciously quiet about w&k today, it’s as if they are holding their breath!

      • Eurydice says:

        Lol, William hasn’t stepped up in the King’s absence, he’s going to step up for Camilla?

    • Rnot says:

      It does give the impression that they’re bracing for something.

  12. Harper says:

    Shrug. Camilla is taking spring break. The only difference here is that now she is leaning into this heightened transparency mode whereas before she’d just go and no one would notice. Her sudden delight in being very transparent is just to stick it to Willy who is doubling down on his secrecy regarding Kate and skipping out on his role. As for leaving CRex, he’s not at death’s door and probably told her to go.

    • PC says:


    • Roo says:

      I had this silly vision of Camilla and her fellow old farts renting an AirBnB in Panama City and lugging their beer coolers and umbrellas to the beach. 😂

    • Nic919 says:

      Again this is all an issue because William has failed to step up. He is the next king so he should be the one doing the most right now.

  13. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    I’ve read before that Camilla enjoys spending her R&R time in India with her sister and a few close friends. Well Charles is being left alone while undergoing cancer treatments, his heir can’t be bothered and his “darling” wife doesn’t want to be around if cameras aren’t involved. But Charles drove away (or allowed his heir to drive away) the one person who really wanted to love him for himself not as king or boss or bank but just as Pa, so that leaves him quite alone.

    • Rnot says:

      How many people might have given Charles a copy of King Lear during the past few years?

      • Blithe says:

        Lots. Surely: Lots.

        Wouldn’t it be awesome if Diana left her annotated copy from boarding school on a handy shelf for Charles to find…

      • SamuelWhiskers says:

        I admire Diana hugely and think she was far more intelligent anyone ever gave her credit, but it’s incredibly unlikely she ever read or studied King Lear (at least not during her schooldays, she may well have done as an adult); she dropped out of school at 16 after failing her O Levels twice and never even attempted A Levels so she would not have reached that stage of schooling.

      • Rnot says:

        @SamuelWhiskers She literally did leave notes scribbled in the margins of her copy of The Tempest from boarding school. You can do an image search and read them. Knowing that Harry was diagnosed with dyslexia, I wonder if she had it too.

  14. Eurydice says:

    A few years ago, didn’t she go to some spa place in Bangalore? Maybe that’s where she’s headed now?

    So,, now everyone’s out of the picture except for William. Let’s see how that goes.

    • Feeshalori says:

      I thought she went to a spa just before the coronation.

    • Underhill says:

      Maybe they all think that William is the one who should be holding the bag when it explodes? Because it’s his bag. Big Bavovna incoming.

  15. Jais says:

    Honestly, she’d been doing events, seemingly supporting Charles, and getting good press. And now she’s taking a vacation after doing a whole 13 events? Umm, sorry, no she hasn’t been working herself to the bone. But man that invisible contract is contracting. They’re praising her now for taking a vacay after she worked “so hard.” Don’t get me wrong, she has been working but, come on, not that hard.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Yeah, what was that, shoulder to the grindstone or whatever? I snorted reading that fulsome praise. The invisible contract ain’t so invisible any more.

    • Blithe says:

      She’s 76 though, and, reportedly, not in the best of health herself. I have ZERO sympathy for Camilla as a person, but I’m not startled by the idea that a 76 year old, supporting a critically ill spouse, in the public eye, with health issues of her own, might need a break. I can also see taking such a break early on, especially if the spouse’s prognosis is not good.
      I also think it’s possibly a strategic effort to leave William alone – front and center.
      And I also, also, wonder if she could be in some sort of rehab. I could see preferring to be thought of as jetting off to relax vs checking into some sort of treatment facility.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        Is there some reporting about her needing “rehab”? I’m just asking because you mentioned it a few times, and I’m wondering if she is also sick or something?

        The reporting I’ve read was worded to portray she’s taking a holiday: “ jetting off on a private flight tomorrow for a sunshine break overseas”

      • Blithe says:

        No, @WiththeAmerican, no reporting that I’ve read has specifically mentioned “rehab” — although the few things that I’ve read seemed to be guesses about where Camilla was going rather than verified information. I’ve read suggestions that Camilla might have a drinking problem, as well as long-standing health issues. My “rehab” comments are just my own thought that it fits what I’ve read at least as well as jetting off for a sunshine break does.

  16. Amy Bee says:

    The comment about Charles being proud of Camilla for leading the family in his absence just further convinces me that William threw a hissy fit about Camilla leading the family at the memorial and not him. Spare a thought for us plebs who work 40 hours a week instead of 13 engagements in two months.

  17. teecee says:

    Her husband is getting cancer treatments, it’s weird for her to leave the country now.

    • SURE says:

      Imagine the outrage if a husband abandoned his cancer stricken wife to go on an OS holiday. Better yet think of the headlines if it were M deserting H in a comparable situation. This says so much about the transactional nature of C&C’s marriage – whatever in love means.

  18. Roseberry says:

    I get a knee jerk reaction when I see things written about the royals ‘WORKING’. They do not have any responsibilities for their lives, shopping,cooking,cleaning etc. Someone helps them to dress, does their hair and make up. They get into a luxury car or helicopter, smile, wave and make small talk and their day is done.
    IF they manage to do that 3x in one day they are praised to the skies. AND, let’s not forget they get well paid for doing this, while living rent free in luxury homes, with clothing allowances and access to priceless jewellery. How is that working??

    • SussexWatcher says:

      💯 and I agree completely, it’s not work. And they keep getting raises for fewer people doing less and less.

      It’s astonishing to me that there is no serious move to cut their funding or get rid of them all together. And if it’s too complicated to change the governmental system by getting rid of them, there could still be changes in the way they’re funded and have their loot (homes, jewels, golden carriages) reduced to 1 castle or palace and turn the rest into tourist attractions. They literally do not need to be draped in stolen diamonds or riding in brand new golden carriages or have 87 palaces to do their “job.”

      When will the British people and the Commonwealth nations say enough is enough?

    • Eurydice says:

      For earthlings, that’s not working – but extraterrestrials anointed by god have a different rule book.

  19. Midnight@theOasis says:

    So Camilla, Edward and Sophie can all use private jets and the BM doesn’t write eleven million articles accusing them of destroying the planet.

    Also, the Times article confirms that Camilla will lead the Commonwealth Service and not the future king. Guess they didn’t want to count on Willy cause he might be a no show.

  20. SussexWatcher says:

    These people – and their sycophants in the press – are such amazing con artists. I feel so bad for the brainwashed British lemmings paying for all of this nonsense.

    Camzilla deserves a week to disappear on a private plane (with no wailing and throwing up about the environment or demands to know where she’s going because we pay you pose) because she’s worked 13 whole times (not days, mind) since January 1?

    She’s leaving her cancer stricken tampon king behind and not a peep about how cold and selfish she is?

    And the press is writing nonstop about Meghan skiing with friends while Eddie and Sofiesta are off on some posh vacation? And not a word of complaint about it? And did someone above write that Anne is in Dubai? And that gets crickets too?

    It’s amazing to me that the press and the people put up with this crap. I can’t wait until the lid is blown off this entire institution and it all comes crumbling down. Thank goodness Meghan is out of that toxic hellhole.

  21. Agnes says:

    Maybe she’s trying to flush William out of his bottles so he can continue making a fool of himself in public. She’s probably tired of covering for that jerk.

  22. Yes she has been busy. But just where is she going overseas?

    • ML says:

      Is QCC flying commercial??

      I agree with posters above that it’s odd that she’s leaving KC behind to go on holiday. This is weirder to me than Pippa going on vacation with her sister being ill.

    • Rnot says:

      Maybe traveling to Switzerland or South Africa to see Kate on behalf of Charles?

  23. Mslove says:

    The peasants need to demand to see princess Keen, because if the RF can get away with disappearing a princess they can get away with disappearing anyone. Don’t let this become the norm, peasants.

    • Charfromdarock says:

      Poor poppet is worked to the bone.

      It is interesting though, how they are all out of the country right now. Is that typical and we just don’t know?

      Is something about to drop?
      Or is everyone so sick of the incadescent one they are leaving him to fail on his own?

  24. Tursitops says:

    If Cammy has even half a brain (that’s not entirely devoted to scheming and machinations), then she should be bright enough to figure out that she should never, EVER, wish to receive what she so richly deserves. The rest of us can only hope that she does.

  25. Sue says:

    I am no Camilla fan (far from it) but she is 75 yrs old. I don’t see taking a short break as being such a terrible thing. If she’s actually being as supportive to Charles as the press wants us to believe then it’s a big thing. I’ve been in the position of being a caregiver to someone with cancer (thankfully not terminal) and it’s incredibly stressful. And I wasn’t 75 at the time.

    • sevenblue says:

      @Sue, she is going to the vacation, not taking time to be with her husband. A caregiver job is stressful because you are “taking care” of someone. Do you think Camilla cooks, cleans for his sick husband? Spending time with your husband with cancer would be something a 75-year old can do.

      • Sue says:

        It does sound like she’s been spending time with Charles, going with him to the clinic and generally being with him through whatever treatments he is receiving. Maybe she’s really an ice cold bitch but giving her the benefit of the doubt I can see a 75 yr old woman standing by a husband with a serious health crisis needing a few days away. The most stressful part for me BTW was never cooking and cleaning it was listening to someone who had gotten really bad news about his health and trying to know the right things to say and do. Major stress.

      • sevenblue says:

        Of course seeing someone you love sick is stressful, but the physical work is mostly considered a “caregiving” job. Also, you don’t leave them to take a vacation because you are stressed? Do people do that? I am seriously asking because I never heard of someone leaving their spouse with cancer to go on vacation. We are turning into broken record, but imagine Meghan did that. The press would call her the most evilest person ever eviled.

    • Laura D says:

      @Sue – I’m not cutting that woman any slack whatsoever. The REAL Queen was working up until a few days before she died. We now know the QEII was very ill and yet that didn’t stop her from performing her duties. Camilla and Charles fought long and hard for her to get the title Queen and when she gets it she shows that she’s not up for the task. A lot of things can be thrown at QEII but, no-one can ever say she shirked her responsibilities as monarch to go off on a jolly whenever she felt like it. I can’t remember her being out of the country when Phillip was ill. I’m not saying she was by his bedside for the whole time but, she knew how it would look to the people if she didn’t publicly behave like the dutiful wife.

      KCIII and his wife really don’t have a clue about how to manage the optics of their heightened positions of reigning monarchs; neither does William for that matter. All they’re doing is showing the world how bloody good QEII was at her job.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        That is such a good point. My god, the queen worked right up until she passed and she worked when her husband was in hospital.

        QE might have many faults, but she was respected for her work ethic and her devotion to the monarchy. Charles seems to share some of that, but he is so brutally cruel in his personal life that it’s hard to look past.

        No one else in the family seems inclined to “duty”, certainly not the heir. Would this clear up if William at least took responsibility for not wanting the work? Would abdicating give him the freedom/lack of responsibility he seems best suited for? It would then fall to his son, so it seems like he really can’t get out from it.

    • C says:

      Well she has had plenty of experience in propping him up during the most stressful times of his life, like advising him how further to malign and ignore the mother of his children while he was getting some of the worst press he’d ever gotten, so I imagine this situation is easy for her.
      They also have always spent lots of time apart, so I don’t buy that she is caregiving at all beyond the minimum.
      These people have always been insanely lazy so I think this is just business as usual except that now Harry isn’t here to pick up the slack and hide it.

    • Jaded says:

      I currently have cancer. I’m going into hospital on March 22 for some gruesome surgery and will be there for 10 days followed by a 2-3 month recovery period. If Mr. Jaded decided he needed a few days away to *rest* from the stress of looking after me I would be livid. Camilla isn’t holding his head over the toilet or cooking and cleaning and shopping and listening to him whine, he has an army of staff to do that. Either they can’t stand each other and he’s happy to see the ass-end of her for a while, or she’s just a selfish cow. I think it’s the latter.

      • JustBitchy says:

        Jaded, be well. Sending all my good vibes.

      • Jaded says:

        @JustBitchy — ❤️❤️❤️

      • JanetDR says:

        Wishing you the very best throughout your treatment @Jaded.

      • MollyFlanders says:

        @Jaded I send you love, strength, and tons of self-renewing good energy
        big hug 🤗🤗🤗

      • Eurydice says:

        Sending strength and all the best for a good outcome. And yes, I would be livid too if my partner swanned off for a rest while I was facing serious health issues. I might even suggest he extend his holiday permanently.

      • Mara says:

        Dear Jaded, sending you love and well wishes as you go through your surgery and recovery. I am a 3 time cancer survivor, and will be thinking of you on the 22nd and beyond. I am glad that Mr. Jaded sounds like a good guy that won’t jet off on vacay when you need him the most. xoxo

      • Princessk says:


  26. aquarius64 says:

    I think Camilla is preparing for the inevitable. When Charles goes she’s out of power. She’ll get money but she won’t get the gravitas and respect of a dowager because she hasn’t been queen consort long enough. William will get his revenge against the woman who hurt his mother Diana when he becomes king. For centuries misstresses, even when they become consorts, are only tolerated until the monarch dies; then they sent packing by the new sovereign. William will be just following tradition.

    • Eurydice says:

      I don’t know what William could possibly do to her. She’ll always be the dowager. She’ll inherit a packet from Charles. She’s never been big on publicity. She has her own home which she loves, on 12 acres with gardens and a swimming pool. She has her own family, which she hangs out with – children and grandchildren. As for gravitas and respect, people tend to remember the most recent past, rather than the distant one – so far, she’s stepping up and behaving properly. It seems she prepared for the inevitable a long time ago. So, what kind of revenge could William exact?

      • Rnot says:

        He can ensure that she doesn’t receive publicly funded security since he won’t let her be a working royal. But Charles privately paid for her security for years before they got married, so I’d imagine that’s covered in his estate planning. If she has no more access and no power except increasingly stale gossip, then William might be able to turn the tabloids against her again. She could go back to the days of being heckled every time she appeared in public.

        William could make her persona non grata within certain social circles, though that would require effort and discipline. He could make it known that he won’t attend events if she’s invited. He’s petty and vindictive and he’s had decades to think about punishing her. It’ll come down to his own executive functioning and the willingness of his staff.

      • Tessa says:

        There are people with long memories and remember her behavior to diana and more recently with Meghan and harry. William did trash his mother calling her paranoid so he’s not exactly loyal. And certainly does not care how badly she treated harry and Meghan.

      • Eurydice says:

        @Rnot – Well, first of all, William has no executive functioning and his staff are having a hard enough time making him look good to waste any more time on Camilla. And second, Camilla has been doing pretty well lately in public opinion. No one is going to be spitting at a dutiful and grieving widow when she goes to the supermarket. As for social circle, it seems Camilla has her own circle. I really think she’s been maintaining her own life and connections all this time, so at the end of the day she wouldn’t need the RF – except for Charles’ money, of course.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I don’t think Willie Boy likes Camilla, but I don’t think he actively hates her or has the will to exact revenge. That takes effort & this dude is lazy AF. He cares about himself only. He hasn’t lived a life devoted to righting the wrongs of what was done to his mother & I don’t see that changing after his father dies.

      • Eurydice says:

        And he’s not jealous of Camilla the way he is of Harry.

      • Princessk says:

        Camilla is certainly making Billy look bad by working more than him and getting public praise for it. Billy won’t like that.

  27. DARK says:

    They really don’t want to risk getting uncomfortable questions right now huh?

  28. Ciotog says:

    Wow, the bar is really in hell for these people. 13 whole engagements, poor sausage must be exhausted!

    • Mary Pester says:

      😂😂😂Oh she’s got over her fear of flying alright! Just in time to avoid the latest sht hitting the fan over Andrew and Epstein. Run camy run.! Or stagger as the case may be 😂
      Keep an eye out for where A. P. B is people, because the last time she left the country, so did he.
      Oy Billy Idol, your on your own mate. This is what being shunned looks like, enjoy you fkwit!

      • Felicity Fox says:

        @Mary Pester, first I want to sincerely thank you for taking your time to share (what I’ll call) your “educated guesses’ with us CBers. (To avoid reference to any sources of your thinking, I’ll just ask about your guesses.) I want to reiterate what so many have already said—you have been so open about your illness and struggles, and we are all inspired by your strength and your fight. Please know that so many of your CB friends (posters and lurkers) are cheering for your family and sending good energy your way.

        I’m going to thread jack a bit as I spent yesterday reading all of your incredible comments since January regarding the royal family’s various shit-uations. I came away with some questions about which I’d love your thoughts.

        Do you have a guess as to the content of the papers Harry came to sign?

        Do you think it’s possible that he and his family may soon return to live (even if part-time) in the UK?

        Early on you referenced an airline passenger manifest to Switzerland, and that the press should be searching there. Do you still think this would be worthwhile?

        You mentioned that Kate was hurt. Would you guess that was self-inflicted, or might a family member have been involved?

        Is it possible for the eldest son to be bypassed in the order of succession? (If he was not suitable in some way(s) or such.

        Finally, what are your thoughts about where Kate may be now, and the status of her awareness/health both now and in the future?

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Felicity Fox, Mary Pester has suggested that information will come out late in the month. I think we’re all going to need to be patient until then.

  29. sarah says:

    Ok so looking at this ‘Royal Diary’ there is absolutely nothing listed for William Wales. Is that normal that his stuff doesn’t get listed on here (despite his name on the list) or does he truly have no commitments?

    This is what I’m looking at: https://www.royal.uk/media-centre/future-engagements

    • Harper says:

      @sarah thanks for the link! It was fascinating. This is the kind of work that those lazy good for nothings Kate and Wills think they are too good for.

      For example, March 11, the Princess Royal, Past Master, The Worshipful Company of Butchers, will attend the City Food and Drink Lecture at Guildhall, Gresham Street.
      The Duchess of Gloucester, March 12, Honorary Liveryman, the Worshipful Company of Basketmakers, will visit a Basketry Showcase at the Dutch Church, 7 Austin Friars, London.
      The Duke of Gloucester, March 8, will visit the Kent Mining Museum, Betteshanger Park, Sandwich Road, Deal.
      The Duke of Edinburgh, March 5, will attend the 10th Anniversary of the Staffordshire Police Cadets at Staffordshire Police Headquarters, Weston Road, Stafford.

      I went three pages into the diary and not a single visit to a pub to throw back a pint was listed in the diary for any other working royal.

      • BeanieBean says:

        I think all these engagements sound like fun! I love finding out what people do, and listening to people who are passionate about their work or craft. W&K are two of the most incurious dodos I’ve ever heard about. They are really not interested in other people & I find that utterly bizarre!

      • sarah says:

        ikr!? I’m like, oh that’s what they’re supposed to be doing. How hard is it to show up and pose with some baskets or whatever? 😂 Just lazy I guess.

    • Jais says:

      There really seems like there’s a lack of future planning with William’s engagements. At most, there’s a few days or maaaybe a week’snotice before an event. It’s feels like they’re scrambling to find things for him to do. He really thought he was just going to just do the school runs until Easter.

    • Nic919 says:

      Events for William and Kate only ever showed up after the fact. Perhaps William would be listed for an investiture but for the most part it’s not there until after. That’s also when Kate’s phone calls with Jason were record so fewer people would notice how she hoped her engagement count.

      • sarah says:

        So it’s always been like that! Why doesn’t anyone call them out on it? (rhetorical cause we all know) That really says to me that they are so chaotic they can’t be counted on to show up for anything.

      • Jais says:

        Well, it’s what they like to call the Cambridge way, now the Wales way. They are letting the rota know that it’s not changing and to get used to it.

      • Nic919 says:

        Catherine Quinn was one of the few people who came from the outside world and quit as soon as her two year contract was done. She was tired of forcing Kate to work. And since then Kate has done even less.

  30. JB says:

    It will never not be jarring when I read Camilla referred to as “The Queen.”

    • Sue says:

      Same! I was scanning the google news headlines the other day and one of them said “The Queen visited…” and I thought I’d somehow gotten into the Wayback Machine by mistake. Camilla will never be the Queen to me.

    • LynnInTX says:

      The first time I read that, I had a Weekend at Bernie’s visual where they dug QE2 up and posed with here somewhere. It took reading it 4 times to sink in that it was referring to Side Piece.

  31. MaryContrary says:

    My god-when I think back to how hard the Queen and Prince Philip worked and for so long (and I know “work” is relative but still) they must be rolling in their graves.

  32. Rnot says:

    I can’t decide if this is duck and cover, crisis talks, or just downtime.

  33. Chantal1 says:

    Wait a minute! While C-Rex is undergoing chemo, how many Councillors of State are now out of the country? And trusty “advisor” and senior working royal Anne is in Dubai? Bc I don’t care how good your health care is, chemo would be taxing on anyone, esp a 75 yr old king. He still hasn’t stated the type or stage of the cancer nor whether other treatments are necessary nor an estimated date on when he will resume “full time duties”. So it seems rather bizarre for most of the senior “working” royals (aka his family) to be on vacations overseas around the same time while the head of church and state aka their boss is mostly out of commission. The lack of respect for this king! But in case you missed it – Meghan went skiing…/s. Also, where’s Kate and Willy Nilly?

    • sarah says:

      According to the Royal Diary, Anne is back and doing stuff starting tomorrow. But yeah…. Don’t you know? The monarchy is going to fall apart because H&M abandoned them! But also they are untrustworthy and fame hungry and a flop in Hollywood. How dare they do events and look popular while dear Daddy is ill. We wouldn’t let them come back. But we want them to want to come back. 🙄🙄🙄 Also, apparently, yes I’ve actually read this: Meghan is the one spreading rumors on the internet about where is Kate! The mental gymnastics are astounding.

  34. Lisa says:

    I wonder if we will find out how he got the bruises on his neck and eye the other day!

    • Felicity Fox says:

      I imagine that will *never* happen. I also feel certain that he (or any of the rest of them) will never face any legal ramifications for any of his behavior/actions.

      • Mary Pester says:

        @FELICITYFOX, just one hint for you to follow.
        Switzerland is famous for, chocolate, cuckoo clocks and…..??!

      • Eurydice says:

        @Mary Pester – Cheese fondue, watches, Swiss army knives, skiing, the CERN supercollider, secret bank accounts, Roger Federer…??!

      • ArtFossil says:

        @Mary Pester: you are VERY clever!

      • Beverley says:

        @Mary Pester, Overpriced “spas” for the uber wealthy? Super secret clinics for the rich and famous? No extradition policies?

      • Feeshalori says:

        Ha, great responses, Eurydice. I’ll add sanatoriums to the list.

      • Nic919 says:

        I have seen the name Clinic Les Alpes mentioned in the twitterverse. Sure it is just speculation but it’s the first time I have seen a name to a place in Switzerland.

  35. Jk says:

    If Will had half a brain, he would be making his Machiavellian move this week now that the evil Queen has jetted off smugly thinking her work is done for now, and Charles is vulnerable and alone. He should be busy briefing his minions in the press and have a meeting or two with Charles but I somehow doubt this man-child makes any plans other than meeting celebrities.

  36. Lau says:

    They need holidays from their holiday-like lifestyle. Yes, I know that Camilla is an elderly woman BUT doing two public events a week is not work.

  37. tamsin says:

    I’ve just concluded that William doesn’t seem to have the gravitas to lead anything. He is awkward, untactful, undiplomatic, and now it seems not always sober. He is being outshone by Camilla who manage to get herself elevated from mistress to consort.

  38. Lady Digby says:

    QC has all her ducks in a row and will be just fine whatever happens. I suspect the rest of the RF are apprehensive about their future with KW intent on maximum delegation and minimum reward for them. They know exactly what he’s like in private and I bet that his grudge bag is full to overflowing. Harry and Meghan saw the writing on the walls and got the hell out of Dodge. He is going to be a horrible boss and as his fear increases at being landed with the top job when he planned to enjoy all that duchy money for 20 years, so will his anger and resentment. He no longer can pop across to punch his brother when he feels like, so who else is he going to vent his anger on? I don’t blame his extended RF for being concerned about HIM ruining their cushy deal by deputising for the king. Junior has lorded it over them for years as he is the GOLDEN ONE, the heir and they are just there to serve him. Now the time has come for him to prove his mettle, show up and do good, and keep the royal gravy train flowing. He is NOT meeting his obligations and is letting them all down and risking their cushy deal.

  39. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    None of the royals are working, and the country hasn’t fallen apart. The monarchy is not needed. Charles’ cancer is probably terminal, so why not just get rid of the monarchy now? Elizabeth’s death should have been the trigger. Since the monarchy is based on the notion that these people were chosen by God, maybe they should take the combination of what’s been happening to them as a sign that God doesn’t want a monarchy.

  40. monlette says:

    I always roll my eyes when the press goes on about how “Camilla never wanted any of this…”

    • Mary Pester says:

      @MONLETTE,Me too. She went into this after mounting a full on military campaign any general would have been proud of!
      She marched in with her eyes and hands wide open, the aim was to get rid of the opposition within the family (one down one to go) then grab, grab as much money, jewellery and power as she could, and Charlie the pratt fell for it. Well Charlie Live With It
      Just the same way you have to live with that rage monster you created. Talking of the rage monster, that was NOT a planned event
      Check the diary, that was because of the picture that showed Megan on the slopes with FRIENDS and in the article it said Harry was there, so of Billy idol trotted to try and grab some celebrity clout

  41. Rapunzel says:

    So… anyone know if Andrew Parker Bowles was on Cammy’s flight? Is he her vacay companion?

    Is something about to drop? Let’s hope.

  42. QuiteContrary says:

    A spouse who jets off for a vacation while he’s getting cancer treatments is exactly what Charles deserves.


  43. Saucy&Sassy says:

    The Escort goes on vacation while KFC is being treated for cancer? I certainly hope that all of the family members who are supporting their spouses/family going through the same thing questions this. I know what it’s like to support family members going through cancer treatment. I can assure you that their spouses did NOT go on vacation. Having support from other family members allowed them a respite, but I assure you they didn’t leave for a week. A day on their own was really valued. Oh, and everyone WORKED 40 hour weeks.

    If this the bar that’s being set in the brf marriages, all I can say is what a miserable existence these people have chosen for themselves.

  44. Lulu says:

    The crisis isn’t they are all not working, it’s they aren’t missed. The world keeps turning and pretty soon people forget all about them.

  45. Jk says:

    Why do I have a feeling that something bad is about to happen to Camilla. She’s been too happy, too smug for too long and life has a way of yanking that rug from under.

    • Schrodinger's Kate says:


      I actually thought she looked incredibly ill and fragile not very long ago, so I have been really surprised to see her look so invigorated lately.

      But if she’s the kind of person who derives energy from sowing discord and engaging in various acts of malice then perhaps I should not be so surprised.

      The chaos and destruction unfolding around her that she was instrumental in catalyzing and nurturing is stupendous. It’s the spiritual equivalent of bathing in the blood of virgins I guess.

      But she IS often frail and she has struggled with her health so no, I would not be surprised to see her drained and dragging for awhile after so many public engagements (and so many machinations).

      I don’t have it in me to actively wish her ill, but I have to admit it’s hard to see her flourishing in the evil atmosphere she actively fostered. Honestly it’s scary to watch malice flourish like this.

      I am about to start caring for my cancer stricken husband, who will soon be undergoing chemotherapy and other forms of treatment. I am already physically and emotionally spent, yet I am not about to embark on any vacations even if I had the resources to. However, I can empathize with the impulse.

      But let’s be honest. This is Camilla. Empathy is a word and concept that bounces off her tough hide. So I’m going to give her plenty of stink eye and save my empathy for others who won’t trample kindness and empathy like pearls before swine.

      • Jk says:

        So sorry to hear about your husband. I wish you both well.

        I took care of my mother when she had cancer. Thankfully, she has recovered fully. At the time, I didn’t give myself the luxury of being emotional because dad was kinda losing it (looking back, it was the start of his dementia) so I had to keep it together and be as useful to them as I possibly could. I kept so much of the information from the doctors to myself and told them only what they needed to hear. Now, that entire year seems like a blur.

        It’s just so bizarre to me that Camilla has the inclination to bugger off on a holiday at this point in time. Someone like her must have a lot of enemies and disgusting fake friends like Piers Morgan and Jeremy Clarkson who could turn on her at any point.

  46. Charlotte says:

    I’m sort of here for them throwing off QE2’s pretense that the RF “works”. They’re just snatching back monarchial privilege with both hands.

  47. Cassie says:

    Apparently Charles and Camilla are still expected to come to Australia for their tour later this year .
    So they must be expecting him to recover from his cancer ,
    ABC have just asked if anyone will be interested in going to see them .

    I am sure all the Royalists will say yes .

  48. bisynaptic says:

    She’s tuckered herself out, poor lamb. 😂
    “She has found reserves of energy that even she didn’t think she had”, they said, as she announced she’s signing off. 😂😂😂

  49. Dot says:

    Prince is doing 9 engagements next week. He has for several years been in the top 3 working royals. He did over 300 engagements last year. So he is having a holiday Harry and Meghan have had several holidays. Maybe you should check your facts? Oh and Meghan did 179 engements in two years. Prince Edward did 463 in 2018 alone. So maybe back off someone who takes his role seriously. Instead of constantly go on about amazing Meghan and Harry. Who haven’t really done much of anything in 4 years.

    • Tessa says:

      Meghan was on maternity leave .archie was born 2019. Harry and meghan left the uk early in 2020.william said no to their working part time. After the beginning of 2020 they were not working royals. And there was the pandemic. William counted zoom meetings as work.

    • Jules57 says:

      Meghan BECAME a working royal at the end of May 2018. You derangers really are a sandwich short of a picnic.

      Eddie gets paid to do those 30 Min photo ops which is all they are. 1 hr tops.

      Meghan went on two tours including Australia, new Zealand and south pacific while pregnant.

      And sure they’ve done nothing except write two best-selling books, donate millions to causes they work with one on one, work with invictus, have a second child, create a podcast that was no 1, worked with at least a dozen charities /organisations one on one, paid for that beautiful playground in TX and Meghan stays in touch with the families. Made two hit documentaries. I know there’s more, I direct you to their website and archwell’s report from last year for the rest of the info.

      More importantly, they pay for their own life rather than grifting. Eddy and his chocolate soldier medals live in a 50 room mansion on a massive estate. Those 30 Min photo ops and British taxpayers pay for that.

    • Eurydice says:

      I don’t know where you’re getting your numbers. The official report from the palace says William had 172 engagements last year and Kate had 123. Anne had 457 and Charles had 425.

      Harry and Meghan are not working royals who are subsidized by the UK government – they are private citizens who pay their own way. What they do or don’t do is irrelevant to this discussion.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      Better run to the Daily Mail and yell at them for coining William “Workshy Will” and QE for coining Kate “Duchess Doolittle.”

    • sevenblue says:

      @Dot, lol. Meghan created multiple successful project while working for the firm. Some of them are still generating money for the people. She didn’t write down every call, meeting as engagement like that family. She actually helped people.

  50. Misery says:

    There’s plenty to slag Camilla for. To snidely refer to orthopaedic wedges seems grossly ageist to me. Do better

    • Kkat says:

      * You mean orthopedic horse shoes

    • Rnot says:

      Don’t you know that -isms are perfectly ok when they’re aimed at bad people? -Isms are only wrong if they’re directed at me or the people I like. Weight, age, and physical appearance are fair game if the target is a sinner. Bad people can’t be victims.

  51. Kateee says:

    Didn’t she rush out of town near the coronation too, to India? For spiritual recovery or some such?

    I’m sure being briefed and preened for multiple appearances a week is probably very taxing for her, having no work history and being 76 years old. And that’s assuming she herself is in perfect health, which likely is not the case.

    If she is going away, with Charles sick, it’s because we are in for several more months like this–help isn’t coming. Just my thought.

  52. Unblinkered says:

    It’s possible that if Camilla really is flying off somewhere – if that’s correct – that she may be ill herself. I’d certainly bear that possibility in mind.