Did Sienna Miller & Jude Law have a pregnancy scare?


Here are some new photos of Sienna Miller, Jude Law and Jude’s kids on holiday, sans Jude’s ex and baby-mama Sadie Frost. God only knows where Sadie is. Probably sipping a mojito somewhere and preparing for a nap. I have to say, it is nice to see Jude and Sienna back together. They make sense together. It’s like revisiting a simpler, prettier time.

Anyway, Jude and Sienna are back on, fueled by a steady stream of alcohol, food and… let’s say blonde highlights. They’ve been dating again for something like two months. They haven’t really been clever about it, if they were trying to avoid publicity, which I doubt. This whole “their privates are soul mates” is the jumping off point for this report from Star Magazine – apparently, their reunion might have involved quite a bit of unprotected sex, and Sienna had something of a pregnancy scare:

Jude Law and Sienna Miller’s back-on romance was tested by a pregnancy scare, Star has learned! The couple have been moving full steam ahead since they reconciled in early fall after three years apart. They’re planning to live together in Jude’s new $6.9 million NYC apartment and have even discussed getting engaged again.

But in mid-November, “Sienna realized she was late, and she freaked!” an insider reveals. “They’re still working things out, really, and she was afraid that getting pregnant would ruin everything.”

“Jude was really supportive. Sienna even took the home test at his place,” says the source. “It was a false alarm. She was likely just late from the stress of her Broadway show.”

After weathering that together, Jude and Sienna are stronger than ever – and are now in serious nesting mode.

“Fixing up the new place is a total collaboration. Jude is making sure Sienna puts her touch on everything,” says another source. “He’s really big on having state-of-the-art electronics everywhere, but things like the sunken whirlpool tub and walk-in shower were her idea.”

Best of all, with three cozy bedrooms, the apartment has plenty of space for when the pair do decide to start a family. Adds the insider: “The timing wouldn’t have been great for Sienna to get pregnant just yet. But part of her hoped she was.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, January 4, 2010]

Do you like the part where Star says Jude “let” Sienna take the pregnancy test at his place? What a gentleman, right? I wonder what the plan B was for that one. And something tells me Jude was sweating bullets for that one. God knows he isn’t ready for yet another child he can conveniently forget about. But this has gotten me thinking… what would Sienna and Jude really do if and when she gets knocked up? Would Jude stick around? Probably, for a little while at least. Even though I’m happy Jude and Sienna are back together now, though, I don’t think it’s going to last. They’ve got other loins to conquer.

Jude Law, Sienna Miller and Jude’s kids on holiday in the Caribbean on December 27, 2009. Credit: INFphoto.com.

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23 Responses to “Did Sienna Miller & Jude Law have a pregnancy scare?”

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  1. Katalina76 says:

    How nice of her to at least keep her bikini top on this time. For the kids, of course.

  2. diva says:

    Siennas once promising career has suffered with all her associations with married men and a lot of men in general and constant drinking at pubs. She used to be looked at as a fashion icon and an “it girl” a few years ago. The Hollywood double standard exists since Jude does the same thing and his career hasn’t suffered.

  3. rose says:

    ew jude law makes me vomit

  4. Mrs.Getty says:

    I dont’t believe a word i just read in this article. What a B.S!!
    BTW, Sienna is a talentless hoe, her Hollywood career is DEAD!

  5. Tess says:

    My heart hurts for the kids.

  6. Sumodo says:

    WTF? Do the tabs imply that Jude Law has some kind of incredible SUPER SPERM that impregnates any woman it enters? Jeez, Louise, Jude. Anyway, put a sock on it! Sienna ain’t no “motherly type.”

  7. Iggles says:

    @ diva:
    “Siennas once promising career has suffered with all her associations with married men and a lot of men in general and constant drinking at pubs. She used to be looked at as a fashion icon and an “it girl” a few years ago. The Hollywood double standard exists since Jude does the same thing and his career hasn’t suffered.”

    While I agree woman are judged harsher for their sex lives than men are, I disagree with your assessment of Jude’s career.

    He used to be the “it guy”. He was the hottest guy in hollywood — UNTIL his affair with the nanny broke. His stock has gone way down. He lost his heartthrob status as many women saw him as a cheating cad. Some guys never lost their “heartthrob” appeal — Brad Pitt, George Clooney, etc. Jude did and for awhile his career floundered.

    While he may have success with Sherlock Holmes and “Hamlet”, his career never recovered to what it was. And it’s because once he was exposed as a cheating scoundrel his image was changed and then shortly after his looks started deteriorate (receding hair line). His often forgotten daughter is another thing that reinforces how this guy is gross (seriously, forgetting a child? What a douche).

    Jude and Sienna belong together. Maybe even more so than Sienna and Balthazar.

  8. fee says:

    I vote we keep them together to protect the rest of humanity from them.

  9. nona says:

    I don’t feel sorry for the kids.

    They seems comfortable enough and having a great fun with their dad in this pics.

    Jude and Sienna’s shitty carrers are because they have no talent to stand for the pass of time and beauty.
    They are just 2 actors that are not longer in vogue and have nothing else to offer,that’s it. It’s not always about conservative America, you know?

  10. Michelle says:

    Don’t see or understand the appeal of either Jude or Sienna, tbh. They’re both trashy and skanky, and their acting skills aren’t anything to write home about. I honestly fell asleep the last time I attempted to watch something with Jude Law in it.

  11. Raven says:

    If anyone should not be pregnant, it’s her. And he certainly doesn’t need anymore children.

  12. A says:

    “..They’ve got other loins to conquer.”


    any thing is good to use for attention, right

  13. lrm says:

    Um,in some locations,going topless is not considered ‘bad for the children’.
    Get over the prudish,anglo repressive sexuality American-ness.
    Nudity is not=to s*x in some places,and children are quite capable of knowing the difference,in such cases.
    Certainly not in the USA,but seriously,for some,topless would be a non-issue that is also non-damaging. Hard to fathom,I know.

  14. lrm says:

    and btw,how is Jude ‘forgetting’ his child? She’s a small infant,and lives w/her mother…which is fine and in my opinion,the best thing for her,given that the pregnancy was the result of a short fling. [And I DON”T understand at all the flack he gets for this. The mother also participated,AND,this kind of thing happens in life,among ‘non celebs’,too. It seems silly,immature and ridiculous to constantly comment on how lame he is for OMG having unprotected sex and accidentally getting pregnant! Do you realize how often this has happened around the world,for eons of time?]
    Anyway,what’s he supposed to do,take his infant child,who may be breastfeeding,to barbados on vacation?
    Yea,like the baby is really feeling abandoned at home w/her mom in FLA.

    I dont look down on him for this;I just don’t. I don’t get it.

  15. Maritza says:

    I like these two together, they look so cute.

  16. Pole says:

    They shouldn’t breed. Both are selfish and selfcentered IMO – they’re probably a good match but not for a child.

  17. Iggles says:

    @ lrm:
    “and btw,how is Jude ‘forgetting’ his child?”


    The douche went on Letterman and told him that he had 3 children. THAT’S how he is ‘forgetting’ his child.

    He has never even met his daughter! He’s been in the East Coast for months for Hamlet and refused to fly to Florida to meet his new baby. I understand she was the result of a fling, but his daughter had no control over the circumstances of her birth! Why take it out on her? The child DOES exist and it’s wrong for him to not want anything to do with her.

  18. Lisa says:

    I don’t understand weren’t they moving their stuff in crates to London apartment, no matter where they are planning to move this “reunion ” will not last. Jude Law deserves much better than Sienna Miller, she seems very volatile.

  19. A says:

    btw, his daughter is really beautiful. must be genes.
    but what a shame she’s got a manwh*re as her father. we’ll see where she’ll be in 10 years from now.

  20. Ally says:

    I think we should all be glad these two are back together, rather than contaminating other, fresh actors with their skeeze. It’s a perfect match of dumb and skeevy.

    Ditto Katy Perry and Russell Brand. Another match made in dimbulb heaven.

    I wish them all every happiness together so they never have to hook up with anyone else. Doubtful, though.

  21. Celie says:

    These two make me want to gak up a hairball. Really. They are that repulsive. Why are people like this even remotely admired

  22. trashaddict says:

    Skanky peeps deserve each other