Oh, Prince William recorded a BAFTA TV segment from a room in Windsor Castle?

The BAFTA TV Awards were held over the weekend. We had so much other gossip to discuss on Monday, I didn’t bother with the photos – Succession won some big awards, as did the final season of The Crown. BAFTA president Prince William did not attend the event, but that’s not a surprise – BAFTA can barely get William to attend their film awards, and I don’t think he’s ever attended the TV awards show. William’s absence from the TV awards this year was explained as “Kate is sick, that’s why he could go,” but as I said, he never shows up for the TV awards. That being said, he did send in a prerecorded video to honor Baroness Floella Benjamin.

Interestingly, Hello Magazine noted that William must have recorded this from Windsor Castle, not Adelaide Cottage, which is where he and his family allegedly live:

The Prince of Wales made a surprise appearance via a pre-recorded call during the TV BAFTAs ceremony on Sunday night, paying tribute to Baroness Floella Benjamin, who received the BAFTA Fellowship.

Prince William’s choice of filming location was intriguing. The heir to the throne opted to film from the gilded rooms at King Charles’ residence, Windsor Castle, instead of his personal family home, Adelaide Cottage. The decision was made no doubt in part to protect his wife Princess Kate’s privacy as she continues to recuperate amid her cancer treatment. In the video above, William can be seen addressing Baroness Benjamin directly from one of Windsor’s 1,000 grand rooms.

Two out of focus portraits in gold and black frames can be seen in the background, hanging on a patterned blue wallpaper, and behind William’s shoulder is a gilded double door. Windsor Castle is of course incredibly close to the Prince and Princess of Wales’ primary residence, candy-pink Adelaide Cottage, making it a convenient back-up location for filming.

[From Hello]

I’ll admit, I wouldn’t have been able to tell just from the background that this is Windsor Castle, but I trust that Hello Mag knows what they’re talking about. This has been one of my low-stakes conspiracies for a few years now, that it was always Kate and the kids moving into Adelaide Cottage, and William mostly lives elsewhere. Sometimes, I genuinely believe that he moved into Frogmore Cottage (the Sussexes’ former home, which they renovated). But hey, maybe William has his own wing at Windsor Castle. That would make sense too. Remember how Prince Harry asked his father for a room at Windsor Castle for two nights last September? Charles refused, possibly to keep William’s living arrangements a secret. Hm.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, screencap courtesy of Sky News/BBC.

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39 Responses to “Oh, Prince William recorded a BAFTA TV segment from a room in Windsor Castle?”

  1. MaryContrary says:

    I always assumed that when they moved to Windsor it was because they thought they would (quickly, because of the Queen’s health) get moved into the castle. I am amused that this is one of the very few things that Charles appears to hold over them. Like, sure you can do events there, but you can’t move in.

    • esquire says:

      Yes, indeed! But it makes sense to me that he wouldn’t let any camera into his home for whatever reason. However, the photos reveal that the rooms in Windsor Castle that aren’t opulent are quite run down and well, in a state of disrepair. Chipped paint is obvious at the doorway’s frame. That room is grotty!

      I wonder if the government coffers financing the Royal Households is skimping on maintenance? Shhh …. don’t tell British taxpayers that this is another arm of royal expenditure that is not part of the 1 or 2 pound fiction per annum per capita story that gets told.

  2. Jensa says:

    That photo of him braying at the young actresses while they side-eye him will never get tired. It totally sums him up.
    (I think that was when he was telling one of them that it must have been “lots of fun” playing a rape victim).

  3. Joyful Liluri says:

    Charles refuses Harry housing because Charles wanted to.

    He stole Frogmore from his son, DIL and his two grandchildren. For “reasons” like his jealousy and rage.

    He isn’t going to take away housing from Harry on one hand and then provide it to him on the other.

    No. Harry is supposed to understand that he’s being punished for telling the truth and for being a scapegoat turned escapegoat.

    • Concern Fae says:

      They keep doing things thinking this will cause Harry to “see reason,” but he’s the sane one and they keep looking more and more unhinged.

  4. Agnes says:

    Can’t wait till years from now when some Royal Protection Officer breaks his NDAs and tells us what the hell really went on from 12/25/2023 till …. “Where is Kate” is firing up again.

    • Dandelion2 says:

      I would break my NDA on my deathbed, because who cares at that point? Any terminal protection officer or maid?

  5. Dutch says:

    Makes a certain degree of sense. If Kate’s not there you wouldn’t want the film crew to put those pieces together and if she is you don’t want some boom operator sneaking a photo of her and selling it to the highest bidder.

    • Chloe says:

      I think they might have their own personal camera guy for these type of things as part of their team. He or she is probably the same one that was shooting footage for KP so that they could make it into these fancy TikToks and instagram reels

  6. Chloe says:

    How does Hello mag know that Adelaide Cottage is candy pink???

  7. ShazBot says:

    I also believe that Adelaide is for Kate and the kids. Not for one single second do I think Prince William, Prince of Wales and heir to the throne, who has been puffed up all his life would downgrade from Kensington Palace and Anmer Hall to Adelaide Cottage. No way.
    And I agree that’s why Harry was denied a room there, because they couldn’t have him stay where William is living.

    • esquire says:

      It isn’t actually a “cottage” as ordinary folk consider that description. It’s quite opulent inside, apparently. It’s just a bit smaller than senior royals are used to.

  8. Alex Can says:

    Hmm indeed, I think Kaiser’s on to something…was Harry denied a room at Windsor castle because William lives there? He wouldn’t have wanted Harry close by for many reasons.

  9. Amy Bee says:

    William and Kate have been using Windsor Castle as their office since they moved to Adelaide Cottage. Interestingly, Harry and Meghan had asked to have their office at Windsor and the Palace refused. I have always suspected that William lives as at least part of the time at Windsor Castle. There’s no way he would live at Frogmore, it’s too small and Meghan used to live there.

    • Katy says:

      I think Omid mentioned Will using the castle for work in Endgame? He talked about how you sometimes see Will going to or from the castle on an electric scooter.

      Imagine that little egg head in a helmet zipping around on a scooter. TMZ, I’m begging you, get me that pic.

  10. Becks1 says:

    I’ve never believed William moved into Adelaide cottage. The heir to the throne, living in a house without any live-in staff? Perish the thought! (even if the staff is just across the driveway.)

    But in general, I wonder if Adelaide is decorated in a more casual style, and they don’t have any formal rooms for filming or public events (since they do all their meetings, etc at Windsor Castle these days.) Or if they just refuse to designate one room as the “official” room that they can use for meetings or filming?

    • esquire says:

      William’s paranoia as to his privacy would prevent any filming there. It is more a “home” than grand royal palace with formal rooms. I’ve read that it’s quite opulent inside. The furnishings might be more cosy, who knows?

      I recall reading that William wanted Windsor Castle itself for him and his family – before the Queen died. He apparently knew that Charles was not interested in moving from Clarence House. Maybe he was refused for the first time in his life? I always thought that the move to AC was preparing the public for them having yet another grand residence, the Castle itself. It was reported at the time that AC did not need any upgrade.

      • Dutch says:

        If memory serves, Will was blocked from moving into Windsor by Charles because KC3 wants to use it for large events while Buckingham is being refurbished over the next several years.

      • Magdalena says:

        That was the line fed by William’s people to the media – that (a) they wanted to be closer to the ailing queen and (b) that they would be ones to move in, despite it always having been the residence of the MONARCH. In reality, it was because things had reached breaking point and the Wailses could no longer live together and the separation was becoming permanent. Someone then pulled the plug on Kate and the Middletons repeatedly angling for a larger residence “for the family” and Kate was shifted to Adelaide cottage, and the press dutifully reported how humble the family was because they were living in such a small, cramped place with no servants. No mention at the time that there was a staff building right in front of the driveway across from the house. It’s just lies and more lies.

      • esquire says:

        @Dutch: that tracks with what I recall reading. Bottom line: Charles was having none of William wanting the Castle whilst he was still only the heir’s heir. The optics would have been bad since taxpayers had funded BP10M to renovate their grand apartment at KP.

        @Magdalena: Absolutely, the Castle ought to only be occupied by the monarch, as QEII did once BP renovations commenced and during COVID. Of course, by ordinary standards Adelaide Cottage is grand with servants’ quarters. Only a fool would believe otherwise.

        I also recall reading as to how “considerate” W&K were because no renovations were required. This was only their 2nd taxpayer-funded home, after all, never mind that BP10M was spent on their KP apartment *sarcasm*. Taxpayers also had to cough up for their security quarters at Anmer Hall, apparently a privately-owned residence, just not private enough for them to fund any renovations or extensions themselves.

        I shake my head wondering how the British put up with it when there are so many homeless people.

  11. tamsin says:

    I don’t find anything unusual about William working out of Windsor Castle. I think when in Windsor, that is where royal events take place, not in their “homes” because the castle is also an office. For example, investitures take place there, and the Queen has conducted state visits from there. But yeah, hard to imagine William living at Adelaide. It looks like a doll house and is way too small for a man used to growing up in palaces and slumming it in manor houses. However, I believe both Frogmore Cottage and Adelaide Cottage were originally built for royals.
    Both Charles and William are unbelievably “grand” as it has been stated by numerous biographers and stenographers alike.

    • esquire says:

      I agree; but as I said, AC is quite grand inside, apparently. It may not be Windsor Castle, but not all of Windsor Castle is grand either, judging by these photos. I think about some rooms in BP, some of them looked downright basic. But those rooms may have been part of the ongoing upgrade.

  12. Julianna says:

    I think he filmed it at Windsor intentionally. He and KP obviously know what people are speculating and talking about. Just like they put out those fake stories all over the place about William riding around on a scooter through Windsor. The media was specifically briefed about the scooter Windsor story and was even specifically brought up on talk shows like the Royal Beat. That story was purposely put out there to confuse people and make people second guess or still assume that William really lives at Adelaid with Kate.

    Huevo might have Frogmore or a suite in Windsor but he certainly was never living at Adelaid with Kate nor is he living there now changing her bed pans (if she is even alive).

  13. MY3CENTS says:

    Prince Zoom Zoom work from home.
    This is just a parody at this point.

    • Cara says:

      I know. This lazy turd phones it in so much that even Celebitchy readers didn’t comment on it until you pointed it out. Your comment is #13 and I think it it’s the first mention of the most obvious problem. The decor and what residence he uses most is the main focus of most commenters on here. I actually don’t care who he is f-king or whether he lives with Kate and the kids (because they are better off without his evil presence). He is not doing the work. One would think he has cancer based upon how rarely he shows up. Perhaps he is addicted to computer games like many adolescent boys or has a phobia that would require medical intervention to make him functional. His self medicating with booze could account for his poor judgement and fixation on destroying Harry, Meghan, and their children … because as soon as those kids are old enough he will be going after them too. His hatefulness and general incompetence should always be the focus. So thank you, My3Cents.

      • Mego says:

        I also think He spends his day playing computer games. And doing nothingh beyond

  14. Eurydice says:

    I don’t see what’s wrong with using Windsor Castle. I just wonder why they had hide the fact by filming him in some random corner.

  15. Work shy Willy is working from home with this event. Probably best because he is so awkward with real people.

  16. Royal Downfall Watcher says:

    Is this man afraid of being in public? One would think the future King would be willing to stand on a stage in front of his adoring fans? LOL. But honestly, for a man who wants praise for doing nothing 24/7, attending the BAFTAS would get him praise for doing next to nothing. I am shocked he zooms his way through life since he seems to want adoration so desperately

  17. SarahCS says:

    Oh the header pic/still. I almost spat out a piece of mango.

    Also, having gone back for a second look (after chewing carefully), he makes me really think of Andrew in this pose/moment.

  18. Tessa says:

    No mention of why Kate and the youngest two have not been seen for months.

  19. JFerber says:

    So this is the roll-out for the work-from-his-many-homes king? Total fail and he’s a total failure. He’s lucky God spared him the emotion of shame, because just wow. Where’s your wife, Willbur?

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