Kensington Palace refuses to release the ‘original,’ unedited photo of Kate

Over the course of 36 hours, Kensington Palace completely lost credibility with the national and international media and they proved yet again, for the millionth time, that they cannot crisis-manage their way out of a wet paper bag. To recap, KP released a photo of the Princess of Wales and her three children for Mother’s Day in the UK. The photo was released early Sunday morning, in the hope that the proof of life would quell some of the speculation about Kate’s health status and whereabouts. As soon as the photo was released, people could not stop pointing out how weirdly Photoshopped and bizarre the whole thing looked, and others commented that it didn’t even look like a recent photo. By Sunday evening, AFP, Reuters, Getty and Associated Press all “killed” the image, meaning they wouldn’t distribute it or publish such a “manipulated” photo. Monday morning, the Press Association joined the kill order too.

For about 14 hours, Kensington Palace stayed silent, refusing to answer calls from journalists and refusing to speak to the photo agencies requesting clarification on the image. Then, finally, a statement, allegedly from Kate, where “she” said that she edited the photo which was allegedly taken by William. In the NYT’s coverage of this mess, they noted that Kensington Palace was insisting that William “had taken the photo last week in Windsor” and that “A palace official said Catherine made minor adjustments in what was meant to be an informal picture of the family together for Mother’s Day. The official reiterated that William had taken the photo, though Catherine edited it.” Just lies on top of lies. And now this – Kensington Palace is flatly refusing to release an unedited version of the photo.

Kensington Palace has refused to release the original Mother’s Day portrait of the Princess of Wales and her children – after Kate publicly took the blame for editing the family photograph.

The Palace had come under mounting pressure to reveal the truth behind the photo after the world’s top picture agencies – including the Press Association – ‘killed’ the image over claims it had been digitally manipulated.

Kate this morning admitted that she had edited the photograph and issued a personal apology ‘for any confusion’ it had caused. The photo of the mother-of-three beaming with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis was the first official picture released of the princess since she underwent ‘planned abdominal surgery’ in January.

Despite calls for the original to be published, Kensington Palace said it would not be reissuing the unedited photograph of Kate and her children.

[From The Daily Mail]

Why wouldn’t the palace just release an unedited photo, one might ask. It couldn’t have been that bad, right? Except I’m really starting to wonder if the whole thing is a lie. Like, I kind of believed that it was probably an older photo which they repurposed for this, and William stupidly took credit for taking the pic, and palace dumbasses did a sh-tty job of editing it. But now I wonder if there even is an “original photo” which could conceivably be released.

The Telegraph did a surprisingly thorough breakdown of all of the inconsistencies in the photo too – you can go here to read. They call it “significantly doctored.” There’s even a suggestion (quickly denied by their expert) that they used AI.

Omid Scobie has done some good tweets too. I keep thinking about how William’s new private secretary started about one month ago. This is what happens when you surround yourself with Tory yes-men.

Update: They hustled Kate into a car with William and arranged for shadowy photos.

Photos courtesy of Kensington Palace.

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  1. Alice says:

    There is no original image. If you’ve ever made a composite photo, this has all the hallmarks of a composite photo.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      Exactly 💯 👏👏

      • Pinkosaurus says:

        THIS!!! This needs to be the headline in every paper. KP is standing behind the statement that William took the picture last week but is refusing to release it even for nonpublication. This is the scandal and the proof of the lie that leads DIRECTLY to William. KP should have backed down and said it was a mistake, that was a different picture that wasn’t posted, etc.

        I hope the legit press doesn’t let this get missed.

      • ML says:

        Just coming back to hammer home that WILLIAM took the picture, ostensibly allowed K to edit it (which I doubt), WILLINGLY allowed this picture to be used knowing that heavily edited photos are NOT allowed to be used by news agencies and that his wife is still recovering, AND gave HER the blame for HIS mistake. Women don’t post their own Mother’s Day pictures. What on earth is wrong with William!

    • Lulu says:


    • Bettyrose says:

      Not my area of expertise at all but George’s arms have bothered me from the beginning. I haven’t even seen that noted as an error but they look so weird to me. Elongated and not in sync with his facial expression that suggests movement, not a still pose.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        Me too, Bettyrose. And Louis’ right hand looks like his fingers are crossed but his index finger is missing. The more I look at it, the more I see that’s “manipulated”.

      • Alice says:

        His arms are weirdly long but also don’t have the proper depth fromKate’s body, which again is a hallmark of a composite photo.

      • Teddy says:

        Yes! And Kate’s arms, too. That’s too wide a span for that much of her hand to be showing on either side. It’s just a very strange photo. Agree with everyone who says the original does not exist.

    • Agnes says:

      And Egg probably didn’t even take the original “last week in Windsor”. Some say it was taken by a pro photog during the baby bank visit in November of 2023. SO not only was it heavily (& badly) edited, Baldemort even lied about the copyright. I imagine theft of someone else’s work would also warrant a kill order. Where IS Kate? “C” indeed.

      • Elvira says:

        Yes, Agnes. If she used another photographers image without crediting them, which likely happened here, as her face has been replaced with a different face, that would be problematic and unethical.
        In other words, I agree with you.

      • 1960tlm says:

        @AGNES & @ELVIRA I totally agree with you both about the theft of someone else’s work, this would warrant a kill order. But in regards to Kate’s wareabouts, before all this, I absolutely believed Concha the Spanish journalist. I used to live in Spain & she is highly regarded there, but when Kate’s family all went on vacation, I thought she must have pulled out of it, she’s better, her family is on vaca
        tion. However after seeing this…it is just mind boggling. Could her family be that sinister that they would vacation while she is in a coma? The woman has not been seen since Dec 28th, It’s March 10th! Why are her parents not saying ANYTHING? Obviously she’s extremely ill or worse! And her parents & family have been paid to keep quiet and I doubt Uncle Gary knows a damn thing about what’s going on because he has a big mouth and can’t keep it shut. Not a fan of Kate’s, but I truly hope she’s okay because she has No One in her corner.

    • Velvet Elvis says:

      Nailed it! People all over social media taking up for the Waleses over a “little editing” are not understanding the extent to which this photo has been faked. I hate conspiracy theories but I have to wonder what the hell is really going on.

    • Becks1 says:

      @Alice exactly what I think. There is no original photo to release. If there was, they would have provided that to AP et al when requested. They didn’t bc they couldn’t.

      • Moondust says:

        They won’t release the original because they can’t. How appropriate!

        I still think the inspiration for the pose comes from one of the pictures released last year for father’s day
        ( )

      • Becks1 says:

        Replying here to say – rather than just not having an original to release, I now think the issue is the date, which would be in the metadata for the original picture. I think the tiktok theory is correct and this picture is from November/December, and it was photoshopped to try to hide that -to make things look just different enough (changing Kate’s sweater, etc) and a different head with better hair was put on Kate (her hair wasn’t like this in that baby bank video.)

        But the metadata would reveal that the pic was from months ago, which blows the whole idea that this is a recent picture of Kate out the window, and also shows that KP blatantly lied when they said William took it this week.

        They’re not releasing the original because they think its better that people think this photo was doctored but still may be a recent pic, rather than release the original and have people learn that not only is it doctored, but its months old.

    • Cessily says:

      There is a brilliant tik tok out on social media that really shows how it was taken on the day they went to the baby bank last November. So it is not only manipulated enough to be issued a “kill notice” by 4 separate news outlets but it isn’t even a “proof of life” photo. KP has literally destroyed the credibility (what little they had left) of the monarchy all by themselves.

    • Mario says:

      Exactly right. Every error/issue people have identified is a common result of low-quality compositing.

      There is no planet on which this was “a few minor touch ups” by Kate. This was layer upon layer upon layer, and it’s one of those things you either know how to do or you don’t.

      One thing that jumped out at me is the issues with depth of field not matching (one hand blurry, one not) which suggests elements were taken from different sources (not just different photos from the same shoot). Others are more typical “just started using Photoshop” mistakes, but huge tells, nonetheless.

      People completely ruling out AI generation may be off-base though. While the image isn’t AI generated, at all, Photoshop now has a new tool that allows users to select specific areas and try to fix with generative AI by typing in instructions in regular English. It’s a new and still evolving tool and results…may vary.

      I am just flabbergasted by how bad, bad, BAD all of this is on so many levels. It’s legitimately trashy. And while I am trying hard not to buy into conspiracy theories and let a woman heal on her own, I am genuinely starting to worry about Kate.

    • Jais says:

      Omg, y’all I saw a tweet sayin they took Kate’s face from her old Vogue photo shoot and put it on the body. I’m done. This is too much😂.

      • SueBarbri33 says:

        You know what? That might be right!

      • Lau says:

        It’s been my go-to conspiracy theory since I got the notification that they had published a photo of her. I totally see them putting her face on somebody else’s body. What if it’s Nanny Maria’s ?
        Also lol at this photo of Kate in the car as if it’s going to solve anything, that story is way too far gone now.

      • Athena says:

        There’s a rumor that nanny Maria is no longer with the Wales, left shortly after the reports from Spain. Can anyone here verify?

    • Josephine says:

      It took a stunning sense of entitlement to release this photo and a complete and utter lack of respect for the people to release that chirpy little message about a little photoshopping. The royal family doesn’t like you, respect you, or care one iota about you, England, wake up.

      • Jais says:

        This. Like you said @josephine. The cutesy line about experimenting with photoshop. It’s strait-up offensive. They’re treating the public and their subjects like they’re dumb. Or cruel for questioning it.

    • Elvira says:

      There is an original. This image is photoshopped heavily and yes, I believe Kate did it. I also believe and have said on here from the beginning that she did it. She’s dumb.

      • ML says:

        Elvira, I have an enormous respect for your abilities pertaining to photoshop. Why do you believe that there is an original version? And why would they not just release that?

      • Shawna says:

        I’m still not buying it. Even if there is an original, do you think that it was taken at the time and place they said it was?

      • Elvira says:

        @Shawna I don’t know. I don’t think it matters though. The intent to deceive is what matters.

    • ML says:

      Agree—there doesn’t seem to be an original photo. Yesterday, I thought it was a photoshop fail from sometime last year. After seeing all the work done, this now looks like it was cobbled together out of several different pictures at best, or was done completely by AI. Perhaps instead of focusing on K’s alleged involvement, it would be great to get quotes from WILLIAM on why HE chose to do this for Mother’s Day. Or explain why he did not have anything to do with a Mother’s Day post for his wife who is recovering from intensive surgery!

      • Elvira says:

        @ML. Thank you! I say that because I have done it so many times and there are subtleties there that imply something. It’s hard to explain but my opinion is that she took an old image of her face and photoshopped it into this image, among other things. I do think she did it herself and also took the image of herself in the non moving car.

        Of course, there could be many elements at work with the family photo. She could have used many different tools. The attempt at deception is for me the issue. She should not be allowed to continue to take these family images in my opinion.

        Think about the fact that the car wasn’t moving for a minute. Why would that be?
        I believe they used a tripod and stupidly thought people would believe a pap took the image. The extra tire in that image was so so amateurish.

        My feelings on their motives change from day to day but I now think she had a facelift.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Elvira, I appreciate your technical expertise and have learned from it, along with cooberating your words with challenged photos with someone we know. Quite skilled and he said a twelve year old with minimal experience could have managed the Editing. Very obvious.

        Curious why you believe it’s all on Kate. I don’t have a history of defending Kate or Will. If she’s in recovery, (also believe her recovery is not on Windsor grounds or it’s at Frogmore Cottage or someplace else altogether)-which looks like the best place to recover due to Meghan’s excellent taste). Kate sightings don’t benefit her. They benefit William.imo

    • TRex says:

      and the new update photo sighting? It’s her, but again, hiding her face. At this point I truly feel awful even speculating.

    • MY3CENTS says:

      Of course Willy couldn’t have taken the photo he was doing THE SCHOOL RUN.

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Alice: Agreed.

    • JJ says:

      That’s what it looks like.

    • The Robinsons says:

      It’s all AI generated, but a very “BAD” AI job I must add.

    • sid2 says:

      @Alice, I am with you on this. A week ago she was in a car her face all puffy and ish, now looking her old self but photoshopped.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Agree. The other thing to think about is wingspan. Your height is supposed to be equal to (generally) the length of finger tips to finger tips when you stand with your arms out straight/horizontally. Our daughter and I challenged the science years ago and the math mathed. For Kate to be embracing Louis and Charlotte, comfortably, her hands would be at least near their belly buttons for a comfortable photo or she has alligator arms. Suddenly. Might be wrong. Looks funky to me. Her fresh, healthy looking George’s head would have reflected in the windows from that angle.imo

      Not surprised KP won’t release the original.

  2. Sunday says:

    If KP has any chance of saving this narrative Will is going to have to wheel Kate into the Commonwealth service in a wheelchair.

  3. Cheshire Sass says:

    This is a whole sh*t show vibe I was not expecting this morning. I didn’t catch up over the weekend!

  4. Ginger says:

    There is no original photo, that’s why they can’t release it.

    • Interested Gawker says:


    • ariel says:

      Sure there is an original photo – its just that they changed the color of some of the clothing, changed charlotte’s skirt, so that you can’t tell it was taken in december, in clothes they were photographed wearing.
      Publishing the original shows that there is still no “proof of life”.
      Don’t get me wrong, i don’t think Kate is dead of dying, and i hope her recovery, likely at her mom’s house with the kids, is going well.

      i think william is operating without her- without anyone to tell him no or- don’t be a MORON.
      and yes men will be the end of the monarchy.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        LOL @ariel. It’s an original photo except for everything! Love. I’m not an arborist. A gardener of a lot. Lots of roses, trees and vegetables. The tree/shrub leaves look more like late summer/falls leaves especially with the weird weather we had last year.imo Even our hibiscus and Meyer Lemon tree that we bring indoors were acting funky.

        fyi, a customer of ours that works at a greenhouse, told us to not give up on our lemon tree. If it’s still green, there is hope.

  5. Of course they won’t release it because it doesn’t exist. The photo seems to be parts of photos from other pictures cobbled together so they can’t release it because then we would all know the truth ( of course we know the truth).

  6. Surly Gale says:

    for me, the biggest gaffe is that they are not wearing ‘spring’ colours. They are all wearing ‘fall’ colours. Most folks I know, even wealthy ones, can hardly wait to put on some lighter, brighter clothes the minute it even looks like spring! Here it started in February (tho’ we had to go back to winter clothes for a week or so), but again, today, even though it 4C and cloudy, folks are out and about in brighter, softer colours.

    • ProfHurkleDurkle says:

      That was my first thought when I saw the photo: Those duds are from the fall wardrobes. It’s a “Christmas is right around the corner” vibe, not a springtime “Easter’s on the way” vibe.

    • SamuelWhiskers says:

      To be fair, that’s not really a thing here in Britain, it’s a very very American thing. We don’t really follow the idea that specific colours are for specific seasons. Like the concept of having a “Fall Wardrobe” at all is just super American. Anyway it’s still pretty much winter, and most people are still in coats and other winter clothes. If you look at recent photos of other royals, they’re not wearing “spring” colours. Their outfits actually look completely normal and appropriate for early March, just the greenery and all the other things indicate it’s an older/fake photo.

      Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a fake photo! But in Britain those are completely normal outfits to wear in March.

      • Becks1 says:

        It’s a thing for Kate though. She loves theme dressing. Spring is when she starts bringing out her pastels etc again.

      • Kit says:

        I don’t think it’s “super American” for some people to dress per season. I don’t follow fashion closely but you only need to check at magazines laying about at your hair salon and see the seasonal offerings about what’s in/out, color, textured print, length of hemline, etc. globally. Younger people dress for individuality , comfort, affordability, and what’s in if they are fashion conscious. I shopped at English dept. stores in the fall of 2022 and they were running adverts about fall dressing with autumnal colors.

        In Europe, which some Brits think they are still a part of, where you have distinct 3-4 seasons, there are color reference to season as well.

        Plus theme dressing among the royals run stronger than among regular people.

    • Skyblacker says:

      Huh, maybe that’s why that photo says “fall” to me. Without even looking for Photoshop, I just thought “this looks like an old photo.”

  7. atlantababe says:

    so the picture doesn’t exist and is some ai garbage, got it. wonder what their next misstep will be and when this finally blows over and the truth comes out.

    • Sunday says:

      Exactly. My guess is they took a photo from that baby bank visit in November and fed it into an AI generator to produce an image of the children sitting around Kate, then tried to photoshop it to obscure those telltale AI signs (hands/fingers/weird lengthening/sloppy editing).

      • MollyFlanders says:

        I agree @Sunday
        I repost this comment from the other post

        This *is* AI generated: hands are a problem in AI generated images; even if photoshopped to hell no intern would ever do such a mess without realizing it, pretty sure Kate didn’t have anything to do with it, and Prince Huevo, don’t think he knows how to use it. If it were someone responsible, or even if it were possible to find a patsy they would have fired someone this morning. They didn’t because they couldn’t. Being AI generated is the only reason to put Kate name on it, because, even if they aren’t blaming it on Peg, they are nonetheless blaming it on the mother of a FK, which is very serious matter.
        AI generated and probably approved in a frenzy by willy nilly, without any care or analysis. No I don’t think they had this ready since a long time, and I don’t believe there was never any plan. They seem not to have a plan, which I believe means Chuck left Peg on his own. Peg probably asked for and approved an AI generated photo, I could see it being in his style. And Kate, I don’t believe she has any say in anything anymore, I don’t think she signed s**, her chance of being one day a divorced photographer are in the toilet now, and she would have never..

        If there were an original, it would pop out, with a better editing, it won’t

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        All the things. Plus, “Kate”, edited an Adam’s apple into her photo. The lost ark has been found!

  8. Lulu says:

    IMHO, ‘ they cannot crisis-manage their way out of a wet paper bag. ‘ for the very same reason that they have so many crises. W&K, the authors of each crisis and failed crisis-management. It’s just them, no matter who they hire they are in charge and will not listen to anyone.

    • MaryContrary says:

      And let’s be real: it’s all HIM. He’s petulant, stubborn and has anger management issues that we’ve all seen since he was a small child. Even with the best crisis PR team, he would never let them do their job. He’s going to step into it, and make it worse every single time. Now he can’t blame his brother, and blaming his wife is coming back to bite him in the ass.

      • SueBarbri33 says:

        This. As much as this is about Kate, the real, bigger story is about William. He seems to be massively unfit. This is all shocking. I started royal watching in the 90s and this is all just so shocking to me.

      • Sparky says:

        @MaryContrary I endorse all the attributes of William that you noted. I would like to add he’s of average intelligence (she says kindly) but thinks he’s smarter than everyone and thus doesn’t take the advice of (so called) experts.

        On a related note, Kate could have taken a pic wearing a mask. It’s easily explained as she’s more susceptible to germs and it covers up most of the puffiness that was seen in the school run pics. I always thought they should have done this when she “left” the hospital

      • Belinda says:

        This!!!!!! 100%

  9. S808 says:

    Can’t release what doesn’t exist. It’s probably a combination of photos imo.

  10. Happyoften says:

    Soooo, the WHOLE thing is a fake? Hoo Boy! This is like a clown car full of stupid. Way to quell the masses, losers. Now people that didn’t even know about the missing princess are wondering where she is.

    This was an EPIC flub. My God.

    Edit : Prince William definitely “took” this photo. Took the kids from one photo and his wife from another.


    At this point I’m going to need a livestreamed video of Kate holding today’s newspaper. Where is she?! What have they done with her?! Something is very, very fishy about this. She better appear by Easter or else all hell will officially break loose and there will be no coming back from this.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      It’s all creepy AF. It’s like watching an old Hitchcock movie 🍿.

      • Agnes says:

        RIght, the one where Jimmy Stewart is watching Raymond Burr bury pieces of his wife in the back yard.

      • Kokiri says:

        Rear Window.

        My first Hitchcock movie & still me favourite. Thelma Ritter. Grace Kelly.

        I absolutely love it. It’s stands up in 2024 too, it’s still the creepiest movie.

      • sparrow says:

        Shadow of a Doubt is my favourite. It is so horrible – the girl realising her uncle is a fraud. The building menace. Joseph Cotton is fantastic.

    • Harper says:

      I’m sure Kaiser will cover it but William just put Kate into the car and hauled her out. Her head is conveniently turned away from the camera. Official word is she is on her way to a “private appointment.”

      • sparrow says:

        Really? OK. Finished work, set the laundry, getting a well earned coffee, and awaiting the post.

      • Shawna says:

        @Sparrow, I haven’t even started work (beyond email) because I’ve been following this!

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        There will be a serious drop in productivity recorded in Europe and the US for March 11, 2024 all because of the Windsors. Abolish the Monarchy!

  12. Digital Unicorn says:

    The more I look at this picture the more I can see other dodgy work – there doesn’t seem to be any reflection of the kids or the person taking the photo in the background. Its quite possible its an AI image that was then doctored to try and hide it.

    Either way she’s always had shoddy photoshop skills, even for an amateur.

    One thing is for sure the press are NOT going to believe whatever KP tells us from now on – this is blatant and they thought the ‘contract’ would protect them. Its clear that the UK press are starting to rip that up.

    Easter is coming!!!

    • Osty says:

      The rota would believe the next thing they spew as evidenced by them twisting themselves to believe the statement from kp . This photo wouldn’t have been an issue if twitter didn’t investigate.

    • The Hench says:

      Kate didn’t edit this – even the floor tiles are misaligned. Why would she have bothered to edit the floor of a family photo?!? Jeez – they can’t even cover up the cover up of the cover up vaguely competently.

      Also – I have come to the conclusion that there’s no rings on her left hand because her ‘left hand’ is actually just her right hand flipped.

      • Just Jade says:

        Can I just say how much I am loving the whole mess for the island rats and company? Anyway….Harry & Meghan had a wonderful three days weekend. Does anyone know where Waldo is?

      • Jais says:

        Well, if she did edit it, we’ve been lied to about her photography skills, just saying.

  13. OriginalMich says:

    Goodness. They are such inept morons.

    That said, it is possible that William (or someone) was in the picture behind Charlotte. It would explain the green sweater behind her cuff (which should have been filled in with grass) and the weird blurring at the top of her head. But why go to all that trouble and ignore easily fixed other areas like the white blank splotch by her hip?

    This isn’t going to die down for them. The only thing that is going to distract from this photo is releasing actual proof of life without shenanigans like Photoshopping, weird graininess, etc.

    • windyriver says:

      Someone elsewhere pointed out Kate’s neck, that she looks to have an Adam’s apple. Maybe it’s Will who was not behind them, but originally sitting there? And Kate’s face was photoshopped over ? The top half of “her” body looks wide enough. We’ve seen a several photos like this, of the kids grouped tightly around Will, with big smiles. Not so much of them like this with Kate.

      George’s left hand (on our right) looks weird also. HIs right hand looks normal, and we can see his whole sleeve. The left hand is not only weird, but blurry, and the connection to his body is obscured. Could be from elsewhere also.

      • Melody Calder says:

        Her left hand bothers me, it’s too far forward wrapped around Charlotte. If it was real, we would see way less fingers. That would make sense though if they were trying to cover up a larger hand

      • sid says:

        Windy, that was one of the things that struck me about the “photo.” You usually see the kids with those big joyful expressions in photos where it is just them and their dad. Rarely their mom. If in fact it was Willileaks in the chair and they did a ton of Frankenediting to put Mrs. Wails there instead, it would explain a lot.

    • Shawna says:

      @sid, the only endearing thing about William is that his kids love being around him. I’m beginning to believe that Wills is the original figure in the middle too.

  14. Snuffles says:

    As many others have said, this wasn’t some light retouching. It looks like an amalgamation of pictures.

    Yesterday, someone suggested that it was taken the same day Kate and the kids went to the Baby Bank last year. They might be right. I think they took that photo and photoshopped different clothes on them to make it look like a different day. And possibly inserted a new background.

    This is a monumental fuck up.

    • Chantale says:

      I was hoping that Kate was getting better least and they dressed her but she might be strong enough to walk. Not in a billion years I would have imagine this. I saw the theories and thought people are just having fun at their expense. I think:
      1- Camilla told the press it cannot be her.
      2- the Middletons told the press.
      3- the press took a look at what online sleuths were saying. Agatha Christie’s online wannabe sleuths are very good.

  15. Osty says:

    Because there is no original photo. This really proves something bad has happened to kate that they had to go to this extend to manipulate the public . If she was capable of taking a photo they would have done so and wouldn’t have resulted in this pathetic lies

    • The Hench says:

      OR – they could have just released an old photo, told us it was an old photo and that Kate wasn’t yet up to a shoot for the public and included a message directly from her. Even that would’ve been better than this f*ckwittery.

      • Miranda says:

        I have been wondering this from the beginning: Why not just SAY that Kate isn’t feeling up to being photographed right now? To me, that would be all the explanation necessary. Having gone through abdominal surgery and the icky stuff that often comes after (assuming that she really did have some sort of operation that left her with an ostomy bag, or maybe just temporary incontinence), I would personally totally respect that, and I think most people would understand a woman whose entire existence revolves around always looking perfect not wanting to be photographed looking seriously ill. Undoubtedly, some people would still be snarky, but that would be much preferable to the clusterf–k they’ve created with their lies and half-assed fakery.

    • Avra says:

      Yes, why would they go to this extent? Kate is obviously not fine – or- is refusing to play their game. I bet lots of panic going on behind the scenes…wonder when it’s all going to break wide open?

  16. moderatelywealthy says:

    William, you have the opposite of the Midas Touch, my boy…Diana not only took her good looks back, but some braincells went missing too!

    Remember when William ordered Harry to sign off a statement, Harry refused because it would be a lie, and William went ahead and signed off himself and released it anyway?

    • MollyFlanders says:

      Ditto @moderatelywealthy

    • TarteAuCitron says:

      This is going to get worse before it gets any better and I’m very much here for it.

      That’s Kate rolled out in public twice in a week, presumably against her wishes. I can’t imagine she will be too happy about that.

      I’m really glad however that the international photo agencies called KP out on this stuff. Good to see some media outlets have integrity.

      • aftershocks says:

        @ModeratelyWealthy, regarding the bullying statement, I recall Harry indicating in Spare that Willy never told him anything about the statement at all. Harry did not find out about it until after it was published in the newspapers. Thus, Willy just blatantly signed Harry’s name to the statement without bothering to ask or to make arrogant demands. Any way you look at it, Willy is an a’hole! 🙄

  17. Libra says:

    This would be a good time for @Elvira to weigh in. Sounds like she has a Photoshop background. Would love her opinion.

    • MaryContrary says:

      Remember yesterday when she said she was actually afraid for Kate at this point because there were SO many issues with the picture?!?

  18. Roseberry says:

    We know that they have a bunch of pictures taken in advance and then banked to be doled out to key times/events. It seems that this picture was likely taken in November, before they left to go to the toy & foodbank centre. Katrina is wearing the same long line roll neck jumper in cream, the jeggings and those distinctive boots. Charlotte is also wearing that very distinctive ruffled neck cranberry top and also very distinctive boots, ( posted the clip a couple of weeks after the actual visit). The picture has been manipulated to change Kates top to a dark colour, Charlotte’s skirt has had the pattern changed, hence why it’s sticking out at one side at a wired angle, George has had the colour changed in his shirt and jumper. The photo agencies probably have software to detect picture manipulation, I’m sure they will let a few minor changes through, but this was just too much – not to mention the strange thing going on with the hands!

  19. Molly says:

    Alternate theory:

    Kate is behind the photo – or she and Carole. She shopped her ring off and a few other things, and released on her own on her SM. Lets the cat outta the bag on the marriage. The kids are with me – not you. KP scrambles – no no, nothing to see here. Not unlike the car “pap”. Here I am with mom – not you.

    The fact that it blew up is even better, keeping the whole thing on the front page. It’s a nightmare for him.

    • Sunday says:

      I think this could be possible. They can’t directly point the finger at Will because he’s so protected, so the best way to expose him is to let him tell increasingly obvious lies that, at some point, the media/audience will have no choice but to start questioning. Basically, it seems like the palace has stopped protecting him from himself. Not only trying to pass off an obviously doctored photo, but then to immediately respond with the flimsiest excuse possible just seems like they want people to know it’s a lie.

      Honestly it seems way more likely coming from Kate to undercut Will (just like that TMZ photo exposed his school run lie) than anyone at KP being so utterly stupid as to think “oops I, the Princess of Wales, edited this very real photo but now can’t release the original” would work as an excuse to an increasingly suspicious audience following a mysterious months-long absence and international k*ll order from the most trusted newswires on the globe.

    • Lil Ley says:

      I’m kind of with you. I thought that releasing a photo where Kate isn’t wearing her ring was telegraphing something. Lots of folks said that she might be too swollen. Sure. But she’s also wearing a very famous ring. Surely a replica could be made or even edited to later.
      My thought is that there’s a divorce brewing. This isn’t the 90s – QE is gone, H&M left, Charles is ailing. The firm might not survive this marriage deteriorating.
      Kate could have had a surgery but I think multiple things can be true at once. She’s recovering AND the marriage might be over.
      Too much smoke for no fire.

    • equality says:

      Do you think that Kate has access to update the KP SM if she and PW are apart? I would think that his employees and PW would be over that, not Kate. If it had only appeared in papers I would buy the Mids doing it, but not when it is on all of KP’s SM.

      • Molly says:

        @equality … she might still have some ally in there? Or, actually, I don’t think it’s that crazy that she has (… er, had now I suppose) the credentials.

      • sparrow says:

        William looks ill. He won’t answer the press. I sometimes wonder whether it’s the Middletons who are in charge and affecting him badly. Maybe he’s been begging them to put out a picture? This is me playing devil’s advocate, partly because I can’t believe a husband could be so cruel as to make his wife take the blame. Also. Maybe the ring missing is a veiled threat? However, medical people have pointed out that you’re often told to remove rings with drugs in your system that bloat you out, which would fit with her puffy pap shot. The lack of ring could possibly be the only true thing about it.

      • Bren says:

        I don’t believe Kate has access to social media accounts. If she did, surely she and Carole could have devised a better plan and statement than William and his staff. No one in KP would go over William’s head on behalf of Kate.

        Kate and Carol relied on Camilla Tominey and Katie Nicholl to tell their side, and they have been quiet on the Middleton front since the surgery announcement. William controls the narrative around Kate and doesn’t know what he’s doing. Why did it have to take for this latest PR disaster to attempt a photo of William and Kate in a car together? That photo op should have happened in January when she left the hospital. What a mess!

    • Allyn says:

      If the photo really is a Photoshopp kitbash of a bunch of different photos, the ring-less hand may just be the opposite hand, reversed because it looked “best” of the parts the artist had to work with.

      • The Hench says:

        Yes, that was my conclusion. The ‘left’ hand is actually the right flipped. In the released photo the right hand is also weirdly blurry.

    • Shawna says:

      The problem with that is this: would Kate and Carole dare to release the photo with William being named as the photographer? I don’t think they would dare, as much as your theory ties together a bunch of weird facts into a solid theory.

  20. EasternViolet says:

    When the photo was originally released, I didn’t look too closely into it.. I saw some tweets of people calling into question its authenticity and dismissed it as I thought it was too far down the rabbit hole of conspiracy talk (!!). What did concern me was that Kate looked great — why all the fuss and bluster about trooping and the MOD. Would there be added pressure to get her back to work, earlier than scheduled? Well… the international press response went down the rabbit hole for me! Surprise surprise. And we are still on this timeline whether she will be trotted out for Easter or trooping.

    • Sue says:

      This! What’s maddening with the focus on the photoshopping/editing whatever of that photo is that the media is ignoring how good Kate looks. They should be looking at her and not at the kids. If that is an actual representation of Kate, March 10, 2024 then why is she still hiding away from the world? And why is William still pretending he’s unable to do the bare minimum of work because he’s home running the hoover and wiping Kate’s fevered brow??

      • Elvira says:

        It’s not. Her face and head have been replaced with a different image of her face and head. I think she had a major facelift and the abdominal surgery is a lie.

  21. Amber says:

    A TikToker broke down why she thinks this photo was taken around the same time as the Baby Bank charity trip Kate did with the kids. Evidence is really compelling. Here’s the link:

    • ariel says:

      Thank you Amber- i am completely on board with the theory that the day of the baby bank a photo was taken and they photoshopped different colors into their clothes.
      tiktok is really useful.

      If Kate does not want to be photographed b/c she is puffy, etc. she should have that right.
      But- how about a handwritten note- thanking people for all the well wishes.
      Kids in the kitchen- making something to take their mom in bed?

      This didn’t have to be an international embarrassment.
      Wonder if Charles regrets backing him and throwing Harry and Meg to the wolves?
      Because this is really bad for the royal family.
      It is just William- who is seemingly terrible at everything – especially, but not limited to crisis management.

      • Lady D says:

        I was just thinking that C & C are probably sitting back with their feet up, killing themselves laughing at William. I think Charles finds it very satisfying, Camilla really doesn’t deserve to enjoy it but that’s life.

    • SarahCS says:

      Thanks for sharing the link, it’s pretty compelling and I like how she doesn’t name the kids. The Wails will trot them out for publicity but this lady seems to be trying to give them a little privacy.

  22. julie jules says:

    One blunder after another. It seems almost intentional at this point.

    Im not on the royal conspiracy train, and I’ve never bought into the crazy ass dramarama theories …. I don’t think Meg wore a moon bump, I don’t think Will beat Kate after finding her with Thomas etc ….. but something weird is going on. It’s undeniable now.

  23. Mads says:

    She can’t/won’t be photographed in her current state. The picture is either a complete fake composite or her real features have been drastically altered. Whatever the truth, no reputable agency is prepared to attach their name to it.

    • sparrow says:

      Yes. Agree. I think she’s too ill to want a lens near her, not even her beloved Christ Jackson’s. Who can blame her – she could feel so sick and/or vanity is playing a part. Again, who can blame her. Would anyone in pain want people around or would anyone who looks so ill want to be pictured at his/her worst?

  24. Harper says:

    They had a video team with them when they filmed the baby bank visit. I bet one of those people snapped this pic, but it wasn’t William and it wasn’t taken last Monday or Tuesday which is when we saw Puffy Faced Kate riding in the rented Audi with CarolE.

    If they had an original picture that could save face they’d release it to the AP. If they had an original version Kate to show to the public right now, they’d do that too. And it’s okay if she’s not ready for primetime, but the lengths KP is going to shut everything about her down is what is creating this absolute circus. When will the ROTA break? I expect Piers Morgan to spill the beans again on his YouTube channel in 3 … 2…. 1.

  25. Jbird1234 says:

    It’s giving Shelly Miscavige vibes.

  26. Becks1 says:

    This is just getting weirder and weirder. What was KP thinking?!?!

    • Ocean Girl says:

      Especially after last week’s picture! They are so different, what were they thinking?

  27. Chantale says:

    I was hoping that Kate was getting better least and they dressed her but she might be strong enough to walk. Not in a billion years I would have imagine this. I saw the theories and thought people are just having fun at their expense. I think:
    1- Camilla told the press it cannot be her.
    2- the Middletons told the press.
    3- the press took a look at what online sleuths were saying. Agatha Christie’s online wannabe sleuths are very good.

  28. Kokiri says:

    Kate isn’t cooperating.
    Willy knew Mother’s Day had to be mentioned, there’s no avoiding it with Kate’s “mother earth” persona.

    I think he said divorce, & she went on strike. All this is Kate refusing to do anything until she gets her guarantee of the crown.
    He’s freaking out, in real time.

    & now we have articles appearing about Rose. Who is Rose? they ask.

    • The Duchess says:

      Honestly, these people knew Mother’s Day was looming in the UK for weeks and this is all they have to show for it? It’s very telling that they couldn’t get Keen to do a video message with the children. Even if it was a short one of her baking with them in the kitchen or walking around with them in the garden. Only a video will quash speculation and regain trust now. Either Keen looks different that would shock people or she’s flat out refusing to cooperate, like you said. I agree divorce was mentioned and she’s completely shut down because of it. I don’t think she ever expected her worst fears to become a reality. Oh well.

  29. sevenblue says:

    To quote Kourtney Kardashian: “that is so embarrassing for your life and soul”

  30. atlantababe says:

    the dailymail has a new pic of “kate” and william in a car from today. of course you can’t see her face properly.

    • Pinkosaurus says:

      Looks like William has thrown himself on the mercy of the Fail to help him dig out of this debacle. The invisible contract demands that they exert to keep this quiet is probably going to be painful.

    • SamuelWhiskers says:

      Nice to see Fake Melania is still getting acting work!

  31. equality says:

    It’s interesting that they didn’t blame it on some anonymous staff member or find one willing to take the fall instead of throwing Kate under the bus. So maybe Kate is the one who had this bright idea and PW let her take the fall for it or he just simply let her take the fall for him or some staff member. It’s a choice either way and it doesn’t indicate caring for his sick wife.

    • Ocean Girl says:

      Having her “sign” these messages could have been done by anyone, right? So it would be easy to have her take the blame.

  32. Concern Fae says:

    My timeline on BlueSky was all over this yesterday afternoon. Was fun to be able to point out that W&K badly photoshop everything, likely due to only hiring heavily Tory aristo failsons and faildaughters. Brought up the creepy B&W Christmas photo. People are really having their eyes opened on how much is wrong with the Wales. Glad to do my part.

  33. Brittany says:

    Unpopular opinion..but what if they edited out a wheelchair/some type of equipment and that is why they won’t release the original? We haven’t seen her standing or moving in any way.

    Completely unrelated but I loved the chair/tile design combo on their patio. I hope that part is real bc I may use similar at my house hahaha.

    • equality says:

      They could have easily set her out of a wheelchair for a picture, so doubt that is it. And, since they have already said she has medical issues, why would a chair be a problem?

    • sparrow says:

      I love that use of their porch area as mood board, Brittany!

    • Jaded says:

      Kate seems to be oddly hunched over in the photo and posing her kids in front of her like she’s trying to hide something. Maybe she is still wheelchair-bound, IDK, but all this picture does is fan the flames of conspiracy theories and lies.

      • Kit says:

        Indeed. More lies to cover up the big lie.

        Truth doesn’t exist here. It’s eat or be eaten.

  34. julie jules says:

    The idea that they’re divorcing is such wishful thinking.

    Kate’s popularity was way up previous to this latest mystery melodrama. Higher than Will’s by a lot. He’s not going to do like dear old dad. The only way he will divorce her is if he leaves the royal family entirely.

    • Kingston says:

      Er……@ julie jules: i guess you havent yet grasped the crux of the matter, coming out of this latest monumental fck-up by KP. And that crux is: KP lies. Nothing they tell you should be taken at face value. And the british media lies on behalf of KP. So nothing coming out of the british media should be taken at face value. Such as polls.

      And btw, for you to say that: “The only way he will divorce her is if he leaves the royal family entirely,” suggests that you completely misunderstand the RF and its raison d’etre, which is, to ensure the continuity of the british monarchy, as is.

      Therefore, the monarch and/or heir(s) are the only ones that enjoy complete protection, at the cost of anything and anyone. So to say Bully would have to leave the royal family if he divorces khate is fantastical nonsense. Unless you had a slip of the fingers and meant to say “The only way he will divorce her is if SHE leaves the royal family.” Which, of course, goes without saying…………..if they divorce, it is SHE who will no longer be a member of the RF.

      • julie jules says:

        @Kingston Yeah, I don’t believe much of anything the media or publicity teams tell me. Shocker: they ALL lie. And I don’t have favorites here, I don’t ‘like’ any of them. I can’t imagine how any thinking person could, but to each their own.

        The pr blunders are so monumental now, I have to wonder who is behind them and what is the intent. As if these are random oopsies by hardcore professionals. lol. I believe some of you are assuming Will and Kate (the lot of them, really) have much more control over their public lives than they do.

        To clarify, divorcing Kate would damage Will’s, and by extension the Family’s, reputation so drastically I can’t see him doing it unless he were to walk out of the Palace a la Harry or Edward VIII. Are you thinking Kate is planning a Diana like exit?

      • BeanieBean says:

        @julie jules. Well if Charles, the then-Prince of Wales could divorce Diana–without ‘walking out of the palace’, there’s no reason William couldn’t do the same thing. And Harry didn’t walk out, he was shoved out! And one more thing–a Diana-like exit? You mean killed in a car crash??

      • julie jules says:

        @BeanieBean My point. Charles’ treatment of Diana remains a bone of contention with the public all these years later. The RF reputation is in a bad enough state without another yuuuuge scandal. Might as well pack up the crown and call it a day if Will decides to trade in for a Rose.
        Diana divorced before she was killed.

    • Shawna says:

      One of the theories here is that Charles isn’t doing well. This is why W would try to strong arm a divorce now. He doesn’t want her as Queen, so he has to divorce before he ascends to the throne.

    • sid says:

      What is this popularity that you speak of?

      • julie jules says:

        @sid Outside the Meg or Kate fandoms, among the normies, Kate’s approval rating was up.

      • Kit says:

        Yougov polls aren’t that reliable. It’s skewed due to demographics. And anything by the right wing press is suspicious. Think Brexit.

  35. Eurydice says:

    It should be statistically impossible to be wrong 100% of the time – and yet they manage to do it.

  36. SueBarbri33 says:

    I think they painted themselves into a corner by pretending William took the photo this week. A legitimate journalist must have known that William was not in the UK last week and/or nowhere near Kate and the kids. And they must have realized that the official public story was unacceptably wide of the mark. They haven’t spilled the beans yet, but maybe that’s why this photo was killed so quickly? This is a WILD story, you guys!

    • TarteAuCitron says:

      Billy Idle took last week off to do the school run AND take this photo. No wonder he is wiped out! :))

  37. Hexicon says:

    Has anyone heard a good explanation for the leaves? I need to hear from an English arborist.

    • sparrow says:

      You see to me those leaves are rain smashed and that lawn is rain soaked. The leaves are bedraggled not healthy and the lawn looks as though it’s been too wet to mow. My garden is totally soaked and smashed up, with down turned leaves and unmowed lawn. However, I spoke to a neighbour this afternoon, showed her the photo, who says she feels it is a rain smashed garden from the end of last summer. The grass has been bleached by sun and is now soaked out and too wet to mow, and that tree was at some point thirsty from the summer but has taken in too much water. We’re about to get a gardener. He’s due to start. And not soon enough! Fancy getting this crap into conversation with a neighbour – she was really taken off guard, no interest in the BRF at all but does like nature.

  38. Jennifer Smith says:

    Ya’ll, if they had just CROPPED the photo….

    • Tara says:

      Indeed. As soon as they read this, they must feel very dumb. Now, lets wait and see what happens to future releases. Crop crop. lol

  39. Midnight@tgeOasis says:

    This clusterfu$k is amazing to watch in real time. William is in charge not the KP staff. He is the one directing all the communications. All along the focus and scrutiny should have been on William, not Kate. The man is unraveling and committing mistake after mistake. What is he hiding and what’s happening behind the scenes? This makes me believe the Windsor pap photo was released as a preemptive measure because CarolE knew William would release this doctored Mother’s Day photo.

    • sparrow says:

      I wonder whether all their staff, in front of whom he has incandescently raged, had enough and they’re not willing to help him out.

  40. I think the larger point here is that we have been told she is unwell, we should not be bothering her or expecting her to do anything, EXCEPT in case of emergency when the glass needs to be broken because Huevo needs a scapegoat

    • Elvira says:

      Exactly! The press has been lied to and they are mad. My view of Kate and William has changed by a lot, so perhaps other people will fell the same way. I think she’s shallow and dumb and a liar.

    • Shawna says:

      Why get all huffy and bring out PR Muffy to say “don’t expect an update,” only to reverse course and provide 3 janky photos almost immediately? Huevo did break the emergency glass, you’re right.

  41. paintybox says:

    It’s really, really hard not to feel a nice touch of schadenfreude over W & K, KP and the Middletons being called out for their constant fake news and lies. The struggle is real! 😂

  42. Tara says:

    I have never seen that expression of George before. He always seems to be very reserved. Can you tell AI to create a fake photo with all 3 children displaying Ks maniac grin? – Sorry. Signature. Signature grin.

    • Elvira says:

      You can do literally anything.

    • sid says:

      Tara, I’ve only ever seen George look that animated in the officially released photos with just his dad and siblings. Which is why I was one of the ones wondering if this was a photo of the kids and Willileaks that was edited to put Mrs. Wails in place of him.

      • sid2 says:

        @sid, I am so sorry, I didn’t know your user name existed here. Will change mine going forward.

    • Tuesday says:

      Kate’s “signature” grin is manic and affected. The children are probably actually laughing. That’s how pros get good photos. Make the kids laugh.

  43. MaryContrary says:

    Daily Mail headline photo and story: William and Kate in the car together today-he’s going to the Commonwealth service and she’s on her way to a “private appointment.”

  44. Nancy says:

    At this point I don’t even beleive that is Kate in the shadowy car picture. What a mess. I’m with whoever said they need a video of Kate holding today’s newspaper.

  45. Charlie says:

    Is it me or is this becoming a really badly written sitcom with laugh tracks that dictate where people should “laugh”?

  46. ArtFossil says:

    Hope Kaiser does a post on the Commonwealth Service. I think there will be a lot to unpack.

  47. slippers4life says:

    Maybe the Wales’ are soft launching a brand ambassadorship with Google Pixel?

  48. Snuffles says:

    “Update: They hustled Kate into a car with William and arranged for shadowy photos.”

    All I see is the back of some woman’s head. Are they fucking for real!?

    • S808 says:

      Their comms/ PR is so terrible at their jobs, it’s entertaining at this point. Can’t wait to see what they’ll do next!

  49. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    See y’all??
    She’s fine, we’re fine, it’s fine EVERYTHING IS FINE

    Not Omid saying out loud what so many people are thinking

    • Rnot says:

      I cant wait to see a book sales graph overlaid with a timeline of events since publication.

  50. Lady Digby says:

    Why wasn’t devoted Willy seated next to Kate on a sofa inside, then she could have a throw covering her up to the middle? They could be holding hands and happy children positioned around them. Happy family snap kills marriage over vibe and proof of life but Kate still recovering to justify extended sickness absence? Now we have the Streisand Effect with this omnishambles and even my hubbie who has zero interest in the RF asking is Kate under the patio!!

  51. Keaton says:

    Maybe this is like the Linda Evangelista situation – body sculpting gone wrong?

  52. sparrow says:

    If I were Kate I know who’d I want on the phone at this point. Meghan. She’d be great for advice and comfort. Stupid woman to have shunted her off.

  53. Amy Bee says:

    So is this new photo of Kate in the car authorised?

    • The Hench says:

      What I learned last week with the now infamous five-wheeled car shot is that it is apparently illegal to publish in the UK pap photos taken of people on private property in the UK. “There is no law preventing people from taking photographs in public. This includes taking photos of other people’s children. If you are taking photographs from private land, you need to have the land owner’s permission.”

      We also learned – due to another mess up by KP denying they had ‘authorised’ the pap shot that they do, in fact therefore authorise some pap shots.

      So given there’s only one shot and Kate’s face is conveniently turned away from the camera – yes – authorised most likely.

      Which in itself is another fail. The only way to stop the speculation at this point would have been to show her face.

  54. Jas says:

    I just saw the DM photo. It’s not going to help their cause any. The woman averts her face for the whole time so there’s no way to confirm that it’s really Kate.
    And if it is Kate, why are they so keen to hide her face? Is she puffy? Injured? Sulking? Who knows.
    It’s all a bit freaky actually.

    • Shawna says:

      The “looking away” photo has cheek and jawline angles that don’t correspond to the puffy face photo with Carole. I still think the only photo that was actually taken of Kate recently is the one with Carole. No one can depuff that fast…? (PS – not shaming puffy faces, my own is puffy right now, and I think the early girlfriend pictures where Kate doesn’t have a chiseled outline are very pretty.)

      • Jk says:

        I think it is Kate. She has that lumpiness around the mouth area.

      • Jas says:

        Yes, I have that feeling too. In the photo with Carole, Kate looks like a woman who’s recovering from something full on. I know that look because my face has been like that recently.
        I’m not convinced that any photo with a chiseled jawline is a current one. The new photo might not even be from today. It could have been taken on the way to some other event last year and then fuzzed to conceal the details.

  55. Sasha says:

    Based on this latest mess, the blurred pic last week and the new one in the DF with her looking “away” from the camera, I am convinced something’s wrong with her face. It could have been Mr. Egg or she may have caused herself some harm that led to damage/stroke? They are a complete failure and the whole world is witnessing in real time their evil.

  56. Laurac says:

    There’s another dodgy photo today, Kate hitched a ride from Will, he was enroute to commonwealth day service and we are supposed to believe she was going to an appointment. Same car, different destinations in what is a Royal Family first. She’s looking out at a wall, it’s an unauthorized pap shot that all the UK papers have run with, when they wouldn’t print the pap shot last week.
    All of their attempts to stop speculating do the opposite.

  57. Aircat says:

    There’s another tell….just below Kate’s hand along Charlotte’s waist we can see another fabric (that none of them are wearing) it’s an army green ribbed sweater material. This is in a location where we *should* be seeing the background

  58. Shawna says:

    Lol to KP saying they’re refusing to “reissue” the original photograph. The “original,” assuming there was one, wasn’t issued in the first place.

    Doesn’t look like Kate in the car with William to me.

  59. yupyup says:

    What is creeping out the most is the “C” posts about it. I don’t like this woman but I pray no harm has come to her. This went to far. They could have just posted and old picture. This was a directive from William.

  60. Jenni sullivan says:

    I know we say this all the time but… how are they SOOOOOO BAD at this?!?!?!

  61. ohPuhlease says:

    Note Sky says nothing about the actual date the photo was taken. And the device data would be obvious as it also leaves a finger print. Moreover, you can track every single edit and if parts of the photo have been pulled in from other images etc. It’s like DNA, metadata, and they have seriously FA ed.

    The Independent dropping the global hint about Lady Rose is challenge and a warning shot. Mark my words they have until 10pm BST to come clean or the press will burn it down. This is no longer in the Royal Rota’s gold digging hands.

  62. QuiteContrary says:

    Hopefully this episode — and the insane interest from international media — will shame at least one British journalist into doing his or her job and dig into this.

    And I know Harry wouldn’t do this — he’s moved on, and he’s not as petty as I am — but if I were him, I’d express-mail him a copy of “Photoshopping for Dummies,” just for laughs.

  63. Rnot says:

    Ok, I can maybe believe the new photo is Kate. The cheekbone/jaw/jowl matches her face. Assuming that the picture is actually from today, then we can infer several things. She’s in the country. She’s alive. She’s well enough to sit up and hold her head up unassisted. She’s not refusing to be in the same space as William. Her face isn’t excessively puffy. That’s more than before but it’s not going to be enough to quiet this down.

  64. Beech says:

    Lady Rose? Rose Hanbury? Now what?

  65. Libra says:

    A commenter from a US type rag mag says that all of Meghan Markles photo should be looked at for editing crimes that are worse than anything Kate may have done. The deflection starts. Comments totally supportive of Kate. That didn’t take long.

    • sevenblue says:

      People forget, the derangers already accused the photographers of the photoshop for Meghan’s pictures when she was working royal. They said, they were making her prettier. They were accusing the TABLOIDS of making Meghan pretty. Unlike Kate & Will, H&M’s photos are taken by professional photographers. They wouldn’t risk their reputation to make H&M better. That’s why I believe, this photo is said to be taken by Will even though it looks professional. The original photographer wouldn’t risk his/her name for this fiasco.

  66. booboocita says:

    At this point, nothng is going to satisfy except a full-color, life-sized, hi-res photo of Kate holding up a copy of the Times or the Daily Fail with the date clearly displayed.