Queen Camilla makes a pledge to PETA: she will no longer buy new fur products

Queen Camilla has always enjoyed blood sports. She’s always been up for any kind of shooting party or hunt, and her affair with then-Prince Charles flourished during those shooting weekends and aristocratic hunting vacations. She’s still at it too – reportedly, Camilla took a week-long holiday in March and she went to Spain to “hunt partridges.” Camilla is all about “cruelty.” So imagine my surprise that Camilla is trying to rebrand herself as cruelty-free. She informed PETA that she will not purchase any new fur garments.

Queen Camilla has pledged not to buy any more fur products in the latest move by Buckingham Palace to not use animal products. The Palace sent a letter with ‘the Queen’s warmest wishes’ to the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) which vowed Camilla ‘will not procure any new fur garments’.

The animal-rights group toasted the news with a glass of the finest claret and its managing director Ingrid Newkirk said: ‘It’s right and proper for the British monarchy to reflect British values by recognising that fur has no place in our society.’

The letter did not state whether she would no longer wear any existing real-fur outfits, the BBC reported. She has followed in the footsteps of the late Queen Elizabeth II who made headlines in 2019 when Her Late Majesty’s senior dresser Angela Kelly revealed she was no longer using real fur in her outfits. Camilla secretly switched to fake fur hats back in 2017 after receiving a barrage of criticism for wearing a Russian-style real fur hat to the Royal Family’s Sandringham Christmas Day church seven years earlier.

The latest row back by the royals continues the Palace’s move towards becoming environmentally friendly with King Charles long championing green causes. The 75-year-old monarch has made a raft of eco-friendly changes since he ascended to the throne in September 2022.

[From The Daily Mail]

This was one of the easiest pledges to make for Camilla – she already owns plenty of fur products and she’ll just say “oh, this old thing” if questioned about why she’s wearing fur. Camilla does recycle years-old pieces too, especially hats which may or may not involve real fur. Anyway, I don’t even know why anyone wears fur these days and PETA’s campaigning on this one issue has really made an impact over my lifetime. You rarely see anyone wearing real fur coats or real fur hats anymore.

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  1. kelleybelle says:

    Good, she is finally doing something admirable … if she’s not lying. That being said, this woman is so gross she is hard to look at. And passing her off as queen is just way too much. And they wonder why the monarchy’s popularity is in the toilet.

    • It would be more admirable if she got rid of the stuff that she has already which is a lot. So until she does that no cookie for her

      • TheFarmer'sWife says:

        No cookie for anyone wearing “fake fur”, either! Fake fur is made from various man-made plastics, which are petroleum by-products. Real fur is a natural product and will eventually decompose completely. Items made from plastic never truly decompose; they just break down into smaller and smaller bits. Also, there is no such thing as “natural plastic.” Vegan leather is made from plastic.

      • Tisme says:

        DEFINITELY no cookie…didn’t people stop buying real fur 20 plus years ago?? She is so out of touch.

      • AMB says:

        @TheFarmer’sWife – double-plus-yes, all this.

        To be fair though, now we just put all the fuzzy synthetic bits on the inside of our winter wear and call it “insulation”.

      • TybeeLucille says:

        She said she “pledged not to buy any new fur.” She said nothing about not taking fur gifts or wearing old ones? Does she have access to the family furs as well as jewels? She will wear them, refuse to give anything back and smile her Rottweiler smile. Does she consider “pledge” the same as Amber Heard testified she considered it?

    • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

      This is threatening Camilla with a food time. She will slash into all the old stuff from the people she hated are is indifferent and recut, refashion everything to her liking and call it environmentally responsible repurposing.

    • [insert_catchy_name] says:

      YES. THANK YOU @TheFarmer’sWife.

      I am so sick of seeing this “vegan leather” PU bullsh&t everywhere. I am a vegetarian (with environmental and health my main reasons (although of course animal cruelty is a factor), but leather is a natural, biodegradable waste product from another industry, which with proper care lasts 50x longer than other products.

      For fur though, don’t wear fur, don’t wear fake fur. There are a lot of other natural materials you can wear!

      • AMB says:

        Natural materials like wool, which is a wonderful, versatile fiber!

        “Vegan leather” is a blister waiting to happen.

  2. Joyful Liluri says:

    So Camilla is focusing purely on cruelty to humans now.

    With her new title, comes new blood sport it seems.

  3. Proud Mary says:

    Are you kidding me? You mean in the 21st century there still are people who are buying and wearing fur? I bet PETA never threw any blood camzilla. Right! Let me know when she gets rid of her stash.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Proud Mary, you said what I was thinking. It’s been decades where fur has been a big no no in the US. I was astonished when I read this.

  4. Lolo86lf says:

    I am calling bulls*it on Camilla’s decision not to buy NEW fur pieces. As Kaiser pointed out, she already owns plenty of fur coats and hats and stoles. So she is not really sacrificing anything here. By continuing to wear her existing fur pieces, she is perpetuating the cruelty. My point is that young wealthy women will look at her fur and they will want to own fur as well. So no good Camilla, if you really care do NOT wear fur any more old or new.

  5. Henny Penny says:

    “Woman with twenty-seven storage freezers full of wearable dead animal skins promises not to kill any more animals for their skins.”

    She’s really vying for sainthood with this empty promise, isn’t she?

  6. Isabella says:

    Hunting is very cruel. Giving up that would be brave. It would separate her from her friends. She will never denounce hunting.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Yeah, let me know when she swears off all blood sports. Maybe she won’t buy any more furs because she’ll just go out and shoot her own.

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      She’s defined by her love for bloodsport, destruction, cruelty and even death.

  7. Tessa says:

    She was involved in foxhunting for years where dogs kill innocent foxes. The only reason she quit was back trouble and later foxhintong was outlawed. She never apologized to said she regretted participating in this sport

  8. Peanut Butter says:

    For once, I can’t criticize. Assuming she sticks to her pledge, good for her.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Peanut Butter, she should have done this looooong before now. If she really wants to make an impact, she would say she will not wear any fur in future. I bet she doesn’t do that.

  9. Tessa says:

    Camilla and Charles still have hunting parties and shoot birds out of the sky.

    • TybeeLucille says:

      They are lying liars who lie. Nothing has changed in that family cult for millennia

  10. Amy Bee says:

    But is she and the rest of the Royal Family going to continue hunting?

    • Tessa says:

      There were reports of bird hunting parties that William attended. I think Charles used to have them before he got sick. Camilla apparently still hunts

  11. Sumodo1 says:

    I just love the picture in front of the horse. I see what you did there! IYKYK Joan Rivers used to go “Fonh fohn fohn” chuffing like a horse when she mimicked Camilla the Killa.

    • Tessa says:

      Joan rivers then moved on to slamming Diana after she died. Charles invited her to his birthday party. She said horrible things about diana .

    • Tessa says:

      Joan rivers was on Larry king and slammed Diana she got defensive when people called in to complain.

  12. Kelly says:

    Sorry to be shallow, but every time I see her Snaggletooth face I cringe. I shouldn’t judge someone by their looks, but I can’t help it with this one.

  13. mary mary says:

    thanks for adding the horse ears picture! never fails to brighten my day

    • Iolanthe says:

      Oh those donkey ears ..such Bottom vibes . Charles might just wake up one day exclaiming ” Methought I was enamored of an ass .”

  14. Lauren says:

    Finally the perfect article to ask if anyone else read the absolute dragging of the RSPCA is getting on SM for announcing Charles as their new patron.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Lauren, I don’t know anything about that. This from a man who has hunting parties? Good Lord.

  15. Tessa says:

    Camilla should lose that fur hat she wears in that first photo

  16. Talia says:

    For once I can say good on her! Wearing fur is barbaric, animals need their fur coats, not us!

  17. Sam says:

    She just looking for something to keep her in the headlines!lol😂😂

  18. Karmaflower says:

    This says to me that she has a ridiculous amount already, and that she will still accept gifts of animal skin. Then, technically, she can tell herself and her synchophants that it isn’t her fault. Yuck.

  19. QuiteContrary says:

    She’s just protecting her own hide.