TMZ: Britney Spears ‘is in increasing danger of hurting herself or others’

Multiple things can be and are true all at once when it comes to Britney Spears. Jamie Spears was financially and emotionally abusive as Britney’s conservator. Britney has every right to make medical decisions for herself. The conservatorship was poorly managed and it functioned as a slush fund for Jamie and all sorts of terrible people. It was right that the conservatorship ended. But it’s also true that Britney has not been doing well post-conservatorship. Her marriage to Sam Asghari crashed and burned because Britney is not well. She’s once again surrounding herself with users and abusers. And so I understand why there’s a conversation about “Britney needs another conservatorship.” But I find it so suspicious that TMZ is leading the charge.

Britney Spears is in increasing danger of hurting herself or others, or even worse … so say numerous people in and around her life, and they are scared for her and believe the only path for long-term survival is another conservatorship.

Multiple sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, Britney’s mental health has been in a tailspin since the conservatorship ended. They say she often is not taking the meds that stabilize her, and she is drinking and using various drugs which is especially dangerous, because she has substance abuse problems that sent her to rehab multiple times.

We’re told Britney has radical mood swings and often goes into rages that end in physical violence. There are times we’re told it’s impossible to communicate with her because she can’t engage in rational conversation.

What’s even more problematic … we’re told her current boyfriend, Paul Soliz, a felon, is running her household, and her life. TMZ broke the story, earlier this month Britney and Soliz got into a physical fight after a night of drinking at the Chateau Marmont hotel on the Sunset Strip where she ended up half-naked in the hallway, screaming at people. An ambulance was called after Britney hurt her ankle, and badly. They also got into a fight in a Vegas hotel room that caused so much damage, Britney paid the hotel thousands of dollars for repairs.

The sources with whom we have spoken all say … it was a huge mistake to end the conservatorship, though they add her dad, Jamie Spears, was no longer the right person to run the show, mostly because she came to intensely dislike him.

It should be noted, after more than 2 years of post-conservatorship allegations against Jamie for various alleged financial misdeeds, Britney and her dad settled — Britney did not get a cent from Jamie and ended up paying her lawyer millions in attorney’s fees and she also paid Jamie’s $2 million attorney’s bill. In short, her legal fight was a bust, and people around her fear the legal bills and her wild spending are putting her on a path to going broke.

Every source we’ve spoken with says … if things continue the way they have been going, Britney is in grave danger.

[From TMZ]

There’s more at TMZ, including a weird tangent about how Britney’s bedroom wasn’t really bugged and something about the “bugging” claims were why the conservatorship ended. Which is incorrect, but I’m just going from memory – I’m pretty sure the conservatorship ended because Britney was finally able to hire her own lawyer and advocate for herself in court, and the dominos fell from there. It feels like there should be a happy-medium between “Britney needs to be put in a conservatorship” versus “Britney is free to do drugs with her felon boyfriend.”

Photos courtesy of Britney’s Instagram.

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  1. Nubia says:

    I saw her foot/ankle on her insta,it did not look good,she claimed she was going to heal it her way.

    • I think she is afraid to go to a hospital to get help for her ankle because she thinks they would see her weird behavior and put her on a 72 hour psychiatric hold.

      • sevenblue says:

        She is probably afraid of the doctors since she was abused by them during her conservatorship.

      • Cee says:

        Gee I wonder why that is? Maybe because it’s happened to her multiple times and she was held against her will?????

      • Waitwhat says:


        That’s totally true, she is traumatized! But also she needs medical attention. And also, she doesn’t seem to be stable so it’s not a conspiracy that a hospital might put her on a hold- she likely needs it.

      • Ella says:

        They never take their meds and rebel against whoever is in charge, family or otherwise. This is classic clinical ‘escaped mental patient’ in danger to self and others. Like Sid & Nancy, except Britt’s going back into conservatorship. 
        Court should have modified the family’s existing conservatorship, now it will be the state or worse who controls her, while everyone projects their own social issues onto the situation, ie., men are never under conservatorship, I agree but we need to legislate programs to the doctor’s who recommend and sign off on conservatorships for men, not but cutting back conservatorships on mentally ill women. 
        How sad we have to learn basic psychiatric common sense through someone else’s spiral and impending death.  She needs to be kept away from sharps, guns, children, the elderly, and pets, not to mention the rest of us. She was likely born with some undiagnosed untreated mental illness exacerbated by drug use. Hard to watch these tragedies unfold over n over.
        All children should have a mental health professional assigned at birth along with a pediatrician so that regular mental health screenings can determine if there’s depression, adhd, etc.

        I’ve been wondering why alcoholics aren’t placed under conservatorship. They often have record of drunk driving arrests and even death of others but somehow are mostly unscathed themselves in accidents.  It’s like their demons keep their host alive.

  2. CatMum says:

    TMZ are professional A-holes. Rupert Murdoch owns them. they do sometimes get things right (such as their original reporting on the NYC car chase/attack on the Sussexes) but in general whatever they say is sus. I wouldn’t trust them to water my plants.

    • Megan says:

      They need to leave Britney alone. She is an adult and is free to make her own healthcare and financial decisions. If making stupid was grounds for a conservatorship, half the nation would be in one.

      • CherBear says:

        She is “free” to make her own decisions, but she is not well enough to make the right one. Mental health is real

  3. Yes she needs some kind of something to make sure she is ok and to help her not spend all her money really quickly. She needs therapy and she needs to take her meds. I doubt they can put her back into a conservatorship but she needs something because she is on a downward spiral. I know she has trust issues but she is hanging with people who are not there for her but what they can get from her. She needs help.

    • Megan says:

      It’s her right to spend all of her money is she chooses to do so. And if she does, she can always earn more since she has tens of millions of fans who will buy her music and merch.

      • Might be a bit hard to earn more because she doesn’t want to make any new music or go out and tour the old music. I get you think she doesn’t need help but if you look at what she has been doing logically you might see that she is in a downward spiral. Yes she is an adult who can now do what she wants but the problem is she isn’t acting like an adult. She has trauma that needs tending to.

      • Megan says:

        Britney is acting like an adult even if you don’t agree with her choices. No one is going to successfully force Britney to deal with her trauma. Either she’ll make that decision on her own, or she won’t, but it’s still her choice.

      • Of course no one will force her to get help. It’s just very hard watching someone spiral downward when help is what they need but are traumatized about getting help because all that happened during the conservatorship. It’s sad to see the people who she is hanging with are there for themselves and not there for her. I hope that she will find someone who she can really trust to help her but because she has trust issues I don’t see that happening.

      • Mel says:

        @Megan- Seriously??? I mean her fans need to stop living in delusion that she’s okay. She’s NOT okay and she needs help. No, she’s not going to just make new music, she can’t work. I’m so over this, she’s going to be enabled by her deluded fans into the poor house or into a sanitarium. Do you think she’s going to even understand when she runs out of money? Or she can function without money? She’s been rich almost her entire life. The romanticism wrapped up around this poor woman publicly and privately falling apart is sickening.

      • HillaryIsAlwaysRight says:

        What legit music producer / recording engineer / musician is going to want to work with her now? What insurance company would ensure a tour? What venue would take a chance on booking her? She looks like a sound financial decision to no one.

      • sevenblue says:

        @HillaryIsAlwaysRight, she said before she doesn’t want to perform anymore. Elton John featured her on “Hold Me Closer” and it went to number 1 in bunch of countries. He did it to show Britney that people still love her work. She doesn’t need to get a residency to make money. She can produce songs, get features if she wants to make money. There is still demand for her, she doesn’t want to right now. They literally killed her love for her work because she was constantly working for everyone around her.

      • @Mel: actually some of her fans have been worried and called police to do wellness checks on her. More need to be concerned.

      • Cee says:

        Stop policing a grown ass woman when yiu don’t know her from Adam, you’re not a part of her personal life. How dare you say more people need to call the police to do a welfare check!

      • @Cee. I said more need to be concerned. Not more need to call police. Please I know you’re a fan but read till the end. As for her life she puts it out there on a regular basis. Stop trying to cover for a mentally ill person who needs some help.

      • Eleonor says:

        How many male rockstars spent all their fortunes ?
        How many men went bat#it crazy and no one called the cops ?
        I want to see her happy, but if this is who she is let her be.

      • Wow Eleonor I hope no one in your family suffers from mental illness cause it’s sounds like you wouldn’t try to help them you would just let them suffer. Yes I know that they may not want help but it never hurts to try and be there for them and maybe guide them to some help.

      • lionfire says:

        You really think she can earn anything in this state? I mean, I have seen just a handful of her post for the last month and I’m not sure any venue could get her insured.

  4. Flamingo says:

    I thought TMZ was just an extended mouthpiece of her former business manager Lou Taylor. And maybe she is feeding them this to build a case for another conservatorship. Hence locking up the Golden Goose to get more eggs out of her.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Why hasn’t Brit and her legal team gone after that evil woman – she’s the one that has most of Brits money as didn’t Jamie launder it through her companies?? Lou Taylor owns the Spears family and has done for years – Jamie did what she told him to.

  5. Kitten says:

    TMZ is sketchy but it doesn’t really matter who’s saying what we all know to be true: Brit needs help. Whatever TMZ’s angle is here, that is still the unvarnished truth–she is spiraling and it’s alarming to watch. It kills me that no one in her life cares enough to protect her in this vulnerable state. All the scumbags are coming out of the woodwork to exploit and take advantage smdh…

    • GoodWitchGlenda says:

      Speaking from experience… Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not a matter of having people who care about you or not. When you’re manic, you don’t listen to anyone who wants to bring you down off the high and it just runs it course or you get 5150d.

  6. Walking the Walk says:

    She needs help from someone who can’t make a dime off of helping her.

    Her father took advantage of her. Her mother did. Her sister did. Shit, even the doctors did and didn’t listen to her. But at this point, everyone knows she has mental health issues. And I wish that people stop acting like we should ignore it. I hope she can trust someone enough to get some help.

    • lucy2 says:

      This exactly – she could use someone helping her, but someone who can’t take advantage, steal from her, force her to work, etc.

  7. Kokiri says:

    They’re going to hound her to death & then say “we told you”

    Leave this woman alone. She’s done enough, been through enough.
    She deserves to post what content she wants, when she wants.

    If anything will be her downfall, its tmz constantly degrading this traumatized woman.

    • CherBear says:

      Leaving her alone as you say will definitely be her downfall. She needs help from good people.

  8. EmpressCakey says:

    She may not be on a good trajectory, but she is an adult. When men like Johnny Depp or Kanye West or Robert Downey Jr -or a hundred others – go into a spiral nobody starts saying they need to be “managed” or put into a conservatorship. Why is she always infantilized? She is making her own choices. Maybe she is an addict, maybe she has mental health issues. She is an adult and has to face her own demons. She can reach out for help when she is ready, just like millions of other people.

    • Cheshire Sass says:

      I agree with your comment, look at Lindsay Lohan no one thought she’d make 30 yet she did manage to do so and turn her life around – Brittany’s issues are larger and more concerning, but it is her life to mess up. Let’s face it if she didn’t have money people want their hands on, no one would care – there are literally thousands of people in her exact mental state. I do fear she will get seriously hurt or someone else will (especially when she drives) and that will be the real tragedy. If she was treated with kindness and understanding before she might not have such a fear of reaching out to get help now.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      This makes me so angry. Adults are allowed to be unwell, to have problems, to abuse substances etc without losing their liberty. If they commit crimes, there is a system in place to punish those offenses.

      She might go broke? It’s her money. Other people have certainly used enough of it.

    • GoodWitchGlenda says:

      This is the take IMO. I think it’s an intellectually dishonest to say she’s doing fine, obviously she’s unwell. But she is an adult and deserves her freedom.

    • tealily says:

      Exactly this. You can’t make an addict or even a mentally ill person get help. You just can’t. It’s sad but there’s nothing to do. She’ll either reach out in her own time or she won’t.

  9. Elizabeth Bowman says:

    A conservatorship is an extreme situation meant for people who *genuinely* cannot care for themselves. It is not something to be slapped on someone who is just having troubles with a boyfriend or making some bad decisions in her personal life regarding a sprained (?) ankle. It is not meant for the personal enrichment of the conservator. It is not meant for public consumption on a tabloid website. Britney is troubled, and has been through hell, but it doesn’t follow she cannot be allowed to handle her own life. Frankly, Paul Solis seems like the problem here. TMZ is a terrible, misogynistic publication that shouldn’t be taken seriously. They just want clicks.

  10. sevenblue says:

    I am still waiting for TMZ demanding conservatorship for other famous people who do drugs, gamble most of their money away. Britney’s case really confused a lot of people about the conservatorship, it seems. You don’t lose your freedom just because. It is why Britney’s father paid doctors to lie that Britney has dementia. It exists for this kind of extreme cases. TMZ is probably still getting paid by the leeches who are upset their golden goose escaped.

  11. Cee says:

    No, I’m sorry BUT NO. She was held against her will for over a decade so her family could drain her financially and work her like a slave. They took her children from her and then used them against her. She will forver have trust issues regarding people, health workers and even the police. No one had her back, no one advocated for her. So if she wants to dance in her underwear, do drugs, spend her money, etc then let her. MEN ARE LEFT ALONE AFTER SHOWCASING WORSE BEHAVIOUR. These shit outlets like TMZ are still milking her dry while standing up for criminals and womenbeaters like Sean Combs. Have they demanded Kanye be under conservatorship? Then why should Britney?

    Fuck NO.

  12. Slippers4life says:

    I feel compelled to say this as a therapist. I don’t know the US laws like I know the Canadian laws, but I do know that the only person who can decide if Britney, or anyone else, is a danger to themselves or others is the treating Clinician. Not TMZ. Not Twitter. Not any of us. Safety is absolutely paramount, but how many male artists are out there using drugs, with felons ? When this happens, does the world leap to think we should all get a say about whether or not they should be placed under a conservatorship? In Canada, capacity is assessed on each individual situation and not a catch all thing. For example, someone may be declared incapable of consenting to psychiatric treatment, but still capable of managing their finances. I’m not naive that the way in which any society decides how to enhance safety is an ongoing and complex debatable issue, but while we stay in this important conversation, I think it is crucial we refrain from reinforcing armchair diagnoses from the likes of TMZ and do what we can to centre the narratives of evidenced based researchers particularly Black, Indigenous and people of colour as well as women, and the LGBTQ2S+ community. I strongly recommend Minaa B, Dr Judith Thompson

  13. Bumblebee says:

    Remember when Justin Bieber bought a monkey, rode on his bodyguards’ shoulders, yelled and threw things off stage at fans? Spent time with questionable people, kept dating, breaking, dating, between 2 women. Then ‘religious’ with that church. This went on for several years. It’s obvious he’s abused drugs and seems to struggle with his mental health. People may have suggested he needs help. But not once have I ever heard anyone suggest that he needs a conservator. Not once.

    • Mixedberrycobbler says:

      Britney’s c’ship went on for too long and her dad should have been replaced (the system favours family members as business conservators apparently are more likely to take advantage than fam members) but everyone forgets she was threatening self-harm and to harm her younger son.

      She’d barricaded herself with the son and held a standoff with the police; the situation had escalated when she got high and refused to hand over the kids to KF when it was his turn.

      Real, imminent threat of self-harm and/or harm to others. That’s what made the state and the system step in. It’s not a sexist thing.

  14. Tsar says:

    “she is drinking and using various drugs which is especially dangerous, because she has substance abuse problems that sent her to rehab multiple times.
    We’re told Britney has radical mood swings and often goes into rages that end in physical violence. There are times we’re told it’s impossible to communicate with her because she can’t engage in rational conversation”
    So she’s behaving like Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Charlie Sheen – I could be wrong but were any of those men put into conservatorships?

    • Mixedberrycobbler says:

      The difference is she had barricaded herself and her son and was threatening to harm self and son. That’s what led to the sectioning and then the c’ship. Look up the stories from 2008, please. Not a sexist thing. However, c’ship prob went on for too long and/or with the wrong person in charge.

  15. Mixedberrycobbler says:

    She wasn’t put into a conservatorship for no good reason. Did Depp, Sheen, Pitt, Kanye, and other men barricade themselves behind a door with a baby (Britney’s younger son) and threaten self-harm and to harm the baby? And remember on the other side of the door was the police, who was called to the scene after she’d been making those threats (wouldn’t hand over the children when it was K-Fed’s turn to have them) for some time.

    That was the key difference between Britney’s case and the cases of the other guys who also had issues. Can’t say whether she needs one now; she’d have to get to that extreme stage again for one to be justified esp after #FreeBrit.

    Yes, c’ship went on for too long and the dad should have found a replacement she was happier with. But it was put in place because she’d (1) threatened self-harm and to harm her child then been sectioned (5150), during which she was assessed by professionals.

    The state doesn’t step in for good reason.

    • lionfire says:

      Thank you! I don’t know why people are not remembering this: is it kind of a memory problem with Britney fans? Are they all too young to remember what led to conservatorship? she got on 5150 because she was an active danger to her own children!

      and now, her behaviour seems to have the same pattern. that is all. people can do with that what they will. but let’s not remember she seriously endangered two children under the age of 5 the last time.

    • VilleRose says:

      Yeah people need to remember just how extreme it got for Britney to be committed. Her reckless and erratic behavior wasn’t just invented by the paparazzi. Was the paparazzi tailing her constantly and hunting her a factor in the breakdown of her mental health? For sure. But it wasn’t the paparazzi that got Britney committed. She endangered her young son’s life during that custody exchange, she had that sketchy Sam Lutfi guy around her, and I think was dating a paparazzi guy? She needed a serious intervention.

      Of course the conservatorship should not have gone on for over a decade. Britney should have been taught to manage her own finances, manage her own emotions, and how to survive as an adult. I understand the rigidity of her conservatorship was probably necessary in the beginning but over time it should have given her more freedom to see how she would do. Instead, it taught her to fear doctors, to fear her family, and she was unable to learn how to be a productive member of society. She is forever mentally stunted and she will never be “normal.” I don’t see a way out for her sadly.

    • BerryCobbler says:

      Glad to see some people remember what happened, aren’t revising history, and have at least some faith that the system isn’t that corrupt.

      “and now, her behaviour seems to have the same pattern. that is all.”
      Exactly. Admitting that isn’t the same as saying she needs to be put into one again; I hope for her it never comes to that but if she’s really severely bipolar, she needs to stop it with the recreational drugs (one of the judges early on said she was a habitual drug user) and commit to her medication.

      VilleRose, agree with you 100% esp on how they should have tried to teach her those things with the goal of lifting the c’ship at some stage, if they didn’t. Apparently she is very severely bipolar so if it was an issue to just get her to stay committed to her treatment, then teaching her financial, emotional, and other skills might have been quite hard.