Brad Pitt’s team seems to think court-ordered child support is a generous gift

Brad Pitt’s team continues to be disgusting. They remind me so much of the cracked-out team of misogynists surrounding Johnny D*pp. For the past year or so, Angelina Jolie has been fighting back against her physically, emotionally and financially abusive ex. She’s countersued Pitt after he tried to drag her into court when she legally sold her half of Chateau Miraval. She’s dropping receipts in court and she’s already winning chunks of this complicated case. While their divorce was bifurcated, Pitt and Jolie still haven’t settled the financial or custodial parts of the divorce, which means that Pitt is still bound by a “temporary” court-ordered agreement for child support and spousal support. All of that is background for Team Pitt’s latest unhinged bullsh-t in the Daily Mail: “Angelina Jolie is accusing Brad Pitt of trying to ‘bleed her dry’ in their ongoing bitter legal battle – despite him helping enrich his vengeful ex by close to $100million.” The basic gist is that Pitt is paying child support.

It’s a breakup that’s lasted almost as long as the relationship that preceded it. Dubbed ‘the war of the rosés,’ Angelina Jolie has now accused ‘controlling’ ex Brad Pitt, 60, of ‘financially draining her,’ through the protracted legal battle over the winery that’s dogged the couple since their split in 2016. But while she seeks to claim her ex is ‘bleeding her dry,’ can reveal that since their ten-year relationship ended in divorce after a two-year marriage, her fortunes have soared.

Far from causing her funds to dwindle, a investigation reveals that Jolie’s relationship with Pitt has helped enrich her by close to $100million. That money has come through loans, child support, gifts and the millions she garnered from the sale of her 50 percent share in the property at the heart of the dispute – Chateau Miraval – ten percent of which was a gift from Pitt.

The couple’s former French home, a stunning 1,200 acre estate and vineyard was worth $60million when they bought it in 2008. Now, thanks to Pitt’s effort and investment in the business, it’s worth a staggering $164million. And, while Jolie, 48, appears to be crying poverty in her latest court filings, sources close to Pitt point out that the Tomb raider star had sufficient funds to sign a recent deal to take over 57 Great Jones Street, a unique Manhattan space once owned by Andy Warhol and previously rented for $60,000 a month. Jolie has signed an eight-year lease for the 6,600 square-foot property to use as a store to promote her fashion label, Atelier Jolie.

In newly filed court documents obtained by, the actress claims: ‘It is extremely painful for Jolie to have to defend herself from Pitt’s lawsuit – itself another example of Pitt’s unrelenting efforts to control and financially drain her – especially because Pitt’s false allegations as to the reasons the Miraval deal cratered can only proven by doing exactly what Jolie never wanted to do: Provide to the trier of fact the reason the Miraval deal failed, which was Pitt’s demand for an NDA to cover up his history of physical and emotional abuse of Jolie and their family.’

Says one source familiar with the situation: ‘Angie says Brad is bleeding her dry – but it looks like she wants to bleed him dry. Far from being out to ruin his ex, it looks like Brad has bent over backwards to support Angie and help her out financially in spite of her appearing to be so vindictive,’ the source added.

Friends of the Oscar-winning star of Upon a Time in Hollywood have stepped up to defend Pitt as a man who has been nothing but generous in his dealings with the actress. By 2018, Pitt had spent more than $1.3million on child support, including therapy for the children, as well as paying hundreds of thousands in sundry bills. According to sources Pitt has been consistent in his payment of these expenses for the past seven years during which time he is believed to have he has stumped up close to $10million in child support.

As well as this generous gift [of Miraval co-ownership], Pitt gave his wife a rare Winston Churchill painting, ‘Tower of Koutoubia Mosque’ which she sold in March 2021 for $11.5million. He loaned her $8million to purchase her current Los Angeles home in 2018.

[From The Daily Mail]

Just so we’re clear, child support is not a “generous gift” given to your ex-wife. In this particular case, Jolie had to drag Pitt to court years ago to get him to pay child support, and that was after he terrorized and physically assaulted Jolie and their children on a plane (necessitating years of therapy) and then refused to allow Jolie and the children to collect their belongings from his Los Feliz compound. Jolie did make something like $50 million from her sale of Nouvel (her half of Miraval), and that’s the whole reason why Pitt is suing her (after he tried to low-ball her on the sale, then tried to gag her about the abuse). I could rant about this sh-t for a long time, but this story just shows that Pitt IS financially abusing her and trying to control Jolie in any way he can.

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  1. Nubia says:

    I really never thought that Brad Pitt would ever be THIS guy,what is it about Angie that has made him lose his mind,his breakups with Jennifer and Gwyneth were not this unhinged.

    • ML says:

      I suspect that Jennifer let him go and he got their company. Gwen—I don’t remember. Neither had kids tied to him.
      Angie has kids with him and he can’t use the kids to polish his image. She left him. She’s fighting him on some stuff.

      • Kitten says:

        This plus I’m just gonna add: Angie is a woman of substance, compassion and intelligence. I have nothing really against Goop or Aniston, but they’re not on the same level. He doesn’t know how to handle a woman like Angie because he’s never been with a woman like her.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        I suspect he never wanted kids and the kids were mostly her idea. That doesn’t change his obligation to them in the least. He fathered them, no matter how reluctantly. Some of his bitterness and vindictiveness may be due to not wanting kids in the first place. They’re just in the way, as far as he’s concerned, and she is the cause of it all. And paying for their therapy needed because of him is no defense.

      • Amberil says:

        Nah Brad wanted those kids and i’m talking about the biological ones, it couldn’t be clearer he doesn’t give a fuck about the ones they adopted.
        Brad liked the Idea, the fantasy, the concept of having a family but once it became a reality he just couldn’t do the work

      • Sweeetdeee22 says:

        Yes Brad got Plan B pictures in his divorce from Jennifer Aniston (I think it’s in a vanity fair article)…and I agree, he enjoyed the family life idea at first bc it was different but he never seemed to be all in like Angie. Still drinking, etc

    • Lurker25 says:

      Same. I had SUCH a crush and now can’t bear to even look at him. Like, was he always this or did he turn into this?

      He got so much credit from women he dated previously for being a nice guy. All the way back to Robin Givens. His treatment of Jolie – there clearly was abuse long before the plane incident. Was it because there were kids involved in this relationship? That seems to always bring out the worst in men, esp a kind of coddled American man.

      Whatever the reason, I’m so glad Angie has private and public support to stand up to this misogynistic bullsh1t.

      • CL says:

        He was probably able to mask his asshole tendencies earlier in life, but as his alcoholism grew, so did those tendencies.

      • Katya says:

        IMHO Brad flipped out because he realized (as had Billy Bob Thornton) that AJ was 200x the person he was. He absolutely wanted bio kids and while I think Aniston is totally lying about fertility struggles I think AJ having said she wasn’t going to have bio kids was a huge challenge to Brad. He made her believe he was always going to be a Dad for Maddox and Zahara and that she was safe with him to have the bios he longed for. After her childhood she probably secretly longed for that promise of stability for her children. Can you imagine having to fight him for child support like her Mum did with Jon Voight?

        I personally think his campaign to get her to marry him was what turned the tide. When she agreed then she had lowered herself. I’ll never forget Melvil Poupaud saying Brad wasn’t “playing drunk” in ‘By The Sea” he was really drinking from dawn to dusk everyday.

      • Amberil says:

        Exactly ! He tricked her, made her feel safe enough to build this family with him and then showed his Real face when she was already committed.

        When she adopted Maddox she was very clear and vocal about the fact that she wouldn’t get married again and she didn’t want to bring a temporary man into her child’s life.
        I can’t imagine how betrayed she felt and what an enormous let down Pitt was.

    • Jay says:

      We don’t really know, of course, but neither Aniston nor Paltrow publicly “left” Pitt, thus keeping that fragile ego intact. We should never underestimate the rage of a man who isn’t used to being on the losing side- he leaves you, you don’t leave him!

      Also, Aniston didn’t fight him for ownership of Plan B, the production company they started together and for which Pitt earned prestige, money, and clout for many years.

      Not to mention that there are six children involved in this case.

    • lucy2 says:

      I don’t remember what ended him and Gwenyth, but he left Jennifer for Angelina, and was so fixated on her and painting himself as this family man philanthropist so people wouldn’t criticize him for dumping his wife, he didn’t put up much of a fight.
      This is a totally different situation, Angelina leaving him, kids involved, and he didn’t have a new girlfriend to jump to right away and distract everyone from what a jackass he really is.

      • bananapanda says:

        Rumors were that Gwyneth slept with Viggo on the set of the Perfect Murder. GP and BP were engaged and suddenly it was over.

      • Katya says:

        Viggo Mortensen was appalled to be connected to Paltrow in that way and publicly denied it IIRC>

    • D says:

      His divorce from Aniston didn’t have him taking her to court, but he was unrelenting in pushing his new relationship into the public, doing pap shots and an entire W Magazine spread with Angelina and a “family” RIGHT after he left Aniston. He also went out of his way to say that she wasn’t giving him the fulfillment in his life that he needed but Angelina did. So while there wasn’t a court battle, there was a publicity battle. As much as it was painted at the time as an Angelina vs. Jen thing, I think it was really a Pitt vs Aniston thing. He did all he could to make her seem vapid and boring while his new partner was intelligent and exciting and would give him babies. Obviously this is much worse since there is physical and financial abuse going on, but I’m not convinced we didn’t see his psychological abuse earlier. I think people just chose to interpret it differently, particularly if you liked Angelina better than Aniston and didn’t want to admit at the time that Brad did her dirty.

      • tealily says:

        This is a very good point.

      • JB says:

        Yes – and didn’t Jennifer Aniston say something about him having “a sensitivity chip missing” after that W Magazine came out?

      • Katya says:

        The “W” magazine thing was a promotion for ‘Mr. an Mrs. Smith’ and all AJ did was show up to a film set. It was Brad’s idea and he copyrighted it FCOL. What we see now with his campaign against AJ is a massive magnification of what he was really willing to unleash on Jennifer and his aim was to get her out of HIS house and HIS company. Succeeded as I recall.

    • cara says:

      Many men start out fine. But BP went down the same path as Johnny Depp. Except Johnny Depp made bank from doing mediocre quality movies and now hangs out with middle eastern sheiks and princes, the type of men who don’t allow women to drive cars. They love Johnny Depp in the Middle East, he’s their kind of guy.

    • Juniper says:

      Pay close attention to the timing and how he played up his “family man” persona when he got with Jolie RIGHT AFTER he left Aniston. She was “so boring” etc. etc. He was putting her down very similarly to Jolie now. We just didn’t notice it because the media blinded us to the hype of the new relationship. I think someone pointed out upthread that it’s now likely the “Jen vs Jolie” war was really his orchestration and I believe it. I’m just a stranger on the internet but I have it on good authority he was verbally and psychologically abusive to Jennifer while they were married. He gave her a lot of grief for not being able to get pregnant — which she recently verified in an article I believe.

      Why is she still pleasant to him? She’s cordial to him because it’s Hollywood and he’s got more power than she does. Why does she go as far as invite him to her parties? That I do not get.

    • fishface says:

      Substance abuse turns people into demons.

    • North of Boston says:

      I didn’t suspect that he’d be *this* guy, but I remember way back when he first broke out (from T & L) he rubbed me the wrong way. Even though he was “good looking” I just could never get into him. He came off to me like opportunistic and a little too into himself, and a not very nice guy. But I think I imagined him being more of a careless SH who treats people poorly because he just doesn’t think much about them. Not a vengeful abusive POS.

  2. Lau says:

    I read in a French tabloid that Shiloh was the only child that still wanted to live with him but I think this is bullsh*t (they loooove to report on the Sussexes’ “divorce” as well). So far these children seem to want to have nothing to do with him and Pitt seems more upset about the money than seeing any of them.

    • CL says:

      I’ve seen stories recently about Shiloh wanting to move in with him, but I noticed in all the stories, it was written that Shiloh was going to move into Brad’s Los Feliz house. You know, the one he no longer owns. Nice try, tabloids!

      • Lau says:

        Can I just ask in tabloids from which country you read it @CL ? I’m just trying to see how widly this lie is being spread.

    • Ivy says:

      The source of that rumor is star magazine. It’s faker then fake

  3. ML says:

    1. ITA: child support is for the kids! It doesn’t enrich your ex.
    2. Loans are not enriching. You pay them back.
    3. Gifts?! Really? BP did not give Angie gifts after September 2016.

    • Isabella says:

      On that list above, I don’t see where he’s given Angie much. The huge figure he cited, $100 million, comes mainly from the sale of the winery, which was joint property, not a gift from him. The $10 million is child support, ordered by the courts. They have a lot of kids.

      He acts as if Angie never worked, never brought any money into the marriage. She was a major star when she met him. She has never stopped making movies.

      • lucy2 says:

        Right? Didn’t she buy her portion of the winery with her money? He at some point gifted her 10%. So whatever she sold her shares for, he AT BEST could consider 20% of it a gift. But it has nothing to do with child support.

        This guy traded on his “father of six” image for YEARS, and now whines about having to pay child support. He sucks so bad.

        I wonder if with all the lawsuits she’s able to even touch the money from the sale, or if it’s sitting there just in case things go bad.

    • GrnieWnie says:

      Ugh, it lights me up when child support is framed as a gift to the parent actually raising the kids. If you brought children onto this earth, child support is your legal, moral, and ethical obligation to YOUR CHILD. That obligation doesn’t just go away if you aren’t capable of raising your child for whatever reason and the other parent who brought them onto this planet had to step in. Financial support is your contribution to their upbringing when you aren’t contributing in any other way.

  4. Beverley says:

    Pitt is such a POS.

  5. Lizzie Bathory says:

    Paying court-ordered costs for therapy for the kids *he traumatized.* What a mensch.

    Brad’s so obsessed with control & revenge that he doesn’t see he’s more likely to destroy himself than Angie when it’s all over.

  6. Mireille says:

    Did Karma visit Brad last night in his obsessive dreams about Angie? Looks like something is about to drop considering this latest article from the Daily Fail. Are the French authorities about to seize Miraval? Outside of Angie’s legal team firing shots defending her and themselves from this abusive ahole, is Brad facing another round of troubling issues? Expect in 3 days another People gaslit article on how Brad is living his best life eva! Career and true love Ines!!!!

    Keep fighting Angie…don’t let this ahole get away with anything…drop those receipts…it’s time…

  7. Amy Bee says:

    This must be exhausting for Angelina. Brad going to try to drag this out until the children age out.

    • Lucy says:

      I think she’s fine with them aging out of custody agreements, but he’s just so abusive and nonsensical with what he’s going after to drag this out. The Russian she sold Miraval to is not going to play, and French authorities already raided the place. He’s about to be in international trouble with serious people.

  8. Mario says:

    For Pitt and his friends (“sources”) to claim — to even THINK — he’s enriched HER, personally, during/since the divorce by paying court ordered child support (and other court-ordered costs) is garbage and says so much about him and them. She does not control those things and does not personally benefit in any substantive way, let alone become enriched.

    Also, selling something that was given to you as a gift by your boyfriend or spouse, well before the divorce/breakup has nothing to do with anything. You are entitled to sell something you own, free and clear, and the proceeds from any voluntary sale, years later, are not a second, creditable, act of further “generosity” from the original giver, in any sense.

    And, even if you did believe that, they note what she made from the sale of her half, as if it was all generously made possible by a benevolent Pitt, when he gave her only 10%. The rest was already hers. But they get that full amount in there to muddy the waters and fluff him up.

    This is absolutely emotional and financial abuse. It’s made it impossible for me to enjoy his work onscreen, which is rare for me.

  9. Eleonor says:

    I still don’t get how he reputation is still intact.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      He is a handsome white male A-lister who is still bankable, that’s why.

      • Eva says:

        He was. He is not handsome anymore. He looks good only on heavily photoshopped pics. And not even on all of them.

  10. Amberil says:

    This man is 60 and has 6 children that hate him but what matters to him is his image. This is insanity. I used to be such a fan of him and now he disgusts me.

    I remember Angelina saying during the eternals press tour something along the line of “some people want to own you/possess you but they would never fight for you, die for you” and it was so telling. Brad Pitt never defended her once during the relationship and now it’s clear his team was the one throwing her under the bus in the tabloids to keep his image clean. The Amy pascal leak, he defended Amy, Etheridge coming for Angelina ? He brushed it off.

    All this abusive and toxic behavior is still his way of trying to own and control her. If you reread his first leaks after the break up it was all about how they had issues etc but “he would have never walk away”. He will never forgive her for walking away and choosing the kids over him

  11. Ivy says:

    The fact he’s still upset about that painting she sold says it all for it.

  12. Hmm says:

    He’s extremely jealous and bitter about her new artist spot in NYC. He’s seething over it.

    The fact that he is not a major part of her life and she has truly moved on is causing him to lose even more of his mind. Whatever is left of it. She continues to be “under his skin” (his words). Which is why she hasn’t publicly dated. No telling what he will do when she steps out with her boyfriend and publicly acknowledges him, 🙄

  13. Ingrid Gaddis says:

    Pitt is disgusting and looks like Rob Lowe after his facelift. He can’t take Angie’s lawyers revelations about him. He can’t take Angie looking good and happy. He could care less about those kids.
    His main goal in life is to punish Angelina by any means necessary.

  14. Cyclical says:

    These two were a hot date but not marriage material.

    I wouldn’t be interested in a double Sag man (I think he is Sun and Ascendant in Sag) much less marry one. And I’m a Sag Stellium and a hobbyist astrologer since my teens so I have a good idea of how the Sag energy expresses itself in men.

    He has a lot of Capricorn as well, and when Capricorn men get older, they start living in reverse (midlife crises, etc.). Just like Benjamin Button but on the inside, not physically.

    She’s Cancer Rising and Venus (Venus in the 1st house is associated with great physical beauty) with Aries and Gemini as her other dominants. Gemini is opposite Sag + Cancer is opposite Cap + Aries-Sag connection = massive chemistry.

    Too bad they didn’t work out. Anyway, Sag men annoy me!

    • Cyclical says:

      Forgot to add, the Gemini-Sagittarius chemistry is insane, having experienced it myself (Sag woman here though, with Gemini man). You just get each other’s mutability and mercurial side.

  15. therese says:

    Well, I can say that Pitt used impeccable instinct in choosing the Daily Mail to publish this hit piece: they are the best at stupidity and reframing and twisting and misogyny. The very last paragraph, Pitt showed marvelous generosity in giving Jolie the gift of co-ownership. Excuse the fuck out of me……..they bought that together. Ole Pitty didn’t purchase all of it then gift Jolie out of the generosity of his heart. She was legal co-owner, how else could she have sold it if she didn’t own it. She paid her part originally. The Mail gets me het up. May La Jolie have an absolutely smashing success at a fabulously wonderful film, and atelier, and refuse to receive anyone from the Mail at a press conference.