Prince Harry changed his residency to America on Travalyst’s company filings

Back in 2019, Prince Harry launched Travalyst, the global initiative to encourage more environmentally-friendly travel. Travalyst basically partners with airline companies, travel sites and more to provide environmental information to create more informed tourists. It was something Harry developed on his own, away from his brother and whatever palace interventions, although he organized the launch through his then-royal office. Which is probably why Travalyst still had Harry at a UK address up until last year. He changed his residency from the UK to America on Travalyst documents:

Prince Harry has changed his country of residence from Britain to the United States in official paperwork, four years after quitting the palace for a new life in California.

The Duke of Sussex filed a notice changing his personal details in connection with Travalyst, his eco-tourism non-profit.

It comes after Harry and Meghan Markle lost their U.K. home, Frogmore Cottage, having been evicted by the royals last year, leaving them with no permanent base in Britain.

For four years, Harry continued to list his country of residence as the U.K. in the documentation that confirms his status as a “person with significant control” over Travalyst, holding 75 percent or more of the shares and voting rights.

The fact he has now changed tack suggests a renewed commitment to their new home in America, and that the Sussexes are in no particular hurry to replace Frogmore.

A filing at Britain’s Companies House, seen by Newsweek, read: “New Country/State Usually Resident: UNITED STATES.” The date the change was made is cited as 29 June, 2023, in paperwork that was made public for the first time on Wednesday.

[From Newsweek]

I’m a little bit surprised it took him this long to change his residency status for Travalyst in particular. He brought Travalyst along with him to America, and he’s continued to work on Travalyst projects in recent years. It wasn’t something left behind in the UK, like poor Heads Together (which William and Kate haven’t touched in years). Anyway, of course Harry is based out of America now. The timing of his residency update reflects the Frogmore Cottage eviction too – remember, Charles only “allowed” Harry to keep Frogmore through the spring of 2023 (to ensure that Harry would attend the coronation). Anyway, we’ve got him now and we’re not giving him back!!

Photos courtesy of Archewell, Travalyst, Avalon Red.

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  1. Molly says:

    And what is ridiculous is all of the papers are reporting it as “renouncing his residency.” Which… If it said citizenship – would mean something. But it’s just residency. I’m sure there’s a technical reason why he bothered to do that for those documents, but I don’t think it was some grand statement. The papers have just blown it up for no stupid reason.

    • Jais says:

      The papers are blowing it up bc they need a story. What else are they going to talk about? WFH Willy? Although, I do like how the date is a reminder that Charles evicted his grandchildren from the home the queen gifted the Sussex family.

      • Charter says:

        Because they know it’s a non story but they want to make it about rejecting the UK.

      • Becks1 says:

        That’s what’s cracking me up about this….its bringing back all those headlines about Charles evicting them from Frogmore, the cost of renovations, etc. The BM thinks they’re doing something by screeching about Harry abandoning England but…..what did they think was going to happen?

        And i’m sure this was due to a legal or tax-related update and that’s why its just coming up now.

      • Eurydice says:

        Don’t you become a permanent resident when you get a green card? Maybe this is what it’s about?

      • windyriver says:

        “I’m sure this was due to a legal or tax-related update…”

        @Becks1 – something I ran across before that I was hoping a more knowledgeable UK person might comment on, even though it’s complicated and obtuse/boring!, because it seems significant. From what I can tell, there’s a British common law concept of domicile of origin vs domicile of choice. You can still retain your domicile of origin even living outside the UK. What matters is how permanent that living situation is deemed to be. From the 2022 COS bill:

        “Everyone receives a domicile at birth; this is known as a ‘domicile of origin’. Every independent person can at any time change their domicile of origin and acquire a ‘domicile of choice’ by the fact of residing in a country other than that of their domicile of origin with the intention of continuing to reside there indefinitely. There is a strong presumption against a change from a domicile of origin to a domicile of choice.”

        “Strong presumption” means, it’s not trivial to make the change to domicile of choice (probably for tax reasons!) and what matters is, intention. Likely more is required than changing your address on corporate papers. But what’s interesting for Harry is, if he’s decided and deemed to have acquired a domicile of choice, he becomes ineligible to be a COS – and ineligible to ever become regent.

        I could be completely wrong about this (not a lawyer)! but it’s interesting, and for whatever reason, I found it intriguing…

      • Megan says:

        This is such an odd story. Do people think he is secretly living somewhere in England?

      • Becks1 says:

        @windyriver “strong presumption” means that if the court is trying to decide between domicile of origin vs. choice, they’re going to assume origin unless there is something clear that indicates the person involved has changed to a domicile of choice.

        I’m sure this is not the only paper Harry has signed or changed to indicate that his permanent residence is now the US (a green card would also be an obvious sign) that negates the “strong presumption” so its clear he has changed to a domicile of choice.

      • windyriver says:

        @Becks1 – appreciate your input, and what you say makes sense. An interesting wrinkle, however – not long ago, a document was submitted to Parliament titled, “Regency and Counsellors of State: a briefing paper…on the statutory arrangements in the event that a monarch is too young to assume all royal functions, ill or absent from the UK”. The first time I ran across it, it was dated 2/6/24, the day after Charles announced his cancer diagnosis. It was updated on 3/4. In both versions, it said, Harry’s domicile of origin “remains England & Wales despite his living in the United States. If his domicile were to change then…he would be replaced by Princess Eugenie.” So it seems a question remains.

        I originally did some research because people here believed Harry no longer had a domicile in the UK once Charles yanked Frogmore, so he couldn’t be COS, etc., which I suspected wasn’t correct. I wondered about the recent Travelyst info for the same reason, whether it implied something about Harry’s current domicile status. And, since Spare was such a massive success and domicile also has tax implications, I was also curious about what made sense tax-wise, and at one point, made the mistake of dipping a toe into the tax code. And pulled that toe right back out.

        At this point though, like the rest of us, I’m most interested in what products Meghan plans to offer through ARO (hopefully raspberry jam as I’m not keen on strawberry) and when they’ll be available…

    • Eurydice says:

      It’s a stupid reason because for years they’ve been stupidly writing stupid articles about how Harry will be coming back to the UK.

    • jemmy says:

      Someone said the end of US Tax Year was 15 April – so possible done for tax reasons with the effective date of residency backdated to 29 June 2023 – the end of the lease on Frogmore .

      Whichever way the BM twists the story it reflects poorly on KC3 & the UK.
      QEII ensured all her children were gifted property that reflected their royal status – not so with KC3 . Harry until his marriage was living in some 2 bed cottage that Meghan had to furnish & decorate when they got married.

      A King & Heir who control vast estate of properties cannot find a single property suitable for his son. We all know theses being done to punish Harry for refusing to divorce Meghan whom they think he shouldn’t have married.
      God does not like ugly. I hope to God that they get what they truly deserve

      • windyriver says:

        The end of the US tax year for individuals was December 31. April 15 is the deadline for taxes to be paid and paperwork to be filed with the IRS.

        From what I read, in the US corporations can use the calendar year as the tax year, but also have the option to use a fiscal year, which is any 12 months not ending in December. If Travlyst uses July 1 – June 30, that could be the reason for backdating the start of Harry’s US residency.

    • GrnieWnie says:

      Ummmm it’s for tax purposes. Too much to explain but visa status plus origin of earnings plus primary residency together determine taxes owed to US govt.

      • GoodWitchGlenda says:

        This. Not a coincidence that this change was made a few days before taxes are due

        That’s not to say that I don’t think he has completely resettled himself in America, obviously he has. I just think it’s likely that someone noticed they hadn’t made this change and there were tax implications, so they made the change now.

    • Chelsea says:

      Im gonna take a wild guess and say the reason he changed this on his paperwork is because he no longer has a residence in the UK lol. The British press for a year hss been writing fanfic about Harry looking to buy a house or flat in the UK or begging to stay on royal properties and this document blows that all up so obviously theyve losing their minds but it’s crazy that they’d expect anything different. He was evicted from a house he paid millions to renovate; why would he blow more money for a new place in a country he rarely visits where he doesnt feel his family is safe? Make it make sense.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Exactly @Chelsea. This reported declaration by Harry regarding his official residence is one of the obvious consequences to Harry & family being evicted from FC, in addition to Harry recently losing his case against RAVEC. 😡 Gracious, kind, long-suffering spare and stalwart soldier, Prince Harry, clearly loves his country of birth and he cares about his relatives, even those who have shown little concern or care for him! Harry offered to pay for his own metro police security while traveling in the U.K., after his own father and the British government had his royal protection officers pulled during a tense and dangerous time for the Sussex family in Vancouver! 😳

        RAVEC clearly had hidden dealings going on bts, when certain entities were prevented from knowing about Harry’s willingness to pay for protection while visiting his birth country. This is one of the main reasons why Harry sued to uncover the secret machinations against him! At this juncture, all these rota, courtier, BM, BRF, and RAVEC nonces, along with judicial system enablers, need to F’ off!!! 🖕💪🏻✊🏽

  2. Louise177 says:

    I don’t know why this is such a bit deal. Since leaving England Harry has probably spent a total of 2 months in the UK for the past 4 years. It doesn’t seem logical to say he’s based in England.

    • Cessily says:

      It isn’t a story they just needed a narrative to bash Prince Harry and his family with. It always happens after the Sussex’s are outside glowing, all the wonderful press along with the beautiful photos always sets Peggy off and then the bashing begins again. He follows the same patterns/outline/playbook every time, the man has no creativity or pride because it’s now just so obvious.

      • jemmy says:

        @Cessily – “It always happens after the Sussex’s are outside glowing, all the wonderful press along with the beautiful photos always sets Peggy off and then the bashing begins again” Exactly. .

        Wllnot deciding to be a WFH Royal is so that he can devote All of his time to tear Harry down especially Meghan. Meghan lives rent free in his head

        What Harry loves about Meghan is exactly what William hates as he believes whatever creative ideas Meghan comes up with , He should be the one doing those things
        Case in point. His visit to some charity in the UK today ( 18 April 2024) shows him donning an apron cooking in the kitchen – just like Meghan.

      • Cessily says:

        I caught the apron and had to laugh, then I saw the shoes he wore on social media were definitely a choice after prince Harry was photographed extensively wearing a slip on style almost identical. It is ridiculously childish behavior for a grown man.

      • aftershocks says:

        @Louise177: “It doesn’t seem logical to say he’s based in England.”

        I don’t think that’s the point, though. My reading is that as a British-born and raised citizen, Harry has the right to continue having his ‘domicile of origin,’ designated as the U.K. regardless of where he physically resides most of the time. Without question, if there wasn’t a wall of vicious daily attacks against H&M and all the hate continually lodged against them and their children, which endangers their lives, the Sussexes would have willingly often visited the U.K. and stayed at the home gifted to them by QE-II, which they also paid for and lovingly decorated. Obviously, the angst and enmity against H&M, harbored within the BRF, culminated in Chuck’s eviction. That was the friggin’ last straw, and the writing on the wall, eh!

    • Proud Mary says:

      “I don’t know why this is such a bit deal.” Because the press is not allowed to ask real questions about what’s been going on with William and Kate.

  3. Nanea says:

    The way this exploded on the socials after Jack Royston of Newsweek “found” it.

    Do these people have alerts set up? Do we consider this stalking?

    Too bad the BM have nothing to report about anything that goes on in the UK – or about the sick Leftover royals, or about William the Unready – so they just had to put Harry on the front pages.

    Wondering how they will cope, after all those weeks of deluding themselves into thinking Harry would be willing to come back and help out…

  4. Scooby Gang says:

    Wow. Man who has lived in the US for several years has updated paperwork to reflect that he lives in the US.

    You’re amazing journalists, Toxic British Media.

    Now do Neck-Bruises Willy and his missing wife.

  5. Lolo86lf says:

    Yesssss. Prince Hot Ginge (as some people call him) is officially a United States resident. We are happy to have him here in the US. We don’t have a monarchy but we sure love him. And he married an American girl too. I am delighted.

    • booboocita says:

      Michael on Dlisted (how I miss that blog) first called Harry “Prince Hot Ginge.” I think that should be his new title. Meghan can be “Princess Bad Bitch.”

      I still remember when H&M first became an item. Some people were calling them the Duke and Duchess of HotSex. That fits …

  6. s808 says:

    This isn’t a big deal but RRs can’t or won’t talk about anything else. He’s been based here for years, this is a logical and expected move.

  7. equality says:

    It’s probably as simple as that being the time that new papers needed to be done for Travalyst and PH’s residence and address is in the US. He has no residence in the UK so why would he give an address there? The BM are masters of making a big deal out of nothing and glossing over things actually of public interest to citizens of the UK. Hopefully this change is getting under the skin of some people.

    • Debbie says:

      Totally agree with you about the timeline of when the change might have happened, especially since it took a while before the Sussexes had their own home when they lived in the U.S. I would not refile paperwork to a temporary address at someone else’s home, if I were in that position either.

  8. Mads says:

    They’re running with this over here and it’s going to lead to an avalanche of articles, opinions, commentary etc on removing the titles and exclusion from the line of succession because Harry has changed his place of residence to the USA. Even knowledgeable historians will chime in for a low figure appearance fee, conveniently ignoring that the current monarch descends from the Hanoverian George I, who maintained his place in the line of succession despite being not born in England – neither was his heir- and became king after the death of Queen Anne in 1714. There are an awful lot of people, including those inside the institution and establishment that do not want the children born to a woman of colour in the LoS.

  9. StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

    What?! Harry doesn’t live in the UK but in the US? Ok, Sherlock

  10. Amy Bee says:

    Like the Invictus Games, Travalyst is based in the UK. The British press is trying put extra meaning on this but the fact is Harry doesn’t have home address in the UK anymore so it makes sense to change it to the US.

  11. SussexWatcher says:

    Once again a nothingburger is being blown out of proportion by the desperate-for-content rota rats. Clearly the timing is related to losing Frogmore Cottage LAST YEAR, so the rats should be ringing Chuckles’s office if they have any questions. Every breath they take, every move they make, every word they say, EVERY SINGLE DAY, the derangers will be watching you Sussexes. The obsession is REAL.

    What a sad existence. They have so little going on in their own lives and jobs and with the pale, stale, leftover royals, that they report breathlessly on anything and everything relating to Harry and Meghan – up to and including lemons and address changes. Are they not embarrassed? Are they not drained from being filled with bile and hate every single day?

  12. Brassy Rebel says:

    Yeah, when I saw this, I was like, this is breaking news? When they evicted him from his only British residence, what did they expect he would do? Start sleeping rough?

  13. Moniquep says:

    Kaiser you so funnee! “we’ve got him and we’re not giving him back “. Hahahahaaaaa.

  14. lanne says:

    When historians review this era, I think they will say that the UK has shown a propensity for whinging about why the world won’t adjust itself to their view of reality, rather than why they can’t adjust themselves to a changing world. They will say that the UK never really adjusted to the end of Pax Britannica–that even the Commonwealth was merely a renaming of what they still considered “their” empire. Brexit, and the royal family’s responses to Harry marrying Meghan and subsequently leaving will both be used as evidence.

    The British media and the royal family keep lamenting that their wishes aren’t facts. No, Harry is not lost without the royal family, but he can survive, and thrive, on his own outside of that ghastly institution. The UK leaving the EU doesn’t mean that the EU will falter–the EU will get along just fine without the UK, and the UK will stay on the outside looking in. One is a macrocosm story (Brexit), the other a microcosm story (royal family)–but both stories indicate the same essential problem.

    Harry was never the useful idiot they wanted him to be. No, Harry was never the useful idiot they needed him to be, and they can’t think past that fact. That fact has utterly paralyzed the institution. That they can’t see past it four years later is starting to make the royal family look pathetic and weak. How long will they keep whining about Harry? 10 years? 20? Is this the only message the royal family has? Do they realize that all of this agonizing is saying the opposite of what they intend? It’s not that “Harry’s nothing without us.” It’s “we’re nothing without Harry.”

    • Shawna says:

      How they treated H&M is definitely a case study for Brexit as the extension of Little Englandism. I totally agree.

    • Kingston says:


      Now if only the rest of the world’s media would hurry up and realize that, unlike the period when H&M were still inside the royal ghetto and their activities could only be covered (i:e skewed and screwed) by the rotaRATS, they are now free and dont have to continue to repeat the britshitmedia verbatim.

      Fortunately, it is clear that H&M’s organizations have their own global media pool that get releases directly from the horses’ mouth.

  15. olivia says:

    I mean.. I noticed again the other day that my residence is still the USA after 5 years of moving.. I thought “Eh, I should change that” then didn’t and quite frankly, I don’t see myself login in just to fix that 😛

  16. Carolyn says:

    In a report from Kaiser on the weekend, Harry lost his appeal for Security in England, has to pay a Huge sum of money for lawyers fees And apologize publicly for exposing some ‘secrets’. Perhaps this has something to do with all this crap?

    • lanne says:

      I don’t think they have anything to do with each other. Hugh Grant recently ended his lawsuit for that reason–lose and you have to pay all legal expenses, and the Murdochs have endless amounts of money to throw at lawyers. It’s a feature of the legal system in the UK that seems to favor the bigwigs at the expense of the individuals. Whatever happened with that case, Harry lives in the US. It makes sense to say he’s based in the US, regardless of his immigration status, bc that’s where he lives. It’s a nothingburger of a story, but it’s symbolic of how the media and royal family refuse to accept that Harry is not coming back to them, not “coming to his senses,” as they believed in their souls he would. The “degree wife” is the forever wife, and it’s taken them 6 years to even see that, much less accept it.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Harry changed his address last year. The other cases have nothing to do with this and you shouldn’t read anymore into this except he doesn’t have a home in the UK.

  17. Shawna says:

    Nice callback to the Girl Dad video. This was at the height of the Our Flag Means Death popularity, and the combo of Rhys Darby and Harry was chef’s kiss.

  18. Lau says:

    The salty tears about that change yesterday were truly an amazing thing to witness.

  19. Kingston says:

    I’m actually very glad that they’re all screaming crying throwing up & rending their garments over this change-of-address move that normal people all over the world do when they…….change their address.

    At least it will get rid of thos cringe-worthy begging stories abt H secretly asking to return to “help out with ‘royal work.'”

    It reminds me that, but for the cancer card thats been played, a certain someone would have been out there cosplaying M at this mportant moment of her new era.

  20. QuiteContrary says:

    Now tell us where William really resides. That will be an actual story.

    • Mary Pester says:

      I’m glad Harry feels so happy and secure in the US, but I’m really, really worried. Now we need to watch Billy’s manoeuvres. He is making moves on invictus as I told you a couple of weeks ago. Now Harry has changed his country of residence to the US, keep a close eye on the Royal British Legion and Billy. Now they will try “Harry doesn’t have a home in the UK, his place of residence is the US, why should he have invictus?”. They won’t care that it’s not a “Royal founded or funded” charity they will twist everything they can., and I’m sure this is what the meeting with Mercer was about, Harry trying to cut them of at the knee, as he knew what they would do!!

      • Dee(2) says:

        I don’t understand why where the founder of an organization lives would matter and how that would open up someone else to take it over? It’s a private entity someone can’t just come in off the street and say you have to give me leadership over this. You can’t do that with any organization. I can understand being afraid because they want to separate Harry from anything successful, but this is not anything to do with the Royal family Invictus hasn’t even been held in that country in 10 years other than the CEOs offices being based there what other claim does the UK have to the organization? Especially to the extent that they could boot the founder and have someone else installed against their will?

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        Mary, can you provide a little clarification on that? How would William be able to remove Harry from Invictus and/or assume control of it?

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Mary Pester, well, wouldn’t it be interesting if Birmingham got the IG’s in 2027 and Harry said, sorry, can’t go there. What would the Invictus Foundation do? What would the Veterans think of that? I can’t believe that Bill Idle actually thinks that he would get the attention (and accolades) that Harry gets.

        Perhaps Harry shouldn’t go to the IG anniversary in May and instead do a video–let Billy Idle show up. Maybe he would get a clue.

    • StarWonderfull says:

      Hear hear!

  21. Magdalena says:

    It’s quite possible that he did it last year but the rota rats, being starved of Sussex content, decided to go back through Companies House records to see whether any changes had been made. It is much more likely that it is only being reported as “news” because the royal stalkers only found out about it now.

    They will report on any minor occurrence related to the Sussexes and blow them up into HUGE headlines, just to avoid reporting on leftover welfare royals and their perpetual grifting and criminal/illicit deeds and other assorted scandals.

  22. 2Riverr@ts says:

    What a fantastic photo of Prince Harry! He looks so happy, healthy, and he’s living his life his way. I know his Momma is so proud of him.

  23. Beverley says:

    Welcome home, Harry! May your days be long and deliriously happy here in America.

  24. Lady Digby says:

    The Scum have this as front-page news withe the bashing headline American Idle!
    I have emailed them a complaint about both which I told them was motivated by spite over Harry suing them. Cited dad evicting them from their UK residence and pointed out that Harry is working hard in US. I ended with a tongue in cheek reference to the Firm refusing 50/50 offer for Meg and Harry but allowing it for PoWs who only work 7 months of the year, with the observation that they don’t call Will idle for putting his wife and children first.

    • Debbie says:

      So, an “American Idle” headline about a story relating to (ONE OF) Harry’s jobs? Yeah, that makes sense.

  25. Over it says:

    Why is the British media making this some kind of shocking story? Chucky took the house back from Harry that was given to him by Betty . If Harry no longer has a house in the uk . Then he therefore has no residence there . He has one in California so it makes perfect sense to me that it’s where he should state as his residence. The British media can’t have it both ways. You can’t celebrate him being kicked out of his house and then cry that he list the house he pays a mortgage for as his place of residence.

  26. Saucy&Sassy says:

    Well, he doesn’t have a place to live in the UK, so I don’t know why this is surprising. I think the bm need to start using whatever brain cells they still have left.

  27. Izzy says:

    “Company files accurate paperwork, news at 11.”

    These people are ridiculous. I honestly wonder if the people tasked with combing through corporate paperwork, looking for any reference to the Sussexes, enjoys their work or wonders if there’s something better to life out there.

  28. vpd4 says:

    He might not show up for that BS Invictus thing that they’re putting on. I don’t think the foundation has anything to do with it. This is pretty much stating “I’m not coming back.”

    • Mary Pester says:

      @DEE2@Bluenailsbetty, you have to look at the changes already made to the funding of the British veterans, it’s now in the hands of the Royal British Legion, and the head of the Royal British Legion is the monarch. 2 senior staff Lawless and Cooper left after (as the new CEO suspects) arranging (without Harry’s awareness) the anniversary service in St. Paul’s! Not anywhere in the US where Harry lives, but London. Billy has started to insert himself in veterans welfare and recovery. IF, and it’s a big IF THEY said to Harry step aside or we will no longer support British veterans, I know what Harry would say and do, but we would never get to see those (behind the scenes moves) they would just announce a change in patron. I DONT TRUST ANY OF THEM

      • Truth says:

        But Invictus is not just about British Veterans. It is a games/org for veterans all over the world.

  29. BeanieBean says:

    This made me snort, ‘A filing at Britain’s Companies House, seen by Newsweek…’ Hey, Newsweek, that stuff is public record; anyone can see it here:

  30. JudyB says:

    I just went back and read some of the article headlines. Several of them say that Harry gave up his residency.

    You can give up your citizenship, but residency is just a description of where you live, so you really can’t give it up!! Other articles say he renounced his British residency. No, all he did was list on a form that he now resided in the United States, which he has been doing for several years. And he and Meghan have done nothing that says they have “quit” Britain. These newspaper people do not understand much of anything.

    And he did NOT “mark a major change to his living situation”, as Time Magazine suggested. Anyone who still thought he was residing in the UK is really lost mentally.

  31. blunt talker says:

    You can bet your bottom dollar-the royal rota, the royal family some members, and the government will try to start some shit about this-his home was taken away last year-he is buying a home in the USA-i believe for tax and business purposes-its a change of address people not a change in citizenship-get a grip for God’s sake-take a chill pill.

  32. AC says:

    At the same time when the media was aware of Hs residency change to the USA, someone also posted data that shows a huge salary gap between the UK and the US. Where it seems they’re paying peanuts in London for the same job compared to for example Cleveland- avg salary for this same job is more in Cleveland Vs a city that has one of the most expensive cost of living in the world. It doesn’t put the UK in a good light At All. We have our problems here in the US but at the same time, as someone also pointed out in SM, the British class system is getting exposed to the world. And possibly in relation with their salaries, wanting to keep their own citizens stay at their station.
    H is living in the US and thriving without any taxpayer support is threatening their current system – as they all thought he would fail by now. They really really underestimate HM success in the US(and obviously they have no idea how the Us works).