Princess Caroline of Monaco rocked by marriage scandal

Royals Attend Christmas Tree Party At Monaco Palace

This may only interest me, but I find the royal family of Monaco fascinating, so we’re going to enter into the marriage of Princess Caroline and her third husband Prince Ernst August of Hanover. They’ve been married for 11 years, and from what I’ve read throughout the years, they’ve always been somewhat mismatched. Oh, did you know that Princess Caroline is a homewrecker? Prince Ernst was married to a nice Swedish Swiss woman when he and Caroline began their affair, and then he left his wife for Caroline, and he and Caroline went on to have a daughter. Since then, there have been tons of stories about the prince’s drinking, carousing and general unpleasantness.

There are always split rumors about Caroline and Ernst, but last fall the rumors seemed to be getting more serious. Still, no split came, and I haven’t heard anything about them for a while. Now it seems that they spent their holidays apart – Caroline went skiing with her kids, while Ernst spent time in Thailand with a lady friend. How do we know this? Because there are photos of Ernst with this lady friend! Scandal!

The already-tumultuous marriage of Monaco’s Princess Caroline and husband Prince Ernst August of Hanover appears to have hit a new bump with the publication Thursday of photos showing the 55-year-old Ernst August over the Christmas holiday walking the sand, sunbathing on a beach in Thailand and kissing in the surf – all with someone other than his wife, who was skiing with the couple’s children in Switzerland.

In a four-page photo spread headlined “Amorous Escapade in Thailand,” Thursday’s editions of France’s Paris-Match show Ernst August and an unidentified woman locked in an embrace. “The Prince and his friend,” the publication says, “only had eyes for each other.” Meanwhile, Germany’s Bunte also published the photos, declaring, “Monaco’s First Lady Is Being Publically Duped.”

The photos raise a new round of rumors concerning a possible divorce action by the thrice-married Her Royal Highness Caroline Princess of Hanover, Duchess of Brunswick and Lüneburg, 52, the eldest child of the late Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly.

They also show the latest in a chain of indiscretions that has made the couple’s 11-year marriage a royal soap opera starring Ernst August in incidents of public drunkenness, hospitalizations, scuffles, alleged infidelity and one all-too-well-documented episode of public urination at Expo 2000.

The couple – who were seen together on only three occasions in 2009 – have been living apart for some time. In September, photos allegedly revealed the Prince’s close friendship with a Parisian socialite. Days later, while Ernst was in Libya celebrating the 40th anniversary of Colonel Khaddafi’s reign, Caroline moved out of the family’s Fountainebleu home, taking their 10-year-old daughter Alexandra with her and resettling in Monaco.

A press spokesperson in Monaco told PEOPLE on Thursday that the Palace had “no comment” regarding the photographs.

Publication of his holiday snapshots couldn’t possibly have taken place at a less opportune moment for Ernst August. Next Wednesday, after months of negotiations, a court in Hanover is to hear testimony from a newly discovered eyewitness in Ernst’s appeal to have a 2000 battery assault conviction against him overturned.

That eyewitness is none other than his wife.

[From People]

It’s juicy, I think. I’m actually hoping Princess Caroline has had enough. My opinion – just from reading the odd Vanity Fair hit piece – is that Prince Ernst has always been a buffoon. A drunk baffoon. Of course, I think Caroline probably has some secrets she wants to keep hidden, and God knows she isn’t perfect. But she carries out her royal duties flawlessly, and she needs to rid herself of the dead weight, so to speak.

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  1. LolaBella says:

    Escandalo! LOL!

    Ah, the rich and famous, never a dull moment.

  2. Firestarter says:

    He has always been a disgusting creature.

    I have read several articles about him, and none of them flattering.

    Caroline should have known better!

  3. bella says:

    My Mom has always loved Grace Kelly, and because she gave me some of the back story about Grace and the Prince, I have been fascinated with the royal family of Monaco. And I tend to agree – it is most definitely juicy!

  4. lucy2 says:

    Always something with those three, isn’t it? What a difference a generation makes.

  5. Persistent Cat says:

    My God, is that a rich woman in her 50s with nothing done to her face? That is so nice to see. Or at least, if she has had work, it’s minor.

  6. Phowie says:

    The wife before her was Swiss, not Swedish.

  7. Goddess711 says:

    Ewww he’s horrible looking! Even 11 years ago he had to be major-league EWWWW!!! How desperate do you have to be to go after somebody else’s husband anyway? What’s that saying, “The best way to get revenge on the woman who stole your husband is to let her have him!” Never fails – loooove karma stories! Bite’s these on their royal asses. Betcha the Swiss/Swede wife is grinning from ear to ear. Elin needs to start a Karma Support Group. Prince Albert is a major dog and Sweet Holy Christ Caroline’s looking more like her dad than her mother, that ain’t good!

  8. Madchen says:

    I think Caroline’s lovematch was her second husband, who died in a horrifying cigarette boat crash. She’s not so lucky in love, but beautiful and dignified (unlike her sister).

  9. Birdie says:

    Great scoop!

    Wish we heard more from the European royals, they’re all so full of scandals they make the Lohans look tame.

    She may be a homewrecker, but at 52 Caroline still looks very elegant and is truly aging with grace and not with plastic surgery. It’s a beautiful thing…

  10. JT says:

    The Grimaldis are addressed as “Serene Highness” NOT “Royal Highness” as noted in the shaded article. I know….. Potatos, Potatoes…..

  11. Tru says:

    Everyone looks like alcoholics,including her…


  12. Ally says:

    Uma’s ex-bf Arki looks like this crinkled mess’s little brother.

    Is there a men’s beauty salon in Europe that specializes in this overtanned, overdyed, creepy-eyed look for juvenile rich dudes who date/marry out of their league, or something?

  13. Mairead says:

    LOL Lucy2; I’d get out some biographies on Grace Kelly if I was you 😉

    Mind you, the late Prince Rainier and his family had some action in them. Carrying on the best European royal tradition, from what I can see. 😆

  14. mila says:

    I saw her and her daughter in Switzerland couple years ago, they dined few tables from us and let me tell you, they were one of the most beautiful creatures ever. The pictures don’t do them justice, don’t show their luminous skin or grace. I’d never believed in “royalty” before but there truly was something special about them.

  15. Essie says:

    It’s kind of fun to hear something new about the royal family of Monaco. The tabloids in the U.S. used to publish stuff all the time but nothing lately. It’s nice to see nothing has changed with them.

    Actually, Prince Ernst and his wife were best friends with Caroline and she decided she wanted him and just took him. He turned out to be a total buffoon and I’m sure his ex was happy to be rid of him. Caroline really got herself a prize. It’s kind of ironic that he’s cheating on her since I’m sure Caroline is not used to that.

    What’s Stephanie doing these days? She has always been more interesting than her sister.

  16. JohnnieR says:

    LOL! My girlfriend teases me about this, but I am a closet Grimaldi Family geek ever since I fell in love *sigh* with Grace Kelly at age 16 while watching ‘Rear Window’ with my Mom.

    The ironic thing about Caroline and Ernst’s ‘split’ is that, back in the mid to late 70’s, Princess Grace was hoping for a ‘royal match’ between Caroline and this German schnitzel with beer sauce. It has been said that if Grace were alive today, she would have most certainly have had second thoughts about Ernst as a son-in-law. This ‘Prince’appears to be a total douchebag in every respect.

    Poor Caroline, truly a victim of the ‘Grimaldi Curse’ in which a 16th or 17th Century ‘witch’ placed a curse on the Grimaldi’s, claiming never would they find happiness in marriage. Apart from Rainier and Grace (who supposedly had their bad moments, but were, according to close friends, madly in love with one another) it would appear that Caroline, Albert, and Stephanie are living proof of this so-called ‘curse’.

    Caroline was an absolute KNOCKOUT, and I agree, she’s aged GRACEfully…pardon the pun. Believe it or not, Stephanie, in her early to late 20’s, was a VERY striking looking young woman – too much sun and smoking aged her, unfortunately.

    It has been said that the love of Caroline’s life was indeed Stefano Casiraghi, and that she still grieves for him.

    Thanks for posting this, CB. How about some more (future) Grimaldi posts???

  17. Kaiser says:

    Oh, I’m so happy this post is getting some love! I love reading and talking about royal scandals, so I’ll keep in mind that the Grimaldis will be well-received on this site! Thanks, guys!

  18. JohnnieR says:

    I find the trials, tribulations, and the on-going drama of the Grimaldi family to be FAR more intriguing than many of the Hollywood postings. Just throwin’ that out there.

    Hmmm…now that I think of it, did not Caroline ‘procure’ Ernst from his then wife? Perhaps what goes around, does in fact come around. Meeooooow!

    I find Princess Stephanie to be one fascinating, unpredictable creature. I mean, come on, she joined the friggin’ CIRCUS years ago! LOL!

  19. Kiki says:

    Please Kaiser, post about Andrea (Caroline’s older son). He is (along with Carl Phillip from Sweden), the most handsomeprince from Europe. Eye-candy… BIG TIME!

  20. danielle says:

    The Grimaldis are pretty…and also most of them are hot messes. So I vote for more posts too! :^)

  21. Solveig says:

    Persistent Cat:
    January 7th, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    My God, is that a rich woman in her 50s with nothing done to her face? That is so nice to see. Or at least, if she has had work, it’s minor.


    She is one one the most beautiful women in the world ever, and her daughter inherited her good genes (Caroline’s son too is a really good looking guy).
    No news in Ersnt behaviour, never liked him.

  22. Cadiebelle says:

    YES!!!! More stories on royals please . . . I love these stories – – and not just Harry & Will – those 2 get boring.

  23. Just a Poster says:

    Those Grimaldi’s have always been a very interesting bunch.

    It seemed the “trouble” started when Caroline’s 2nd husband died in that boat racing accident and then gained momentum with the rumors of Steph driving when her Mother died. And lets not forget all those whispers about Prince Albert 😉

    Of course all the cheating, running off with the circus and other various things have really gotten the ball rolling.

    Hopefully the Grandchildren will have an easier go with life and be less troubled.

  24. clare says:

    Nice break from the “same olds,” Kaiser!
    This is a good picture of her.
    The pics you can click on at the bottom of this link show how she really looks-as of Dec. 2009, and with no makeup that I could see:

    It’s sad that so many beautiful women use cigarette smoking(and become addicted)as a way to control their weight. So bad for their health!

  25. QB says:

    Is funny how all the women we think are so fabulous and classy are always homewreckers , Jackie O , Princess Caroline , Julia Roberts …………………………………

  26. Andrea says:

    I love how this site covers the royals. Keep up the great work!

    I wish Caroline the best. When she and Ernst first got together I was extremely disappointed that she would stab her BESTfriend in the back. I just hope Caroline learned her lesson. But Monaco needs her and it’s great to see her taking up royal duties there again.

  27. Birdie says:

    My appetite for celebrity gossip actually stems from my Aunt Elizabeth’s collection of royal gossip magazines. She was British and married my uncle (an American) and always kept these magazines (Grazia, Hello) in her office and would tell me and my cousins about the trials and tribulations of the Princes and Princesses of Europe. It’s harder to get information on the European royals, but still when I go to my aunts she and I lock up in her study and discuss the divorces of the Danish Princes, and how Andrea & Pierre Casiraghi (Caroline’s sons) are GORGEOUS! Her daughter Charlotte is beautiful too. I love the Swedish royals. And there was a big scandal when one of the young Princes of Luxembourg impregnated his teenage girlfriend. There was a shot-gun wedding and everything.

    In conclusion of my tirade, Keep the Royal Posts coming Kaiser! Birdie is a big fan!

  28. Relli says:

    @JohnnieR Rear Window did it for me too!

    Agreed this is refreshing from the usual diet of self entitled reality losers and Hollywood trash that needed to be taken out yesterday.

  29. QB says:

    I remenber when Andrea , Caroline’s oldest son was conside a heart trob and possible heir to the throne but then his uncle got a steady girlfriend and he suddenly became another useless rich kid, he just party and smoke and looks like he rolled out of bed with his Girlfriend who haves the same horrible look , like the death warmed over.

  30. Sumodo says:

    I’m joining the chorus: more royals, not just the Brits. The Dutch royals are fun, too.

  31. QB says:

    Moro royalty in celebitchy would be great.

    The arabs , the spanish royals and nobility (are pretty entertaining) , danes,swedish ,norwegian,luxembourg ( the only head of a royal house , that at 54 , I think is super sexy, plus his sons are sexy even the one that got a girl pregnant when he was 18 and then got marry to her), Lichenstein ( super wealthy , the only really old school royal family left , plus I think thats the only royal family that a prince married a black older women.)

  32. Tami says:

    For someone so rich, Caroline looks like she’s lived a hard life. She’s only 51 and looks closer to 60 in my opinion. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your skin looking good which she clearly hasn’t done.

  33. emma says:

    i agree birdie, sweedish royals! loves me some carl philip!

  34. Eileen Yover says:

    She’s gorgeous and you can tell she got her mother’s grace and style as well! I agree-more royals!

  35. Persistent Cat says:

    I think Grace Kelly was probably the most beautiful woman to ever live.

  36. Tess says:

    There’s nothing like good blueblood or aristo scandal. Nothing can hold a candle to it.

    So bring on the decadent royals and their hangers on.

    A tasty meal…rich and delicious.

  37. Cindy Kennedy says:

    Goddess 711: Caroline has always looked like Rainier. Neither Caroline nor Stephanie had the beauty of their mother, Grace (in my opinion). The one who turned out really beautiful is Jazmine Grace (daughter of Prince Albert).

  38. Leo says:

    I guess no one told her that if he cheats WITH you, he’ll also cheat ON you.

  39. Dhavy says:

    I’m so happy to hear about the Monaco royalty. I think that besides the British, they are probably the most popular royal family. So much tragedy in that family! I’m surprised this was about her and not her sister even though her brother was the last known big scandal. They are all a stunning family, her daughter is a mirror image of her.

    This is so much better and refreshing than anything any Kardashian does!

  40. Orbit says:

    I agree the Rainiers are fascinating, but only in a morbid sense. They’re karmically cursed. This couple looks sad, beat, and alcoholic.

  41. Phowie says:

    Casiraghi wasn’t the love of her life, Vincent Lindon was. The time she and he lived together in Provence she looked happier than she ever did, before or since, even though she lost all her hair.

  42. eternalcanadian says:

    Holy toledo. Decades of smoking and tanning does not make one look good in their later years! Same thing happened with Stephanie. Yuck!

    I bet 2010 is going to be fulluva news stuff like this. I just found out the neighbours across the street got separated after like 15 years marriage and 3 kids. They got married really young, high school sweethearts. He’s a hottie (but shortie) and she let herself go weight-wise. Of course hubby cheated on her aka Tiger Woods. I noticed she booted him off her Facebook and he’s got a new tattoo saying “Forgive.”

    Yeah, 2010 is gonna be the year of break-ups. 😉

  43. Maritza says:

    Carolina looks good for her age but that sweater is so ugly!

  44. sickofit says:

    i heard that she drinks as he does…
    but i find the rumors about albert being gay much more interesting..

  45. Birdie says:

    But Albert has acknowledged 2 children out of wedlock!

    I think he’s just got the Tiger Woods syndrome mixed with a dash of Jude Law… A taste for cheap low women who will give it away quickly and disappear quickly too, if they get pregnant, he has minimal involvement with the exception of generous financial provisions.

  46. Jazz says:

    I’d love to hear more about European royalty and eternalcanadian’s neighbours!

  47. Alec says:

    Albert is about control he has had many Super Models maybe all of them in fact. Elle, Naomi, Heidi all of them but he has had kids with ordinary women which is interesting. Tiger is just about low budget. The difference is clear. Prince Albert is known to look after his girlfriends and has two mix race kids.

    Princess Caroline has stunning children, 3 of them are all in their 20s. Andrea, Charlotte and Pierre.
    No Royal has the model looks and the book smarts like them. The British Royals are not book smart.

    Swedish Royals are boring in comparison to the Danes. There are 2 Gays among the Princes. Known for their outrageous partying.

    Ok, the Swedish Princess was with her hair dresser on a boat somewhere near madagscar ocean during the Tsunami and was rescued by the Swedish Military…that was funny.

    I am surprised that Ernst did not use one of this many African mansions for his holidays especially since the Press would not dare to publish the pics.

    The King and Queen of Norway are really nice, I have met them.

    I am really into this Royal Families and I live in Europe.
    All the European Royal households are related British, Norway, Spain, Dutch, Danmark,Sweden, Russian,Greek, but IMO Princess Caroline’s children are the most beautiful and attractive in all the Royal Kingdoms.

    I would like to know more about the Dutch Royals though…my ex was from that house hold very dark horse he he didnt know who I was dating until 6months into the relationship.

  48. I'm not Recep's girlfriend says:

    I have no sympathy nor compassion for Caroline. The Home Wrecker Whore. getting her own taste of
    medicine. What goes around comes around.
    Caroline will know does it feel, to have
    a husband stolen from her.

  49. Allie says:

    I can’t stand to read every comment, but has anyone mentioned to the author of this slightly flawed piece that HSH Albert IS getting married? He has no intention whatsoever of making Caroline’s son his heir. His out-of-wedlock children (and this makes me sad, because i always thought him to be the most like his wonderful, good-hearted mother) are indeed not in the line of succesion, and he seems to not give a care about them at all. Just sad.
    All of you suggesting Princess Caroline should get botox “because she’s rich”?!? Stop watching American television. She’s gorgeous!

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