Duchess Meghan read books to kids at the Children’s Hospital LA on March 21

On March 21st, the Duchess of Sussex was in LA, and she spent several hours at the Children’s Hospital to lead a Literally Healing session. That’s where actors, entertainers or authors come to visit the children and read books to them or just play with the kids and entertain them. Meghan did a reading session featuring books like Rosie the Riveter, Pete the Cat and I Saw a Cat. The hospital waited nearly two weeks to post the photos, and I think I know why but I won’t speculate.

The Duchess of Sussex, 42, visited the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles on March 21, where she led a Literally Healing session.

“Children were laughing and singing as The Duchess turned into character with every page as she read patient favorite books like Rosie the Riveter, Pete the Cat and I Saw a Cat,” according to a statement. Meghan also helped children with STEAM activities connected to each book. In a video of the visit, Meghan greeted the children as they gathered for the engaging reading time, excitedly showing the cover of Rosie Revere, Engineer and telling the group, “This is one of my favorites.”

The mom of two — she shares a 4-year-old son, Prince Archie, and a 2-year-old daughter, Princess Lilibet, with Prince Harry — gave animated readings, adding voice inflections and gestures to go along with the stories. Children shouted out answers and sang along as Meghan read Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons. “This was a great choice, friends,” she said as she closed the book and declared, “The end.”

[From People]

Interestingly enough, it looks like Meghan was in LA for another event on that same day, March 21st. That evening, after Meghan read books to kids, she and Harry hosted a special event in honor of The Kinsey African American Art and History Collection, which is currently housed at the SoFi Stadium. The event was basically a private tour of the exhibit, plus a moderated conversation with Bernard Kinsey, Shirley Kinsey and Khalil Kinsey. While there were some photos from the event the day after it happened, Sussex.com just did a post about it yesterday.

Here’s a video from Meghan’s hospital visit. She has such “teacher energy.” If she wasn’t an actress and a duchess, she would have been a kindergarten teacher, ISTG.

Photos courtesy of The Children’s Hospital LA Instagram.

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55 Responses to “Duchess Meghan read books to kids at the Children’s Hospital LA on March 21”

  1. Proud Mary says:

    Thank you Duchess Meghan for being a real ubermench. Love how she just goes about her business despite all the attempt by the jealous leftovers to bring her down.

    • Jais says:

      Ubermench! ❤️

    • Debbie says:


    • Snaggletooth says:

      I’m still on Covid cautious twitter and everyone was gushing about how lovely it is to see someone actually wear a real respirator (instead of nothing or an “baggy blue”) around sick kids. Covid can still be devastating to the immunocompromised. It really shows how much she cares that she’s still being informed and conscientious in 2024. She is truly, deeply a Mensch.

  2. Late says:

    She is definitely has little kids energy because she was so animated and into it reminded of the Ellen dorky skit

    • Chloe says:

      Meghan is a nurturer and that side really comes out even more when she’s around kids. I also feel like she has just a bit of a youthful streak. Which is why she probably gels so well with Harry.

    • sevenblue says:

      According to Omid’s book, one of the courtiers (an old one who is good at his job) who worked for H&M has apparently regarded them as “teenagers”. Just to note, he didn’t say it as an insult, but I think their energy isn’t what these traditional royal courtiers are used to. I am so happy for H&M that they found each other. They are really perfect together.

    • ML says:

      I finally had a minute to view the video without disturbing anyone. Omg, Meghan is such a great storyteller/ reader! She’s got inflection, energy, she interacts with both the kids and makes asides about the pictures. This was so cute! I hope we get more of her like this.

      • Christine says:

        Same, she does things like this with an ease and energy that is so admirable. I just love her.

        My son had an MRI at this hospital when he was 6 mo (he was fine), and I spent the entire time trying to act like I wasn’t choked up and fighting back tears. This is not a place that hides the sickest kids away, and I have never forgotten the things I saw 14 years ago. The fact that Meghan can walk in and be so positive, engaged, and entertaining makes me appreciate her more than I already did. She was born for this.

      • ML says:

        Christine, I’m so glad your little guy was okay! It’s scary when your kid needs to be in hospital. My kids have been in for asthma, an operation, and the original wave of Covid gifted one of my kids with (thankfully now almost gone) heart problems. The people who volunteer their time to read, do arts and crafts, magic tricks, play board games, etc, are really wonderful! When your child is really sick, they don’t need them, but as they start to recover and before they can go home, that hospital room/ ward becomes small and boring. And some of the other kids are incredibly ill—it’s heartbreaking! Meghan clearly showed up to amuse and connect with these kids. The hospital where your son was does a good job 👍

  3. CherHorowitz says:

    She’s so cute reading those stories I wish she was my mum

  4. Nlopez says:

    I saw a clip of the visit. Meghan did a good job with the kids! The children and the staff were very engaged with Meghan. It reminded me of Princess Diana’s visits with children. May her universal service continue unabated. Good job Meghan!❤️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  5. Chantal1 says:

    This wonderful story made me smile! I love how Duchess Meghan doesn’t just donate money, but also donates her time to important causes. She’s beautiful inside and out! Respect!

  6. North of Boston says:

    This was so sweet; the part at the end where she was 1 on 1 with the kids first made me smile and then made me tear up. Simple human kindness and delight at spending time with them 🙂

  7. Jais says:

    So cute. Love it 🥰

  8. StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

    Amazing! What a great entertainer for children! ❤️

  9. Brassy Rebel says:

    “Service is universal.” 💯

  10. Eurydice says:

    She’s delightful – looks like everyone had a great time!

  11. TN Democrat says:

    Meghan is a lovely human and would have been a true asset to Windsors. William is a fool to have have started and continued the ill treatment of the Sussexes. He needs them more than they need him and the Sussexes are never, ever coming. Meghan also has the sense and decency to wear a mask around sick kids. The images of Charles maskless among crowds Easter were astonishing because he should know better. Immune compromised people are vulnerable to all sorts of pathogens. Charles and everyone in his circle should be taking extra care not to expose him to any illness.

    • rosa mwemaid says:

      I agree, Meghan would have been a great asset to Britain, and especially the Commonwealth, William isn’t even interested in the Commonwealth, it makes a refreshing change to read this article and see the comments after reading the Daily Excess and the Daily Hate mail. Always knew that Meghan was a good one.

  12. Becks1 says:

    What a lovely visit. The kids seemed to love having her there.

  13. Amy Bee says:


  14. Jais says:

    Also that flowy skirt is the Carolina Herrera one she wore in windsor. It was one of the pics from the docuseries. I think she’s holding Archie or holding his hand in the pic. Sweet energy.

  15. LM says:

    What a lovely thing to do. What I really like about her is that she is so personable and just nice. I like nice people, not everybody needs to be a cynic.

    After the article , I am curious about why those pics were held for two weeks.

    • Cali says:

      The visit took place the day before Kate’s cancer video. Smart to delay release of this visit.

      • Quara says:

        Agreed—I can’t even imagine the amount of teeth gnashing that would have happened if this had been released anywhere near Kates announcement.

      • rosa mwemaid says:

        They would say that she deliberately did this outing to draw attention away, even if it was before she knew about the cancer. Timelines are not important.

  16. RR Carter says:

    It’s good to see the Duchess of Sussex out doing what she loves, give.

  17. swaz says:

    This is so wonderful 🎈🎈🎈 they all look like they were having an enjoyable time ❤

  18. Bluenoser says:

    Her kindness really shines through her actions. Showing selflessness, compassion and empathy, all of which is easy to see is core to her being.

  19. Princessk says:

    Fabulous Meghan! ♥️

  20. Patricia says:

    Before I comment on this I invite you all.to.read Charles Spencer’s book A Very Private School. It is what the Brush upper class and upper middle class considerd a proper education. Routinely, many of these “caregivers” would be spending time in a facility charged with sexual, emotional and physical abuse we’re this were to happenen in America.
    Now, lets look at Meghan. She is a natural teacher. her interaction with children was a beautiful thing to see. Kind, compassionate, encouraging, rewarding with praise, engaging them to interact and predict what was coming next in the story, smiling all the time. It was amazing to see. As a retired teacher with 50 years experience in public schools and art museums, I was gratified to see her work. Her children are very fortunate indeed. Thank you, Meghan. You should be writing on “early years.” And they wondered why she postponed this. Of course the media would have had to destroy anything she does.

    • Mary Pester says:

      @Patricia, you are so right, Megan would have been a perfect fit for early years.
      Look at the glow around her. No pye charts, no aides, no staff just Megan, and “just Megan” is more than enough to instill happiness in these children. She is so relaxed, so natural and because of that the children are at ease. I can remember her first visit to Uvaldie and how the press tried to shame her for it, of course failing to mention how both she and Harry have helped build a children’s playground, stayed in contact with and revisited families affected by that terrible day. The UKs loss is Americas gain, and even though I’m so glad Megan, Harry and the children are safe over there, I will forever side eye the waleses and the Windsors for driving them away.

  21. Chelsea says:

    That picture of Mama Doria with Miss Tina Knowles 😍. I saw Miss Tina was at that event when news first came out about it and was hoping we’d get a pic of her and Meghan as she’s been a pretty vocal defender of Meghan in the past(she even went off on piers Morgan, who has apparently also attacked beyonce in the past, for his treatment of M) but this is just as good. They both look beautiful.

  22. Suze says:

    Rosie Revere, Engineer is such a great book! Honestly that whole series is wonderful, and illustrated really beautifully. I hope the author keeps publishing them, my son adores them. (Presumably my daughter will too, but given she’s not yet 2 we’re still more on the Dinosaur Dance side of storytime.)

    The video was really lovely, you could tell that Meghan was engaged with the kids and the staff.

  23. QuiteContrary says:

    Meghan just brims with charisma and warmth. The part where she was chanting “my two groovy buttons” with the kids was just adorable.

    She is just light … no wonder the bitter royals insisted she dim that light. She outshone them at every turn.

    And I totally agree about the importance of her masking around those very sick kids — she is a selfless, smart and compassionate person.

    • BeanieBean says:

      That looked like such a cute book! I miss the days when my nieces & nephews were little & I could buy them books; I always read them first! Very carefully, of course, so they’d still look new!

  24. L4Frimaire says:

    I loved seeing this event. Meghan genuinely likes kids and definitely has a kindergarten teacher vibe. She just projects warmth and enthusiasm. Also side note she’s wearing floral patterns both at this and the evening art event. Nice to see it.

  25. B says:

    I love the whole theme of this campaign. When you are sick your options for entertainment are so limited. Reading a good book will make you feel like you traveled the world. The kids had fun and so did Meghan plus she looked great. That ensemble was gorgeous and very spring coded.

  26. Worktowander says:

    This dress looks exactly like Kate’s go-to silhouette. Pretty, but I don’t associate this style with Megan. Meanwhile, great work on the books and kids!

    • L4Frimaire says:

      Not really getting Kate from it at all. Meghan’s worn it before. That’s the dress she wore back in 2022 when her kids met Queen Elizabeth.

    • Square2 says:

      Nah. 3Kate would wear a skin-tight top with big shoulder pads & chose the most ugly print for the skirt.

  27. Jasper says:

    This was just a delight to see! I love her energy around the children. As Patricia and others said earlier, she would have been an awesome teacher!

  28. AC says:

    And her visit has been trending on SM in the UK. Even though the firm kicked her out and she now lives in another country, they are still obsessed with her and all she does in the US. Well, I guess it also gives great exposure to LA children’s hospital (which is affiliated with USC school of medicine) and the good they do for the community.

  29. Doppelgangers R'Us says:

    I would so love to see Duchess Megan do a series of videos reading books to children. She is so meant for that joyful interaction!
    Blessing to her and her family!

  30. tamsin says:

    I don’t see how a fund raising event for a children’s hospital would mean any disrespect for Kate’s cancer announcement. They really should come out of their bubble and acknowledge that there is a whole world beyond the UK>

  31. Julianna says:

    Meghan was so cute with these kids. I loved this visit. She was so natural, animated and lively with them. I’m glad those children had a wonderful day with her. The derangers were big mad on social media about this..

  32. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    I love this. It’s fun reading to kids, they love it, n my experience. Imagine having the consideration to wear a mask around vulnerable children. It’s not so difficult.

  33. blunt talker says:

    The Sussexes believe-SERVICE IS UNIVERSAL=That is how Harry and Meghan roll.

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