Baby Experts vs. Britney Spears

Baby experts have chimed iin on Britney Spears’ parenting techniques. A dietician criticizes the pop singer for admitting that she feeds her eight month-old son, Sean Preston, ice cream to help him sleep:

BRITNEY SPEARS has been criticised by a leading dietitian for feeding her baby son ice-cream. The pregnant pop star recently revealed she uses the sweet treat to help the eight-month-old get to sleep. She said, “He loves ice cream – it makes him sleep better.” But British diet expert SARAH GOSNAY claims too much of the sugary snack can be bad for babies and is more likely to keep SEAN PRESTON awake than send him to sleep. She says, “Up until the age of five children need some high calorie foods in their diet to help them grow but they also need balanced meals and to be set healthy patterns for the rest of their lives. What you eat as a child affects what you eat as an adult. “Ice cream is high in saturated fat, the cholesterol producing type of fat, as well as sugar, and should really be a treat food for a child. “I don’t like the sound of ‘it makes him sleep better’. That sounds like he’s having ice cream regularly in his diet, a habit that is going to be hard for Britney to change.

Of course ice cream should only be an occasional treat for baby, and not a regular before bedtime snack.

While Britney might not have broken the law for putting her son in a forward-facing baby seat with loose straps, she certainly didn’t ensure his safety.

The “Car Seat Lady,” an expert on “infant passenger safety,” has confirmed what everyone has said about the picture of Britney driving with Sean slumped over in the back seat of her convertible – the straps were way too loose:

“The straps are way too loose. That seat is not going to be able to protect the baby because she’s not using it right,” said Dr. Alisa Baer, a national expert on infant passenger safety known as “The Car Seat Lady.”

“It’s toward a gross misuse” of the Britax seat, Baer said after examining a photo of Spears ferrying her son in the back seat of her Mini Cooper convertible.

Baby Sean Preston was riding in a forward-facing car seat – which was “in compliance” with California law, Spears’ rep said…

“One year old is a bare minimum to keep a child in a rear-facing seat, and older is recommended,” said Baer. “Babies’ neck bones are still stretchy … and their heads account for about 25% of their body weight.”

That controversial photograph of Sean Preston slumped over in his forward-facing carseat has prompted California lawmakers to introduce a bill that would eliminate grey areas in the state’s carseat law. Under the proposed law, all babies under one would be mandated to ride in rear-facing carseats regardless of their weight. The NY Daily News jokes that the new regulation would be called “Britney’s Law.”

Britney was in NY the past few days, and seemed to bring Sean Preston with her everywhere. This is rare for a celebrity mother, and you can’t say she doesn’t love the little tyke. She just needs a bit more guidance on how to care for him.

Britney is shown above having a “girl’s night out” at Tao in NY yesterday, and at a Lucky magazine event, below. She is also shown shopping in NY. [via] and [via]

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  1. Angelika says:

    I’m definitely not an expert when it comes to childcare, but from all the news I read about Britney and all the photos I see, it just looks like a little pop princess playing with a DOLL – she just doesn’t seem to get it right, her and Sean Preston always look that weird and helpless..

  2. celebitchy says:

    She does need to be careful about how she handles him and what she says about him. She’s a public figure and shouldn’t be telling people that she gives him ice cream to get him to go to sleep. She also does look helpless a lot, but it might have something to do with the paparrazi that hound her. Sometimes she just looks scared and you end up feeling sorry for her.

  3. Angelika says:

    I do feel sorry for her, because she obviously can’t handle this situation corrrectly.. She’s obviously unhappy in her marriage and I think that having a baby and a second coming along in such a young way is much more exhausting and difficult than she thought it would be..

  4. millie says:

    I just saw pix of Britney almost falling down in NYC.. she was carrying Sean Preston on her arm, held a glass with a drink in the other hand and was wearing high platform heels (she had them on before so I was able to actually see how high they were) and jeans that were too long and went under her shoes. If not for a guy who grabbed her and SPF, the baby would have probably hit the pavement. He lost his hat and looked like he was falling out of her arm. Many people defended her on blogs saying “it was an accident, she tripped”… sure it was an accident, she surely loves the baby and tries to be a great mom, but if you are a) pregnant b) carrying a small baby and c) being pushed around by paparazzis, you probably shouldn’t be wearing high heels and holding a drink in the hand that should be supporting the baby. Also, I was stunned to see that she was getting out of the car (big, high SUV) while carrying SPF .. you get out of the car first and get the baby when your feet are already firmly on the ground. He’s a big boy now and quite heavy and she’s pregnant and probably prone to losing her balance.. it just seems like common sense! Why can’t she get a baby carrier so he’s better supported and safer? The poor kid was already dropped on his head once, he doesn’t need any more accidents.

  5. celebitchy says:

    He was probably dropped more than once. I’m going to publish those pictures – thanks! It’s six hours later here so when they came out I was sleeping. My son refuses to ride in his stroller anymore so I end up carrying him a lot. It is a pain because he is so big, but it’s all I can do. I have never almost dropped him though because a) I don’t wear high heels unless I’m going out without him, which is rare and b) I am careful with him. (hehe I just noticed that you did that a,b,c thing too. I must have copied you without realizing it.) Anyway you are totally right, and I will publish those pictures now.