Is Queen Camilla’s fury the reason why King Charles will skip his godson’s wedding?

Over the weekend, the Times of London reported that Prince William will attend Hugh Grosvenor’s June 7 wedding and that William will be an usher. The Grosvenors are well-connected to the monarchy – Hugh is friendly with both Prince William and Harry, Hugh is King Charles’s godson, and Hugh is godfather to both Prince Archie and Prince George. The Windsors and the Grovesnors invite each other to weddings, funerals, memorials, christenings, etc. Well, the Times also reported that William is basically the only Windsor attending Hugh’s wedding. Considering Hugh, the Duke of Westminster, is basically the only person richer and more powerful than the Windsors, it feels notable. King Charles will likely skip his godson’s wedding, as will the Princess of Wales and Queen Camilla. So what’s the backstory? According to the Mail, it’s all because of a “snub” in 2004.

Prince William is set to be an usher at his friend the Duke of Westminster’s wedding but King Charles won’t attend amid rumours of tension over a past Queen Camilla ‘snub’. Prince Harry is also expected to miss the event over worries his attendance may cause family awkwardness which could overshadow his friend Hugh Grosvenor, and his bride-to-be, Olivia Henson’s big day on June 7.

The King and Queen will miss the ‘society wedding of the year’, over claims they have not forgotten about what happened at the 2004 wedding of Hugh’s sister. They turned down their invitations at the time to Lady Tamara Grosvenor and Edward van Cutsem’s wedding, which was held at the same venue as the duke’s upcoming wedding: Chester Cathedral.

Camilla Parker Bowles, as she was then, had been told that she would not be allowed to sit with Prince Charles and would instead be seated several rows back and be made to arrive separately. This was because of royal protocol since Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip attended the ceremony, along with Princes William and Harry.

Tensions were heightened by reports that Emilie van Cutsem, the groom’s mother, and Camilla had fallen out after each is alleged to have criticised the behaviour of the other’s children. Charles ultimately excused himself from the event with just days to go, saying he had to visit Warminster barracks to meet the families of soldiers serving in Iraq. Camilla was described as ‘otherwise engaged’. According to royal author Sarah Bradford, Camilla was so infuriated that she told Charles the status quo was no longer acceptable. Their own engagement was announced three months later.

The King, who is Grosvenor’s godfather, is still undergoing cancer treatment and will be travelling to France the day before the ceremony next month with the Queen and Prince William to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy.

Another aspect of the upcoming wedding that has been the talk of the town for months is why Prince Harry may have turned down an invitation from his old friend. Now friends of the Royal Family think they have solved the mystery, claiming that Prince Harry refused to attend when he discovered his brother William had been given a prominent role.

[From The Daily Mail]

Re: Harry’s non-attendance… back in December, after Prince William’s office made a big f–king deal about how Hugh snubbed Harry for a wedding invitation, sources told Page Six that Hugh actually did invite the Sussexes but they declined, and Harry and Hugh spoke about it. It’s not about William being an usher. William needs to stop centering himself in stories about the Duke of Westminster’s wedding, it’s tacky as f–k.

As for the infamous story of the 2004 wedding… lol. I remember Tina Brown backing up that story in her reporting too, saying that Camilla basically forced Charles to propose after that because she was so sick of being treated like a dirty little secret, the side chick who was not really welcome at these exclusive events. Reportedly, Charles was still hesitant but he did propose and Camilla got what she wanted. Now, is Camilla still mad about the 2004 wedding? Probably. But I don’t believe that Charles would miss his godson’s wedding just because Camilla is still furious. It sounds like Charles has other reasons (probably including his trip to Normandy one day before the wedding) and Camilla is telling people that Charles will skip Hugh’s wedding out of loyalty to her. Camilla really is a piece of work.

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  1. Tessa says:

    She holds grudges. She won she undermined Diana. Charles divorced Diana. She married charles. Helped cause the feud between William and harry though Wil liam did much of the work. She got to be queen by title not queen consort. If this story is true she is never satisfied and wants to get even for perceived slights. Charles of course holds grudges too

    • Pinkosaurus says:

      Yes, C&C are both terrible grudge holders and also, I don’t think Charles gives a hoot about the British aristocrats. They must not be dropping off enough grocery bags full of cash to keep his attention. Remember Lord Puffinstuff or whoever lamenting he wasn’t invited to the coronation and wasn’t going to get to dust off his carriage?

      Charles doesn’t need to keep them happy if they are not paying him or his “charities “. What are they going to do? Become anti-monarchists?

      • Eating Popcorn says:

        Grudge holders is an understatement – look what he has done to Harry!

      • The Hench says:

        Grudge holders and petty as f. Charles dropping out of Lady Tamara’s wedding mere days beforehand to ‘inspect some troops’ is a blatant insult. Charles’ engagement diary is booked literally months and months in advance and everyone involved in this wedding would have known that. He kicked the Grosvenors in the teeth because his own mother insisted protocol be observed vis a vis Camilla. His last minute bailing would have caused some serious seating plan and protocol issues – when the Prince of Wales bails on your wedding a few days out it isn’t like Auntie Marge took a funny turn and couldn’t come.

    • They both hold grudges. They are both like a couple of kids who get mad and then stay mad at whoever they think has caused them some hurt. Look what they both are doing to Harry and his family.

    • Katy says:

      Pretty sure Camilla’s entire life is just a grudge. The RF implied she was too much of a sl*t to marry Charles and she’s spent every day since plotting to destroy them for that slight.

      • Rnot says:

        I have this recurring thought that Camilla might have been secretly working toward a republic for the last 40+ years.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      In 2004, when this (van Cutsem-Grosvenor wedding) actually happened, it was a BIG story. It led to a major rift between Charles and Hugh van Cutsem that did not end until Hugh was diagnosed with cancer.

      • Dilettante says:

        I guess C and C haven’t been asking to “borrow” the Grosvenor jet for under the radar vacations since

    • Kathleen says:

      Cammy is cunning. She used Willy’s jealousy of Harry to pry them apart. Word on the street is that Harry did not want to meet with Charles with Camilla in the room so she scuttled that. They will never reconcile.

  2. equality says:

    PH attended QE’s funeral and KC’s Con. PW had a “role” in both of those. Are readers and “writers” at the DM incapable of logical thought? My question would be if the van Cutsems snubbed Cam or if QE and PP said no to her being seated with them.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Come on now, Equality, you know the Fail’s readers and “writers” are incapable of logical (or rational or fair or non-racist) thoughts. They lie by the hour and contradict themselves daily.

    • The Hench says:

      I said this over on the other thread. The media are once again rewriting history – and their own reporting. The Grosvenors sent out save the dates ahead of invitations. Harry and Hugh spoke then about H&M not going – so they were not sent an invitation by mutual agreement. That’s now become ‘H&M were not invited’ (technically true) and now they are trying to make Harry look even worse by adding this ‘he REFUSED to come because William was going to be an usher’ – which, as you point out, @equality, makes NO sense but they never leave a chance to smear the Sussexes alone.

  3. Eurydice says:

    Well, Elizabeth wasn’t sold on Camilla – I can’t imagine that she’d have wanted them to break royal protocol just to accommodate the side-piece.

    And LOL that royal friends have “solved” the mystery of what was already known 6 months ago. Seriously, William is such a tool – “I’m going to be an usher! I’m going to be an usher to a multi-billionaire!!” Have some dignity, man.

    • Emme says:

      It was the QUEEN who insisted Camilla couldn’t sit beside her, Philip and Charles as she was a side piece (and marriage destroyer) back in 2004, and Gerald Grosvenor who organised the wedding for his sister bowed to that decision. THAT’S why the Rottweiler was to be positioned several rows behind the Royal family. Then Camilla kicked off about that, Charles dithered as always, and only FINALLY declined the invitation to attend FIVE days before the event. As someone who lives in Chester and is of an age to remember the furore all this caused at the time I can categorically state this is the reason Charles and Camilla are refusing to attend Hugh’s wedding, not the excuse of work beforehand. Still stings after 20 years, that rebuff by the real Queen, doesn’t it Camilla?

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “Gerald Grosvenor who organised the wedding for his sister bowed to that decision.”

        It was Gerald Grosvenor’s eldest daughter not his sister.

      • Emme says:

        @BayTampaBay, yes you are correct. As I was writing I was also remembering when Gerald Grosvenor’s sister married the Earl of Lichfield at Chester Cathedral, and the royals were there too!

  4. SussexWatcher says:

    Seems like she’s projecting with her anger directed at “Hughie” instead of the queen. The article makes it sound like it was royal “protocol” due to the queen and Philip being there that forced the separate seating arrangements.

    Anyway, regardless of whose protocol it was, I’m not surprised that pile of cigarette ashes in a dress is still holding a grudge and keeping Chuckles from attending his own godson’s wedding.

  5. K says:

    Chefs kiss and gold stars for including that photo of Camilla appearing to sport a set of horns. Tally ho.

    • Agnes says:

      The choice of pictures on this site is always flawless.

    • Kokogal says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that immediately thought *chefs kiss* when seeing the horse ear photo. The dedication they have at finding sassy photos like this is truly a work of art.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      Truly. I am here for every single🔥villainess🔥pic🔥selection. Shade at its highest art form.

    • samipup says:

      Oh yes!🧑🏻‍🍳💋, lol! @ Kaiser; you are a genius using the best photos thank you!

  6. Tessa says:

    The queen did not allow Camilla to sit with Charles William and harry at one of her jubilee events. Camilla had to sit a few rows back. Public opinion caused Camilla to back out of the Diana memorial service. This even after the wedding to Charles
    Allegedly the queen thought Camilla should have had a diplomatic illness and said no to the invite.

    • SueBarbri33 says:

      I remember this well. Smh smh smh. It’s always been odd to me that Cams has always leaned into being a wicked stepmother. I can’t believe she doesn’t have anything else to do with her time.

    • bisynaptic says:

      Camilla was seriously planning to attend a memorial service for Diana?!? The woman has no shame…

  7. Digital Unicorn says:

    Are we surprised – the woman knows how to hold a grudge.

  8. Pinkosaurus says:

    So incandescent William and Camzilla are running to the press and showing their whole 🫏🫏 so they can make the wedding of a long-time and very close family friend all about their petty jealousies and insecurities? They come off looking worse with every article.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      It’s so wild that they just. cannot. help. themselves from looking like the completely selfish assholes that they are. They never know when to shut up or even how to be magnanimous. It’s always about them even when it’s really not and no one is asking to see their disgusting selves.

    • Cerys says:

      Exactly. It’s really bad form to use someone else’s wedding to get publicity for yourself but knowing the Windsors as we do, it’s not surprising.

      • Miranda says:

        To paraphrase Alice Roosevelt, both William and Camilla want to be the bride at every wedding, the baby at every christening, and the corpse at every funeral.

    • Cali says:

      They are doing what Harry did every thing he could do to avoid—making the wedding of a friend all about Windsor grudges.
      Harry and Meghan bowed out gracefully in order to leave the focus on the bride and groom AT THEIR OWN WEDDING! And the left overs have done everything possible to bring on the drama.
      I wonder if this will prove to be a big mistake for them. You don’t mess around with someone’s big day like this without stirring up bad feelings.
      And the Grosvenor family has a lot of money and power. I’m sure they know how to hold a grudge too.

      • Berkeleyfarm says:

        Harry learned from his grandmother on this – his presence, especially at this time, will pull focus and he knows this.

  9. Jais says:

    Seems like it had more to do with QE but that there also wasn’t much love between Camilla and the van cutsems over criticizing their children. Lol. Although it doesn’t say anything about the grosvenors but it’s possible they shared the same low opinion of Camilla. It’s just interesting how that past wedding is being described as a catalyst for Charles proposing to Camilla. Camilla really hates being snubbed or excluded. So in that context she really did want to queen. No one can snub the queen right? Now that’s all I want for her. Harry’s book must’ve really made her mad.

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      This is what stands out to me, too. Camilla was so mad at being snubbed she wanted to be Charles wife so no one could snub her.

      Now she’s using the power of being queen to inflict pain via snubbing on anyone who ever looked wrong at her. Yet they tell us she “ never wanted this.” Lol. She’s the worst kind of wanting to be queen, she only wanted the power, none of the unification and responsibility.

      Also I can believe she insulted someone’s kids, she insulted the president of the United States after all. That’s who she is! Rude, uncouth, drunken cigarette/tampax.

      • Berkeleyfarm says:

        I am not remembering the president story – could someone please retell? (Which one and what?)

      • Jazz Hands says:

        @Berkeleyfarm, she apparently went around telling people that Biden passed gas in her presence.

  10. Miranda says:

    OMG just eat the f–king rich already!

    This obsession with enforcing the order of precedence in a private setting is just so, so stupid. Give the Queen and Prince Philip a place of honor as the monarch and her consort if you absolutely, inexplicably MUST, whatever. Give Charles a place of honor as the future King, and allow him to sit with his very publicly-acknowledged partner (how she got to that point is irrelevant because all these aristo marriages are dysfuctional AF anyway) because he’s a family friend. Were they also separating all the unmarried non-titled guests from their partners? God, I feel so dirty that I almost want to side with Camilla on this. ALMOST. But since she’s apparently had a lifelong ambition to gain full access to these circles, f–k her, too.

    • Tessa says:

      And now peter Phillips brought his girlfriend who still had not gotten a divorce to a royal event . I would not feel sorry for Camilla who aids and abetted the bad behavior to meghan.she was even seen mocking Meghan holding her stomach. Charles and Camilla should be happy they got married and he stayed in line of succession. Unlike his great uncle he did not have to make a choice between marrying his partner and keeping the thrown

  11. Tessa says:

    So much for the spin about Camilla never wanting anything

  12. Amy Bee says:

    As I said on the other post, Charles is probably not going because he feels doesn’t have to kow tow to this family anymore now that he’s king. I would think Camilla would want to go to the wedding so that everybody could show her the respect she thinks she’s owed as Queen.

    • Bqm says:

      I don’t think Charles ever felt he had to kowtow to any of them. The ties of both family and blood go way back, to the Victorian era, with the Grosvenors and the Windsors. They’re hugely entangled.

      The widowed Duchess, Natalia, was related to both the Queen and Philip and her mother Georgina was one of the Queen’s closest lifelong friends.

  13. Hypocrisy says:

    Abusers, especially narcissists abusers only get worse as they age.. they tend to be more blatant about it because they view themselves as untouchable, scary that this one really is and she now owns that Monarchy. It is the side chick revenge show now.

  14. Oona says:

    It is funny how in the mail comments many call this story b*llsh*t because of the frequent use of ‘it is thought’, ‘it is supossed’, etc

    But if it comes to other individuals of the rf or former members it is taken for bare coin and as ultimate truth

  15. rosa mwemaid says:

    I’m sure I read somewhere last december that Harry turned down the invitation, not because of William but because the press would pay too much attention to him and not the bride and groom, trouble is I can’t remember where I read it but I thing that sounds more like Harry than the reason offered by the press that takes the blame off them and puts it back on Harry. I shall continue to look.

    • HuffnPuff says:

      That’s exactly why Harry said he wasn’t going to be able to attend. Any time Harry goes to the UK, the BM go into a frenzy.: “Where’s he staying? Will the king talk to him? Will William talk to him? Will he see Kate?” The blame for that attention ultimately lies with two manchildren whose heads are very much stuck in their own arses.

  16. Harper says:

    If I were the bride of the richest man in England, no Camilla at my wedding would be considered a win. Now she isn’t in any of the pictures.

    • Berkeleyfarm says:

      I would maybe be annoyed that the Windsors are making it all about them and their feuds, but, yeah, no Camilla in the photos is a win and if it’s just William there’s the chance my husband could shut it down.

      I got the impression that either William or the papers got told to cut it out after the nastiness about Harry “not being invited”.

      (As someone who knows “real” royal protocol, there’s a lot more leeway for “”private”” social events like this. Camilla as the acknowledged but not official-because-engaged partner could have very well be seated next to Charles as this was not an official Windsor do. )

      • Berkeleyfarm says:

        But it sounds like that is what Elizabeth wanted. Camilla’s taking it out on other people involved, e.g. the Grovesnors because they acceded to E’s wishes.

        I wasn’t following these things super closely at the time, but Charles bailing out on Tamara’s wedding practically last minute for some BS “engagement” that he had someone pull together for him off original schedule was definitely a snit/snub on his part and rather shocking.

        (I’m dying to know what Emilie said to Camilla.)

    • bisynaptic says:

      Was thinking the same thing: they’re probably relieved.

  17. Mslove says:

    Peg gets to go to the wedding all by himself, without parental supervision? I wonder if he’ll cancel at the last minute. Hugh should definitely have a backup usher.

  18. WithTheAmerican says:

    Can you just imagine how grateful this family is that the royal circus is skipping their wedding. Charles and Camilla and William and Kate, the revenge circus of dysfunctional ragers.

  19. colleenjolene says:

    Queen Camilla casually entering into her revenge era.

  20. Lisa says:

    OMG that picture of Camilla and the horse ears is epic! Even her face looks like she is about to whinny! Reminds me of Pinocchio when he turned into a mule! LMAO!

  21. Beverley says:

    Queen JumpOff is quite a trick! She revels at being the most unpleasant, vile, toxic person she can be, just to showcase what an iron grip she has on the king’s crotch. Apparently Charles admires all her worst traits.

    Either that, or he’s terrified of her.

  22. CC says:

    Historically, don’t royals and aristocrats have about a dozen godparents? And Charles might be a godfather to 40 people by this point. And considering how Charles treats his children, is anyone surprised that he’s not showing up for his godchildren?

  23. QuiteContrary says:

    Camilla gives grudge-holding a bad name.

    She’s just a trash human being.

  24. Saucy&Sassy says:

    I hope the bm gets this all out of their system and leaves the wedding alone. I think the bride and groom should be able to have a wedding without the brf and bm making it all about them.

  25. TN Democrat says:

    She was snubbed by the Queen strictly following protocol at the wedding, not anyone in the family, and she knew/knows that. Versions of this “snub” happened many times. The issue was the families questioning the suitability of her druggie (much older) son being included in Harry’s/William’s social circle. Camilla inserted herself into their aristocratic social circles through her blow loving son. The levels of dirt she has on these people must be stunning. This entire snubbing story is the spin she used to maintain access to the aristocrats (and heirs) dirt.

  26. Kelly says:

    I believe she would hold a grudge in a heartbeat. Narcissists don’t let go of any suspected slight.

  27. sparrow says:

    So. Camilla looks like a tortoise to me, skin wise, and her posture is hunched and bad, but credit where it’s due, she consistently picks good colours and fabrics. I always think, hmm, nice outfit, nice tones. She’s probably the best dressed of the lot of them. Her wedding outfit was sublime imo. To top it off, her jolly smirks. It’s almost like she’s in on the joke, which is she doesn’t give a toss and nor should we.

  28. tamsin says:

    With the Queen gone, is there not an ounce of grace, maturity, simple civility or decency left in the family of the king? So Charles, who is the godfather of Hugh Grosvenor will not be attending? William, the godson of the deposed King of the Hellenes could attend neither his godfather’s funeral nor the Service of Thanksgiving. So much for the god-parent relationship. It seems like Harry and Meghan are the only two who graciously declined so that the bride and groom would not have to deal with the media circus that would be inevitable through no fault of the Sussexes. We know for sure that George is the godson of Hugh, but he will not be a pageboy? I’m not convinced that Hugh is also the godfather of Archie- that news seem to come out of the blue and he wasn’t originally in the media speculation. Also, I think Princess Diana was god-mother to one of the Grosvenor girls, as she was a friend of the now dowager Duchess. So out of all of this, William will be attending the wedding all by himself? Or is his mistress going to be seated a few rows back?

    • rosa mwemaid says:

      Probably the news that Archie is the godson of Hugh was not considered to be good news for the media’s campaign against Harry and our mixed race princess and their mixed race son. It made Archie more important to the British establishment.

  29. Berkeleyfarm says:

    I absolutely love the choice of photos for this one. The thumbnail is classic Evil Stepmother and holy cow the one that makes Camilla look like she has horse ears is hilarious.

  30. Elisabeth says:

    I think it was a huge mistake for Charles to marry Camilla as she thinks she is IT. She certainly was the center of the attention the past few months. She obviously manipulates Charles really well. That woman really has a dark side to her. It is really a very weird turn of events and Why QEII accepted their marriage, i do not know …