Tina Brown: ‘There’s a Prince Harry-shaped hole in the monarchy’

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The bitter royalists have been in their feelings for days, even before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s massively successful tour of Nigeria. Those royalists were shocked that Prince Harry got such a great reception at St. Paul’s Cathedral last Wednesday, for the Invictus anniversary service. They were shocked that the Spencers came out AND that hundreds of people waited outside to cheer for Harry. They were shocked that Harry carried himself like a king too. Then the Nigerian tour happened and it was just another reminder of what could have been, if only the left-behind Windsors weren’t so jealous, petty, vindictive, racist and stupid. If only the British media wasn’t so ridiculous and evil, they could have had Sussex coverage forever. One clip made the rounds this weekend – Tina Brown appearing on the BBC, talking about how the Nigerian trip showed that there’s a “Harry-shaped hole in the monarchy.”

“This is what it could have been. These two, who are enormously appealing to the public and who are very good at it, were out there in Nigeria, looking very attractive and you know, being very appealing people. What a pity it is that they’ve gone. There’s a Harry-shaped hole in the monarchy.” And: “I think we needed Harry and Meghan. And unfortunately, what’s come to pass with the cancer diagnosis things, just shows how depleted the family is.”

What was also fascinating about the Nigerian tour was how many prominent Nigerian celebrities, journalists and politicians were paying attention to how the British media covered the Sussexes’ tour. There was widespread condemnation IN Nigeria for how the British media wrote about and represented their country and the attacks on Meghan in particular. Nigerians have fully embraced the Sussexes, especially Meghan, as one of theirs, and they will protect the Sussexes forever.

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82 Responses to “Tina Brown: ‘There’s a Prince Harry-shaped hole in the monarchy’”

  1. K says:

    He’s got the Royal rizz.

    • TRex says:

      And I absolutely adore how welcomed they were on this trip! The country has specifically claimed M as their own and declared racist attacks are not welcome by the BM.

    • Chelsea says:

      **Spencer Rizz. The Windsors don’t have any rizz

  2. seaflower says:

    You made your bed Tina.

    • Vader says:

      Exactly! Tina Is now trying to be the voice of reason. But she was a typical deranger in her last book. She said some pretty nasty things about h&m and couldn’t praise wank and kHate enough. I guess she didn’t think w& k would implode so spectacular.

    • Alex Can says:

      Yes Tina said terrible things about Harry and Meghan. She was very pro Cambridges and clan Middleton before, but something’s changed. Now she’s starting to whistle a different tune, and I wonder why.

      • aftershocks says:

        That ship been done sailed. And Psst: It was always rudderless anyway!!!

        Come on now. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are accomplishing things on a global scale in ways they could never have done within the racist, rotten firm as it is presently constituted. Nothing was learned from the Diana years. H&M were never fully embraced by the royal firm, and the powers-that-be never desired for them to succeed together in any capacity. Let’s remember this reality, and move forward with Harry & Meghan.

        Leave the left-behinds to fix their own stinking messes! 🙄

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        Tina is changing her tune because she knows where her money comes from…clicks. HM articles get a boatload more attention and clicks than the WanK articles. All of these jerks just follow the clicks. That’s why EVERY article about the leftovers has to mention Harry and/or Meghan. Without them, the public’s interest is far lower which means less revenue for the wankers writing this drivel.

      • Less says:

        Yup – just look at the comments on articles on DM focused on H and M and those that are not. Plain old posts without H&M royals get 100s comments, posts with H&M as a focus get 1,000s.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      TB is very much a monarchist and proves it when she says “We needed” them. But I will give her credit for acknowledging the fact that ” there is a Harry shaped hole in the monarchy”. And by implication, she acknowledges that the Left Behinds are a dull and boring lot. That was true even before Charles was diagnosed with cancer and Kate disappeared from the face of planet Earth. And TB knows it.

      • Becks1 says:

        It’s the whole Sofiesta thing, right? We made fun of it but that was a very good point and similar to this – its not that Sophie is so bad or whatever, but she’s a Ford Fiesta compared to Meghan who is a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. One is serviceable, gets the job done, its fine. Boring, but fine. The other catches your eye wherever it goes and always stands out. And the RRs miss having that Lamborghini. no one wants to read articles about the newest Ford Fiesta.

        Same idea here IMO.

      • Debbie says:

        Not a very charitable thought but I certainly hope that Mr. and Mrs. “Oprah who?” were aware of that analogy when it came out.

    • Beech says:

      Damn straight!

    • Isabella says:

      Tina has said many, many not nice things about Meghan. She makes money blathering about Harry and Meghan, getting on TV to either praise or insult them, depending on what’s wanted at a given time.

  3. Yes there is a Harry shaped hole and they are the ones who made that hole. They all backed the wrong couple and now they must live with it. Too bad so sad. There is also. Can’t shaped hole that they should discuss.

    • OliviaOne says:

      It is not only that the firm made that hole.. they keep making it deeper and wider and more noticeable with their unintelligent “leaks”.

  4. Amy Bee says:

    Tina spoke for the rest of the British media. The question amongst the mainstream press now is whether Harry and Meghan should come back to the UK or whether the Royal Family needs them to come back. I love this. The Royal Family and the press believed that Harry and Meghan would come crawling back within a year but they were too arrogant to realize that they needed Harry and Meghan more than they needed the Royal Family.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Precisely. They keep trying to convince everyone that H&M desperately want to return, but the royals and the media sycophants are the desperate ones.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Right. When Meghan said she was ‘sleeping peacefully underneath a tree’, I didn’t interpret it as, “D*amn, Harry and I really want to rush back to the Firm & BM who treated me(and him) inexorably. The future looks so bright how our children will be treated (/s).

        It really is a funny take that the RR’s/sycophants think H&M want to go back. Montecito vs. La Isla de Saltinas. Hmmmmmmmm. Tough choice. Freedom vs. b*llshit.

  5. Eurydice says:

    Wow, that Nigerian post is fierce! And Tina – well, duh. How in the world does she think anything can be mended at this point?

    • seaflower says:

      Chuck and Huevo’s behaviour iver the last 12 months proves nothing has or will change.

      • Harper says:

        CRex and Huevo don’t think there is a hole. Speaking of holes, what about the Kate-shaped hole? Oh right, no one in the mainstream British media is going there.

      • Debbie says:

        With respect @Harper, I think that Chuck and William definitely know there’s something missing in their operation. That’s why they suddenly arrange these events to “compete” or distract from the Sussexes’ events. Frankly, I also think it’s the only thing that gets “work-from-home” William away from the couch. I don’t think either Chuck or William would ever admit that something is lacking in their group, but they know it and so do their handlers, because they’re also busy arranging these events for them.

        And I also love the fact that the tweet above called out the British media and their online proxy. Perfect.

    • Couch Potato says:

      Fierce and on the point! It was heart warming to read!

    • GrnieWnie says:

      Love to see it! I think it’s gross how the UK media is talking about Nigeria. All they have to say are snide remarks about per capita income levels and how dare anyone do anything when income levels are SO low blahblahblah. Implicitly: “We’re better than you because of our superior economic index” wrapped up in faux concern for Nigerians. Meanwhile, Nigerians are loving the Sussexes.

      • goofpuff says:

        its definitely disgusting how the British media is attacking Nigeria by disparging its people, its economy, its military, its culture as somehow less than to make the honors that H&M are receiving look meaningless to the BM’s target group. Its just awful the racist drivel they and their derangers and bots peddle that hate for a whole country because how dare that independent country not follow what the British demand them to do. Colonizer thinking.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        It really is gross. England’s economic index is dropping. It has been for years. Well, in the case of people who are not members of the BRF or aristocrats (thought, I do believe that a lot of them are asset rich, cash poor). England’s economic index still has people dealing with food insecurity, inability to pay for childcare, rent, utilities….but, hey didn’t they just spend $100 million(pounds whatever) last year on Crown Con. $$$$$$$ well spent. l/s How much did Kate’s funky a$$ tiara cost? I’m sure the tax payers who fund their lifestyle are super pleased where their money is going?

        Tina Brown, is a royalist idiot. That what she is saying now is Captain Obvious and pretty much what supporters of H&M have been saying for years, gives her no grace or respect. At all. Others, that are less monarchist, have said the same before her. Until Tina Brown comes out and says flat out, “I was wrong about Meghan. I was wrong about Meghan & Harry. I said and wrote some completely false, foolish things about them. Please forgive my f*cking ignorance.”. Tina ain’t getting praises from me.

  6. Serena says:

    Well, that’s a little too late Tina.

  7. Sam says:

    I’m not sure whether the unbelievable and incomprehensible hate that seems to be everywhere on social media has anything to do with the fact that Meghan and Harry are so successful and so visible right now. But I have the feeling that it’s getting worse and worse and so many people are jumping on it.

    That really worries and scares me. Is there anyone other than People Magazine that reports nicely and truthfully or at least neutrally?? Even Vogue Magazine is stirring up hate with their posts on Instagram.

    Why does everyone hate Meghan so much?? It’s not just royalists. Are these people all afraid of the power of a POC woman?? I just can’t understand. And as a woman with Nordic skin and blonde hair, I’m really worried about where this all will lead.

    • sevenblue says:

      Nobody cares about the dying media. They are consistently trying to make Kate happen for years, still children in UK ask Kate to her face who she is. Also, it was worse when Meghan was in UK and silenced. Celebrities were openly liking hate posts about Meghan. Now, we know what happened to Meghan and what the firm did to them. You have the choice to believe them or not, but now no one can say they didn’t know after liking hate posts.

    • Square2 says:

      @SAM Look around the landscape around the world currently: extra right-wingers, fake conservative Christians, White Supermacy are on the rise. Yes, those people really hate POC for whatever their reasons. (Inferior Complex of themselves, jealousy, deep-rooted racism; without rational thinking abilities & easily be swayed, etc.)

      • samipup says:

        History (as it does), is repeating itself. Go back to the wars in Europe. The gas ovens. Nazi Germany. Hitler. We don’t really know some people that we have known all their lives. This is terrifying me. TFG needs to be gone, weakened, punished as do all his ilk. We should be afraid. He has an uncanny ability to CON people.

    • Jane says:

      There are a lot of racists who loathe Meghan for marrying *their* white prince. There are also a ton of bots on social media. Look at the Amber Heard fiasco. Yes there is hate there but the insane amplification of that hate is due to paid bots/trolls IMO>

    • windyriver says:

      One thing people have also pointed out is the impact of the court cases Harry still has in progress. It’s not just the palaces that have a vested interest in generating hatred against H&M via media articles, especially if they also get engagement. Harry’s going up against some powerful entrenched interests. And recently a number of high profile media people were named as part of one of his suits. I’m not logged in on any social media and without that there’s little I can follow myself, so I don’t know what’s doing there. We’ve already seen evidence that KP buys bots wholesale. Almost certainly opposing parties to Harry’s actions are doing the same.

    • Matilda says:

      These publications are in the risk of dying out and make more money click baiting with hate. Plus a big heap of racism and people just believing what they read.

    • Swaz says:

      This type of post is exactly why there is so much hate post on social media 🙄🙄🙄 because it get mentions the most, and the most clicks. There was so much love given to H&M this weekend in Nigeria, I think this should be the conversation 🙄🙄🙄

    • KeKe Swan says:

      Sam, most of the online vitriol is NOT organic. A great deal of evidence was amassed in the runup to Sussexit showing that KP had spent mega-pounds to set up their own troll operation. I find Vogue’s posts in general … kind of bland. They’re usually posting pictures of Meghan’s fashion. But what’s striking is how IMMEDIATELY those posts will be bombed with negative comments. Is it still KP or possibly even BP? Is it folks like Heritage, who see Harry’s antiracist stances as a direct threat and who are working hand in glove with the Tories to destroy him? Is it even the Russians, who know that race is the West’s Achilles’ heel and who deliberately set out to stir up vitriol to weaken the U.S. and U.K.? Dunno. Could be all three. But I’m convinced that there aren’t enough middle aged royalist hags in england to keep this going for all these years.

      • Agnes says:

        “I’m convinced that there aren’t enough middle aged royalist hags in england to keep this going” made me lol. Yeah, the hate is paid for. Who is behind the curtain doling out the coins, that’s the interesting part. So many bad actors at large preying on the rest of us who just want to live our lives.

    • Magdalena says:

      I’ve got to say this. I blocked People magazine on Twitter years ago when they were eager participants in the anti-M campaign and always found a way to compare her unfavourably to Kate. And even when she was the Duchess of Cambridge they kept calling her “Princess Kate” while always saying “Meghan Markle”, seldom The Duchess of Sussex, even (often!) in the same sentence. That has NOT changed. They are certainly not neutral. That snake in the grass Simon Perry was one of them so I was disappointed to see that he was being sent to Nigeria. And People’s coverage did not surprise me in the least. I can count on perhaps one hand the number of times they DIDN’T use “Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle” in their reporting these past few days as though they had forgotten her formal title, even after the four kings created her Princess. They are just as awful as the rest, just more underhanded, because they are hoping to get more access – as they have – they’ve just put the wrong people in charge of the writeups.

      • Becks1 says:

        People magazine does that for search engine results. Kate is often still referred to as Kate Middleton in their tweets, which sets the derangers OFF. But I don’t think its as nefarious as others think, its about SEO.

  8. sevenblue says:

    lol. Tina talks out of both sides of her mouth, so she can say she was right whatever the result is. I remember she was also mocking and denigrating H&M, saying Spare, which was very very successful, hurt Harry.

  9. Truthiness says:

    What a beautiful statement from Kio Amachree.

  10. Bklne says:

    Thank you, Kio Amachree, for your eloquence and passion in defense of Meghan and Harry! Sending you, them, Nigeria and Africa all love, honor and respect!

    • QuiteContrary says:

      I second that emotion, Bklne. It was a lovely statement.

      Meghan now has the protection of real kings and real people who uphold her dignity in ways that Charles and the left-behinds refused to do.

    • Liz says:

      Showing the British royals how it’s done. A class act 👏👏👏

  11. Jais says:

    Hmm. TB is talking truth in this moment. Side-note, she was talking to my least very bbc journalist possibly ever, Laura Kuenssberg. I cannot abide LK. The way she carries water for the tories and tabloid editors is…wow…she doesn’t even care about hiding her brazen bias. Anyways, back to TB. She has been a part of maligning Meghan. She has made enough snide comments about Meghan that she herself is part of the problem. It’s both the RF and the BM that led to the Sussexes saying bye forever.

    • Laura D says:

      @Jais – totally agree about LK. It’s always worth mentioning the weekend when the Clarkson article went viral all over the world LK had the editor of the Sun on her programme and didn’t even question her about it. Instead LK allowed the editor to show all the positive articles the Sun had written about Meghan (the earliest they could find was the Baby shower trip – I kid you not.)

      As for Tina Brown. Well the other posters have pretty much covered what I wanted to say, she was part of the problem. It’s alright TB saying how much Harry is missed but, if she’d been more honest in her reporting (and encouraged others to do the same) then maybe the MSM wouldn’t be on the outside looking in!

    • Nic919 says:

      Tina always knew that Harry and Meghan had more star quality than the rest. She was never obligated to pretend the leftovers were any good unlike the rota. But she persisted with attacking H and M because she knows that this is what the British establishment wanted to hear.

      She always shifted her negativity against them when speaking to American media and the fact she is doing this on the BBC shows that it is now ok to point out the obvious.

    • Jais says:

      @LauraD, anytime I see LK’s name I have to mention how deeply I detest her reporting😂.
      @nic919, why do you think TB feels it’s now ok to point out the obvious? I mean it’s seems like it’s bc it’s become so obvious but at the same time it was obvious before too. If that makes sense😂. So is it a shift in the UK press? I can see TB talking about discontent with William before she would say anything substantial about Charles.

  12. lanne says:

    Tina is as much of a racist ho as any of the rest of the ratchets. The job of royal stenographer is going the way of the floppy disk. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving much of skanky ghouls. Perhaps they can become detectives and discover what happened to Kate.

  13. Blithe says:

    Why yes, Tina, yes there is. Too bad that Harry’s Dad and his minions didn’t value who —and what — they had when they had it. Oopsie. They pushed the stardust out. And, yes, it’s permanent. The rest of the world values and celebrates all that people like Tina did not.

  14. Royal Downfall Watcher says:

    The contrast between H and M and the rest of the left behind royals is comical. In the one hand you have the “spare” doing multiple King-like events in one week, with he and his wife being greeted warmly by military and heads of state, all while looking at ease, glamorous and in love.

    ….and on the other you have Will blowing his back out attempting to dig a thimble full of dirt , a petty King who can’t fake loving his children, and a missing Princess of Wales whose legacy is nothing.

    How anyone could look at this and not see how stark it is and how badly it portends to the BRF is unbelievable

  15. s808 says:

    I have no time for TB and everyone else suddenly crying about the gaps in the monarchy now. Oh well, maybe next time you have charismatic members of the firm you won’t terrorize them out of the country. History says they’ll keep doing this though so oh well. Heaven help Louis and Charlotte if they end up being more popular than George.

    • rosa mwemaid says:

      Thanks to polls in the Excess about who is your favourite royal child Charlotte comes out top followed by Louis and then George. What a horrid thing to print.

  16. Cerys says:

    I agree that there is a Harry-shaped hole in the monarchy. However, they need him far more than he needs or wants them. Given the toxic atmosphere surrounding the royal family, then he is far better off staying away.

  17. Dee says:

    There’s a big hole in royal rota wallets now that they’ve got nothing that sells. Oh, how the turn tables.

  18. Hypocrisy says:

    Prince Harry and Princess Meghan make that entire Monarchy look like amateurs. It’s the difference between community theatre and a Broadway Hit Musical 🎵 you don’t understand the vast difference until you see it for yourself. People are seeing the difference it’s glaringly obvious. I absolutely love this for Chuck and his heir. I have just loved everything about this trip.

  19. Becks1 says:

    Yes, there is a big Harry (and Meghan) shaped hole in the monarchy, and the BRF and the RRs have no one to blame but themselves for it.

    I’ve always thought that part of the threat of the “half in half out” offer, which included foregoing sovereign grant money, was that it would raise the question of “if they don’t need public funding, why do any of the royals need it?” and I think trips like this just cement that idea. Harry and Meghan’s trip to Nigeria was covered by the press very similar to how a royal tour would be covered. But there are key differences – Nigeria invited them with a clear mission, to strengthen Nigeria’s bid for an Invictus in the future – not to “strengthen ties between the countries” like a royal tour. Harry and Meghan were welcomed with pomp and fanfare but there weren’t the same remnants of colonialization that we tend to see during these royal tours – the Caribbean Flop Tour, Charles’ Kenya tour last year, etc. There was a mutual respect between the Nigerian officials and the Sussexes and that really came through.

    Harry and Meghan had one of the most successful royal tours over the weekend since…..well, since their South Africa tour…..and they’re not royals and this obviously was not a “royal tour” – but I’m using that term just to highlight how much better this was than anything the leftover royals could do.

    So yes, there is a big hole in the monarchy. Oh well. Too bad so sad.

    • Nic919 says:

      Charles and William were unwilling to compromise. In the end pushing Harry out completely was always the best option for him and his family. But Chuck and Billy thought they would control him despite cutting the strings completely. Shows how dumb they both are.

    • KeKe Swan says:

      Well, now that Meghan has a title of her own, they’re both royal and it was a tour. So … royal tour. LOL.

      • Becks1 says:

        I knew someone was going to comment about that 🙄🙄🙄 I meant they weren’t there on behalf of a government.

  20. Lau says:

    Cry harder, Tina ! (and the other members of the British media who continue to be *ssholes) She’ll probably be back on her “Windsors are the poor victims of the entire history of the world” nonsense tomorrow.

  21. Chiclit says:

    TB is always finger to the wind to pick up trends-she wasn’t editor of Vanity Fair for nothing.

    I honestly think the pattern of stories that appear after a H and M trip is becoming so obvious that there must be a checklist somewhere, and I think it’s getting tired. First impressions, warm reception. Then stories appear that report: Meghans dress looks terrible, humiliation and snubbing, unflattering photos making it appear H is unhappy, bored etc, issues with events, budgets or organizations. Then dredge up years old negative and false stories and finally dredge up old photos or stories of events where Wales duo looked good.

    The fact that this was a trip to an African Commonwealth country just highlighted the racism in some of the online and social media trolling. Also I do think some folks in the media are beginning to notice how vicious, violent, and false some of the anti H and M posts are becoming and want to distance a bit for legal reasons.

    • Royal Donwnfall Watcher says:

      We should create a BINGO card for ROTA and BRF reactions everytime the Sussex’s do something

    • Nic919 says:

      I agree with this. Tina shifted her views even between UK and US media for the coverage of Spare. That she is saying this on the BBC means the sentiment in the UK has changed somewhere.

    • Concern Fae says:

      And she was editor of Tatler before she took over Vanity Fair. So she’s been closely tied to, as well as covering, the British aristocracy and royalty since the 70s. She is, indeed, a weathervane of what they are thinking. She both shares and reflects what the vibe is in that crowd, with a tendency towards the more open and less stuffy side of things.

      Harry’s memoir was a true betrayal by the standards of the monarchists. As was the Netflix deal, and the Spotify, and the other investments/public facing roles they’ve taken at places where they are earning salaries. It’s completely ridiculous, of course, because Charles seems to think everyone should earn their own way, but nothing is every pure and suitable a way to do so, in the monarchists’ eyes. I think they are completely wrong, that the British monarchy and aristocracy should either disappear or reduce to a European sized footprint. That is deeply unlikely to happen, but I’ll be very happy if it does.

      I never find it helpful to see my foes as simply “wrong.” They have a side and reasons for what they are doing. To me what’s fascinating is that a white, divorced, American actress/influencer would have faced all sorts of trouble fitting into the royal family. But the snobbish people who would have hated white Meghan are pretty much all racists, so they went full unhinged and vile in public view of everyone. So now the monarchy is hanging on by a thread.

      • KeKe Swan says:

        Good point about the welcome a white actress would have been given. I’ll just add that another real problem is the aristocratic attitude toward work. They don’t believe in it, so Harry “getting a job” probably was appalling for them.

  22. Giddy says:

    In the jealous eyes of the RF and the courtiers, they wanted to create that Harry sized hole. But now not only is there no one to fill it, but they have to watch as H&M conquer everyone they meet, and they fill their lives with meaningful work. Willie was already a disappointment as PoW, now we see that Chuck is a petty and petulant tyrant. His jealousies keep him from being to play the long game, which I assume would be a requirement of a successful regent.

  23. windyriver says:

    To be fair (and no real reason to be), his actions towards H&M aren’t the only reason Charles’ reign has been a flop show from the start. If he hadn’t been in such a hurry to take center stage himself, have HIS coronation, and elevate Camilla to Queen, he could’ve utilized the lingering aura of stability and dedication to service that was QEII’s greatest asset, while still establishing his own agenda. Patronage issues like who would replace TQ (and Philip) at places like the RBL should have been decided and announced long ago as a sign of continuity instead of leaving dozens of organizations hanging. There’s obviously more, but the gist is, Charles, who had decades to decide how he would act once king, proved himself from the beginning to be the ditherer that’s always been hinted at, while also revealing the immature, childish behavior that frequently feeds into his decision making.

    With H&M unshackled and no longer at BP’s disposal for use in covering up miscellaneous missteps and transgressions by other RF players, we finally – through that Harry and Meghan sized hole – see what’s always been just behind the curtain, and it’s not pretty.

  24. L4Frimaire says:

    I don’t like Tina Brown, she was right there with the others disparaging and disrespecting the Sussexes, while gleefully calling them washed up in Hollywood etc. The Sussexes have always been first and foremost about the work and causes that drive them, not going to Oscar parties or whatever . The impact of this trip, with actual real world results, is obvious, as are their charisma and people skills. The Sussexes were doing this for the UK, would have done so much more, but Meghan was relentlessly attacked for it. Tina Brown can have several seats and stfu. The Sussexes will bring the hard work and commitment to those they can really help, and it ain’t the petty wastrels that make up the current Royal family.

    • aftershocks says:

      @L4frimaire, the Sussexes are now free and unrestricted. Thus, they are able to do much, much more on a global scale than they could have done contained within the rotten, dysfunctional firm as it is presently constituted.

  25. Mel says:

    Didn’t Harry say with his ENTIRE CHEST that they were NEVER, EVER getting back together? Cry harder……

  26. Lady Digby says:

    Charles only cares about being King and his wife. He was jealous of Diana and now he is jealous of Harry and Meghan for the same reasons. He knows William and Kate are both dull and lazy and as such no threat to him. He is insecure, petty and vindictive despite being unsackable as King. Charles, Camilla and William deserve one another.

  27. Julianna says:

    The British Media obviously really do print and say whatever the palace wants. When there are articles that deviate from praising and embiggoning them they are promptly taken down. Also, when for example William is criticized it’s usually from the other camp like Charles urging them & running that narrative. It got even more obvious and worse when Meghan started dating and married Harry. I just don’t understand it. They attacked, maligned, lied, abused and trashed Meghan and Harry relentlessly.

    TB was one of those people. On the royal beat, they tried to say with a straight face Charles didn’t meet with Harry because they couldn’t trust him because “it might end up in some documentary” but literally these are the same people that recieve all their leaks from C&C, W&K and consistently lie and talk so much trash about Harry and Meghan. Then they were whinging and complaining because they weren’t invited to go with Harry and Meghan to Nigeria or the IG event in UK. I was surprised to see the narrator call them out and asked “well, why do you think that is?”. They went utter silent. It’s like these people dont ever take accountability for what they did to them and currently still do. They don’t acknowledge in the slightest all the nasty repetitive, malicious narratives, leaks, lies and articles that were written at the behest of C&C and W&K.

    They all realize what they lost which is why they are so desperate for access to them. They all just thought that Harry and Meghan would never leave nor would they be sitting there with egg in all their faces several years later. Sheer stupidity.

  28. Ohwell says:

    Tina Brown exposed her unprofessional, nasty and disturbed behaving. Whatever she states and writes should be questioned. She is completely inauthentic.

  29. JJ says:

    Yeah. A Harry-shaped hole that Tina contributed in creating, to keep it a buck. But nothing has changed because all last week, racism, pleas for Charles to forgive Harry (for being a victim of Charles’ and everyone’s abuse but not being a silent victim, I guess), and choruses of “Harry is alone” and then when the Spencers turn up, “Harry needs to grow up and not tell people about Charles making no time for him”… These people are deranged. Keep your Harry and Meghan-shaped hole you created and go follow the royals you embiggened. Also, KEEP HARRY AND MEGHAN’S NAMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTHS UNLESS YOU ARE SAYING A HEARTFELT APOLOGY.

  30. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    If the press and people want Harry back, they can start by pressuring Charles to apologize, reinstate his security, and let the world know that racist attacks will not be tolerated. It’s actually pretty simple/easy, but “Not My King” and his rage monster eldest son are too egotistical and petty to make it happen. The public knows who to blame.

  31. Snerak says:

    It’s sad that she thinks the hole is only Harry shaped when it is clearly Harry and Megan shaped. She can’t even pay them a compliment without insulting Megan.

  32. Lulu says:

    Harry and Meghan’s Nigeria trip may have shown Tina what could have been, but more importantly they reminded her of what WAS. They were exactly this flawless as senior royals. That is when the palace told the tabloids that it was open season on them. Their star quality is why the palace started the hate campaign.

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