Carole & Michael Middleton couldn’t pay their insolvency firm’s £320K bill

Carole and Michael Middleton’s Party Pieces business completely collapsed a little more than a year ago. Party Pieces owed over £2.6million to creditors, many of whom had extended credit to Carole Middleton personally because she’s the mother of the future queen. The Middletons’ house of cards collapsed thoroughly as people learned of the extent of their debt and catastrophic business decisions. Many theorized that the Middletons still have money stocked away – I just don’t see how that’s possible, and I don’t see a situation where a hustler like Carole Middleton would have allowed her social standing to disappear overnight if she had the ability to mitigate some of the damage.

Back in April, we heard a curious story about Interpath, the insolvency firm which was tasked with arranging the “sale” of the now-insolvent Party Pieces. Interpath incurred costs of more than £260,000 as they tried to untangle the Middletons’ fraud and prop up Party Pieces for sale. The Middletons were too broke to pay Interpath’s fees. Now an update: Interpath has written off the £320,000 in fees owed by the Middletons. As in, the Middletons are so broke, they couldn’t pay the insolvency firm so the firm had to write it all off.

Insolvency group Interpath is understood to have written off more than £320,000 in fees it was owed from the administration of Party Pieces, the former business of the Prince of Wales’s in-laws.

Interpath was appointed as administrator in May and over the last 12 months it incurred time costs of £321,716. Time costs are normally charged by administrators to firms whose insolvencies they are handling.

However, creditors’ reports show that the £230,852.99 Interpath was able to raise from selling Party Pieces to Teddy Tastic Bear Co for £60,000, liquidating its stock and other cash-raising actions, was wiped out by legal and other costs.

As a result, Interpath has written off the time costs. It also means creditors, including HM Revenue and Customs, will get nothing back whatsoever.

When it collapsed, Party Pieces owed nearly £613,000 to the taxman in VAT. Its employees were owed £84,690, while trade creditors were owed £456,000 plus. Banks, institutions and other lenders were owed £1.6million. Interpath declined to comment.

[From The Daily Express]

This also explains the larger disappearance of Carole and Michael Middleton over the past year. They came out for the coronation (which happened before Party Pieces collapsed) and then they came out six months later for Kate’s Christmas concert. The only time Carole has been seen this year is in that paparazzi photo with “Kate” in the car. Now, Kensington Palace seemingly claimed that Carole went to a pub in Norfolk with Prince William back in April too. But the Middletons have been politically defanged and they are now a huge, broke-ass liability for Kate. Like… the fact that they couldn’t even pay for the insolvency firm’s bill? The Middletons have absolutely zero power now.

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  1. Pinkosaurus says:

    I’m mostly curious about the timing of these articles. Do they come out when the Middletons are being difficult in negotiations to remind them how weak their position is? Are the papers just out of stories and are spinning the big wheel or recycled storylines? Is there a rumor that Carole is going to show up to Wimbledon and they are setting this up as a reminder for upcoming articles on how she shouldn’t be spending money on new clothes for prestigious events? I’m much more interested in the motives of the media than the Middleton’s brokea$$ financial condition.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      “Are the papers just out of stories ”


      • kirk says:

        Well, this is the first time I’ve seen a story that included the part about them not remitting VAT taxes. I know nothing about VAT, so I could be way off base. But at ~ 20% VAT rate in UK, they’ve been stiffing UK Gov on the last ~£3M sales.

    • Anita says:

      My money is on the first – they need to be reminded that their position is week, that they overplayed their hand and that Kate is no more. And that whatever the reason for the latter, they should shut it or else.

      • I agree that they are using this to keep broke ass Carole quiet. They are beating her over the head with her with her not even paying the prop who got her crap business sold. This is a tread very carefully Carole.

    • Megan says:

      Carole is a survivor. She may be down, but she’s not out. She’s plotting her comeback.

    • one of the marys says:

      I love the visual of a big carnival style wheel of stories! It makes as much sense as anything else at this point

  2. Brassy Rebel says:

    I don’t understand why the creditors aren’t going after these grifters. Don’t they still live in a mansion? It seems like they’re just being allowed to stiff everyone. Maybe they’re afraid they’ll lose whatever protection they still get if they say anything about their missing eldest daughter.

    • BW says:

      It’s business law. The whole purpose of making your business a corporation, is because it’s its own entity, like a separate person. The corporation pays you a salary, which is your money. But the corporation can go bankrupt, and you can keep your money, because you’re not the corporation. It’s specifically TO keep creditors from making you bankrupt if your company goes bankrupt. I suspect the Mids ransacked Party Pieces for all the money they could before it went under.

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        See also: the Midds most likely invested a boatload of the money they received as salary and now that money is earning interest hand over fist.

        Their *personal* finances are fine and dandy and untouchable (by creditors).

      • Lux says:

        The business-as-separate-entity part I get. The inability to pay the solvency firm? Isn’t THAT a problem? Why would any solvency firm take on the case if the bankrupt company, not the people behind it, cannot afford to pay them? Were they hoping that it would’ve sold for more than it did?

        And yes the Middletons bid farewell to any public life/display of opulence with this disaster. They should lay low and stay out of sight, even if/when Kate gets better.

      • Josephine says:

        @Lux. It is amazing how many times attorneys and other professionals are not paid by the wealthy. I guess they just write it off and make it more expensive for everyone else, lest they offend someone with connections.

        But I think your point is that these people COULD pay that firm and others, they simply choose not to. they choose to maintain their lifestyle and whatever money they squirreled away because they want the money. they have no shame, no sense of decency, no moral compass.

    • Talia says:

      This. The mansion, the cars, the private bank accounts – all untouchable. This has nothing to do with Kate – it’s standard law for UK companies (and the laws are very similar in the US as far as I can tell).

    • Becks1 says:

      this is the whole purpose of setting up businesses certain ways and its why lawyers who specialize in creating business entities can make a boatload of money.

    • Jaded says:

      The Midds were crafty (pun intended) because they set PP up as an LLC (Limited Liability Company) which means it protects the assets of its owners from lawsuits and creditors concerned with the company’s business debts. So it’s actually a legal way of f*cking over people you don’t want to pay.

      • ML says:

        Jaded, Yup. What you said.

        Morally, the Middletons behaved abhorrently. Business-wise, this is how they legally protected themselves. And now they’re getting off the hook. I don’t actually believe it hurts their social standing that much. They screwed the little people over, not “important” ones. W saved money by not helping them and they didn’t have to pay much. Gross.

      • Nic919 says:

        They also set it up in 2019. Prior to that it was a partnership between Carole and Mike and so they didn’t have do dislocate their filing publicly.

        They knew something was coming up by 2019 to suddenly change the structure of their company after having it a private e partnership for decades.

    • Flower says:

      @Brassy Rebel the good old ‘corporate veil’ of company law.

      The LLC is a distinct legal entity so when it went down all its assets went down with it.

      I personably think that the Midds were hiving up the company assets for YEARS in advance just quietly awaiting its demise until the Pandemic when they had the perfect opportunity to finally be rid of it.

      It’s good old corporate misfeasance but proving it would be next to impossible in the absence of a smoking gun.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    It says something that Prince William, their son-in-law, didn’t use any of the Duchy of Cornwall’s millions to pay off the Middletons insolvency bill.

    • Inge says:

      and the other very rich brother in law
      or Jame’s profit’s from the dogfood?

    • Lily says:

      William isn’t Carole and Mike’s financial keepers. He doesn’t owe them anything.

  4. Nancy says:

    Interesting that neither son-in-law has stepped in the help mitigate this disaster.

    • HillaryIsAlwaysRight says:

      This. Lord knows William could afford it if he wanted to. Shows that he and Kate are not on good terms. This, and William leaving Kate alone on that bench to film that cancer announcement, makes it obvious that they are separated.

    • Advisor2U says:

      Well , to pay off 3 Mill pound in depts for your wives’ parents is a lot of money, even for sons in law with deep pockets.

  5. JMoney says:

    The Middletons do have money. How else are they paying for the upkeep and maintenance of their literal mansion? Also Carole always had her hair dyed and while Carole should’ve stayed out of the sun in her youth her hair clearly was done in a salon (and not a cheap one). They also drive a Range Rover. If they are truly broke how are they paying for food plus all of this? I don’t think Pippa’s husband is giving them money but they def have money elsewhere

    • Wagiman says:

      Presumably they’re not personally liable hence they’re not going for the house. Often small businesses require director guarantees of loans but not in this case! Though I don’t know how it works in the UK..

      But never mind her hair, that’s nothing compared to the cosmetic surgery procedures, the clothes, and I bet the holidays. They no longer have an income but could have money stashed. Or pips is helping.

    • Eurydice says:

      Maybe William is paying for their upkeep, but insisted that he wouldn’t carry the failing business?

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yeah I think the stashes a load of money elsewhere before they became a ltd company and then racked up debts knowing that they can declare bankruptcy and protect whatever assets and cash the took out of the business previously. They used to move money around various shell companies before going legit prior to trying to sell it.

      Still this is all very very humiliating for our wannabe Duchess of Bucklebury.

      This article is reminding us all that the Middletons are grifters who have used and then stiffed everyone they have ever met. AND that they have zero power now not just within the press but the Peggy – they are ALL done.

      • ML says:

        Digital Unicorn, because you’re (Scottish, right?) in the UK: The Middleton bankruptcy completely reminds me of some upper class Georgette Heyer characters.

      • Wagiman says:

        It’s 20 hours later and no one will see this but where I live you can be a limited liability company AND require personal guarantees for a small business, so you can’t do that. Even larger businesses. It’s very common. That they didn’t says a lot OR its normal for British banks not to take guarantees. Their business is essentially worthless, why would a bank loan against a worthless business without collateral? It doesn’t make sense..

  6. equality says:

    How many employees did they have? And why would those employees have stuck around without getting paid? Or are they counting themselves as employees?

    • Eurydice says:

      They guy who bought Party Pieces also took on the 12 employees.

    • Beckmeow says:

      “Its employees were owed £84,690”

      Whoa! They should be ashamed but I guess they have no shame. Knowing they were insolvent but continuing to have employees work to the brutal end before stiffing them.

      I’m inclined to believe they have money put back and the son-in-laws help finance their current lifestyle.

      • That part made me see red.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        For all the shrieking from Ma about how she was going to pay the creditors out of her own pocket – yeah that part is very telling about that family. They could have at least paid the employee’s but made a choice not to – either they really don’t have the money or are not willing to part with what they’ve stashed offshore.

        Carole, more than the rest of them, needs to maintain the front of having a certain lifestyle and as for their mansion – IIRC they own it outright. They applied for a mortgage but was denied, which showed their debt, then suddenly they paid for it outright in cash – there was a Fail story about it.

  7. SURE says:

    I mean, why pay your debts if you know your creditors will happily write them off for you?

  8. sevenblue says:

    I think Middletons wouldn’t pay the bills they are legally not obligated to, because they had the protection of William for years. When Meghan came into the scene, the bad articles about them stopped. So, they thought, William would continue to protect them. Behind the scenes, something changed obviously, but if they still had William’s protection, we wouldn’t see these articles even if they didn’t pay any of their debts.

  9. UnstrungPearl says:

    It’s very possible they have money hidden offshore, the Royals have history with this so probably gave them the contacts when relations were still good. No way are the Middletons going to end up at the local foodbank. It’s also possible that Kate and Pippa are giving them money in cash to avoid a paper trail.

    • Talia says:

      They don’t need to hide money or be subsidised in cash. Their personal assets are untouchable. They can keep millions in a high street bank in their own names and the creditors can’t touch the cash.

  10. Helgecko says:

    To me, this whole thing adds more credence to the “Kate had a breakdown” theory. This whole mess (and especially the social/ societal ramifications of it) I have no doubt would have been stressing the Middletons out enormously. Especially Carole, for whom social standing seems to be all-important.
    And Carole seems to have been Kate’s main support, and possibly even best friend, throughout her marriage.

    Maybe the fall from social graces turned William off the Middletons big time. And maybe Carole was pressuring Kate to ask the royals for financial support and the whole thing just got incredibly toxic.

    • I agree, this adds a lot of weight to the breakdown theory. Especially when we add in the royal racist coming out in Nov and being named in Dec, and the bum grabbing and misery between the two of them for several years.

      • Agnes says:

        Well, they could all make fortunes writing tell-alls. Just take the L, move to Mustique, and start spilling. I enjoyed Spare, but Kate and the Middletons probably have much more delicious dirt.

    • blueberrydot says:

      Ironically, the financial downfall of the Middletons puts them firmly in the camp of countless aristocratic families who lost all their wealth and property due to hapless spending, poor investments, or poor management of their estates. How many noble first sons had to choose wealthy American brides to avoid financial ruin? Hell even Downton Abbey touched on it when Lord Grantham lost all the family’s money in an ill advised investment. It is not a new story to these toffs (although I’m sure the aristocratic families in the royal family’s immediate orbit probably don’t have money woes). There are plenty of aristocrats with high titles who can no longer call their ancestral homes their own because they were sold out of desperation long ago. But the Middletons have not endeared themselves to anyone, so I doubt there will be much sympathy for them in any corner.

      • blue says:

        The Middletons are not “aristocratic.” Carole sure would like to be but she’s just a grifter trying to claw her way up the social ladder via her daughters. Her loser son is no help.

      • Helgecko says:

        Sure, but the thing is, the Middletons aren’t and never have been aristocrats. They’re “new money”, people that real aristos look down on generally and will do even more so now they’ve had this very public financial humiliation.
        Carole thought she could get into the upper class with money and “good” marriages for her girls, but I think stark reality is probably hitting now.

  11. Amy Bee says:

    This also shows that Kate has no money of her own even though she’s married to a billionaire.

    • Kokiri says:

      Kate has no money, no autonomy, no personhood. She owns no real estate, I’d be surprised if she had her own credit card & bank account. Nor does she have her children. They belong to the monarchy unless & until they can free themselves like Harry did.
      She has nothing. She sold herself for a crown & has nothing.
      To the rf, she is nothing, nothing more than needed for an heir.

      I alternate between pity & be careful what you wish for.

    • Proud Mary says:

      Absolutely salient point! That’s why the fact she and her supporters considered her to be better than Meghan is probably racist. Meghan made her own money — it was SHE in fact who financially supported Harry when he was living in that dungeon. I think this is a major reason why salt island is so angry at her. She exposed that family for the frauds they are. Meghan even paid for her own wedding dress! She was a so-called working royal when she was buying her own clothes. What did Kate pay for? Her parents even stiffed the wedding cakemaker! So, in the final analysis, Meghan, who was raised by a single black mother, is richer than Kate, both in money and status. AND SHE HAS THE BETTER OF THE TWO BROTHERS.

      Nothing gets me more about all of this than the fact that 2 women, Kate and Sophie, who are married-ins, allowed themselves to be used by the men-in-grey, to abuse another woman. Yet nothing makes me happier than to see them both being tossed aside like a couple of dish rags. Just you wait ’till this all plays out.

      • Magdalena says:

        “Allowed themselves to be used?!” I see them very much as eager participants and in fact, very much about among the mean girl instigators of the abuse, starting with Kate as the head of the mean girls sorority.

      • Interested Gawker says:

        “ Meghan even paid for her own wedding dress!”

        Meanwhile, the baker who made WanK’s wedding cake never got paid.

  12. Tennyson says:

    I’m at a loss to understand why the creditors have no power over their assets.

    • sevenblue says:

      It is because of the type of company they set up. They are not personally responsible for the debt, the company is. That is why Carole called the suppliers personally to make them give more products to the company on credit. Since she is the mother of future queen, the suppliers thought she would pay them not to cause any scandal. If it was anyone else, the suppliers would stop selling them their products without any payment long ago.

    • Nic919 says:

      They created a holdings company in 2019 to protect their personal assets. The public filing from thy time never showed a profit and this was well before Covid. Prior to that they didn’t have to file anything public because of the type of company they had. It was clear they knew this wasn’t a long term business and made sure to protect their assets. The holdings company is what was sold, but not the liabilities.

      I suspect the Middletons knew in 2019 that William wasn’t going to cover for them anymore. It is also the same year the rose story was made public.

      • kirk says:

        @Nic919 – Actually the business never sold (“the holdings company is what was sold”). The insolvency company Interpath looked for someone to acquire the whole business, but the only thing they could get was someone who was willing to purchase the assets. Given the deep discount, my guess is the purchaser limited it to tangible assets only.

  13. Anita says:

    This smells like a long, devious game by the KP/courtiers. The potential royal bride’s family is to be built up to make her more suitable for the prince (after it was clear she was the only one who would have Huevo). Then through Middletons own stupidity, short-sightedness and arrogance they overplayed it. It would be interesting to know who they were advised by in their dealings.

    Huevo has a lot of money and could have taken on the debt (maybe he hinted at it when things were going well, we’ll never know), but why would he do that when it suits him to have them at his mercy and most importantly *silent*.

    I am amazed at the Middletons’ (and Kate’s) short-sightedness. They have learnt no lessons from Diana’s story (and the fates of other ‘disposable’ women in the RF).

    • Cheshire Sass says:

      I agree, although I’m not one for conspiracy theories, it does seem that William could have quietly paid outstanding debts – made them sell Party pieces and declare themselves “happily retired” – instead of all of the this. There is an ousting plan.

    • Deering24 says:

      “I am amazed at the Middletons’ (and Kate’s) short-sightedness. They have learnt no lessons from Diana’s story (and the fates of other ‘disposable’ women in the RF).”

      “But … but, the face-eating leopards won’t dare come for us…”

  14. aquarius64 says:

    I think the Middletons are broke and have no money offshore. William is paying the bills but it’s used as leverage to keep Kate in line and not get too greedy in the divorce settlement. The Middletons becoming social pariahs is payback by William to Carole, for pimping out Kate to him.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      IIRC – before they setup the business as a legit company the moved money around offshore shell accounts, basically legal money laundering. As i said up thread I think they moved a load of money into these accounts before they set it up as a proper ltd company – rang up a load of debt against the company with the aim of selling it all on. They didn’t anticipate that no one wanted to buy their business – something that Carole actually whined about.

  15. Jp says:

    All I can say is that if William loved Kate ( and Mother Carol), the Middleton’s financial crisis would not have gotten to this point. He absolutely has access to personal wealth that could have paid the creditors off to keep this all quiet and out of the papers.

    • Royal Downfall Watcher says:


      He has the money. He has the power to keep things out of the press. If my husband knew my family was in debt and was being slandered by the press, even if he had to take out a loan to help he would. Billy boy doesn’t need a loan.

      One would think the woman who was “more of a mother than Diana” would not be in this mess.

      • Proud Mary says:

        The most important point you make here, is that he has power over the press to keep this silent. At a minimum, I think he discovered that the Midd’s had pulled the wool over his eyes and therefore wants nothing to do with them; at worst, it could be a sign of divorce.

      • Royal Donwnfall Watcher says:

        Big agree Proud Mary! Something injured his massive ego (the Mids pulling the wool over his eyes like you say could be it, “Megan made me cry” being exposed, etc….) and he has put up a blocker to them ever since.

      • Becks1 says:

        “He has the money. He has the power to keep things out of the press.”

        BINGO to both these points and it makes this whole situation with Kate a lot more interesting if we keep those things in mind.

  16. MsIam says:

    Why does the article say the Prince of Wales in-laws? And not the Princess of Wales parents? Like Kate doesn’t exist anymore. Maybe I’m over thinking things, lol.

  17. Hypocrisy says:

    Someone overstepped and is being brutally put in their place🤨🧐.. I wonder what the tipping point was?🤔

    • Unblinkered says:

      Maybe in the divorce negotiations Carol has demanded titles for her and her husband. On top of an – agreed – enormous pay-out, she’s just now come back demanding titles too.

  18. Tursitops says:

    A quibble with the verb choice: the fact that they haven’t paid their bills doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t. It could easily mean that they WON’T. Paedo and Fergie have been spending big pounds over the last decade (including at least two properties) with no apparent means of support, and he’s not even the heir.

    Carole could sell off property or chattel, but she won’t. She could ask for familial support – on either side of the family – but she won’t. Hell, she could make things really uncomfortable for Chucky Trips and Billy Boy if she REALLY wanted to do the right thing by her workers and creditors, but that would mean personal sacrifice and giving up chips that she wants to keep for herself.

    My point is that they have options, but they won’t exercise any of them because it wouldn’t inure to their own benefit. Disappointing, not surprising.

  19. girl_ninja says:

    I bet Miss Doria pays all her bills.

    • SamuelWhiskers says:

      If Doria ever in her entire life took a penny from the tray the UK tabloids would 100% have found out about it and blasted it all over the front pages.

      • Nic919 says:

        There was a story out there from the derangers claiming Doria had declared bankruptcy but really they were just projecting what they knew was going on with the Middletons and party pieces.

      • Interested Gawker says:

        They kept insisting she was a drug dealer when we all know Uncle Hookers and Blow was Right. There. As well as MaMidds money drying up round the time that pot farm terribly near their property got busted.

      • Agnes says:

        Yeah IG, watching The Gentlemen on Netflix made me wonder about that Bucklebury cannabis barn too.

  20. Lau says:

    This story would be sad if it wasn’t about rich grifters.

  21. Proud Mary says:

    People who keep saying that the Middletons have money stashed away, are the same ones who believe that Kate will be happy to divorce William, because some rich guy will pick her up. They miss the salient point that Kaiser makes here: these people wrongly believe that “a hustler like Carole Middleton would have allowed her social standing to disappear overnight.” Carole scraped and faked for a role in the aristocracy, the pinnacle of which, is literally the Crown Jewels. I seriously doubt she wouldn’t do anything to avoid this outcome, if she could. In hindsight, that picture of her attending Kate’s Christmas program, is telling. That is not the picture of a woman who’s happy to be stiffing her creditors. It shows a woman who needed a copious amount of liquid protection just to crawl out of bed.

    • Unblinkered says:

      So true.
      Same thing Coronation morning, just look at the pictures of her there, although I thought she’d been crying related to whatever stunt KM had pulled that led to the disgraceful late arrival.

  22. JT says:

    Why does anyone think that the Middletons even had millions to store away in offshore accounts? Where would they get millions from? Party pieces was never a business that could support their highflying lifestyle anyway. Even selling their mailing list wouldn’t net them the millions and millions that you all think this grifting family stashed somewhere. I doubt they has some huge customer base that they sold to, especially in the age of Amazon. Who the hell is buying cheap party supplies from a mail order catalog? Maybe the UK is different and I’m missing something. From reading about Carole and knowing how much she cared about her social standing, I just don’t think she would willing go down the route of very public bankruptcy if she should quietly take care of those bills. This a woman who was still portraying that company as successful right until the end. If they had the money it would’ve have been much better to pay the debts well before they got too high and then announce her retirement. It would have been a graceful exit that made them and most importantly, Kate, look good.

    • Dee says:

      In October 2022, Carole was “launching” Party Pieces in America. At the time, we CBers were shocked that anyone thought it was a smart business move. Are the products still at Shoprite?

      I always assumed that slimy Uncle Gary was washing some money through the company at some point. But no, that company couldn’t possibly be making millions in the world of online buying.

      • JT says:

        Seriously. I just don’t understand where people think those millions in offshore accounts would be coming from. As if being bankrupt is the better outcome, rather than bowing out gracefully. Not to mention the fact that this makes Kate, the only reason why the Middletons have any influence at all, look like she supports her parents fleecing all of those small businesses.

      • Becks1 says:

        I don’t think they have millions, but I don’t think they’re flat ass broke either. And I think they’ve gotten so entitled because of Kate’s role that they don’t feel they should have to pay the plebians.

    • MaryContrary says:

      I totally agree. Their entire existence has been a sham forever. There is ZERO chance that they have millions stashed. They always lived way beyond their means. I’m sure that estate is mortgaged to the hilt. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if at some point soon we see it quietly sold. My guess is they have very little invested and whatever it is would not provide them with the income required for the aristo lifestyle they’ve pretended to have.

    • Interested Gawker says:

      ‘Cause they absconded with multiple pieces royal jewellery Kate cadged and may have spirited away diamonds from Big Blue? That might not be millions but the Middletons were feathering their nest with something and William doesn’t give a damn about M’s engagement ring, surely.

      • Agnes says:

        80 million pounds sterling worth of QE2’s jewelry is still missing, just sayin’.

  23. Mches says:

    You’d think that the first rule of running an insolvency firm would be “cash up front”. The whole point is that your clients are in dire straits, financially

    • MsIam says:

      Maybe they thought (or were told) that someone else would be good for the money. But that “someone else” said no.

  24. Mslove says:

    This reminds me of the Bucklebury poster prowler. Very Machiavellian. The palace has Carole right where they want her.

  25. Lady Digby says:

    Why didn’t Uncle Gary who was boasting about being worth 30 million bail his sister out? Or is he also broke and hustling, hence the CBB appearance?

  26. LoreX says:

    THIS is why I never believe the fake estimations/net magazines and publications like Forbes print. Remember the times fiasco about Kylie Jenner being called a “self made” billionaire only for them to u-turn and accuse her of lying then printing again in next yr that she is!! These people pay off writers, to LIE & hype up their worth so they get freebies and gigs. No way they were ever worth more than 20 million! Same as James, Pippa’s husband at most he’s likely only has 24mil max & possible to inherit another 20 and yet her isn’t rushing to save them from the humiliation & offering few thousands to cover this!! I said it on twitter, I have a feeling Katie is copying Milania and trying to re-negotiate a pay agreement for her “services”! She’s desperate to get something to pay her parents debts

  27. Annalise says:

    Wow, talk about a cautionary tale, for what can happen when you value the all the wrong things in life.

  28. JFerber says:

    All of this cringey personal and financial behavior reminds me very much of pre-Revolution France when the upper classes would ride wildly in their carriages in the streets, killing the peasants willy-nilly as they went. With no consequences. Until the French Revolution.

  29. lk says:

    In English insolvency practice, the administrator’s fees are paid first in the waterfall of proceeds. Weird that Interpath wrote off their bill, unless they wrote off the amount in excess of what they recovered.

  30. Sasha says:

    If you are incorporated- then your personal money is separate from your business money.