Nicole Kidman in black and white Balenciaga at the Met Gala: cool tribute to fashion?

Nicole Kidman’s black and white Balenciaga gown didn’t seem on theme to me when I first saw it, but she said it was a tribute to the Sleeping Beauties theme in that it was a remake of a 1951 Balenciaga gown she saw in a photo, recreated by their current creative director, Demna. (The Met Gala exhibit contains so many fragile and archival gowns that were “reawakened” for display.) In that respect it’s an incredible gown and who wouldn’t want to wear this? Imagine seeing a gorgeous 70-year-old gown and asking for it to be remade for you. Nicole was clearly enjoying the drama of it all too! Queen.

Fellow fashion goddess Isabelle Huppert was in cream satin Balenciaga that had a long flowing train. She looked so gorgeous and regal. Look at the details on this gown, it looks like a separate top and skirt. Her face says she doesn’t want to be there though. I get it. I would be tired after all that.

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My girl Naomi Watts was also in Balenciaga, in an exquisite beaded column gown. Her cape is actually a little quilted jacket, you can see it clearly in the video she posted to her Instagram stories. She’s serving. I’m not sure it’s on theme but maybe it’s an homage to earlier fashion like Nicole’s is.

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Serena Williams was in a gold gathered Balenciaga with an exquisite floral headpiece. I’m not sure the black tights and shoes go with this, but I’ll say something nice – she’s the GOAT and she wrote “going for the gold” on Instagram, so maybe this look was a tribute to that.

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Michael Shannon had me convinced he brought a bag of chips on the red carpet and I tweeted as much, but people schooled me that the bag is Balenciaga. I looked it up and it retails for $1,850. Of course it does. This is the fashion house that brought us the tape bracelet.

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  1. seaflower says:

    Serena’s head piece is more beautiful than Kate’s glu and sniff craft version. Yes I went there.

  2. HandforthParish says:

    Nicole looks incredible but I wish she’d gone for a red lip!
    Huppert’s dress is so unflattering to me, colour and fabric, but the train is quite cool.

    Not feeling the gold dress for Serena, but that hair thing is so beautiful.

    • Visa Diva says:

      Isabelle’s is a remake of a Callot Soeurs dress that’s in the exhibition

  3. Lightpurple says:

    Naomi’s dress appeared to have a floral lace design in the videos last night

  4. sparrow says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever thought Nicole Kidman looks great. I know there’ll be some saying she should have had a statement lip, black white red, but her makeup here is unexpected and wonderful, in that it doesn’t detract from the dress and looks dreamy and loose against the more rigid structure of her gown. Huppert. Don’t care what she wears. She’s brilliant in her films.

    • Josephine says:

      I love Nicole’s look. She always gets the assignment and I love that her incredible skin was literally part of the work. I’ve appreciated how much she highlights her super pale skin and has never tried to hide it even when tans were in fashion.

    • Becks1 says:

      I thought Nicole looked fantastic. I think the more casual hair and minimal makeup (i.e. no red lip) really put the focus on the dress and that dress is gorgeous.

      I love the idea of recreating a 70 year old dress from the same fashion house. That feels very on theme on me for this year’s theme and for the idea of celebrating fashion in general.

      • Kimmy says:

        This may be my favorite thing she’s ever worn and it’s also the best she’s ever looked. She looks magnificent, regal, luxe….all the things. I love love love how this dress came together.

  5. Cel2495 says:

    Serena looks great from the neck up. Her hair and the flower crown is beautiful and so is her face but the dress and those black accessories is a no for me. I do think the dress drapery is beautiful but the color is not. I wished she had gone for jewel tones.

  6. AB says:

    I was watching the Vogue live feed and Michael Shannon looked soooo uncomfortable and kind of lost walking around lol. I also though he had a bag of chips but figured it was some fashion thing I was missing. 😬

  7. Shawna says:

    I think all these ridiculously long trains are cheap and trite. Serena’s is the best, though.

    (Kidman’s doesn’t count; that’s a good length.)

  8. AngryJayne says:

    Nicole Kidman looks like her character Dr. Chase Meridian in Batman went back and married The Penguin (with Naomi Days as her bridesmaid).
    Michael Shannon…I expected better. He should’ve leaned all he way in and just brought a bag of Lay’s.

    • Barbie1 says:

      Excellent comments. Agree completely. The lady giving Micheal Shannon side eye is too funny!

  9. JFerber says:

    In my opinion, Isabelle Huppert is the greatest living actress in the world. I’ve always been a super-fan. She is absolutely amazing as an actress and she’s never gotten her due, probably because English isn’t her first language.