Rita Moreno on Trump: ‘I am not about to vote for someone who has 91 indictments’

Rita Moreno is 92 and I’m fairly certain has at least twice the energy I do. She’s sharp as a tack, making friends at the supermarket, and still regularly working. This week she stopped by The View to promote her latest film The Prank, which first screened at South by Southwest two years ago. Rita gets to play a meanie this time, a turn that she relished. While chatting with the ladies, Rita described how she drew on all the people who’d been nasty to her in Hollywood in order to play this role. She also proudly took credit for coming up with her character’s bangs trauma. Adorable. In another hot topic, Rita frankly said “I am not about to vote for someone who has 91 indictments.” Can we get that on a bumper sticker, please?

Rita Moreno didn’t let mean girls stop her success in Hollywood.

The legendary actress appeared on “The View” on Monday to promote her new film “The Prank,” in which she plays a mean professor falsely accused of murder. She told the morning talk show hosts she used “awful” women in Hollywood she met during her rise to fame as inspiration for the role.

“I just thought, how am I going to play this terrible person? And I thought of all the women in my life — particularly in show business — who’d really been awful to me,” Moreno, 92, said.

The “West Side Story” actress continued: “I said to myself, I thought, ‘I’m going to use all of the things that they did with me and my little Puerto Rican past,’ and that’s what I do. Boy was that fun.”

Moreno didn’t call anyone out in particular, though co-host Ana Navarro passed a piece of paper to her to write the names down.

“The Prank” also stars Connor Kalopsis and Ramona Young, and is set to premiere March 15 in limited theaters after first premiering at South by Southwest in 2022.

Elsewhere during the episode, the EGOT winner shared a “wonderful little joke,” she saw, a recipe for a “Trump Sandwich.”

“I saw a sign in a deli wall in LA, where I was visiting,” Moreno shared. “And it said: Trump Sandwich. And then it goes on to describe it. … Two slices of white bread, bologna, and a very small pickle.”

The joke elicited laughs and applause from the room. Co-host Sunny Hostin praised the recipe with a “chef’s kiss” while Navarro added that the sandwich “probably sells for $399,” in reference to the price of former President Donald Trump’s official sneakers.

Moreno shared a more serious criticism of Trump later during her appearance.

“I am not about to vote for someone who has 91 indictments against him for criminal activities,” she said. “I mean, enough said already. It’s so stupid. Look at all the stuff that Biden has accomplished.”

Navarro, a Republican, agreed: “I’ll take 81 years over 91 counts any day,” to which Moreno responded, “Absolutely. It’s appalling!”

[From USA Today]

Not to quibble with Rita, but technically Trump has four indictments with 91 felony counts. (Nerd + Literal Lucy = Kismet.) Still, it’s the heart of her statement that counts. Small Pickle Trump™ is a criminal. If anyone else with the same baggage were in his place, they wouldn’t get anywhere near a candidacy. And in case it isn’t already apparent, I thought that Trump sandwich anecdote was hilarious. My mother thought so too, as she texted me (along with seemingly everyone else in her contacts) a recap of the story after it aired. I recommend watching a clip, though, because Rita is a natural storyteller. And because on video you get to enjoy the studio lights catching the glitter in her hair. Yeah, lovely Rita’s still got it.

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  1. Indica says:

    Rita Moreno story:
    My mom used to teach high school chorus in Florida and part of that was every year the choruses were invited to Disney as part of … I forget the event. Anyway, they always had a celebrity host and the hosts never ever interacted with the kids at all.
    Until Ms Moreno was the host. She came out and talked with the kids, told stories, and encouraged them. Mom said she was so delightful and sweet and it was just so great of her to come talk to the kids.

  2. Kitten says:

    Ok so she looks AMAZING.
    And yeah, Trump is gonna be the GOP nominee. It’s insane but so is our country so I guess it tracks.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I was thinking it’s the dancer in her–she must have continued throughout her life. Also kept working. And most importantly, kept engaged with life! And, sure, genetics, blah blah blah.

  3. Brassy Rebel says:

    That line about not voting for someone with 91 indictments (counts) should be an elementary bar for all voters. Unfortunately, for many, it’s not. Three years ago, after the insurrection, most people thought Trump was over and we were done with him. Instead, his cult followers are louder and more devoted than ever. Snappy mottos like this should be deployed whenever possible to snap people out of their indifference. Actually, Navarro’s line about taking 81 years over 91 counts is pretty good too.

    • Barbie1 says:

      If only the majority of voters had her common sense. We are living in very scary times. And lord knows how Kennedy jr will affect the outcome of the election. Biden better give us a good speech tonight.

  4. Schrodinger's Kate says:

    Oh this lovely talented woman won me over when I was a child and she was in Electric Company. And now I swear I’m older than her! 🤣. It’s so good to see her still doing her thing and looking so well. And she’s one of the celebrities who hasn’t disappointed me yet. And at 92 I doubt she ever will.

    I am deeply embarrassed and ashamed and shocked and despondent that not only is the Orange Menace not in jail (and why the hell not?) but he is somehow still a contender for the highest office in our country. I’m appalled that I see so many people around me coming out of the woodwork to support him in what I thought was a progressive town/county/state.

    I contributed a lot of time and money to Biden’s campaign and other democratic candidates last time, but now as a partner to a cancer stricken spouse that’s not possible this time. I hope someone out there can pick up where I left off. We can’t go orange again.

  5. Schrodinger's Kate says:

    @indica thank you for sharing a lovely story about one of my childhood idols. She was on Electric Company when I was a little girl so it’s wonderful to know her warmth towards children was genuine and not just part of the job for her. She is still so talented and beautiful after all these years.

  6. Gabby says:

    What a treasure. When I was little, I wanted to be Puerto Rican because of her. There was a recent (past month or two) PBS special on her, which if you can find it, I highly recommend. This woman has been through a lot. Also, at 92 she shows that Biden isn’t as old as all that.

    Love her for calling out Trump. Now that the orange disgrace has swept the Super Tuesday (what were republicans thinking?) he is about to take over the RNC and get the RNC to pay his legal bills. Mark my words.

    • Nanea says:

      Nothing says *I’ll take over the GQP so I can empty the coffers* like nominating Lara T. for party chair (?) or at least for a seat on the committee leading the Rethugs.

    • BeanieBean says:

      That’s the whole point to running again, to pay his legal bills. And, you know, just general grifting. That’s what he does.

  7. what's inside says:

    Yes!!!! Trump had his chance and blew it. Now will someone with intelligence, integrity and morals please step forward to run for president.

  8. ElleE says:

    Am I the only one that remembers all of Rita Moreno’s (80’s? 90’s) commercials, encouraging everyone to vote?

    I remember there was one where she listed examples of elections that were won by just one vote. I think one of them was an example where a vote to make German the official language of Philadelphia, was lost by only one vote.

    Anyway, getting people out to vote is a life long passion for her.