Jon Gosselin’s lawyer: he “feels like he was raped”

The he said/she said debate is still going on in the case of Jon Gosselin’s stolen and damaged NYC apartment. Yesterday we learned that Jon’s place was wrecked right around the time that his ex, Hailey Glassman, moved out. There was a note supposedly from Hailey affixed to one of the doors with a knife and calling Jon a “cheater.” His clothing and furniture were shredded, stuff was broken and other things, like a TV and Wii console, were missing. Some of the missing items may have been legitimately removed by their owner. Hailey’s lawyer admits that her client removed the TV, and says that it was hers in the first place. Unlike the ridiculous rhetoric spouted by Jon’s lawyer, Hailey’s lawyer is pretty matter-of-fact. While Jon’s lawyer claims point blank “Hailey is going to jail” and that his client “feels like he was raped” Hailey’s lawyer says there are no charges yet and that “It is irresponsible to put out there someone is going to jail when the person is not even a suspect“:

Hailey Glassman’s attorney admitted to that security footage will show Jon Gosselin’s ex girlfriend removing a TV and other items from his apartment.

But Stephanie Ovadia said Glassman did nothing wrong and simply removed her belongings from the apartment she shared with the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star.

“We’re not denying Hailey took the TV,” Ovadia told in an exclusive interiew. “We are not denying she took her belonging out of the apartment. She is moving on with her life and taking her belongings.

She moved all her belongings out so there will be security video showing her carrying items out of the apartment.”

Glassman moved out last week. Jon called police Saturday and said he found his apartment ransacked with clothing and other items slashed, plus a note from Hailey speared to a wooden dresser with a knife.

His attorney Mark Heller told “Hailey Glassman is going to jail. It’s a simple as that.”

But Ovadia said that comment was irresponsible and Hailey, “is not even a suspect.”

She also said she has no information about a letter left in the apartment allegedly signed by Hailey. “I don’t know anything about a letter. I don’t have a copy of a letter,” Ovadia told

Amazingly, despite all the accusations, Ovadia says Hailey has no bad feelings toward Jon…

But Ovadia was insistent that Heller had gone too far stating Hailey will be arrested. “You can’t, as a lawyer, become personal,” she told “Our service is to defend our client. It is irresponsible to put out there someone is going to jail when the person is not even a suspect, they have not been convicted and there isn’t even a judge appointed in the case.”

[From Radar Online]

My first impression of this case was that Jon had wrecked his own apartment for sympathy and publicity, as Hailey alleges. Most people agree with me, and in a poll on the Huffington Post nearly 51% believe Jon wrecked his own apartment, with the rest of the people divided between “Hailey” and “joint effort.” (“Joint effort” makes sense as there were stories that Hailey and Jon conspired to get more attention with Hailey claiming “emotional abuse” in her appearance on The Insider.)

Now that I’ve read her lawyer’s carefully-worded statement, along with the fact that Jon’s LV shoes were ruined, I have to say that there is a creeping doubt that Hailey might have trashed the place in a fit of rage. Hailey is only 22 and she might have let thoughts of revenge get the best of her. (Remember, “revenge is a dish best served cold.”)

Hailey’s now ex-hookup, that skeezy-looking boxing promoter she was photographed kissing up on, has talked to Radar on her behalf. He said, in part, “In my opinion she has been set up because she was definitely over the guy… she comes from a really good family and I don’t think she’s the type of person to smash up a place.” I’m not so sure either way. She was dumb enough to get involved with Jon Gosselin in the first place.

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  1. temeneos says:


    move along, nothing to see here…

  2. diva says:

    I think she did it, they only admitted she took the tv after they had her on the security tape. I have heard of a lot of women trashing their ex-boyfriends place after breaking up, so it is not unheard of. If she moved out the week before it doesn’t make sense that she would go back a week later. I also think it is lame of him to press charges and issue a press release. His clothes were ugly anyway.

  3. Lantana says:

    Who cares?

  4. Sigh. says:

    If this is the stuff Jon is keeping his lawyer (that he can’t afford) around for, he is going to STAY broke for a very long time.

    $10 bucks says he’ll accept a “non-disclosed out of court settlement for damages” from her (rich father) in lieu of prosecution.

  5. Gracie says:

    What about how he took her half of the rent and spent it on himself? I heard that the rent on his apartment is four months overdue.

    I think he played her. He is already behind in his child support, four months behind in the rent on that place that he couldn’t afford in the first place, and he won’t look for a real job.

    Hailey is starting to look pretty good to me. I think he conned her all along and never cared for her except for what she could and would do for him monetarily and sexually.

    Jon is emotionally stunted.
    He is like a fungus with no soul.

  6. ! says:

    Apparently he also took a substantial sum from Hailey’s life savings, which I believe is separate from the 90,000 he just up and took. He gets whatever he deserves.

    Especially for that rape comment. Way to go, Jon. Unless you ARE raped you will never know what is like to BE raped. I mean, can we discuss that comment for a second? 1 in 4 women is sexually assaulted or raped before the age of 40…and that’s just the statistics of what goes reported. We live our entire lives in fear of what’s around the corner. We spend tons of time worrying about where we go, who we are with, if our drink is unattended, if we’re going to walk down the wrong alley at the wrong time, if its too dark or the wrong side of town, if our clothes are “rape bait”, if our shoes are too uncomfortable to be able to sprint in…it goes on and on and on. Many women live in terror. Many ignore the daily sexual harassment and assault that has happened to them in their lives simply because they want to keep sane.

    There is no greater insult to women than that douchebag saying he feels like he got raped. Unless his no-no hole is gushing and bleeding, and he’s a weeping crying traumatized mess for the rest of his life, then no, he doesn’t feel like he got raped. He feels like being a drama queen.

  7. bella says:

    I still think Jon did it to stay in the news, and (if he was even smart enough to have insurance) for the insurance money.

    He’s blaming Hailey because she is the convenient person to accuse…if he hadn’t spent Christmas with Kate & the kids, he’d be accusing her or her bodyguard or both.

    Jon just seems like one of those people who is totally self-aware but manages to be totally ignorant to anyone else’s existence.

  8. Obvious says:

    the girl who parties with her pants down is too mature to smash up a place? puh-lease

  9. bella says:

    @ l –

    Thank you for your comments re: Jon’s ignorant, insensitive statement about feeling raped. This little milque-toast-y panty-waste of a man has idea what he is talking about. (Why should this be any different from any other occasion when he opens his mouth, right?)

    He has absolutely no point of reference for what a rape does to a woman (or man, for that matter), and should therefore shut his mouth before comments like that escape. If he wants to say he feels violated, or like his apartment has been violated, that’s fine; but not when he tosses out the word “rape” so casually.

  10. guilty pleasures says:

    @ ! , brilliant, and exactly what I wanted to say only you did it better.
    How DARE anyone say they feel like they’ve been raped unless they HAVE!!! I work with rape victims, dealing with the trauma in the immediate aftermath then for months thereafter. I can think of NOTHING that ‘feels’ like that.
    I have had my house BNE’d, and felt pissed off and violated, but to nowhere near the degree of the personal trauma a sexual assault survivor feels.
    Eveytime I think JG has sunk as far as he can, he just dips down that much further…poor kids..

  11. KelBear says:

    It’s pretty obvious that either she did it or he did it to his own place.

  12. gg says:

    I am 100% onboard with “!” and “Obvious”. And Jon should not tempt fate like this lest he really feel what it’s like to be raped. Too bad he can’t seem to shut his stupid mouth.

  13. lastwordlinda says:

    People that equate something only mildly important, like having their stuff trashed, to rape, are the same as people that make reference to Nazis and the holocaust to try and make a point. They are idiots who have never suffered a real loss or trauma in their lives, idiots whose only frame of reference are shallow, tiny moments in their lives that they blow out of proportion for the drama. It’s a ridiculous use of hyperbole to draw attention to themselves or a cause. A**holes all of them.

  14. Goddess711 says:

    If he thinks THIS is like rape, wait til he ends up in jail with Bubba for his cellmate. If anybody’s going to end up in jail over this it’ll be Jon himself. Let’s hear his feelings on being raped THEN!

  15. Nancy says:

    Good thing she finally wised up and left the scumbag.

  16. jen says:

    @ ! – Thank you. People tossing around the word rape like it doesn’t mean anything…well, I guess I have to consider the source. I knew this guy was a piece of sh*t, but the fact that he continues to get worse & worse is UNBELIEVABLE. I mean, how low can one person sink? The fact that he’s STILL SINKING after all these months leads me to believe Jon might set a new standard 😉

    And again !, thank you.

  17. Wresa says:

    He actually paid a lawyer to make those asinine comments? What sort of professional is so careless as to compare burglary to rape?

    He has really surrounded himself with BAD people. But how does that saying go? “Birds of a feather f*ck together?”

  18. ann says:

    Sounds like Jon has the perfect lawyer.
    He is as big a JACKASS as Jon is.
    “Like rape”. Anyone who ever hires this fool for anything is also a JACKASS. Maybe Kate feels that being married to this toad was “like TORTURE”.
    What an ASS.

  19. ! says:

    You’re welcome, all. It needed to be said and I was surprised that no one was directly calling him out for saying it.

  20. KatyAlia says:

    I think the word he’s looking for is ‘violated’, not ‘raped’. That does make sense to me, actually. Airport security makes me feel that way…

  21. Theresa says:

    To compare ransacking to rape is outragious! I think the guy did it for publicity. I hope she sues him for slander and whoever prints the accusations about her should be sued for Libal.

  22. Liz says:

    The idiot gets what he deserves! More than likely his Hailey did it. WHO CARES?? He already left a wonderful wife and 8 beautiful children, what the idiot gets, he deserves ( PLUS, doesnt he look cool smoking?) OMG, what an effin idiot! Kate is so much better without him.

  23. Shannon says:

    I have 2 points. Please bear with me. :))

    As someone who actually WAS RAPED TWICE, HOW DARE you use that term! And secondly, I did not think that there was a bigger NOW diva than Kate, but Jon makes her look more and more like an average woman who was used by a vienna sausage dude.

  24. brendag says:

    he is a moron no more about these people PLEASE

  25. ligeia says:

    i kind of feel bad, but i can’t help but gloat everytime something negative happens to john. he’s such an irresponsible immature scumbag. leaving your wife and children to go screw a bunch of younger skanks ain’t so hot now, huh johny…

  26. WTF?!? says:

    @ KatyAlia:

    “I think the word he’s looking for is ‘violated’, not ‘raped’. That does make sense to me, actually. Airport security makes me feel that way…”

    Me, too! Makes me want to drive everywhere.