Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce are both skipping this year’s Met Gala: why??

The Met Gala is on May 6th this year. The theme is “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” and the dress code is “The Garden of Time.” So expect groundbreaking florals and people wearing vines and such. You would think that Taylor Swift would be all over this theme, even though it’s been years since she’s gone with a pastels-and-florals style. But apparently Taylor isn’t going to this year’s Met Gala, and neither is her boyfriend. Taylor has a good excuse – her Eras Tour picks up just a few days after the gala, and she likely needs to rest up and prepare. But what about Travis? That man loves fashion!

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will not be among the celebs walking the red-carpeted stairs for the 2024 Costume Institute Ball in NYC, a source exclusively tells Us Weekly.

“Taylor and Travis are not going to the Met Gala. They passed,” the source says. “They might go as it gets closer, but for now, they are not going.”

Fans were hoping to see Swift, 34, make an appearance with Kelce, 34, at the “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” themed evening, where confirmed celeb attendees include Zendaya, Bad Bunny, Jennifer Lopez and Chris Hemsworth. The super-couple’s no-show for the Manhattan event is also a matter of logistics: The bash takes place on Monday May 6, but Swift has an Eras Tour concert scheduled in Paris, France just a few days later on May 9.

Swift has not attended the Met Gala since 2016, when she rocked a silver Louis Vuitton snakeskin frock for the “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology” theme. She elevated her look with strappy heels as she served as a co-chair for the event, where she seemingly met ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

[From Us Weekly]

I think Us Weekly has it wrong about meeting Joe – I thought she met Joe months later, in the fall of 2016? Taylor spent time with Tom Hiddleston at the 2016 Met Gala, which led to the Worldwide Tiddlebanging Tour. Just FYI. Anyway, TMZ also got the tip that Travis and Taylor were skipping the gala. TMZ’s sources also say that Anna Wintour issued separate invitations to Trav and Tay and “both have RSVP’d ‘no’ to the celeb-packed evening.” You know what I wonder? I wonder if Taylor hasn’t prioritized the gala this year (or any year past 2016) because Wintour has allowed the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan to attend in recent years. It could be that Wintour told her that Kim Kardashian will definitely be there and that’s why Taylor is opting out. Plus, I’m sure Karlie Kloss will be there too. The gala has become an event with too many snake enemies.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Nubia says:

    The Met Gala has lost its prestige,full of reality stars and influencers. You hardly see A listers anymore,and it doesn’t matter how rich the K Klan is they trash up the event.

    • K says:

      This 💯

    • Josephine says:


    • Lolo86lf says:

      You said it sister. I find it hard to believe that A. Wintour downgraded Met Gala by allowing it to become some sort of a circus show.

      • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

        I think the OG stars are also getting older and have other priorities besides dressing up for halloween in Spring. I mean, once you go and realize it’s not great (like gwyneth said once about the gala) you dont really wanna go back unless you’re thirsty for some publicity. Anna needs to stay relevant so she needs new faces to replace the ones bowing out.

    • Dee(2) says:

      I don’t really think it’s lost any prestige. People that used to come like Sarah Jessica Parker don’t come because of the same reason that people that used to go to the Oscars don’t go anymore They get tired of going to award shows. There are more reality stars as you would put it, but you still had people like Salma Hayek, Pedro Pascal, Nicole Kidman, Barry Keoghan, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, Rihanna showing up last year.

    • Kathryn says:

      So true

    • Lisa says:

      This!! Anna ruined all the fashion and prestige of it inviting the Kardasians and influencers. Heck now they don’t even take fashion risks and dress on theme so the red carpet is so boring. It is like watching a less interesting Oscars.

  2. OriginalLeigh says:

    Didn’t she meet Tom Hiddleston (or some other boyfriend) at the Met?

  3. Lolo86lf says:

    I am team Taylor and I can’t blame her for not going this year. The Kardashians always suck all of the oxygen from the room wherever they go. I cannot even imagine what Bad Bunny is going to wear! Travis is so handsome he never takes a bad picture. Taylor is truly a lucky girl.

  4. Teddy says:

    Or she’s just not going.

    • Elon's Sink says:

      Occam’s razor.

    • Mario says:

      If she hasn’t attended in eight years, I’m not sure it’s news or surprising she’s not going this year. Seems like it may not be her jam anymore.

      Many celebs talk about how much work and expense it is for an event that isn’t actually that fun. I can see it having an expiration date for even the most ardent once-fan.

  5. Callie says:

    Travis can’t breathe outside of Taylor’s presence without certain fans or elements of the media ripping him apart. He probably doesn’t want to deal with the scrutiny if he goes without her, even though there would be nothing wrong with it.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      Why would he go WITHOUT her? They both thrive in each other’s presence. That’s what makes a couple successful I guess.

      • H says:

        He loves fashion and she’s busy working – why WOULDN’T he go without her, if he wanted to? Couples don’t have to do the same events all the time…

      • Truthiness says:

        If work keeps you from spending quality time with your gf for 6 months a year and she’s touring overseas for many months there’s one reason. He’s been cramming in far more than we know, he has said in the past that the off season is non stop. Believe him.

        Some on twitter think that a private wedding will happen soon with only the family. Could be a lot of reasons to skip the met.

      • J says:

        I hate to say it because I’m not a TS anti but I don’t think TK thrives in her presence. She has brought a lot of negativity and criticism that he doesn’t deserve and that he wouldn’t have gotten if not for their relationship. Most of it isn’t her fault but it’s just what happens when you date her unfortunately. I don’t think she has done much to protect him from her crazy fans but it’s very possible he doesn’t want to be protected, he is a 34 year old man after all! I think it will only get worse with the new album because it invites people to dig up her old relationships and use whatever they think they found to go after her current relationship. So with that said, I’m all for TK maintaining his own life and doing things without her. He needs to look out for himself.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      @ J: You make an interesting point. It sounds very unfair to both Taylor and Travis to have to check in with their fans to decide whether or not their relationship should move forward because trolls are saying horrible things about them. But like Taylor’s song goes: “Haters are going to hate” (no matter what).

  6. Eurydice says:

    If the last time she attended was 8 years ago, then how is this “skipping”?

    • Dee(2) says:

      And did she attend any years before she was the co-chair? Because if she didn’t or only attended once before that seems like her not going to the met gala is more normal than coming. But I think this is just speculation because they want something to write about. Her not going because she will be kicking off a huge tour overseas a few days later seems like the most likely and logical reason to me.

    • Callie says:

      Because as Kaiser said Travis is a fashionista and he may have wanted the experience! I do think that it has lost a lot of its prestige and there is less focus on the fashion of it all… but I think it is weird that he is unable to do anything without her without it becoming a major story.

    • Truthiness says:

      Eurydice 💯

      Callie- Travis went to Coachella alone last week. No major story. It was after he attended with Taylor, he really likes it.

  7. Eleonor says:

    TS doesn’t strike me as a fashionista, and she doesn’t have that much to promote right now + too many snake enemiesm I can see why she will avoid it.

    • Lux says:

      Agree. It’s a notoriously snooty event and fashion people don’t consider Taylor Swift stylish. I also don’t think art, fashion history and design are her forte so I can see her being out of her element, conversationally. Lots of famous folks have a horrible time there and getting invites/being co-chair even does not mean you will fit in.

  8. Callie says:

    Somewhat related but I’ve been surprised that the album has gotten such lukewarm/negative critical reception because it seems designed for critics. I’ve been joking it’s the stench of Healy ruining everything 💀 (I actually feel like Joe and MH are really intertwined here…those saying this is a love letter to get MH back seem crazy because he comes across TERRIBLY but unfortunately so many people are now rewriting origins of her old songs for him…stop with the Harry Styles and Joe erasure, people!!!) Anyway, back to my point, I didn’t love the album and thought there were numerous misses but I’m surprised the critics are being honest about it?! I do think Taylor cares about critical reception and wonder if she assumed they would like it better. I also can’t help but wonder if she is trying to shed her role model/nice girl public image here…I’d never reveal some of the things that she did 😳

    • sevenblue says:

      There was no way any serious critic would love the new album. It is full of gibberish, meaningless word salad. I don’t know what Taylor smoke while writing that, but the writing was worse than any of her albums and she wrote her debut album as a teenager.

      “Touch me while your bros play Grand Theft Auto” 😭😭

      • GreenTurtle says:

        Did you listen to it or are you basing your meaningless word salad assessment on just the handful of lyrics plucked out of context that people are outraged over? Because there are 31 songs and while there are some clear clunker lines like the ones you mentioned, there are also some really beautiful lyrics.

      • sevenblue says:

        @GreenTurtle, of course I listened. Pffs, I would never believe that swifties who are supporting this sh*tty work are actually listened to any of her previous work. Girl, go listen to cardigan, ivy and tell me honestly, this album is a good work. I started to think, Taylor is trolling you, to see if you are gonna support the worst work she can possibly put out there. Artists are gonna create bad work of course, but they know enough to leave them on the cutting room floor.

    • Lisa says:

      I totally agree with you about the songs being a mix of Joe and Matty. Though some are very clearly Joe songs and some are very clearly Matty songs. But the idea she was in love with Matty when she even says nope I lost my damn mind and it was part of processing Joe.

      And as for the critics it makes on sense because there are is almost no way a serious critic couldn’t like this album. Now I can see not giving it perfect score and ranking it more mid, but these low scores seem calculated, especially when you read the reviews and they aren’t abou the album but her net worth and media attention. Like what does that have to do with the album?

      I also find it funny how people who claims to hate her have given her more attention then most stans. But if you actually listen to the songs and their meaning and don’t try to cherry pick random phrases that out of context seem on it is beautiful.

      • Dee(2) says:

        Outside of the Paste review most of the meh or low reviews in like the NYT, or Pitchfork, or NME were about the lack of lyrical or sonic growth and over reliance on tropes and weak allusions. Which reviews are you talking about? That seems like pretty boilerplate criticism for any sort of writing and not about ” getting back” at anyone. I think plenty of serious reviewers didn’t like it for the reasons above and not because of some vendetta against Taylor which let’s be honest sounds like justification rather than reality.

      • sevenblue says:

        “they aren’t about the album but her net worth and media attention”

        @Lisa, could that be because Taylor obviously turned the album into Keeping Up with Taylor Swift? I have never seen her sharing so much in a song (“But you told Lucy you’d kill yourself if I ever leave / And I had said that to Jack about you so I felt seen” wtf is that?), making it basically a tale of what happened in her latest relationships. You can’t remove the artist from the album criticism if the artist puts herself there in a deliberate way. We know Taylor is capable of so so much more, that is the sad part in all these.

      • Lisa says:

        @DEE Most the reviews I have seen have been about her net worth and media attention. I have seen some that are like her stronger songs on this are with Aaron than Jack and her and Jack are getting stagnant and I can see that, I don’t fully agree or disagree but her almost all agree her writing is great it is production even the negative ones. I fully agree she should take a break from Jack but that also has to do with personal taste and me liking the songs she does with Aaron better. However, she is getting more positive then negative. I also think the fact pitchfork gave it a 9 and a 2, says a lot.

        But I think there are valid critics and criticism for this album but I think the big ones being posted and highlighted like those you mentioned aren’t valid as it seems they just want clicks and are pulling negative quotes from crazies on twitter who clearly didn’t listen. And want to pretend it is some reality show or burn album when it isn’t. But some people lack comprehension.

        Now that being said it isn’t for everyone and if you were hoping for a more upbeat or bopping album it isn’t for you, if you wanted more pure ballad it isn’t for you. And if you want an Jack free production then yeah this isn’t going to work for you and I think those critiques are valid, but the second you mention her net worth or media attention or get the title wrong in your review you lose all validity 

  9. Chloe says:

    I think Taylor and Joe lure has them meeting at the Met Gala but she was there with Hiddles. She couldn’t stop thinking about Joe, though, and after the Tom fling was over, pursued the cute boy she met at the Met Gala. I feel like there are been songs and maybe Taylor herself has confirmed they briefly met there, too?

    • Mika says:

      The lore is that she met them both that night, and was with Calvin Harris at the time. She was into Joe but Hiddles was much more interested in her, so she left Calvin for him and spent the summer dreaming of Joe while she dated Tom.

      Insert Marie Kondo “I love mess” gif.

  10. Elle says:

    I think safety concerns have to be acknowledged as well. Obviously the security around and within the Met itself will be tighter than Ft. Knox, but I wouldn’t go to NYC right now unless I absolutely had to. I am forming this opinion because of MSM and my friends personal experiences, but between increase of general crime now to Columbia and NYU having protests resulting in the schools warning their Jewish students to stay home…if I were famous I’d just throw a party at one of my mansions in the country side or by the beach instead.

    Hoping not to offend anyone that lives in NYC and I hope the city isn’t as bad as it sounds and everyone feels safe. It’s not like where I live doesn’t have its issues too. But I do think safety should be acknowledged generally, and that includes NYC.

    • Kate says:

      I can’t speak for all of NYC but I don’t think much has changed. If anything, I thought crime had gone down overall and the streets have been much cleaner recently. I live in Harlem a few blocks from Columbia.

    • lucy says:

      I’m going with friends this weekend. It’ll be fine.

    • Kitten says:

      I don’t understand your comment, really.
      Why would you fear for your safety?

      In regards to the universities you mentioned, NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell said that there were no reports of violence or injuries and that the students protesting were “peaceful, offered no resistance whatsoever.”

    • Blithe says:

      The protests have been peaceful— and a significant number of students protesting are Jewish. The only warning that I’m aware of “warning…Jewish students to stay home” was a WhatsApp post from a rabbi affiliated with an Orthodox Union group at Columbia— that was sent to a group of students connected with the group rather than to all Jewish students, which suggests that the rabbi’s concerns might not be simply about general safety.

      In any event, NYU and Columbia aren’t located anywhere near the MET, so the peaceful student protests would not be likely to impact the GALA.

      While I’m not offended in any way @Elle, your post does have me wondering about the sources of your information — since your “MSM” and your friends’ personal experiences seem to be quite different from what I’ve been hearing — also from MSM sources. I’ll add, though, that it’s quite possible that we might have different sensibilities when it comes to what makes us feel “safe” in similar environments. I’ve lived and worked in major Mid-Atlantic cities. I’m familiar with the areas around both NYU and Columbia, and I’m used to — and comfortable with — environments that include peaceful protests.

    • Flamingo says:

      As a New Yorker you are fine, the subways are fine, the protests are fine.

      It’s no different than any other big city in the world.

    • D says:

      I was just there last Monday with my 10 year old and 18 year old. We walked from 42nd and Madison down through the Flatiron District, to NYU, through Washington Square Park, over the West Village and back up again and saw not one protest. I lived there for 8 years in the 90s to 00s and it’s the same, maybe more homeless out because Giuliani used to corral them and put them somewhere out of site. I believe the media is making the protests into a very big deal. That isn’t to say there aren’t any but I think the media is amping it up significantly.

  11. Nanea says:

    According to Harper’s Bazaar, they met at the Met Gala.

    “The two are rumored to have met for the first time at the 2016 Met Gala, based on a lyric from “Dress,” a track from Swift’s 2017 album Reputation.”

    Joe Alwyn went there with Garrett Hedlund, to promote a movie. Looking at the photos from the event, he looked like someone who had barely outgrown his teens.

  12. A Guest says:

    And sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Neither of them wants to go?

    This kind of reporting reminds me of the way the British Media gets themselves in an uproar about whether H&M will go to whatever.

  13. Bettyrose says:

    The Met Gala seems tedious. You’re wearing uncomfortable fashion for the big entrance and then what? You sit around uncomfortably making small talk with other celebs for hours? Tay is a mega star right now. She hardly needs publicly and networking events.

  14. Krista says:

    💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴 Who cares

  15. GrnieWnie says:

    Honestly, and I’m not trying to say something sexist/misogynistic here, but it strikes me that she should maybe have a baby. It’ll take all of her attention off the drama of her romantic entanglements. She’ll refocus it in an entirely new direction. Like imagine the motherhood album…lol. It’ll be her first that’s not all about men! Or maybe it’ll be all lyrics about the man who disappointed her as the father of her child.

    • GrnieWnie says:

      Men and FEUDS, I meant to say. This woman has all the time for her high school-style feuds with other women. Like clearly she’s not busy enough, despite being on top of the industry.

    • Jasmin says:

      Her deep desire for marriage and children runs deep in the new album. She expected it from Joe. Matty falsely promised it to her. I truly do think if Travis got down on one knee right now, she’d say yes in a heartbeat regardless of any possible reservations. In more than one song , she sings about her fear of running of time for all of that. But he won’t…
      Travis Kelce is frat bro through and through. He doesn’t want a wife and children now. He wants to be a big deal in Hollywood. He wants superstardom and that’s how dating Taylor Swift serves him. But I do think she’ll marry whoever comes right after him.

      • sevenblue says:

        @Jasmin, Travis can be a big deal in Hollywood while being a husband and father. Actually, it is far easier for men to do that. I always notice that men get more roles and work after they marry and have children. It is true in business and also in entertainment industry.

      • Truthiness says:

        Jasmin, Travis wants a wife and children badly. Used to say he needed to meet a breeder. He keeps making comments on New Heights that he can’t wait to start having kids, then Jason scolds him because certain fans (Swifties) will get unhinged at the idea. He was eager to practice holding Jason’s newborn and he’s super close to his nieces. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/B80fAoivvEw

      • Michelle says:

        @jasmin Kansas City CBer here. I’ve been a fan of Travis since he arrived in Kansas City in 2013. Travis is not just a football player-frat guy-meat head. He has quietly done things for the community since he moved here. When Travis got an big salary increase, he purchased an auto repair shop and turned it into a STEM after school program for kids in a low income area. He grew up with a learning disability, he is more humble and kind than videos make him seem.

        Here is an interview from a few years ago about the after school thing. One of my friends works at the org, he is the real deal.

    • LM says:

      Not sure you can say that without being sexist. Not trying to insult you here, but imagine someone felt you had done a sub-par job at work and then said you should have a kid and then come back with more perspective later. Big fat ouch.

      • GrnieWnie says:

        Not saying her work is subpar but that she’s repetitive and has too much time for drama in her relationships.

        My mother once told me I should have a baby and I did and you know what? She was right. Maybe for the first time in her life, lol. It was exactly what I needed at the time.

    • MaisieMom says:

      I mean, if she feels like she’s ready to have children I would certainly be supportive of that decision (as much as a total stranger to her can be). She’s 34, extremely financially stable and seems to have a good support group, including her current partner. But “taking the attention off of her romantic entanglements” would be a pretty bad reason to have kids.

      I get the sense they are pretty solid (I don’t think it’s a PR relationship). But I know nothing about what Travis Kelce wants. She seems very supportive of him, and vice versa. They both seem close with their parents and siblings. I could see them being able to plan a family and do it their way, but also in a way that works for any children they have. I like to see people happy so I hope it works out for them. But honestly, I have no idea what the real deal is.

  16. lucy says:

    Good. Honestly they both need to just disappear for a bit, it’s too much, and it’s been too much for a while now. You can’t go a day without hearing something about one or both of them.
    I do understand the irony of commenting on this post though!

    • Kitten says:

      Meh. I’ll be ironic with you then I guess because I agree that they need to disappear for a while. I said recently that Swift-backlash is forthcoming. The best way for them to avoid it is to lay low for a bit…Taylor can focus on her tour and Travis can focus on his new Hollywood career.

  17. Jasmin says:

    I mean the last time she went, it was pretty eventful. Still on her 1989 high, she met Tom Hiddleston, the famous dancing video. Then she seemingly cheated on Calvin, got with Tom and went off on that globe trotting lovefest.…Calvin tweeting directly at her….the I heart TS shirt….and of course, the Kim Kanye Tape. And then on Reputation, she refers Met 2016 in the song, Dress – “flashback to when you met me/your buzzcut and my hair bleached”. It turns out Joe Alwyn (with buzzcut hair) was also in attendance invited by Burberry. Basically making it out she actually fell for Joe that night, not Tom. She says in the song “Getaway Car” on the same album that Tom was just a “getaway car” from Calvin and Joe was the real thing and leaves Tom for him.

    But yeah you’re right, I imagine all the Kardashians and Karlie will be there. Maybe even Joe (he’s associated with big brands like Loewe, Celine and Tom Ford).

    I do also wonder if Taylor doesn’t want to be seen with Travis at a high profile fashion event like this. His whole persona wouldn’t really fit in the way it did at Coachella. The excessive drinking and his general loudness. All her previous public boyfriends over the last decade have been British men of a similar vein (extremely upper/middle class). The fashion set are a snobby bunch and gossipy too.

    • J says:

      The Met Gala is being sponsored by TikTok this year. It was already seeing a lot of influencers and reality stars and this year it will be x100. It lost the classy and prestigious reputation it had and given the other clientele TK would be the last person anyone there would make fun of, bffr. He has mingled with so many A-listers and you never hear a bad word about him. The drunk loud fratboy stuff is ginned up from some “fans”/haters/tabloids who are overly invested in TS personal life. There are moments in time where TK had damn good reason to celebrate – he is an all-time great and breaking records of all-time greats and winning multiple SBs – but since he is under a microscope he gets made into a caricature or unfairly judged. It is what happens to anyone who dates TS. But he’s a grown man and knows what to expect.

      • yupyup says:

        @J I agree 100% . One person in that couple has a college degree and it’s not Taylor. I don’t believe he is some dumb jock that doesn’t know how to conduct themselves in different settings. He is accomplished, ambitious and has a lot going on to say he is not able to come to an even and read the room. They are a great match and I hope they go the distance.

    • VoominVava says:

      I mean, I don’t have an opinion either way whether they go or don’t go, but I highly doubt if Travis was at the met gala that he’d be chugging beers and spilling them all over the floor. It’s not like he’d be doing what he is on the field after winning the superbowl when he’s at a gala.

  18. Alsqafsy says:

    Isn’t the Met Gala only a couple of days before her Paris shows? If she’s planning on adding some new songs to the show from the new album she might need extra time to rehearse in situ.

    I think he’s all but confirmed he’s going to see her show in Paris so might be out of the country with her too … and the drama he’d get for being pictured talking/smiling/interacting with any woman in a 10 mile radius might make it an unappealing prospect. Dude is also booked and busy himself with side-hustles, and also might need to go do something with his day job like have Mahomes throw some practice footballs at him.

  19. MaisieMom says:

    I imagine it’s probably just a question of not really wanting to go, at least not enough to deal with the paps, the questions, the judging of what they wear, their relationship, yada yada. They started dating less than a year ago and in that time they’ve had to work around her massive tour and his NFL season in order to see each other. Yes, he’s been to her shows and he’s been to her games but those were about supporting each other, not just about an event that neither really needs to raise their profile.

    I know her new album has received mixed reviews and sparked some controversy. I haven’t listened to it. I don’t know about safety questions or prestige level or any of that. I’m just looking at it in terms of what I might do in their shoes, if I were focused on my career and my relationship above other things.