Johnathon Schaech’s proposal video on facebook, creepy or sweet?

When I first saw this story, I was like “Johnathon Schaech who?” Schaech, 40, is an actor and director who used to be married to Christina Applegate, which is what I eventually dimly remembered him for. The guy is now making some minor headlines for proposing to his girlfriend, 26 year-old actress Jana Rae Kramer from One Tree Hill. He recorded a video of his proposal to Kramer, the lead-up to it and their thoughts on the matter and posted it on facebook so that it’s publicly available and not just for friends.

My first impression from watching the video is that there’s something creepy about Schaech. Maybe it’s the dumb short mohawk he’s sporting, which makes him look menacing like Puck from Glee. It’s more his smug attitude and the way he looks at the camera and seems to gloat. He’s arrogant, but I also get the impression that he really loves Kramer and wanted to make the proposal special for her.

There’s also the weird way that the proposal is edited and presented, with the two sitting on the couch and recounting the event like they’re on a reality show. Puck, I mean Schaech, has his own film company so maybe he’s trying to share his special moment in the way that he’s comfortable with. It still comes across as a private moment that should have been saved for friends and family, but is being packaged for our consumption. Is that what he intended to do by posting the video to Facebook? Did he screw up by making the video public or is that what he meant to do?

Schaech proposed to Kramer by renting out an ice skating rink while they were in his hometown in Edgewood, Maryland. He was pretty awkward and couldn’t skate, but still managed to get on one knee to present her with a ring. Kramer started crying and told him that the ring was gorgeous. The moments in the ice skating rink are touching, but it’s the cheesy couch discussion that kind of ruins it for me.

Is this a douche move by someone looking for attention or a sweet moment that a guy in love wanted to share with the world? (Please watch some of the video first and you’ll see why I’m asking.) While I find Schaech full of himself, that doesn’t mean that he’s not genuine. Again, he has his own film company with a friend and probably does a lot of his own editing and production. What seems over-the-top to us could just be something he takes for granted as part of his work.

Thanks to Huffington Post for the heads up!


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  1. GatsbyGal says:

    Yeah I dunno, there’s something off and not right about this. Can’t put my finger on it, but it’s not making me feel sweet and squishy inside, just kinda disgusted for some reason.

  2. Frenchie says:

    I have a mixed feeling about him like he is full of himself, but he finds himself very funny (reason why he is wearing a mohawk) and ‘very second degree humour’kind of guy.
    It’s a little bit like Joe in Friends, you could never know how dumb or humurous he was.
    But the first part of that facebook video (the one at the restaurant) definitly looks like they are playing.

  3. Pont Neuf says:

    After watching this, the only thing I’ve understood is: “Look at us! We’re relevant and we’re getting married! Yeah… We think… Sort of…”.

    I don’t mean to be cruel or cynical, but this seems like an attempt to get attention by making something “special” and “sweet” that will land them a ‘Newlyweds’ type of show.

    Anyhow, he is as arrogant as many men who are frequently told they are good-looking, and she seems a bit on the naive side.

    Let’s see if they manage to get that reality show anytime soon… I mean, let’s see if they share their joy and happiness with the rest of us out of sheer altruism *rolls eyes*.

  4. diva says:

    This is pathetic! They both have some serious issues if they feel the need to broadcast their irrelevant lives on facebook, they are not public figures. It is so dumb that is the only reason it made the news.

  5. nona says:

    Who is this people?

  6. Tia C says:

    nona, they are actors. Not that well known, obviously, from the comments here, lol!

    Schaech was hot in “How to Make an American Quilt,” but I haven’t seen him in anything decent since. If you look at his Imdb profile (, it looks like he’s been spending the past decade making an awful lot of horror schlock.

    Can’t look at the video right now, because I’m at work and they have FB blocked (yeah, no fun), but I will say that I wouldn’t want to see ANYONE’S proposal video, I don’t care who they are. Keep your corny sh*t to yourself. They probably are trolling for a reality show.

  7. Kelly says:

    Could someone please dig up the rumors about why he and Applegate divorced? I seem to remember something…unseemly. Am I right or wrong ’bout that?

  8. madge says:

    Are you people nuts?
    This is a video of a couple obviously in love. He’s trying to surprise her with a memorable proposal and they’re sharing it. She’s adorable and in love and proud of her beautiful ring.
    What is with people who always want to see the bad in something. You really had to search this to succeed.

  9. Ophelia says:

    @Kelly I think they got divorced because one of them cheated. I remember it being unseemly too. I’d look it up but I’m too lazy :-/

  10. KelBear says:

    I think I read somewhere that he grew up in Edgewood, MD which is where my mother in law lives….about 30 minutes away. Thats cool I guess.

    Im guessing she mainly said yes because of the ring. Think she said how pretty and big it was enough times.

  11. ccoop says:

    I watched the video and the ice rink idea was kind of cute, but the rest of it (and putting it on Facebook) is creepy.

  12. Popcorny says:

    I remember this guy … he was in that Tom Hanks flick with Liv Tyler about some 50’s band making it big quick.
    That Thing That You Do, that’s the movie.
    Well, good luck to them and let’s hope they don’t wind up here again too soon under worse circumstance.

  13. Kevin says:

    He was also in Doom Generation with Rose McGowan. He’s kind of eccentric.

  14. Musey says:

    Okay, I developed a big dorky crush on this guy after discovering That Thing You Do and The Doom Generation, and I thought I was the only person who remembered him at all, so seeing him pop up on Celebitchy with something weird like this is just making me cringe.

    I really do like the guy, but he is one of those actors who just exudes an indefinable creep factor with everything he does. And goddamn, dude, find a new hairstyle. That one makes you look like a serial killer.

    Oh, well.

  15. Ally says:

    I vote Creepy.

    I think this guy has a case of Ryan Philippe Syndrome, and likes the eager gratitude his young new girlfriend exudes. He was anxious to share it with the world (he was holding a camera in front of his face while proposing — real involved, man — ew) so that we would see him the way she does.


    Let’s also consider the element of putting it out there as a way to rub the engagement in Applegate’s face, too.

  16. johnathon schaech says:

    hA! Just having some fun…we just wanted to have some fun over the holiday break and we played with a goofy show on facebook called JANA – THON AND THE MOHAWK. We stayed up back in MARYLAND drank wine and edited five episodes on Jana’s apple. Had fun with our little FLIP videos…I used this quote ‘show’ to help make the moment I proposed to be a surprise. Jana thought we were going skating to do another fun episode. I don’t take myself to serious thus the mohawk. But I’m glad some people think I’m good looking even with the ridiculous strip of hair on my head. I am full of myself these days…have you seen my fiance. A lot of the commenters here might want to try doing something creative with their time and lives. I found some of their comments on this page very entertaining. Happy New Year everyone…ain’t FACEBOOK fun…it’s amazing how this thing spread. Ha! I never thought this would get out like this. I hope everyone can just enjoy our moment of joy. They’re hard to come by. Give me something I can hold on to. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Johnathon

  17. Frenchie says:

    so I was right, wasn’t I !

  18. johnathon schaech says:

    Yeah, Frenchie…I think you are right…HA! But the word creepy hurts a bit…I think I’m more scary, tough or edgy…But we definitely were just playing and having fun…shouldn’t life have these moments too? Watch the other stupid silly unprofessional episodes of Jana-thon and the Mohawk and you’d better understand what this video means…but probably not. Cause it wasn’t intended for this CELE – BITCHY audience. Okay, Waiting for my bride to be wake up so we can go for a hike. Happy New Year!

  19. Hmm I sense a reality show of FB proposals. Or something.

  20. misslily says:

    I don’t know why nobody noted how HIGH he looks on the couch. And it may be human nature to want to read what people are saying about you, but to bitch them out about it? Yeah, creepy.