Gary Goldsmith: Princess Diana ‘had her own interests’ & ‘sought her own publicity’

Two weekends ago, the Times published an exclusive interview with Gary Goldsmith, the Princess of Wales’s ridiculous uncle. While the interview was published after Kate’s big cancer-announcement video, the interview had been conducted nearly a week earlier, soon after Gary was the first person kicked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house. The Times interview was epic in the sense that Gary has been issued palace talking points and he mostly delivered them, and in doing so, he made his niece and her husband look like unhinged stalkers. Gary’s obsession with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is obscene, but he basically revealed the general palace mindset that Meghan is disposable and that the establishment is actively looking for a way to get rid of her so Harry can come running back to be William and Kate’s scapegoat. I bring this up because Uncle Gary gave yet another interview, only this time, he threw Princess Diana under the bus for some reason.

Kate Middleton’s maternal uncle, Gary Goldsmith, said the Princess of Wales handled the explanation of her cancer diagnosis “incredibly well” in an exclusive interview with Spanish show ¡De Viernes! released on March 29.

“I have been in touch with my sister Carol [Middleton] to make sure my niece is okay. I thought Kate handled it incredibly well, especially in such a difficult and tricky situation,” said Goldsmith, who spoke to reporters in English, but had his answers translated to Spanish for viewers. “I don’t know anybody else who’s had to deal with something like that, deal with their children and then have to offer explanations to the national and international media in such a public scenario. She did it beautifully. It was handled very well, she was honest and transparent and it does feel like she’s on the mend and it’s all preventive.”

Before Kate went public with her tragic news, her whereabouts became the subject of much speculation – as many feared for her well-being. But Gary claimed the speculation “hurt me.” He continued: “I would hope that they’re more sophisticated and the people around them have shown more caution and they haven´t read or listened to everything that’s been published and have chosen to focus on their family first.”

He went on to say: “But it’s hard to imagine that they haven’t been affected by so many comments and conspiracy theories. I have sent messages to Kate so she knows what I feel and the love I have for her.” Placing himself in hot water once again, Gary, who is known for being the controversial family member of the Middleton family, told a Spanish magazine: “Kate’s work is evident in her work for the Royal Family, while Diana had her own interests. She sought her own publicity. I don’t know if everything Diana did was in the country’s interest.”

[From Time & The Daily Mirror]

First of all, “I would hope that they’re more sophisticated and the people around them have shown more caution” – is he saying what I think he’s saying? That William and Kate were ill-served by their staff, and the Kensington Palace’s clownery compounded the issues around his niece? I also think it’s interesting that he hasn’t spoken to Kate, just Carole. Incidentally, we’ve only seen Carole one time in three months. It’s interesting that she’s putting out fires behind the scenes, I guess. As for what he says about Diana… “Kate’s work is evident in her work for the Royal Family, while Diana had her own interests. She sought her own publicity. I don’t know if everything Diana did was in the country’s interest.” I just… ugh. Gary needs to take Meghan and Diana’s names out of his mouth. Why are the Middletons and the Windsors letting everyone know that Gary is out there, speaking for them?

Screencaps courtesy of Celebrity Big Brother.

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  1. equality says:

    Let him ramble about Di. She still has far more fans than Kate. This will show more people exactly what he and the Mids are. If you have to bring other people down to build yourself up, you aren’t much. And there are plenty of public people who have had to deal with family, cancer diagnosis, etc. And handled it far more gracefully than the Wales have. So much for Kate’s BS about people “not being alone”.

    • Jane says:

      Queen Diana was a very beautiful, kind and very Regal. Katie is sick , passive aggressive and should concentrate on her health and reining in her Uncle and those trolls vs the Sussexes and Queen Diana.

    • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

      Yes, let the Gary speak about Diana, let him speak for the middletons and represent the middletons. Everything coming out is vomit. let the Diana fans rage over it. Imagine what Gary and the Middletons say about her behind closed doors.

  2. No uncle wife beater your niece did not handle the situation beautifully. The fake pictures and videos were not done well. It’s been a complete cluster f**k of a failure. Let’s leave a long dead Diana out of this mess your niece is currently in.

  3. MrsH says:

    He needs to keep Diana’s name out of his mouth! The Middletons/Goldsmithsare vile.

    • Seraphina says:

      That was my first thought, keep Diana out of your mouth. THIS would cause me to have a talk with him if I were Wills. But we all know that will not happen.

      • Bad Janet says:

        I don’t think William would ever. He has distanced himself from Diana in a few ways, rarely expresses any empathy for her, and seemed okay with the “she was just crazy” narrative.

        I don’t know if he is getting brainwashed by Charles, disliking the Harry comparisons to Diana, or what, but I don’t get the impression that he has much respect for her – or at the very least, he has complicated feelings. Makes me wonder if Uncle Gary is going off book again, or if he is doing this because he feels safe doing so.

      • Tessa says:

        I am noticing ugly comments about diana by Kate follower s and she us better than Diana. Sickening

    • what's inside says:

      Agree. What an ass.

    • TarteAuCitron says:

      A Fame Ho’ says whut?

      Diana did a lot of genuinely useful work with AIDS patients, landmines, and the homeless to name but a few.
      Kate once clicked through a powerpoint on Arly Yahs. She can’t compete.

  4. blue says:

    “. . tragic news” ?? If she’s alive & getting “preventively” treated, it isn’t tragic. I don’t understand why Uncle Gary’s thoughts & opinions warrant any press.

  5. Christine says:

    Just off the top of my head, Magic Johnson springs to mind. Sit the hell down, Gary.

    • SAS says:

      I thought of Angelina Jolie going through her major surgery, becoming an advocate for genetic screening tests, and trying to keep things together for her SIX children! Get a grip, Gary.

  6. aquarius64 says:

    The buncle keeps showing the Middletons are social climbing trailer trash, the British Markles. Slagging on Diana, a woman from one of the oldest families in England, is one of the stupid things to date. Keeping proving the aristos called it right about Kate.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Lets not forget the interview where Carole basically called Diana a bad mother and that SHE was the mother that William never had. The whole family are trash who really think they are better than true blue bloods.

      • Tessa says:

        I doubt Wil liam would have gotten involved with the middletons had Diana been around.

    • Tessa says:

      Earl Spencer won’t like it and Diana s sisters won’t he is insulting the Spencer’s. Maybe the earl can put Gary in his place

  7. Brassy Rebel says:

    Yes, why is this messy dude out there giving interviews at all? He needs to stick a sock in it, especially when it comes to Diana who did more for GB’s interests than he ever will.

    • MoonTheLoon says:

      Because the media’s asking and paying him for those interviews. His and Carole’s lifestyles in’t gonna pay for themselves! 🤣

  8. Jan says:

    Last interview he called Harry thick, saying he would not make his Pub Quiz Team.
    Well wife-beater, I have some questions for you, do you know there is a body double posing as your niece? Did your niece sleep during her all of her classes?
    She should get a refund for her elocution lessons.
    Your niece lack so many thing that Diana had, empathy for one, work ethic, the list is too long.

  9. Jais says:

    Why in the world is he talking trash about Diana? Is he really trying to start a competition of who is/was the best Princess of Wales? It’s that kind of one-up competition that makes the Middletons so unpleasant. It’s all about trashing anyone who is seen as competition whether it’s Diana or Meghan. It is so off-putting.

  10. Just Jade says:

    Those drifters really went there.

  11. Andy Dufresne says:

    Wow! How desperately poor are the Middletons?

    Go ahead Uncle Gary, keep putting yourself out there with more BS so that you can give that money to Carole lolll.

    There will come a time when you won’t be in the public anymore. Do not underestimate the shadiness and how dirty the Royal Family can be.

  12. Nlopez says:

    I understand why Harry is ignoring this ogre, but this is William’s wife’s uncle. William could shut down any offensive comments about his mother, but he obviously doesn’t care since he has made several offensive comments about her himself. SMH

    • Dandelion2 says:

      William might want Kate and her family to appear unsuitable.
      Kate is easier to divorce post-cancer if she is unsuitable, trashy, from bad stock, Diana hathing.

  13. Amy Bee says:

    I suspect Gary’s comments about Diana are also believed by William, Kate and the rest of the Royal Family.

  14. Chaine says:

    It’s definitely a bizarre take, to trash you nephew in law the future king’s globally beloved deceased mother, but ok…

  15. Lady Digby says:

    Why has GG started to imagine that he is a celebrity in his own right and launched himself as some kind of authority on people that he’s never met purely because his niece is Kate? Yes he has a gigantic ego but why did he do CBB this year instead of previously? Has he lost the fortune that he brags about? I can’t imagine sister Carole wants him doing a running commentary especially now. Maybe someone is going to ghost write his autobiography after all?

  16. Sunday says:

    idk, all my pr doublespeak sensors read here is “I haven’t personally seen or spoken to Kate” which then means we’re relying entirely on the source to verify the story, who in this case is *checks notes* a domestic abuser drug addict reality show contestant.

    it’s not even like we have to poke holes in their story; the stories they’re presenting us with are basically loosely crocheted together at this point. Once again Ronan Farrow I am begging!!

  17. Lili says:

    Interesting he is spouting this nonsense to spanish media, is this somesort of push back against the coma news? why when your niece announced her cancer did you not rush to see her? note to GG your niece has been associating with that family for a long time the world knows what she is about. besides its too early for revisonist history. wait a bit to canonise her

  18. Tessa says:

    Gary is so repulsive. By his trashing Diana us he trying to curry favor with c and c.

    • Cessily says:

      Exactly! ‪This man needs to just 🛑, he never knew Princess Diana I wish people would just let her rest in peace instead of using her for whatever narrative they want pushed in the media.

  19. The Duchess says:

    Cancer or no cancer, Kitty has been forever tarnished with the edited photos debacle. She was thrown under the bus well and proper. It amazes me how KP did that knowing full well Keen was battling cancer, but the Windsors have never been kind to their females. Invoking Diana into this is so boring and repetitive. Uncle Squirm is doing himself no favours for him or his niece.

    • Mary Pester says:

      Ah uncle hookers and blow the gag reflex just keeps on gagging when I look at that picture! Listen you horrible Little dick. The only thing your neice has in common with Diana is the Taj Mahal picture that she has tried to copy. Diane was interested, Diana worked For and with her charities, she didn’t have staff do everything and claim the credit. So jog on matey, and thank christ your 5 minutes is almost up!!

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      The Duchess, but she did that video, which IMO was edited, but no one is saying that it was. So, how innocent is she?

  20. Tessa says:

    So craven Gary trashes a dead woman now. Next he’ll say Kate is better than the late queen.

  21. NotSoSocialB says:

    What a disgusting, little man.

  22. Over it says:

    STFU UNCLE COKEBOTTLE Don’t talk about Meghan, Harry , their children, Doria or Diana. Just stfu for goodness sake.

  23. Ameerah M says:

    He needs to keep Diana’s name OUT of his mouth.

  24. Vader says:

    Imo, this wife-beater is a sanctioned mouth piece for Kate. This is what she really thinks of Diana and it checks with Wanks actions towards Diana’s legacy (getting the Bashir interview banned and calling her paranoid).

    It always amazes me how rota rats always try connect kate to diana while saying Diana wouldn’t have approved of meghan. But It’s kate that’s buddies with cowmilla and is a willing pawn of the brf and rota rats. Meghan is far more like Diana, not just in work ethic and accomplishments, but also in self respect.

  25. Kake says:

    Please keep running your mouth Uncle Tony Montana cause the internet is collecting your trashy, addiction addled receipts. Every time you mention Diana, you’re undermining your niece’s barely there sympathy wishes and her already precarious position. In the past few weeks the internet has not only dunked on you and your family, it has also WON at your expense. So PLEASE, keep feeding your ego, addiction, and doing interviews EXACTLY like this! Combining your ridiculousness and along with trotting out Uncle Nounce, we can all enjoy a meme filled end to this institution.

  26. Rnot says:

    It sounds like Gary hasn’t seen or spoken to Kate in years. Maybe he has a monthly phone call with Carole. Anyone else getting the vibe that he’s being kept at arms-length by the Middletons and someone like Jason Knauf is running the Thomas Markle playbook again? Why now? Why CBB? Why the interviews? Either he’s trying to go rogue because he’s mad he’s been excluded or he’s being influenced by someone whose interests don’t align with Kate’s. He’s dumb but he wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to share this with the world at this moment in time unless someone with power wanted him to.

  27. Izzy says:

    Wife-beating drug dealer says what now?

    He needs to take Diana’s name out his mouth.

  28. kelleybelle says:

    Please, this IDIOT is as bad as Markle Sr. Why does he even get a platform? Ugh.

  29. BeanieBean says:

    I bet good ol’ Gar hasn’t seen Katiekins in years. Oh, wait, did he get to go to the coronation? Or maybe one of the ancillary events? Probably saw her from afar & hasn’t spoken in person in forever; it would seem she’s not accepting his calls or texts, or however he’s attempting to communicate. Or maybe he’s been told not to even try & that’s why he’s contacting Carole.

  30. Penny says:

    Ever since the News of the World sting in Ibiza – where he reportedly compared Camilla *extremely * unfavorably to Diana – he has been scrambling and overcompensating to get in C’s good books.

    She won’t have forgotten though, no matter how she feigned nonchalance at W&K’s wedding. He said what he really thought when he imagined no one would hear.

    Beaniebean – no, there is no way C&C would have had him at the Coronation! He wasn’t even allowed to the wedding breakfast after the Abbey, or the evening bash.

  31. bisynaptic says:

    Does the UK really need to hear from this 🫏?

  32. Lau says:

    Absolutely disgusting. Also it once again sounds like Kate is not replying to any of his messages so that’s hilarious at least. He’s exactly the same type of person as the horrible members of the Markle family who refuse to go away when they’re being ignored (not that they stop trying to stay relevant once they’re acknowledged).